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Sonic Hedgehog activates prostaglandin signaling to stabilize primary cilium length.
Shariq S Ansari,M. Dillard,Yan Zhang,Mary Ashley Austria,N. BoatwrightElaine L SheltonDaniel P StewartAmanda JohnsonChristina E. WangBrandon M YoungZ. RankovicBaranda S HansenShondra M. Pruett-MillerAlexandre F. CariseyJ. SchuetzCam RobinsonS. Ogden
Journal of Cell Biology Published 2024-09-02
Effects of temperature on embryonic development of Atlantic bluefin tuna (Thunnus thynnus, L 1758) and Atlantic bonito (Sarda sarda, Bloch 1793)
Aurelio Ortega,P. Reglero,F. de la Gándara,G. Mourente,E. Blanco
Fisheries Research Published 2024-09-01
The ameliorative effects of exogenous methyl jasmonate on grapevines under drought stress: Reactive oxygen species, carbon and nitrogen metabolism
Guihua Zeng,Feifei Gao,Rui Xie,Bingyuan Lei,Zhuowu WanQingqing ZengZhenwen Zhang
Scientia Horticulturae Published 2024-09-01
Fruits’ cold tolerance: a review of mechanisms and methods
Jian-Lin He,Gang-Shuai Liu,Xiaodan Zhao,Lan-Ting Xiang,Shi-Yin XieYun-Xiang WangDa-Qi Fu
Postharvest Biology and Technology Published 2024-09-01
Piceatannol enhances hyaluronic acid synthesis through SIRT1-Mediated HAS2 upregulation in human dermal fibroblasts
Mizuki Yoshihara,Shinpei Kawakami,Yuko Matsui,Toshihiro Kawama
Biochemistry and Biophysics Reports Published 2024-09-01
Several secondary metabolite gene clusters in the genomes of ten Penicillium spp. raise the risk of multiple mycotoxin occurrence in chestnuts.
M. Garello,E. Piombo,Fabio Buonsenso,S. Prencipe,S. ValenteG. MeloniM. Marcet-HoubenToni GabaldónDavide Spadaro
Food microbiology Published 2024-09-01
Co-transplantation of phyllosphere and rhizosphere microbes promotes microbial colonization and enhances sugarcane growth
A. Khoiri,Songsak Wattanachaisaereekul,Jiraporn Jirakkakul,S. Sutheeworapong,K. KusonmanoSupapon CheevadhanarakP. Prommeenate
Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment. Applied Soil Ecology Published 2024-09-01
Trichosporon asahii: Taxonomy, health hazards, and biotechnological applications
Aude Commenges,F. Coucheney,Marie-Hélène Lessard,D. Drider,S. Labrie
Fungal Biology Reviews Published 2024-09-01
Cytosolic invertase SlCIN8 promotes sugar and ABA accumulation to improve cold tolerance in tomato
Yi Zhang,Qiongqiong Zhang,Xi Wang,Tianying Zhao,Xin LiuJinglong Jiang
Scientia Horticulturae Published 2024-09-01
Citrin-deficient patient-derived induced pluripotent stem cells as a pathological liver model for congenital urea cycle disorders
Mai Okano,Masahiro Yasuda,Yui Shimomura,Yoshikazu Matsuoka,Y. ShirouzuTatsuya FujiokaMasatoshi KyoS. TsujiKazunari KanekoHirofumi Hitomi
Molecular Genetics and Metabolism Reports Published 2024-09-01
Redescription of Terrestrial Isopod Porcellio laevis Collected From Sohag Governorate, Egypt with an Overview of Epicuticular Structures Using Scanning Electron Microscopy
S. Ramadan,Tarek G. Ismail,Ali A. Abd El-Rahman
Sohag Journal of Sciences Published 2024-09-01
Hedgehogs, foxes, and global science ecosystems: Decoding universities' research profiles across fields with nested ecological networks
Charles J. Gomez,Dahlia Lieberman,Elina I. Mäkinen
Research Policy Published 2024-09-01
Population genetic diversity of Cunene horse mackerel Trachurus trecae on the Angolan coast: Implications for management and conservation
Kenneth Gabriel Mota,C. A. Perazza,F. V. Velho,M. Sardinha,Letícia MoraisJussara Oliveira VainiEric HallermanA. Hilsdorf
Fisheries Research Published 2024-09-01
Generation of monoclonal antibody against 6-Keto PGF1α and development of ELISA for its quantification in culture medium
M. Chowdhury,Nafisa Kabir,Rezwana Ahmed,Kazushige Yokota,Randy MullinsHasan Mahmud Reza
Biochemistry and Biophysics Reports Published 2024-09-01
Blue light inhibits gray mold infection by inducing disease resistance in cherry tomato
Jiayi Sun,Xinhui Tan,Bingjie Liu,Maurizio Battino,Xianghong MengFang Zhang
Postharvest Biology and Technology Published 2024-09-01
Bioproduction of high-value raspberry ketone by submerged fermentation of Nidula niveo-tomentosa
Yi Zhang,Kheng-Lim Goh,Vladimir Zivkovic,Y. Ng,Yvonne Chow
Process Biochemistry Published 2024-09-01
Molecular characterization of pepper PEBP genes reveals the diverse functions of CaFTs in flowering and plant architecture
Xingxing Wu,Zhicheng Gan,Feng Xu,Jingjing Qian,Ming QianHao AiTingting FengXiaomin LuRuining LiXianzhong Huang
Scientia Horticulturae Published 2024-09-01
Role of FFAR3 in ketone body regulated glucagon-like peptide 1 secretion
S. M. Persson,A. Casselbrant,Aiham Alarai,Erik Elebring,Lars FändriksVille Wallenius
Biochemistry and Biophysics Reports Published 2024-09-01
Post-fire management decisions have consequences: Drill-seeding disturbance and effects of co-seeding introduced with native bunchgrasses
Kirk W. Davies,C. Boyd,L. Svejcar,Trace E. Martyn,Jonathon D. Bates
Global Ecology and Conservation Published 2024-09-01
Measuring the differential expression of the major hypermethylated tumor suppressor genes in tissues of primary hepatocellular carcinoma
Khalda Sayed Amr,Wafaa Mohamed Ezzat,Ahmed Ibrahim Saleh,Ahmed Heiba,Hend AminRefaat Refaat KamelNoha EltaweelHoda HeneryAmr OmaiaReham Ibrahim SiddikYasser Abdelghany Abdelazeem Elhosary
Journal of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Published 2024-09-01
WITHDRAWN: AMPK-induced β-catenin degradation through Parkin phosphorylation reverses chemotherapy resistance of colon cancer cells
Yanan Yu,Zibin Tian,Lin Yang,D. Zhu,Xueli DingXue JingHua LiuPin Guo
Published 2024-09-01
CmDRM1 negatively regulates lateral bud break in chrysanthemum
Yu Zhang,Weixin Liu,Bo Peng,A. Song,Jiafu JiangW. FangSumei ChenFadi Chen
Scientia Horticulturae Published 2024-09-01
Dynamical Behaviour of a Predator-Prey System with Holling Type III Functional Response under Harvesting and Self-crowding
N. H. Gazi,Ajijur Rahaman Mallick
The interdisciplinary journal of Discontinuity, Nonlinearity, and Complexity Published 2024-09-01
Protist communities as indicators of fertilization-induced changes in a species-rich grassland ecosystem
Shuo Sun,A. Jousset,Stefan Geisen,Enrique Lara,Pengfei ZhangRong LiFrancisco Dini-AndreoteM. RavanbakhshQirong ShenG. KowalchukWu Xiong
Published 2024-09-01
Dynamic changes of endogenous H2S generation during responding to developmental and environmental signals in Solanum lycopersicum L.
Huihui Fang,Xiaofang Zhang,Wenjia Chen,Liai Xu,Jiayi YaoYanxi PeiYunxiang Zang
Scientia Horticulturae Published 2024-09-01
Genomic insights into antimicrobial resistant Salmonella in internationally traded chicken meat: First baseline findings in the United Arab Emirates
Ihab Habib,Afra Abdalla,Mohamed-Yousif Ibrahim Mohamed,A. Ghazawi,Mushtaq KhanMohammed ElbediwiFebin AnesG. Lakshmi
Journal of Agriculture and Food Research Published 2024-09-01
AquaGS: An integrated GUI pipeline for genomic selection in aquaculture breeding
Chengwei Liang,Junyu Liu,Wenzhu Peng,Boyu Wang,Fan YangWeiwei YouYing Wang
SoftwareX Published 2024-09-01
Biodegradation of Dimethoate 40% by Bacillus subtilis OQ347968 Isolated from Polluted soils
Moustafa Shalaby,Shimaa Ibrahim,A. Omara,Mohamed Abdelrazek
Egyptian Journal of Soil Science Published 2024-09-01
Inferring the chronic copper deficiency stress responsive network and comparative analysis with excessive copper stress in grapevine
Siyu Liu,YiLing Lin,Yuxian Yang,J. Xia,Mingxu NiuAbdul HakeemXiang FangHuihui FanXicheng WangJinggui FangL. Shangguan
Scientia Horticulturae Published 2024-09-01
Biological Application of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles Created by Green Method
Mohamed A. Abdelhady,Tarek Abdelghany,Sonya H. Mohamed,Salah Abdelhamed
Egyptian Journal of Soil Science Published 2024-09-01
Deviations from optimal storage temperature and its impact on postharvest quality of table grape cv. Scarlotta Seedless
A. Owoyemi,Moria Balaklav,B. Kochanek,Ron Porat,Noam KoenigsteinY. SalzerA. Lichter
Postharvest Biology and Technology Published 2024-09-01
Transcriptome and widely metabolomic analysis reveal hormones and sugar signaling pathways contribute to the normal growth of seeds in young Picea neoveitchii Mast. trees
Kaiyuan Li,Ninghan Xue,Songlin Jiang,Muhammad Azher Nawaz,Wenli Ji
Current Plant Biology Published 2024-09-01
Step by step analysis on gene datasets of growth phases in hematopoietic stem cells
Mohammad Elahimanesh,N. Shokri,Payam Mohammadi,Najmeh Parvaz,Mohammad Najafi
Biochemistry and Biophysics Reports Published 2024-09-01
Progress and breakthroughs in human kidney organoid research
Qi Liu,Liang Yue,Jiu Deng,Yingxia Tan,Chengjun Wu
Biochemistry and Biophysics Reports Published 2024-09-01
Identification of SNP markers linked to calcium and phosphorus accumulation in walnut (Juglans regia L.) fruit by GWAS
B. E. Akpunar,Erdal Orman,B. Yağmur,M. B. Tanyolaç,Duygu Ates
Scientia Horticulturae Published 2024-09-01
Organic mulches in grapevine shape bacterial communities in specific vintage and location
D. Labarga,Andreu Mairata,M. Puelles,María de Toro,Jordi TronchoniA. Pou
Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment. Applied Soil Ecology Published 2024-09-01
Unraveling the molecular mechanisms of flavonoid biosynthesis in Panax notoginseng flowers across planting patterns and developmental stages using integrated metabolomics and transcriptomics analyses
Yue Li,Jingying Hei,Biao Wang,Shu Wang,Xiahong He
Scientia Horticulturae Published 2024-09-01
Indoor-outdoor microbial exchange: Quantifying the contribution of outdoor sources to indoor microbiota across seasons
Shengqi Wang,Caroline X. Gao,Jin Ye,Xiaohong Zheng,Hua Qian
Journal of Building Engineering Published 2024-09-01
Evaluation of the antiviral activity of new dermaseptin analogs against Zika virus
Houda Haddad,Frédéric Tangy,Ines Ouahchi,Wissal Sahtout,B. OuniAmira Zaïri
Biochemistry and Biophysics Reports Published 2024-09-01
Hydrogen peroxide functioned as a redox signaling molecule in the putrescine-promoted drought tolerance in cabernet sauvignon
Xuefei Wang,Jiaqi Zhao,Peiguo Yuan,Siyue Ding,Liguang JiangZhumei Xi
Scientia Horticulturae Published 2024-09-01
Editorial Board
Published 2024-09-01
Length-weight relationship, condition factor, and diet analysis of thresher sharks (Family: Alopiidae) along the southern coast of India
T. Mohanraj,T. Jebarani Rajathy,S.R.T. Sherly Cross
Fisheries Research Published 2024-09-01
Manipulative Strategies of Aquatic Arthropods for Fish Parasitism: A Review
Fatma Ahmed,Ahmed Mahrous,Ahmed Yasser,Dina Abdullah,Fam YousefHossam El-Deen MohamedIsmail HassanManar M. AliMohamed AshrafAsmaa A. MustafaSafa M. ElmasryN. M. ZohryEbtesam A. YousefTarek G. IsmailA. KhedreS. Ramadan
Sohag Journal of Sciences Published 2024-09-01
ArPAOs from A. roxburghii showed essential roles in polyamine mediating water stress tolerance
Zihan Ding,C. Lu,Junmei Zhou,Ying Zheng,Yang ChenYuqiu HuangQingsong ShaoBingcong Xing
Scientia Horticulturae Published 2024-09-01
Multi-omics analysis of Streptomyces djakartensis strain MEPS155 reveal a molecular response strategy combating Ceratocystis fimbriata causing sweet potato black rot.
Yong-Jing Zhang,Xiaoying Cao,Qiao Liu,Yu-Jie Chen,Yiming WangHao CongChanggen LiYanting LiYixuan WangJihong JiangLudan Li
Food microbiology Published 2024-09-01
GPC3-targeted CAR-M cells exhibit potent antitumor activity against hepatocellular carcinoma
Lili Guan,Shanshan Wu,Qinyao Zhu,Xiaofang He,Xuelong LiGuangqi SongLuo ZhangXiushan Yin
Biochemistry and Biophysics Reports Published 2024-09-01
Fruit ripening and chitosan coating impacts on the expression profile of Banana Lectin (BanLec) genes
F. Dwivany,Restu Lestari Wulan Utami,Cantika Zinedine Yuswindia,Fitri Hasnaulia Wargadipura,I. ZainuddinT. TalleiSofia Safitri HesselR. EsyantiS. Suhandono
Scientia Horticulturae Published 2024-09-01
De novo transcriptome assembly, annotation and SSR mining data of Hellula undalis (Fabr.) (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae), the cabbage webworm
M. Prajapati,Pankaj Kumar,Reetesh Pratap Singh,Ravi Shanker,Jitender SinghMahesh Kumar BhartiRajendra SinghHarshit VermaL. GangwarShailendra Singh GauravNeelesh KapoorSatya PrakashRekha Dixit
Journal of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Published 2024-09-01
Genetics and the role it plays in craniofacial anomalies
Taylor N. McClinchey,Katherine E. Laudun,Nathaniel H. Robin
Frontiers of Oral and Maxillofacial Medicine Published 2024-09-01
Editorial Board
Published 2024-09-01
Disappearing fish: Grey seal depredation in a Baltic net fishery
G. Glemarec,Anne-Mette Kroner,Lotte Kindt-Larsen
Fisheries Research Published 2024-09-01
Invasive squamous cell carcinoma arising from an intraductal oncocytic papillary neoplasm demonstrating shared ATPB1::PRKCA gene fusion
Wai Szeto,Safa Alshaikh,Javier A Arias-Stella,Yuman Fong,Rifat Mannan
Human Pathology Reports Published 2024-09-01
24-Epibrassinolide improves quality and resistance against Botrytis cinerea of harvest table grapes through modulating reactive oxygen species homeostasis
Beibei Li,Yushuang Zang,Junping Xun,Xuefei Wang,Hongda LuJinli QiXiao WangZhumei Xi
Postharvest Biology and Technology Published 2024-09-01
Temperature-Mediated Alterations in the Growth, Physiology, Morphology, and Pharmacology of Astragalus membranaceus Bunge: Implications for Medicinal Herb Cultivation and Therapeutic Efficacy
M. J. Kwak,Yong-il Kim,Jongkyu Lee,Jooyoung Kim,Eunji KimDawon KangWontae ChoiSu Young Woo
Published 2024-08-31
Phenylpropanoid Accumulation and Gene Expression in Agastache rugosa Leaves and Flowers Stages
Su Been Hwang,Jeongyeo Lee,Vu Phong Lam,Jong Seok Park
Published 2024-08-31
Glycogen β-particles surface characterized by a combination of size exclusion chromatography and pyrene excimer fluorescence before and after β-amylolysis.
Damin Kim,Sanjay Patel,Jean Duhamel
Carbohydrate Polymers Published 2024-08-15
Chromosome size-dependent polar ejection force impairs mammalian mitotic error correction.
Megan K Chong,Miquel Rosas-Salvans,Vanna Tran,Sophie Dumont
Journal of Cell Biology Published 2024-08-05
Fusion pore flux controls the rise-times of quantal synaptic responses.
Meyer B Jackson,Chung-Wei Chiang,Jinbo Cheng
The Journal of General Physiology Published 2024-08-05
Proteasome gene expression is controlled by coordinated functions of multiple transcription factors.
Jennifer E Gilda,Asrafun Nahar,Dharanibalan Kasiviswanathan,Nadav Tropp,Tamar GilinskiTamar LahavDina AlexandrovichYael Mandel-GutfreundSoyeon ParkShenhav Shemer
Journal of Cell Biology Published 2024-08-05
A human STAT3 gain-of-function variant drives local Th17 dysregulation and skin inflammation in mice.
Kelsey A Toth,Erica G. Schmitt,Ana Kolicheski,Zev J. Greenberg,Elizabeth LevendoskyNermina SaucierKelsey TrammelV. OikonomouMichail S. LionakisE. KlechevskyBrian S. KimLaura G. SchuettpelzN. SaligramaMegan A Cooper
Journal of Experimental Medicine Published 2024-08-05
We are celebrating seventy years of Jan Macek
D. Benda,P. Bogusch,Jakub Straka,Tomáš Hovorka,Kamil Holý
Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae Published 2024-08-05
Personalized cancer T-cell therapy takes the stage, mirroring vaccine success.
Johanna Chiffelle,Alexandre Harari
Journal of Experimental Medicine Published 2024-08-05
Phytic acid inhibits RafGOFScrib−/− tumor growth and invasion by suppressing the Yki-mediated JAK/STAT pathway in Drosophila melanogaster
Li Jin,Xinyu Zheng,Chenxi Yu,Ping Li,Guiran Xiao
Food Bioscience Published 2024-08-01
Higher adaptive tolerance with higher risk for sparrows living in airport environments
Laikun Ma,Qiqi Liu,Jiaojiao Wang,J. Hou
Global Ecology and Conservation Published 2024-08-01
Shrub canopy effects on moss biocrust, soil properties, and microbiomes in a semi-arid ecosystem: Implications for ecosystem function and sustainability
Chang Tian,Chongfeng Bu,Shufang Wu,K.H.M. Siddique,Yahong Li
Journal of Arid Environments Published 2024-08-01
Comparing root-associated microbial communities in Tamarix ramosissima across three Xinjiang basins, China
Yi Du,Yulin Zhang,Zhihao Zhang,Waqar Islam,Fanjiang Zeng
Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment. Applied Soil Ecology Published 2024-08-01
Use of agricultural fields by Natterjack toads: Implications for pesticide exposure
Greg Churko,Genoveva Haibach,Moritz Bär,Erich Szerencsits,Benedikt R. Schmidt
Published 2024-08-01
Deciphering the therapeutic efficacy of FGF19 and FGF21 in NAFLD: A comparative genomic and metabolic analysis
Lengyun Wei,Pengpeng Long,Xianlong Ye,Shenglong Zhu,Siyuan Cui
Food Bioscience Published 2024-08-01
Nitrogen addition alters the relative importance of roots and mycorrhizal hyphae in regulating soil organic carbon accumulation in a karst forest
Yuanshuang Yuan,Yicong Yin,Bartosz Adamczyk,Di Liang,Dapeng GuGuowei XiaJianli ZhangZiliang Zhang
Soil Biology and Biochemistry Published 2024-08-01
Growth and productivity of European beech populations show plastic response to climatic transfer at the north-eastern border of the species range
D. Chmura,Jacek Banach,Marta Kempf,Jan Kowalczyk,Vasyl MohytychH. SzeligowskiW. BuraczykWojciech Kowalkowski
Forest Ecology and Management Published 2024-08-01
An assessment of post-capture condition and survival of Rajidae caught in fixed nets
Leo J. Clarke,Phoebe N. Holding,Ian D. McCarthy
Fisheries Research Published 2024-08-01
Heat transfer analysis of Carreau nanofluid flow with gyrotactic microorganisms: A comparative study
S. Bilal,Asad Ullah,Khalil Ur Rehman,W. Shatanawi,A. S. ShflotM. Y. Malik
Case Studies in Thermal Engineering Published 2024-08-01
Electrochemical analysis of Ca2+ based on DNAzyme catalyzed degradation of DNA hydrogel
Hua Chai,Chengyu Yan,Jiarong Guo,Fengrui Lei,Peng Miao
Electrochemistry communications Published 2024-08-01
Pathogenicity analysis and application of probiotic bacteria in Catfish (Clarias sp.) cultivation in vivo
Sukmawati, S.,Fahrizal, A.,Yunita, M.
Malaysian Journal of Microbiology Published 2024-08-01
Integrated transcriptomics and metabolomics provide new insights into the leaf coloration of a bamboo variant Phyllostachys violascens var. Flavistriatus
Qixia Qian,Huicong Zhang,Pengwei Zhang,Zhixin Lan,Haojie WangDan Hou
Scientia Horticulturae Published 2024-08-01
Biomolecular mechanism in the uptake of Pt(IV) by Saccharomyces cerevisiae EBY100 cells expressing platinum binding peptides
Boitumelo F. Mashangoane,Evans M. Nkhalambayausi Chirwa,Brian Gidudu
Minerals Engineering Published 2024-08-01
Genome-wide identification of chalcone synthase (CHS) family members and their expression patterns at the sprouting stage of common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) under abiotic stress
Jieqi Wang,Zheng Lan,Hongda Wang,Cunyao Xu,Zhiheng ZhouJiuzheng CaoYibo LiuZhijie SunDongqian MuJinpeng HanYuxin TangSiqi GengYurou ZhaoXiuru SunJidao Du
Scientia Horticulturae Published 2024-08-01
Silencing PDCD4 Mediates Transcription Factor EB Overexpression Promoting Proliferation, Migration, and Invasion of Cervical Cancer Hela Cells
Xingjun Gao,Ziying Liang,Yanan Yuan,Wenbo Liu
Science of Advanced Materials Published 2024-08-01
Effect of cheese whey on phycobiliproteins production and FAME profile by Arthrospira platensis (Spirulina): Promoting the concept of a circular bio-economy
Andrea Cavallini,Serenella Torre,Luca Usai,Mattia Casula,G. FaisPaola NieriAlessandro ConcasGiovanni Antonio Lutzu
Sustainable Chemistry and Pharmacy Published 2024-08-01
Immunometabolic checkpoint-mediated macrophage metabolic reprogramming accelerates infected wound healing
Mingzhang Li,Zhengjiang Feng,Boyong Wang,Jinlong Yu,Feng JiangYujie HuJiani ChenChangming WangPei HanBotao SongGeyong GuoHao Shen
Nano Today Published 2024-08-01
Evaluation of nootropic and neuroprotective properties of Siddha drug Poorana Chandrothaya Chenthuram (PCC) in scopolamine-induced amnesia in mice
C. Balasubramanian,R. S. Ramaswamy
Phytomedicine Plus Published 2024-08-01
Soil moisture increases stability of North American Pinus species growing in sandy soils
J. Cannon,S. Scully,R. S. Taylor,Chris J. Peterson,Tim Newson
Forest Ecology and Management Published 2024-08-01
Phosphorus - A key element determining nitrous oxide emissions from boreal cultivated peat soil
M. Maljanen,Yu Zheng,Minna Pääkkönen,Carolina Voigt,Arja LouhisuoP. Virkajärvi
Soil Biology and Biochemistry Published 2024-08-01
Valley bottoms increase bird species richness in Atlantic Forest fragments
L. D. Dos Anjos,H. Oliveira,E. V. Lopes,Hugo Reis Medeiros
Acta Oecologica Published 2024-08-01
Red king crab larval survival and development are resilient to ocean acidification
W. C. Long,Alexandra L. Conrad,Jennifer L. Gardner,Robert J. Foy
Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology Published 2024-08-01
Suitable habitat evaluation and ecological security pattern optimization for the ecological restoration of Giant Panda habitat based on nonstationary factors and MCR model
Hui He,Xiangke Yu,Hui Yu,Zhigang Ma,Yong LuoTao LiuZiwei RongJinhong XuDianpeng ChenPengshang LiFuxin YuanYongtao Zhao
Ecological Modelling Published 2024-08-01
Effects of aluminum (Al) stress on nitrogen (N) metabolism of leaves and roots in two Citrus species with different Al tolerance
Lintong Yang,Neng-Jing Hu,Qiu-Xiang Fu,Xiao-Ying Chen,Yi-Min RenXin YeNing-wei LaiLi-Song Chen
Scientia Horticulturae Published 2024-08-01
Two-domain GH30 xylanase from human gut microbiota as a tool for enzymatic production of xylooligosaccharides: Crystallographic structure and a synergy with GH11 xylosidase.
Milena Moreira Vacilotto,Lucas de Araujo Montalvão,V. Pellegrini,M. V. Liberato,E. A. de AraújoIgor Polikarpov
Carbohydrate Polymers Published 2024-08-01
Using an ensemble modeling to predict the potential distribution and habitat suitability of caracal (Caracal caracal) in southwestern Iran
Fatemeh Jamali,S. M. Amininasab,H. Taleshi,Hossein Madadi
Global Ecology and Conservation Published 2024-08-01
The cooperative interaction of AOB and comammox clade A drives nitrification and N2O emissions in a long-term organic fertilized paddy soil
Keyi Zhang,Wangying Ding,Xiran Zhao,Jun Li,Guixin ChuRui Tao
Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment. Applied Soil Ecology Published 2024-08-01
Come rain or come shine, the species richness will decline in the Moroccan mountains
Rachid Cheddadi,D. Kaniewski,N. Marriner,A. Bar-Hen,M. Hurteau
Global Ecology and Conservation Published 2024-08-01
Metabolomic profiling of blood and seminal plasma in the small-spotted catshark (Scyliorhinus canicula): A comparative study of aquarium and wild populations in the Valencia region
L. Lorenzo-Rebenaque,Marta Muñoz-Baquero,G. Diretto,Sarah Frusciante,Daniel García-PárragaClara MarinF. A. García-VázquezFrancisco Marco-Jiménez
Global Ecology and Conservation Published 2024-08-01
Bioactive compounds as therapeutic proposals against Plasmodium falciparum: A systematic review
Diemer Muñoz-Verbel,Jorge Mendoza-Galiz,Eutimio Cueto-Almeida,Elías Romero-Cueto,Escarleth Contreras-PuentesNeyder Contreras-Puentes
Biochemical Systematics and Ecology Published 2024-08-01
Complete genome sequence of a novel Pseudomonas sp. IT1137 isolated from Antarctic intertidal sediment showing potential for alkane degradation at low temperatures
Hui-Yan Ge,Yi-He Zhang,Yong-Qiang Hu,Wei Han,Yu DuTing HuYin-Xin Zeng
Marine Genomics Published 2024-08-01
Allicin and total phenolic content in ramps (Allium tricoccum Ait.) in relation to phenological stage, morphological traits, and harvest location
R. T. Jordan,Eric P. Burkhart,Margot Kaye,David Munoz,Joshua D. Lambert
Biochemical Systematics and Ecology Published 2024-08-01
Western larch regeneration more sensitive to wildfire-related factors than seasonal climate variability
Spencer T. Vieira,Kimberley T. Davis,Zachary A. Holden,Andrew J. Larson,Philip E. Higuera
Forest Ecology and Management Published 2024-08-01
Frugal abundance: Conceptualisation for degrowth
Adrien Plomteux
Ecological Economics Published 2024-08-01
Test of light emitting diodes (LED) as a possible bycatch mitigation measure in a gillnet fishery
Søren Post,Flemming Merkel,Malthe Olesen,Nicoline Nørgaard,Rasmus Hedeholm
Global Ecology and Conservation Published 2024-08-01
Waterlogging stress in plants: Unraveling the mechanisms and impacts on growth, development, and productivity
Hakim Manghwar,Amjad Hussain,Intikhab Alam,M. A. Khoso,Qurban AliFen Liu
Environmental and Experimental Botany Published 2024-08-01
Scope for growth of the thick shell mussel Mytilus coruscus under combined stress of Vibrio alginolyticus and Charybdis japonica
Chunhua Liu,Jin Qian,Xiang Chen,Wei Huang,Youji WangFahim Ullah KhanYueyong ShangMenghong Hu
Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology Published 2024-08-01
Integration of transcriptome and metabolome reveals key regulatory mechanisms affecting sepal color variation in Aquilegia oxysepala
Yuan Meng,Yun Bai,Dan Chen,Tingting Ma,Wen SiYichao YuanLifei ChenYunwei Zhou
Scientia Horticulturae Published 2024-08-01
Demographic responses to competition with surrounding vegetation in subalpine plant species
Hyungsoon Jeong,Yong-Chan Cho,Eunsuk Kim
Global Ecology and Conservation Published 2024-08-01
Long non-coding RNA NEAT1 exacerbates NLRP3-mediated pyroptosis in allergic rhinitis through regulating the PTBP1/FOXP1 cascade
Yunliang Liu,Jing Gao,Qingqing Xu,Xiaoyan Wang,Wenhui ZhongFengfang WuXianghang LinQiuyun ZhangQing Ye
International Immunopharmacology Published 2024-08-01
The efficiency of Bacillus subtilis and Thuja orientalis leaves extracts as biocontrol agents of damping off in wheat (Triticum aestivum)
Abeer Ahmed Mahmood,Zakaria Sami
Malaysian Journal of Microbiology Published 2024-08-01
Shrub effects on the decomposition microenvironment and changes in litter quality have opposing effects on litter decomposition
Daniela Aguirre,Alejandro E. Benhumea,Jennie R. McLaren
Soil Biology and Biochemistry Published 2024-08-01
Ancient DNA reveals the origin and history of early dogs in northeastern China
Xingcheng Wang,Wenqi Wei,Ning Kang,Naifan Zhang,Zhuowei TangQuanjia ChenLixin WangWei ZhangHe TianWei LiuDawei Cai
Journal of Archaeological Science Published 2024-08-01
Effect of Matricaria chamomile on morphine reward memory, the role of the serotonin receptor and CSF levels following conditional place preference in rats
Nooshin Doroodi,Abbas Ali Vafaei,Ali Ghanbari,Ali Khaleghian,Hossein Miladi-Gorji
Learning and Motivation Published 2024-08-01
Effects of forest gap formation and deadwood enrichment on oribatid mites (Acari: Oribatida) vary between regions
André Junggebauer,Nele M. Gericke,Luisa K. Krakau,Sarah L. Bluhm,M. MaraunMelanie M. PolliererStefan Scheu
Forest Ecology and Management Published 2024-08-01
Genomic analysis of Alteromonas sp. M12 isolated from the Mariana Trench reveals its role in dimethylsulfoniopropionate cycling
Yue Lin,Min Zhang,Yu-Xiang Lai,Teng Liu,Meng MengYan SunYu WangQing-Yu DongChen-Xi LiMeng-Xue YuJin ChengShu-Jun LiuXuan ShaoNan ZhangChun-Yang Li
Marine Genomics Published 2024-08-01
The occurrence of a rich subtidal macrobenthic fauna in through-flow residential marina canals, and the potential of such systems to be managed as biodiversity assets
Richard S. K. Barnes,J. Seath
Published 2024-08-01
Metabolomics and transcriptomic profiles reveal membrane lipid metabolism being an important factor of sliced taro browning
Bin Wang,Guangke Wang,Xiao Yuan,Yuanyuan Jiang,Yunna ZhuYukun WangPandi Yang
Postharvest Biology and Technology Published 2024-08-01
One-year longitudinal changes of peripheral CD4+ T-lymphocyte counts, gut microbiome, and plaque vulnerability after an acute coronary syndrome
Ana I Fernández-Avila,Enrique Gutierrez-Ibanes,Irene Martín de Miguel,R. Sanz-Ruiz,Álvaro GabaldónFrancisco Fernández-AvilésJosep Gómez-LaraMarta Fernández-CastilloS. Vázquez-CuestaP. Martínez‐LegazpiNuria Lozano-GarciaElena Blázquez-LópezR. YottiIgor López-CadeE. ReigadasPatricia MuñozJ. ElízagaRafael CorreaJavier Bermejo
Published 2024-08-01
Modulating gut microbiota by paraprobiotics: Mechanisms, advantages, and challenges
Mahmoud Yolmeh,Douglas Xavier-Santos,Anderson S. Sant’Ana
Food Bioscience Published 2024-08-01
Biosynthesis of silver nano particles (AgNPs) from blue green algae (Arthrospira platensis) and their anti-pathogenic applications
Z. H. Obaid,Sarab A. Juda,Ashwak F. Kaizal,Jasim Mohammed Salman
Published 2024-08-01
The barley dehydrin 4 and stress tolerance: From gene to function
Ikram Zaidi,M. Hanin,Mohamed Najib Saidi,Najeh Soltani,F. Brini
Environmental and Experimental Botany Published 2024-08-01
Sodium nitroprusside (SNP) generated nitric oxide delays senescence of cowpea (Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp)
C. Bai,Fan Zhang,Demei Meng,Christopher B. Watkins,Lili MaA. FuZhaoze SangSusu GuoHongwei WangQing WangJinhua ZuoYanyan Zheng
Postharvest Biology and Technology Published 2024-08-01
Predictive modelling of Staphylococcus aureus growth on beef rendang
Anandita, A. F.,Arief, I. I.,Taufik, E.
Malaysian Journal of Microbiology Published 2024-08-01
Genomic evaluation of mud sunfish in the atlantic slope drainage
Stephen Knott,Richard Raesly,Daniel Hocking,Jay Stauffer,Amy Welsh
Fisheries Research Published 2024-08-01
Impact of two acquisitive plants on N cycle on different soils: The invasive Fallopia japonica does it and so does the native Dactylis glomerata!
C. Béraud,A.A.M. Cantarel,J. Gervaix,C. Creuzé des Châtelliers,A. DelortC. BoisseletS. PoussineauE. LacroixF. Piola
Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment. Applied Soil Ecology Published 2024-08-01
Suppressors of Blm-deficiency identify three novel proteins that facilitate DNA repair in Ustilago maydis
Natalija Azanjac,Mira Milisavljevic,Stefan Stanovcic,Milorad Kojic
DNA Repair Published 2024-08-01
Stable feature selection based on probability estimation in gene expression datasets
Melika Ahmadi,H. Mahmoodian
Expert systems with applications Published 2024-08-01
Parasites as indicators of population connectivity of a small pelagic fish in the Gulf of California
F. N. Morales-Serna,Dania G. López-Moreno,Juan M. Osuna-Cabanillas,Emigdio Marín-Enríquez,J. R. Vallarta-ZárateFelipe Amezcua
Fisheries Research Published 2024-08-01
Revelation of critical gaps in fisheries management of bull kelp Durvillaea antarctica (Chamisso) in the central coast of the Maule Region of Chile through the application of the DPSIR conceptual framework
F. Berríos,Marco Ortiz,Jorge E. González
Published 2024-08-01
Litter decomposition rate response to multiple global change factors: A meta-analysis
Yalan Liu,Ailin Zhang,Xiangyi Li,Wennong Kuang,Waqar Islam
Soil Biology and Biochemistry Published 2024-08-01
Ecoenzymatic stoichiometry and microbial nutrient limitation in response to shrub planting patterns and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal inoculation
Ting Liu,Longfei Hao,Shulan Bai
Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment. Applied Soil Ecology Published 2024-08-01
Comprehensive ecotoxicological assessment of pesticides on multiple avian species: Employing quantitative structure-toxicity relationship (QSTR) modeling and read-across
Shubha Das,Abhisek Samal,Ankur Kumar,Vinayak Ghosh,Supratik KarP. Ojha
Chemical engineering research & design Published 2024-08-01
The role of CitMYC3 in regulation of valencene synthesis-related CsTPS1 and CitAP2.10 in Newhall Sweet Orange
Shu-ling Shen,Mengyao Yin,Yuwei Zhou,Chen Huan,Xiaolin ZhengKunsong Chen
Scientia Horticulturae Published 2024-08-01
Developing and field testing sustainable synthetic baits for the blue crab (Callinectes sapidus) fishery
Charles D. Derby,Kevin M. Mesape,Hanh Ngo-Vu,Lisa C. Gentit,Bryan A. Fluech
Fisheries Research Published 2024-08-01
Exploring the therapeutic potential of Terminalia ferdinandiana (Kakadu Plum) in targeting obesity-induced Type 2 diabetes and chronic inflammation: An in silico and experimental study
Md. Niaj Morshed,Muhammad Awais,R. Akter,Juha Park,Li LingB. KongDeok-Chun YangDong-Uk YangSera KangSeok-Kyu Jung
South African Journal of Botany Published 2024-08-01
Microbial transformation mechanisms of particulate organic carbon to mineral-associated organic carbon at the chemical molecular level: Highlighting the effects of ambient temperature and soil moisture
Yali Niu,Yue Li,Mingxuan Lou,Zhen Cheng,Renjie MaHe GuoJian ZhouHongtao JiaLichao FanTiecheng Wang
Soil Biology and Biochemistry Published 2024-08-01
The logic devices for biomolecular computing: Progress, strategies, and future directions
Debopriya Bose,G. Kaur,Sapna Balayan,S. Chatterjee,Ashutosh Tiwari
Nano Today Published 2024-08-01
Cucumis sativus glycine rich protein interacts with cucumber mosaic virus 2b protein
Kamini Kapoor,Surender Kumar,R. Kumari,L. Singh,V. Hallan
South African Journal of Botany Published 2024-08-01
A multifaceted approach for assessing potential competition between Smallmouth Bass Micropterus dolomieu and Walleye Sander vitreus in Lake Oahe, South Dakota
Kyle Olivencia,E. E. Grausgruber,M. Fincel,Michael J. Weber
Fisheries Research Published 2024-08-01
Numerical simulation on the propulsion performance of a bioinspired swimmer with crescent-shaped caudal fin during accelerating and cruising motion
Qingyang Zhao,Ruoxin Li,Yuanchuan Liu,Chunyu Guo
Ocean Engineering Published 2024-08-01
3-hydroxycoumarin effectively inhibits development and pathogenicity by targeting Pempk proteins of Penicillium expansum
Ruiling Zhuo,Xiaokang Zhang,Yong Chen,Mengyang Xing,S. TianBoqiang Li
Postharvest Biology and Technology Published 2024-08-01
Phytohormone-regulated UV-B photomorphogenesis and acclimation
Yujie Dai,Menghan Li,Huanhuan Li,Linchao Xia,Sheng Zhang
Environmental and Experimental Botany Published 2024-08-01
Editorial Board
Published 2024-08-01
Editorial Board
Developmental Biology Published 2024-08-01
Editorial Board
Published 2024-08-01
Recreational fisheries-related injuries and body size affect travel rate and post-release mortality in marine migrating coho salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch)
Emma L. Lunzmann-Cooke,S. Hinch,Arthur L. Bass,S. Johnston,B. HendriksA. D. PorterS. CookeDavid W. Welch
Fisheries Research Published 2024-08-01
Trehalose signaling regulates metabolites associated with the quality of rose flowers under drought stress
Mingyue Bao,Yu Xi,Ruotong Wang,Yuanxiao Ma,Mengjuan BaiGuo WeiYong XuJianwen WangLiguo Feng
Environmental and Experimental Botany Published 2024-08-01
Fertilization increases growth of western redcedar and western hemlock but also increases mortality and sinuosity
Woongsoon Jang,B. Eskelson,Eleanor R.G. McWilliams,Cindy E. Prescott,Annette van Niejenhuis
Forest Ecology and Management Published 2024-08-01
A review of seaweed extract's potential as a biostimulant to enhance growth and mitigate stress in horticulture crops
R. J. Mughunth,S. Velmurugan,M. Mohanalakshmi,K. Vanitha
Scientia Horticulturae Published 2024-08-01
Influence of spider hair structure on acoustic response
Ya-Feng Liu,Yuanqing Li,K. Novoselov,Shao-Yun Fu
Extreme Mechanics Letters Published 2024-08-01
The biocontrol potentiality of Bacillus amyloliquefaciens against postharvest soft rot of tomatoes and insights into the underlying mechanisms
Xiaoyun Zhang,Qingrong Yue,Yu Xin,Guillaume Legrand Ngolong Ngea,Solairaj DhanasekaranRuijie LuoJun LiLina ZhaoHongyin Zhang
Postharvest Biology and Technology Published 2024-08-01
Saturated fatty acids negatively affect musculoskeletal tissues in vitro and in vivo
Ryan T. Lin,Benjamin Osipov,Danielle Steffen,Marin Chamberlin,Suraj J. PathakB. A. ChristiansenKevin J.M. PaulussenKeith Baar
Matrix Biology Plus Published 2024-08-01
GC-MS based identification of anti-microbial bioactive compounds, isolated from Bacillus halotolerans of marine sediment
Kanchan Soni,Ashima Bagaria
Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology Published 2024-08-01
Integrated transcriptome and metabolome analysis decrypting molecular insights of specialized metabolism in Valeriana jatamansi Jones
A. Devi,Mamta Masand,Balraj Sharma,Aasim Majeed,Ram Kumar Sharma
Published 2024-08-01
Energy and proline metabolisms participate in the occurrence of chilling injury in cold-stored Chinese olive fruit
Guo Chen,Xiaoyong Kuang,Zhongqi Fan,Yazhen Chen,Yifen LinHui WangYihui ChenHetong Lin
Postharvest Biology and Technology Published 2024-08-01
Editorial Board
Published 2024-08-01
Population connectivity of small yellow croaker (Larmichthys polyactis) in the southern Yellow Sea: Implications from multiple otolith-based approaches
Dade Song,Ying Xiong,Zhongjie Kang,Long Liang,Xiaorui WuDongji LiDongyan Liu
Fisheries Research Published 2024-08-01
Bryophyte, lichen, and vascular plant communities of badland grasslands show weak cross-taxon congruence but high local uniqueness in biancana pediments
E. Fanfarillo,Stefano Loppi,C. Angiolini,G. Bacaro,Elisabetta BianchiG. BonariIlaria BoniniGiulia CanaliGiacomo CangelmiSilvia CannucciA. CogoniPaola De GiorgiLuca Di NuzzoLeopoldo de SimoneT. FiaschiDaniel FontanaJacopo FranzoniAntonio GiacòP. GiordaniMartina GrattacasoLorenzo LazzaroS. MartellosIrene MazzaMichele MugnaiG. PandeliC. PeriniLorenzo PinzaniS. PoponessiS. RaveraE. SalerniA. StincaManuel TiburtiniC. ValleseSimona Maccherini
Ecological Indicators Published 2024-08-01
Identification of a unique allele BrTRI1 regulating the trichomeless trait of Chinese cabbage (Brassica rapa L. ssp. pekinensis)
Xiaochun Wei,Xiaobing Dong,Ran Wang,Yanyan Zhao,Shuangjuan YangZhiyong WangBaoming TianHenan SuWenjing ZhangFangsan WeiYuxiang YuanXiaowei Zhang
Scientia Horticulturae Published 2024-08-01
Body size - abundance relationships in Collembola vary among forest habitats along an altitudinal gradient
Yunga Wu,Zhijing Xie,Donghui Wu,Stefan Scheu
Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment. Applied Soil Ecology Published 2024-08-01
Exploration of the antifungal potential of aqueous extracts from two agave species against major postharvest diseases in apples
M. Khadiri,Hassan Boubaker,L. Askarne,A. Farhaoui,Mohammed TaoussiLhoussain Ait HaddouMustapha CherrateWafae OuchariM. ZerroukM. SobehR. Lahlali
Postharvest Biology and Technology Published 2024-08-01
Continuous monitoring the Queen loss of honey bee colonies
Yun‐Zhao Lu,Wei Hong,Yu Fang,Ying Wang,Zhenguo LiuHongfang WangChuan-zheng LuBaohua XuShengping Liu
Biosystems Engineering Published 2024-08-01
The light-responsive transcription factor SlBBX20 improves saline-alkali resistance of Solanum lycopersicum by affecting photosynthetic capacity, antioxidant capacity, and osmotic adjustment
Yongbo Ma,Zijian Xu,Linyang Wang,Ruoxi Ding,Yong ZhangJingrong WangPengju WangWenhui YaoXiaojing LiGuobin LiXiaohui Hu
Environmental and Experimental Botany Published 2024-08-01
Exploring the therapeutic potential of Cynanchum tunicatum (Retz.) Alston- assessment of phytochemicals and biological activities
Deepika Krishnamoorthy,A. Swaminathan,Amal Mohamed AlGarawi,Lavanya Nallasamy,Girija Sangari MurugaveluSwarnalakshmi Selvaraj
Published 2024-08-01
Particle loads, contractile responses and cleaning in the demosponge Halichondria panicea
Josephine Goldstein,H. U. Riisgård,Rachael A. Kealy,Peter Funch
Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology Published 2024-08-01
Root exudate-mediated plant–microbiome interactions determine plant health during disease infection
Y. Tong,Xian-qing Zheng,Yajun Hu,Jialing Wu,Hongwei LiuYangwu DengWeiguang LvHuaiying YaoJianping ChenTida Ge
Published 2024-08-01
Involvement of BcERF109 in 1-MCP-delayed yellowing of pak choi (Brassica rapa subsp. Chinensis) via mitigation of major chlorophyll-degrading gene expression during storage
Liuli Song,Ting Li,Xinying Li,Lidan Wang,Wenbin ZhaiRuotong YinHaibo Luo
Postharvest Biology and Technology Published 2024-08-01
Influence of life history characteristics on data-limited stock status assertions and minimum size limit evaluations using Length-Based Spawning Potential Ratio (LBSPR)
Connor L. Coscino,L. Bellquist,William J. Harford,Brice X. Semmens
Fisheries Research Published 2024-08-01
Environmental DNA reveals ecologically relevant spatial and temporal variation in fish assemblages between estuaries and seasons
Thomas I. Gibson,C. Baillie,Rupert A. Collins,O. Wangensteen,Laura CorriganAmy EllisonM. Heddell-CowieHannah WestobyBarry ByattLori Lawson-HandleyAna Z. SotoSimon CreerM. GennerStefano Mariani
Ecological Indicators Published 2024-08-01
UVC light influence on the sanitization of alfalfa (Medicago sativa), wheat (Triticum aestivum) and chia (Salvia hispanica) seeds, sprout germination and antioxidant properties
Abril Estefanía García-Santiesteban,N. Ramírez‐Corona,A. López‐Malo,E. Palou,M. Jiménez-Munguía
Postharvest Biology and Technology Published 2024-08-01
The interplay between climate and bedrock type determines litter decomposition in temperate forest ecosystems
R. Michalet,P. Liancourt
Soil Biology and Biochemistry Published 2024-08-01
Sulfur dioxide enhances postharvest grape resistance to Botrytis cinerea by promoting glutathione level
Shijun Xing,Man Wang,Zheng Zhang,Yuyao Yuan,Zunyang SongBin WuJia Wei
Scientia Horticulturae Published 2024-08-01
Evaluation of lignocellulolytic fungal enzymes for eucalyptus wood degradation
D. C. Pimentel,João Batista de Souza,R. Ventorim,R. Alfenas,A. AlfenasV. M. GuimarãesEdgard Augusto de Toledo PicoliG. P. Maitan-Alfenas
Published 2024-08-01
Soil and climatic characteristics and farming system shape fungal communities in European wheat fields
Krista Peltoniemi,S. Velmala,Eva Lloret,Irene Ollio,Juha HyvönenE. LiskiKristian K. BrandtC. Campillo-CoraH. FritzeSari IivonenS. B. LassenK. LoitS. Martínez-MartínezT. PennanenMarian PõldmetsStefan SchraderMerrit ShanskiyR. ZornozaL. WaeyenbergeDavid Fernández Calviño
Published 2024-08-01
Understanding the effects of climate and anthropogenic stresses on distribution variability of Setipinna taty in the Yellow Sea
Qingpeng Han,X. Shan,Xian-shi Jin,H. Gorfine,Yue JinQiang WuYongqiang Shi
Fisheries Research Published 2024-08-01
Application of UPLC-Q Exactive™ HF-X MS-based untargeted metabolomics reveals variations in Moringa oleifera Lam. leaves from different regions
Yanqin Zhu,Le Wang,Q. Yin,Jun Yang
Biochemical Systematics and Ecology Published 2024-08-01
Performance gains from incorporating dynamic numbers by length-within-age in fishery assessment models
R. McGarvey,R. Methot,A. Punt,J. Matthews,Ian G. TaylorJ. FeenstraKathryn L. Doering
Fisheries Research Published 2024-08-01
Plant system, abiotic stress resilience, reactive oxygen species, and coordination of engineered nanomaterials: A review
A. Choudhary,Shivam  Sharma,H. Kaur,Neha Sharma,Manoj M. GadewarSahil MehtaA. Husen
South African Journal of Botany Published 2024-08-01
Comprehensive analysis of the bZIP gene family in ‘Duli’ pear (Pyrus betulifolia Bunge): Insights for research on abiotic stress, especially drought, in pear
Shichao Luo,Peixuan Xu,Ao Cheng,Xu Wang,Jianfeng XuHui MaYuxing ZhangHaixia Zhang
Scientia Horticulturae Published 2024-08-01
Examining functional responses of ant communities to fire in Northwestern African afforested landscapes
Mounia EL Khayati,B. Chergui,Xavier Santos,S. Fahd,Ahmed Taheri
Forest Ecology and Management Published 2024-08-01
Variations of gut microbiota in the wintering black-necked crane (Grus nigricollis) at local and regional scales and its management implications
Ningjing Kou,Yalong Li,Linjia Pu,Tongxiang Zou,Chuanyin Dai
Global Ecology and Conservation Published 2024-08-01
Preharvest GA3 treatment at optimized time points enhanced the storability of ‘Shixia’ longan fruit
Tao Luo,Libing Long,Tingting Lai,Xiaolan Lin,Chenning NingZi-Juan LaiXinxin DuLiang ShuaiDongmei HanZhenxian Wu
Postharvest Biology and Technology Published 2024-08-01
Physiological and molecular functions of brassinosteroids during fruit development, ripening, and postharvest damage of horticultural products: A review
Diego Alejandro Gutiérrez-Villamil,Stanislav Magnitskiy,H. E. Balaguera-López
Postharvest Biology and Technology Published 2024-08-01
Structural analysis and in vitro fermentation characteristics of an Avicennia marina fruit RG-I pectin as a potential prebiotic.
Jinwen Huang,Huiqi Wang,Huaqun Chen,Zidong Liu,Xuedong ZhangHao TangShiying WeiWangting ZhouXinzhou YangYonghong LiuLongyan ZhaoQingxia Yuan
Carbohydrate Polymers Published 2024-08-01
Limited evidence of local adaptation of growth and decomposition rates in the widespread wood-decay fungus Fomitopsis pinicola
H. Kauserud,T. Justad,Y. Vindenes,Ine-Susanne Methlie,J. SønstebøI. SkredeSundy Maurice
Fungal ecology Published 2024-08-01
ε-Polylysine treatment maintains sensory quality, texture, flavor, and inhibits aerobic bacteria growth in vacuum-packed fresh-cut lettuce
Qianqian Liu,Zhang Xin,Han Cong,Qingmin Chen,Sun FeiM. FuHandong ZhaoZhijian XiaoTang Zheng
Postharvest Biology and Technology Published 2024-08-01
Leucosceptrum canum sm.: A comprehensive review on phytochemistry, biological applications and chemophenetic values
Himani Karakoti,Ravendra Kumar,S. Mahawer,Om Prakash,D. S. Rawat
Biochemical Systematics and Ecology Published 2024-08-01
Aedes (Stegomyia) aegypti in ditches from an arid region of Argentina
Emeli Illa,Fernando Murúa,F. Aballay,Florencia Cano,Liliana SalváCorina BerónLeonardo M. Díaz-Nieto
Journal of Arid Environments Published 2024-08-01
Editorial Board
Published 2024-08-01
The effects of land use changes on site occupancy and breeding success of the barn owl (Tyto alba) from 1993 to 2020
Estelle Milliet,Kim Schalcher,Anna Grangier-Bijou,B. Almasi,Fabrizio ButeraAlexandre Roulin
Global Ecology and Conservation Published 2024-08-01
Programmed cell death and postharvest deterioration of fresh horticultural products
E. Iakimova,A. J. Ty,M. Hertog,Bart M. Nicolaï,E. Woltering
Postharvest Biology and Technology Published 2024-08-01
Susceptibility of apple cultivars to watercore disorder is associated with expression of bidirectional sugar transporter gene MdSWEET12a
M. Kunihisa,Mai F. Minamikawa,R. Yano,Yoshihiro Kawahara,Miho TatsukiHiroyuki KawahigashiShigeki MoriyaJunko TazawaY. HatsuyamaT. Fukasawa-AkadaSatoshi KasaiFukuyo Tanaka
Scientia Horticulturae Published 2024-08-01
Integrating different aging methods to model the dynamics of hard-to-age crab growth: Age at size estimates for the Jonah crab (Cancer borealis)
C.J. Huntsberger,R. Kilada,Yong Chen,R. Wahle
Fisheries Research Published 2024-08-01
The antiproliferative effects of Marrubium vulgare, and toxicity screening in zebrafish embryos
Riaz Ullah,Ali S. Alqahtani,A. Shahat,F. Nasr,M. A. WadaanMuhammad Farooq
Published 2024-08-01
Soil microbial community responses to long-term experimental warming in an alpine Dryas octopetala heath in Norway
Federica D’Alò,Gabriele Tosadori,L. Zucconi,S. Onofri,Fabiana CaniniR. E. RoosKari KlanderudJana Voříšková
Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment. Applied Soil Ecology Published 2024-08-01
Effect of species-independent conspecific and heterospecific density dependence is contingent on seedling growth stage, season, and climate conditions
Zhengrong Luo,Jing Jia,Xiaorong Chen,Xubo Chen,Yafen ZhangRongguang Lan
Forest Ecology and Management Published 2024-08-01
Growth stimulation of toxic dinoflagellate Prorocentrum cordatum with herbicide glyphosate
N. Shoman,E. Solomonova,A. Akimov
Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology Published 2024-08-01
Examining dietary supplements containing Euterpe oleracea Mart. (açaí) for potential botanical-drug interactions involving CYP3A4 inhibition
Kabre L. Heck,Lauren M. Fogel,Destini Thornton,Madeline L. Kunze,Meredith AlmyAngela I. Calderón
Phytomedicine Plus Published 2024-08-01
Isoforms diversity and transcriptional regulation of floral meristem identity and pathway integrators, driving floral transition in mango under subtropics
Anju Bajpai,Muthukumar M․,Yashi Bajpai,Kasim Khan,S. RajanN.K. SinghV.K. Singh
Scientia Horticulturae Published 2024-08-01
Editorial Board
Postharvest Biology and Technology Published 2024-08-01
Using a generative adversarial network-based model to simulate fishing behavior in Antarctic krill fishery
Fanyi Meng,Guoping Zhu
Fisheries Research Published 2024-08-01
The impact of geographical location on the nutritional quality, chemical composition, and antioxidant activity of Cucurbita maxima (rouge vif d'Etampes) seed oil
Ihssan Boujemaa,Sara El Bernoussi,Zineb Lakhlifi El Idrissi,Yousra El Idrissi,Chakir El GuezzaneLearn-Han LeeRiaz UllahAhmed BariAbdelhakim BouyahyaH. HarharMohamed Tabyaoui
Biochemical Systematics and Ecology Published 2024-08-01
Status of small pelagic fisheries research in the Tanzanian marine waters:A systematic map
Julius Francis Woiso,M. Shalli,Hellen Kizenga
Published 2024-08-01
PpCaM7 and PpCAMTA5 synergistically mitigate chilling-induced browning by suppressing reactive oxygen species synthesis in peach fruit
Yinqiu Bao,Bing Xie,Y. Hou,Liangyi Zhao,Shunqing HuYaqing ZhaoYong ZhengPing WangPeng Jin
Postharvest Biology and Technology Published 2024-08-01
The De Bruijn graph of non-sequential pattern repetitions in DNA strings
Wan Heng Fong,Ahmed Ildrussi,Ahmad Firdaus Yosman
Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Published 2024-08-01
Comparative study of phytochemicals and pharmacological properties of different parts of Berberis sikkimensis (C. K. Schneid.) Ahrendt
Dheeraj Shootha,Deepika Tripathi,Mithilesh Singh,Purnima Rawat,Priyanka SrivastavaDevendra Kumar
Biochemical Systematics and Ecology Published 2024-08-01
Elemental, phytochemical analysis and determination of antibacterial, antioxidant, and cytotoxic activities of leaves extracts of eleven Eucalyptus species
Direshnee Shenelle Naidoo,G. More,Ramakwala Christinah Chokwe
South African Journal of Botany Published 2024-08-01
Enhancing miso production with optimized puffed-rice koji and its biological function evaluation
Shin-Ping Lin,Yu-Chieh Chou,Chiao-En Chen,Yen-Tso Lai,Chen-Che HsiehTsung-Yu TsaiYun-Hsin LinS. SantosoHui-Wen LinKuan-Chen Cheng
Food Bioscience Published 2024-08-01
Impact of estrogen metabolites on MCF-7 breast cancer cells: Insights from metabolomics study
Jian Ji,Xingxing Gao,Yongli Ye,N. Yadikar,Shiying XuJiadi SunYinzhi ZhangXiulan Sun
Food Bioscience Published 2024-08-01
Broad-scale genetic assessment of Southern Ground-Hornbills (Bucorvus leadbeateri) to inform population management
Lucy Kemp,D. Dalton,Monica Mwale,J. Paul Grobler,M. Thabang MadishaAnna-Mart Van WykP. MokgokongRaymond JansenAntoinette Kotzé
Global Ecology and Conservation Published 2024-08-01
Impact of plant species identity and island characteristics on phyllosphere fungal community structure in an island ecosystem
Taotao Wei,Hongyue Cai,Xiandong Zhang,Juanjuan Yang,Zenan HuangShujing SunTingting DuanMiaomiao ShiTieyao TuXin Qian
Fungal ecology Published 2024-08-01
Migration pattern of protistan groups in the runoff from slopes covered with biocrusts under rainfall in a semiarid region
Guo Chen,Hao Wang,Chao Chang,Qing-wei Zhang,Jian WangFeng-bao ZhangMing Li
CATENA Published 2024-08-01
Building confidence: Developing image-based methods to incorporate fishery-collected data in the American lobster stock assessment
Everett Rzeszowski,Kathleen M. Reardon,Heidi Henninger,Joshua T. Carloni,Damian C. Brady
Fisheries Research Published 2024-08-01
Response of carbohydrate-degrading enzymes and microorganisms to land use change in the southeastern Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau, China
Renhuan Zhu,Belayneh Azene,Piotr Gruba,Kaiwen Pan,Yalemzewd NigussieAwoke GuadieXiaoming SunXiaogang WuLin Zhang
Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment. Applied Soil Ecology Published 2024-08-01
Enhancing volumetric muscle loss (VML) recovery in a rat model using super durable hydrogels derived from bacteria
Seyyed Vahid Niknezhad,Mehdi Mehrali,Farinaz Riyahi Khorasgani,Reza Heidari,F. B. KadumudiN. GolafshanMiguel CastilhoC. PennisiM. HasanyM. JahanshahiM. MehraliYounes GhasemiNegar AzarpiraThomas L. AndresenAlireza Dolatshahi-Pirouz
Bioactive Materials Published 2024-08-01
Electrochemical mechanisms of Robinia pseudoacacia restoration affecting the interfacial reaction of base cations in loess hilly areas
Zhiying Zhou,Yajun Yang,Yizhe Yang,Bokun Chang,Xiaodong YangGang CaoFeinan HuChenyang XuXiaoli LiangLing QiuJialong LvWei Du
CATENA Published 2024-08-01
Chemical diversity of the essential oils of Artemisia sieberi in Iran
S. Zare,Zahra Shojaeifard,M. Asadollahi,A. Jassbi
Biochemical Systematics and Ecology Published 2024-08-01
Adapting to climate change in a spiny lobster (Jasus edwardsii) fishery: A harvest strategy response
A. Linnane,R. McGarvey,J. Matthews,J. Feenstra,Annabel JonesN. Kimber
Fisheries Research Published 2024-08-01
Including close-kin mark-recapture data in statistical catch-at-age stock assessments and management strategies
A. Punt,Robin Thomson,L. R. Little,Pia Bessell-Browne,Paul BurchMark Bravington
Fisheries Research Published 2024-08-01
Circadian pattern in attendance of aphid colonies by ants
Łukasz Depa
Acta Oecologica Published 2024-08-01
Editorial Board
Cellular Signalling Published 2024-08-01
Deep learning algorithm development for early detection of Botrytis cinerea infected strawberry fruit using hyperspectral fluorescence imaging
Seung-Woo Chun,Doo-Jin Song,Kwang-Ho Lee,Min-Jee Kim,Moon S. KimKyoung-Su KimChangyeun Mo
Postharvest Biology and Technology Published 2024-08-01
Antifungal activity and mechanism of chaetoglobosin D against Alternaria alternata in tomato postharvest storage
Huixia Du,Tian-Tian Sun,Xiao-Yi Tong,Jia Ren,Ya-Hui ZhangPang-Chui ShawDu-Qiang LuoFei Cao
Postharvest Biology and Technology Published 2024-08-01
Effects of wildfire on bird diversity in a Pinus yunnanensis forest
Tai Gao,Chao Zhao,Davide Fornacca,Rongxing Wang,Wen Xiao
Forest Ecology and Management Published 2024-08-01
Editorial Board
Free Radical Biology & Medicine Published 2024-08-01
Fabrication of ultrafine PtPd alloy/ionic liquid-carbon dots nanocomposites modified flexible carbon fiber as enzyme-free amperometric sensing for H2O2 in living cells
Qi Xiao,Jiawen Li,Shuai Liu,Mingli Yang,Yi FangShan Huang
Published 2024-08-01
A new look at genetic variability in pomegranate: Landscape genetics and structural equation modeling (SEM)
M. Sheidai,Z. Noormohammadi,Mohammad Reza Vazifeshenas
Scientia Horticulturae Published 2024-08-01
Increased immunogenes expression in redclaw crayfish infected with crayfish plague-like disease
Shekinah Shamini,Khomaizon Abdul,Kadir Pahirulzaman
Malaysian Journal of Microbiology Published 2024-08-01
Apoptosis inducing anti-proliferative activity of Citrullus lanatus seeds against A549 cell lines
V. Ajith Kumar,V. Priscilla Pushparani,G. Baskar,S.M. Kathija Beevi,T.P. RajarajanS. Subashini
South African Journal of Botany Published 2024-08-01
Influence of pre-harvest calcium application on the concentration and distribution of ascorbic acid and mineral content in apple cultivars at harvest and during storage
Rachael Maree Wood,S. D. de Freitas,L. Argenta,D. Neuwald
Postharvest Biology and Technology Published 2024-08-01
Forest pollinator richness declines with distance into burned areas
M. Ulyshen,Scott Horn,Conor Fair,Emily J. Forrester,Samm K. ReynoldsAndrew YoungCarl Schmidt
Forest Ecology and Management Published 2024-08-01
Integrated whole genome sequencing and transcriptomic analysis reveal the biodegradation mechanism of vanillic acid in Herbaspirillum aquaticum KLS-1
Yong-He Han,Yi-Xi Li,Wen-Qian Qiu,Xi-Wen Cui,Xiangqi ChenYong ZhangHong ZhangShan-shan Wang
Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering Published 2024-08-01
Snow leopards exhibit non-stationarity in scale-dependent habitat selection between two national protected areas in China
Guoliang Pan,Ho Yi Wan,David R. Nash,Kun Shi,Samuel Cushman
Ecological Modelling Published 2024-08-01
Seasonal and soil compartmental responses of soil microbes of Gymnocarpos przewalskii in a hyperarid desert
Min Li,Chao He,Feng Gong,Xiangyun Zhou,Kehan WangXinrong YangXueli He
Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment. Applied Soil Ecology Published 2024-08-01
Endophytic entomopathogenic fungi isolates as growth promoters of the grass Urochloa brizantha
D. T. T. Amandio,C. N. Nesi,A. S. Poltronieri,Leandro do Prado Ribeiro
Fungal ecology Published 2024-08-01
Colletotrichum cliviicola as a new causal agent causing leaf spot disease on Tilia tomentosa moench (silver linden) in China
Lin Chang,Xue-hai Li,Yi-lin Li,Zi-wen Gao,Yue-mei ZhangNing-LiZhao‐lei QuYi-hong YangHui Sun
Crop Protection Published 2024-08-01
Comparative analysis of foliar galls and ungalled leaves of Alstonia scholaris with a focus on tissue ultrastructure and phytochemistry
Komal H. Pandey,A. Kate
Biochemical Systematics and Ecology Published 2024-08-01
Volatile organic compounds accumulation and Bemisia tabaci resistance in tomato leaves treated with different caryophyllene concentrations
Ru Xu,Hongdou Gao,Shubin Wang,Huilan Ye,Jinnian LiChengxin WuFenglin Zhong
Scientia Horticulturae Published 2024-08-01
Anthropogenic noise effects on Risso's dolphin vocalizations in the Gulf of Taranto (Northern Ionian sea, central Mediterranean sea)
R. Carlucci,G. Cipriano,M. Bonato,G. Buscaino,R. CruglianoC. FanizzaS. GattoR. MagliettaC. PapettiM. PelagattiP. RicciF. C. SantacesariaE. Papale
Published 2024-08-01
Effects of sediment type and light availability on the burying behaviour of small sandeel (Ammodytes tobianus)
Ole Henriksen,Nicholas P. Moran,Louis A. Veilex,Jane W. Behrens,Anders NielsenTobias K. MildenbergerPeter J. WrightHenrik JensenM. van Deurs
Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology Published 2024-08-01
Rhizobia–legume symbiosis modulates the rhizosphere microbiota and proteins which affect the growth and development of pear rootstock
Xiaolong Li,Kefan Cai,Xiaoquan Li,Zeyu Jiang,Hongyu ShenSiting ZhuKai XuXuepeng Sun
Scientia Horticulturae Published 2024-08-01
Taxonomic surrogacy in monitoring of tropical polychaete communities along the West African continental margin
Robert Sobczyk,Bjorn Serigstad,Krzysztof Pabis
Ecological Indicators Published 2024-08-01
Recreational fishers’ awareness and adoption of strategies to minimise post-release mortality in demersal fish
Liv Rynvis,Sam Bock,Matt Gillett,Shane Walters,David V. FaircloughMatt Navarro
Fisheries Research Published 2024-08-01
Bio-production and characterization of carotenoid yellow pigment from Kocuria sp. GMA and exploring its sustainable antioxidant, antimicrobial and antibiofilm properties
Ghada S. Ibrahim,F. El-Shall,Asmaa A. Arafa,A. Shalabi,Mohamed El Awady
Egyptian Journal of Chemistry Published 2024-08-01
Complete genome sequence of Kushneria phosphatilytica YCWA18T reveals the P-solubilizing activity of the genus Kushneria
Guang-xun Du,Wen-sheng Yu,Ji-kun Su,Guo-chong Liu,Ping GaoXu-guang HongLing-yun Qu
Marine Genomics Published 2024-08-01
Factors affecting the foliar endophyte community in the invasive weed, Impatiens glandulifera
N. Ab Razak,A. Gange,A. F. Currie,Brian C. Sutton,A. Mansor
Fungal ecology Published 2024-08-01
mrvam7, a conserved SNARE gene involved in vacuolar fusion, is required for development and secondary metabolism in Monascus ruber M7
Chenchen Meng,Youxiang Zhou,Zhipeng Gao,Jiao Liu,Fusheng Chen
Food Bioscience Published 2024-08-01
Integrated transcriptomic and metabolomic analyses revealed the effect of melatonin on delaying persimmon fruit softening
Yuwei Wang,Shiyu Lin,Mengyuan Zhang,Jiaojiao Nie,Aijun TangNingjing SunShuyu ZengXiaofen LiuYuduan DingXueren YinQinggang Zhu
Postharvest Biology and Technology Published 2024-08-01
Impact of hurricane disturbance on mycorrhizal co-occurrence networks: Resilience and community dynamics in the Neotropics
J. Alvarez-Manjarrez,Mohammad Bahram,Sergei Põlme,R. Garibay-Orijel
Fungal ecology Published 2024-08-01
Comparative transcriptional analysis of genetically superior tea cultivars provides insights into variations in metabolite profiles and biological activities
Ramkumar Samynathan,Murugesan Krishnan,Baskar Venkidasamy,U. Subramanian,Sathianarayanan SankaranRekha ThiruvengadamSeung-Hyun KimM. ThiruvengadamM. Ghorbanpour
Scientia Horticulturae Published 2024-08-01
Genomic profiling of biosynthetic potentials of medicinal secondary metabolites for ‘Aliisedimentitalea scapharcae’ KCTC 42119T, isolated from ark shell
Jin-Cheng Rong,Lin-Lin Cui,Na Li,Mao-Li Yi,Bo-Tao HuangQi Zhao
Marine Genomics Published 2024-08-01
Plants other than animal-pollinated herbs provide wild bees with vital nutrients
Michał Filipiak
Global Ecology and Conservation Published 2024-08-01
Inhibition of biofilm-forming bacteria and probiotic potential of Bacillus spp. isolated from aquaculture ponds
Tran Huu Hau,Trương Thị Bích,Cao Van,Nguyen Thuy,Thach QuynhThi HoangLe OanhAnh GiaHuyNguyen HongLuu NguyenPham AnhThi
Malaysian Journal of Microbiology Published 2024-08-01
Exploring tolerance mechanisms and root morphological development of New Zealand spinach and quinoa across salinity levels
D. Comparini,G. Mozzo,L. Thiers,J. Vanderborght,T. De SwaefS. MancusoS. GarréG. Atzori
South African Journal of Botany Published 2024-08-01
MAP kinase MKK: A central regulator in the development, toxigenic potential, and pathogenesis of Penicillium expansum infecting pears
Xifei Chen,Lina Zhao,Yuling Shu,Solairaj Dhanasekaran,Yu ZhangYali ZhouXiaoyun ZhangMaoyu WuHongyin Zhang
Postharvest Biology and Technology Published 2024-08-01
Interaction between anecic and polyhumic endogeic earthworms can lead to synergistic effects on soil functioning
Q.V. Pham,H.X. Dang,A.D. Nguyen,Y. Capowiez,P. JouquetT. TranC. RumpelN. Bottinelli
Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment. Applied Soil Ecology Published 2024-08-01
Forest degradation hinders soil fauna's contribution to litter decomposition and community dynamics in Andean temperate Nothofagus forests
Fabiola Leal,Daniel Aguilera,Cristian Echeverría,Paula Gatica‐Saavedra,Felipe Aburto
Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment. Applied Soil Ecology Published 2024-08-01
Profiling the eukaryotic soil microbiome with differential primers and an antifungal peptide nucleic acid probe (PNA): Implications for diversity assessment
Haotian Wang,K. Dumack,Daniel V. Rissi,Damien R. Finn,Michael BonkowskiChristoph C. Tebbe
Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment. Applied Soil Ecology Published 2024-08-01
Multiplex PCR for ompT and iss genes of Escherichia coli isolated from chronic respiratory disease (CRD) broiler farms
Raheed, B. Y.,Alchalaby, A. Y. H.,Al-Aalim, A. M.,Hamad, M. A.
Malaysian Journal of Microbiology Published 2024-08-01
Hydrogen sulfide alleviates the chilling-induced lignification in loquat fruit by regulating shikimate, phenylpropanoid and cell wall metabolisms
Xinyan Shen,Yu Liu,Yuan Zeng,Yaqing Zhao,Yinqiu BaoZhengguo WuYong ZhengPeng Jin
Postharvest Biology and Technology Published 2024-08-01
Fate of riboflavin in human gut and its fostering role in butyrate metabolism
Wang-wei Zhang,Jian-Guo Zhang,F. Hu,K. Thakur
Food Bioscience Published 2024-08-01
Physiological and transcriptome analyses reveal copper toxicity responses in tomato plants
Menglu Xing,Weimin Li,Hao Yu,Yingzhi Wang,Fei WuMin WuJin Xu
Environmental and Experimental Botany Published 2024-08-01
Potential anti-obesity impact of green seaweed; Enteromorpha intestinalis
Ahmed Elshehry,Sally Salah,Hanan El Gamal,Asmaa Abdel-Tawab
Egyptian Journal of Chemistry Published 2024-08-01
Postharvest disease, latent infection, and preharvest control of ‘Shine-Muscat’ grapes
Weiheng Ren,Chenxu Sun,Lei Wang,Chuanxi Zhu,D. RenTan WangLiping WangYunfei CaiYiwen WangPinkuan ZhuLingyan Xu
Postharvest Biology and Technology Published 2024-08-01
Differences in larval acidification tolerance among populations of the eastern oyster, Crassostrea virginica
Anthony R. Himes,Annie Schatz,E. Rivest
Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology Published 2024-08-01
Complete genome sequence analysis of a biosurfactant-producing bacterium Bacillus velezensis L2D39
Yihan Ding,Shiping Wei,Gaiyun Zhang
Marine Genomics Published 2024-08-01
In vitro susceptibility of grass carp fish (Ctenopharyngodon idella) to oxidized myosin on structural change of protein secondary structure associated with reactive oxygen species (ROS) treatment
Abuubakar Hassan Ramadhan,Dawei Yu,Q. Jiang,Yanshun Xu,Han ChenLishi WangWenshui Xia
Food Bioscience Published 2024-08-01
Effect of water stress on locomotor performance in Pleurodema nebulosum (Anura: Leptodactylidae) a native frog from the Argentina Monte desert
R. E. Ontivero,Lorena Beatriz Quiroga,César Yamil Rodríguez,Daniel Bustos,Eduardo Alfredo Sanabria
Journal of Arid Environments Published 2024-08-01
Thermal-metabolic relationships in hatchling snapping turtles during simulated seasonal cooling
Christopher L. Rowe
Acta Oecologica Published 2024-08-01
Extending shelf-life of fresh-cut apples using manna from ash tree (Fraxinus angustifolia) as natural antioxidant agent in comparision with calcium ascorbate
Allegra Alessio,Guccione Eugenia,F. G. Casales,Maria José Gimenez,Gallotta AlessandraI. GuginoPampinella DanielaSortino Giuseppe
Postharvest Biology and Technology Published 2024-08-01
Seasonal movement dynamics of the commercially important thornback ray (Raja clavata) in a coastal marine protected area
S. Kraft,A. C. Winkler,D. Abecasis
Published 2024-08-01
Seaweed-derived fucoidans and rhamnan sulfates serve as potent anti-SARS-CoV-2 agents with potential for prophylaxis.
Yuefan Song,Amit Singh,Maisha Feroz,Shirley Xu,Fuming ZhangWeihua JinAmbrish KumarParastoo AzadiDennis W. MetzgerR. LinhardtJ. Dordick
Carbohydrate Polymers Published 2024-08-01
Disruption of microbiota induced by polyethylene microplastics alters defense response of earthworms Eisenia fetida
Kang Li,Mengjun Zhang,Libo Xu,Guangbao Zhang,Xinyi BaiWeishuang ZhengYi Huang
Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment. Applied Soil Ecology Published 2024-08-01
Identification and function analysis of PP2C gene family shows that BnaA2.PP2C73 negatively regulates drought and salt stress responses in Brassica napus L.
Y. Ruan,Man Wang,Mu Xiao,Boyu Liu,Xixin ZhouJiasuo YangYing RuanYong Huang
Published 2024-08-01
Sequence, structure and biophysical characterization of CsoR-like hypothetical protein from Geobacillus zalihae strain T1
Nasihah Musa,A. Mangavelu,Shaw Xian Au,Azyyati Mohd Padzil,Alexandre KriznikMuhammad AlifMohammad LatifM. A. JonetNazahiyah A RodzliT. LeowMohd ShukuriMohamad AliRaja NoorZaliha RajaAbd RahmanAbu Bakar SallehYahaya M. Normi
Malaysian Journal of Microbiology Published 2024-08-01
Unlocking the functional potential of Nitraria schoberi extracts using chemical fingerprinting, biological efficiencies, in silico and network pharmacological approaches
S. Dall’Acqua,S. Yagi,S. Sut,A. Uba,Evren Yıldıztugayİsmail KoyuncuOzgur YuksekdagS. K. M. PonniyaAshokkumar JayavelGokhan Zengin
Food Bioscience Published 2024-08-01
Crevices are beneficial to digestive ability and growth of juvenile sea cucumbers Apostichopus japonicus
Huiyan Wang,Xiyuan Huang,Ruihuan Tian,Peng Ding,Zihe ZhaoGuo-min WuPan LuChong Zhao
Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology Published 2024-08-01
Landscape, site and post-disturbance forest stand characteristics modulate the colonisation of non-native invasive woody species
Melina Jeanette Aranda,Marco Conedera,G. Pezzatti,E. Gehring
Forest Ecology and Management Published 2024-08-01
Development of a dual-mode Ru-UiO-TPEA MOF probe for highly sensitive and accurate detection of Cu2+ in biological systems
Qian Long,Hanfeng Cui,Jing Zhang,Qiqi Fan,Ting HuangHai ShuaiXia YinGuobing WeiHuanwen ChenHao Fan
Published 2024-08-01
Avian communities respond to plant and landscape composition in actively revegetated floodplains of the Colorado River delta in Mexico
E. González-Sargas,M. Gómez‐Sapiens,Osvel Hinojosa‐Huerta,Stefanny Villagomez-Palma,Alejandra Calvo-FonsecaJoanna GrandTimothy D. MeehanChris DodgeP. NaglerCarlos Restrepo-GiraldoCarlos NieblasAngela MeléndezRoberto Real RangelP. Shafroth
Ecological Engineering: The Journal of Ecotechnology Published 2024-08-01
Earthworm cast microbiomes differ across soil types in northern forests
J. Lejoly,Sylvie A. Quideau,Jérôme Laganière,Justine Karst,C. MartineauAbdul Samad
Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment. Applied Soil Ecology Published 2024-08-01
Climate induced declines in maternal size may come at a cost to embryonic investment and larval performance in the American lobster
Alexander Ascher,M. Niemisto,Donaven Baughman,Grace Andrews,Curtis MorrisEmily PatrickR. WahleDavid M. Fields
Fisheries Research Published 2024-08-01
Temperature sensitivity of aerobic and anaerobic organic carbon mineralization varies with climate and soil depth in riparian zones
Mingzhu Lu,Gang He,Lei Fan,Guihua Liu,Junjun WuWenzhi LiuLin Ma
Soil Biology and Biochemistry Published 2024-08-01
Does the extent of glacial cover across watersheds and discharge periods affect dietary resource use of nearshore fishes in the Northern Gulf of Alaska?
Lindsey Stadler,Kristen Gorman,Vanessa von Biela,Andrew Seitz,Katrin Iken
Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology Published 2024-08-01
Development of transgenic plants of apple rootstock Merton 793 with enhanced rooting ability using rolB gene
Manjusha Sharma,Sangam Thakur,Kamlesh Verma,M. Modgil
Scientia Horticulturae Published 2024-08-01
Arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis allows to overcome phosphorus deficiency in soilless culture of Lactuca sativa: A phenotypic and transcriptomic analysis
A. Vangelisti,Fatjon Cela,S. Simoni,L. Avio,A. TurriniC. SbranaLuca IncrocciA. PardossiUgo RogoL. NataliA. CavalliniT. Giordani
Scientia Horticulturae Published 2024-08-01
Otolith chemistry reveals ontogenetic movement of the Antarctic toothfish (Dissostichus mawsoni) in the Amundsen Sea polynya, Antarctica
Zhen Zhao,Illia Slypko,Kostiantyn Demianenko,Guoping Zhu
Fisheries Research Published 2024-08-01
Terbuthylazine induces oxidative stress and mitophagy through activating cGAS-STING pathway in chicken jejunum
Shaofeng Wang,Quanwei Li,Pan Guo,Luna Su,Tingyu LiangWenlan YuQingwen YangJianying GuoZhaoxin TangJianzhao Liao
Food Bioscience Published 2024-08-01
Transcriptomic and metabolomic insights into drought response strategies of two Astragalus species
Yang Liu,Kexin Wu,Ann Abozeid,Xiao-rui Guo,Libing MuJia LiuZhong-Hua Tang
Published 2024-08-01
Nondestructive internal disorders detection of ‘Braeburn’ apple fruit by X-ray dark-field imaging and machine learning
Jiaqi He,L. Van Doorselaer,A. Tempelaere,J. Vignero,Wouter SaeysHilde BosmansPieter VerbovenBart M. Nicolai
Postharvest Biology and Technology Published 2024-08-01
Myco-febricated MgO nanoparticles exhibited synergistic effect with melatonin in enhancing management of Meloidogyne incognita in tomato plants
Yi Zheng,Yuhui He,Xin Cui,Kefeng Wang,Xiaonan WangYong Wang
South African Journal of Botany Published 2024-08-01
Inhibitory effects of Lactobacillus brevis on Aspergillus westerdijkiae and antifungal compounds identification
Li Li,Bolei Yang,Shuo Yang,Xiaoyu Tian,Yuan GaoJun SongHaifeng WangTiejun LiFuguo Xing
Postharvest Biology and Technology Published 2024-08-01
Productivity susceptibility analysis in extremely data-poor scenarios: The case of Peruvian coastal groundfish
Fabio Castagnino,Matías Caillaux,Elmer Ramos
Fisheries Research Published 2024-08-01
Heavy ion beams and gamma rays induce biological changes and flavonoid accumulation in Astragalus mongholicus Bunge
Yuanmeng Wang,Xuehu Li,Xiao Liu,Linghui Ge,Guisen KangYan DuFusheng WangFanglei ChenPing LiLing JinLibin Zhou
Scientia Horticulturae Published 2024-08-01
Aqueous extractions of Mondia whitei root improve human sperm function in vitro
Maureen Bilinga Tendwa,Aqeel Morris,Chinyerum Silvia Opuwari,K. Leisegang,R. FinelliC. Zenoaga-BarbăroșieR. Henkel
South African Journal of Botany Published 2024-08-01
Spatiotemporal analysis provides solutions to mitigate bycatch of southern Gulf of St. Lawrence Atlantic Cod in an expanding Redfish fishery
Jolene T. Sutton,J. McDermid,Lysandre Landry,François Turcotte
Fisheries Research Published 2024-08-01
Insecticidal potential of wax-degrading bacteria derived from fermented Ficus extract against Phenacoccus solenopsis Tinsley
Ahmmed, S.,Lau, W. H.,Adam, N. A.,Sinniah, U. R.
Malaysian Journal of Microbiology Published 2024-08-01
Next-generation pathogen detection: Exploring the power of nucleic acid amplification-free biosensors
Yantao Wang,Zhengzheng Wang,Yuting Shang,Juan Wang,Zhenjun ZhuLiqing XiJihang XieQingping WuYizhong ShenYu Ding
Coordination chemistry reviews Published 2024-08-01
Hydrogen peroxide receptors regulate chilling injury of banana fruit during low-temperature storage
Shuting Zhang,Youxia Shan,Ying Li,Junxian He,Yueming Jiang
Postharvest Biology and Technology Published 2024-08-01
Suitability of false codling moth eggs from different sterile to fertile moth ratios in the sterile insect technique programme, to parasitism by Trichogrammatoidea cryptophlebiae
Michael M. Githae,Candice A. Coombes,R. Mutamiswa,Sean D. Moore,Martin P. Hill
Crop Protection Published 2024-08-01
Waves, patterns, bifurcations: A tutorial review on the vertebrate segmentation clock
Paul François,Victoria Mochulska
Physics reports Published 2024-08-01
Clonagem e caracterização do gene que codifica a proteína de choque térmico HSP83 do Trypanosoma cruzi
Ana Fernández,Ana Rita De Lima,Elizabeth Ferrer
Uniciencia Published 2024-07-31
Synapse-specific structural plasticity that protects and refines local circuits during LTP and LTD.
Kristen M. Harris,M. Kuwajima,J. C. Flores,K. Zito
Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological sciences Published 2024-07-29
Adiponectin rescues synaptic plasticity in the dentate gyrus of a mouse model of Fragile X Syndrome.
Jonathan S Thacker,Luis Bettio,Stanley Liang,I. Shkolnikov,G. L. CollingridgeB. R. Christie
Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological sciences Published 2024-07-29
Interplay of hippocampal long-term potentiation and long-term depression in enabling memory representations.
Hardy Hagena,D. Manahan‐Vaughan
Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological sciences Published 2024-07-29
Synaptic correlates of the corticocortical circuit in motor learning.
Yeonjun Kim,Ilgang Hong,B. Kaang
Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological sciences Published 2024-07-29
Alpha-secretase inhibition impairs Group I metabotropic glutamate receptor-mediated protein synthesis, long-term potentiation and long-term depression.
B. Mockett,James W T Davies,Zoë B Mills,Do Y Kweon,W. Abraham
Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological sciences Published 2024-07-29
Cortical nitric oxide required for presynaptic long-term potentiation in the insular cortex.
Kiyofumi Yamamoto,Qi-Yu Chen,Zhaoxiang Zhou,Masayuki Kobayashi,Min Zhuo
Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological sciences Published 2024-07-29
The plasticity of pyramidal neurons in the behaving brain.
Elena Regele-Blasco,Lucy M Palmer
Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological sciences Published 2024-07-29
Comparing behaviours induced by natural memory retrieval and optogenetic reactivation of an engram ensemble in mice.
Sungmo Park,Sang Yoon Ko,Paul W. Frankland,S. Josselyn
Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological sciences Published 2024-07-29
Equal levels of pre- and postsynaptic potentiation produce unequal outcomes.
L. Savtchenko,D. Rusakov
Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological sciences Published 2024-07-29
Differential effectiveness of dietary zinc supplementation with autism-related behaviours in Shank2 knockout mice.
Kevin Lee,Yewon Jung,Yukti Vyas,Zoë B Mills,Laura McNamaraJohanna M Montgomery
Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological sciences Published 2024-07-29
Rapidly reversible persistent long-term potentiation inhibition by patient-derived brain tau and amyloid ß proteins.
T. Ondrejčák,I. Klyubin,Neng-Wei Hu,Yin Yang,Qiancheng ZhangBrian J RodriguezMichael J Rowan
Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological sciences Published 2024-07-29
Contributions of site- and sex-specific LTPs to everyday memory.
C. M. Gall,A. A. Le,G. Lynch
Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological sciences Published 2024-07-29
Enhanced long-term potentiation in the anterior cingulate cortex of tree shrew.
Q. Song,Xu-Hui Li,Jing-Shan Lu,Qi-Yu Chen,Ren-Hao LiuSibo ZhouMin Zhuo
Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological sciences Published 2024-07-29
Activity-dependent diffusion trapping of AMPA receptors as a key step for expression of early LTP.
Agata Nowacka,Angela M Getz,Diogo Bessa-Neto,Daniel Choquet
Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological sciences Published 2024-07-29
Src dependency of the regulation of LTP by alternative splicing of GRIN1 exon 5.
Hongbin Li,Vishaal Rajani,A. Sengar,Michael W Salter
Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological sciences Published 2024-07-29
Promiscuous involvement of metabotropic glutamate receptors in the storage of N-methyl-d-aspartate receptor-dependent short-term potentiation.
R. Ingram,A. Volianskis
Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological sciences Published 2024-07-29
Long-term potentiation: 50 years on: past, present and future.
W. C. Abraham,T. V. P. Bliss,G. L. Collingridge,R. G. M. Morris
Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological sciences Published 2024-07-29
Mitogenomic phylogeny, biogeography, and cryptic divergence of the genus Silurus (Siluriformes: Siluridae).
Weitao Chen,Nicolas Hubert,Yuefei Li,Shuli Zhu,Jun WangDenggao XiangShang GaoChunni KouJilong Wangtai wangZhiqiang LiangJunjie WuXinhui LiJie Li
Zoological Research Published 2024-07-18
Associations of Epigenetic Age Estimators With Cognitive Function Trajectories in the Women's Health Initiative Memory Study.
Steve Nguyen,Linda K McEvoy,M. Espeland,E. Whitsel,Ake LuSteve HorvathJ. E. MansonStephen R RappA. Shadyab
Neurology Published 2024-07-09
Student feedback guides the development of a microbiome card game “No Guts No Glory”
Chuu Ling Chan,Russell Lee,Lih Ing Goh,Nathanael Hao Kai Chong,Li Neng LeeJun-Hong Ch'ng
Asia Pacific Scholar Published 2024-07-02
Estimation of survival rates of loggerhead sea turtles (Caretta caretta) in Japan using a novel framework
Naoto K. Inoue,Takashi Ishihara
Ecological Modelling Published 2024-07-01
A functional characterization of bioengineered plant communities along riverbanks
M. Tisserant,E. González-Sargas,André Evette,Bérenger Bourgeois,Monique Poulin
Ecological Engineering: The Journal of Ecotechnology Published 2024-07-01
Dr. Doolittle uses AI: Ethical challenges of trying to speak whale
Mark Ryan,Leonie N. Bossert
Biological Conservation Published 2024-07-01
TET2-STAT3-CXCL5 nexus promotes neutrophil lipid transfer to fuel lung adeno-to-squamous transition.
Yun Xue,Yuting Chen,Sijia Sun,Xinyuan Tong,Yu-Jia ChenShijie TangXue WangSimin BiYuqin QiuQiqi ZhaoZhen QinQin XuYingjie AiLeilei ChenBeizhen ZhangZhijie LiuMinbiao JiMeidong LangLuonan ChenGuoliang XuLiang HuDan YeHongbin Ji
Journal of Experimental Medicine Published 2024-07-01
Efficient estimation of gas exchange and respiration kinetics in apple using pathlength-resolved GASMAS
Manju Joseph,Hui Xiao,A. Postelmans,M. Hertog,P. VerbovenBart NicolaïWouter Saeys
Postharvest Biology and Technology Published 2024-07-01
A novel rejuvenation approach to improve rooting capacity and its mechanism in Cunninghamia lanceolata
Yunni Chang,Ting Xue,Josep Peñuelas,J. Sardans,Junxin ZhouYang ZhouChao-bin XuXueYan ZhengWangXun PengYanbing DengQuanlin ZhongBaoyin Li
Forest Ecology and Management Published 2024-07-01
Plant genotype and inoculation with indigenous arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) fungi modulate wheat productivity and quality of processed products through changes in the frequency of root AM fungal taxa
Valentina Marrassini,L. Ercoli,G. Piazza,Elisa Pellegrino
Published 2024-07-01
Dual-aspect attention spatial-spectral transformer and hyperspectral imaging: A novel approach to detecting Aspergillus flavus contamination in peanut kernels
Zhen Guo,Jing Zhang,Haifang Wang,Shiling Li,Xijun ShaoH. DongJiashuai SunLingjun GengQi ZhangYemin GuoXia SunLianming XiaIbrahim A. Darwish
Postharvest Biology and Technology Published 2024-07-01
Rooting for growth: Meta-analyzing the role of Endophytic fungi in plant growth
Alex Batista Trentin,Juliana Morini Küpper Cardoso,N. C. Ghisi,Caio Tavora Coelho da Costa Rachid,Deborah Catharine de Assis Leite
Scientia Horticulturae Published 2024-07-01
PyTRM112 is involved in the regulation of GA-mediated fruit size and shape in Pyrus pyrifolia
Xunju Liu,Wanxia Sun,Nian-Hua Zhang,Sen Zhang,Yongjing BieChangzhou DengHaobo LiuLinhong SongMuhammad Aamir ManzoorJiyuan WangMuhammad Salman HaiderSongtao JiuCaixi Zhang
Scientia Horticulturae Published 2024-07-01
Ascophillum nodosum and Lithothamnium calcareum and their prebiotic potential on Lactobacillus strains
S. Frazzini,M.C. Torresani,M. Hejna,Michele Di Dio,Luciana Rossi
Journal of Functional Foods Published 2024-07-01
Integration of single-cell and spatial RNA sequencing uncovers spatiotemporal transition of fruit senescence trajectory from exocarp to mesocarp in Pitaya (Hylocereus undatus)
X. Pang,Jiaju Sun,Jingyu Jia,Yuri Trusov,Rahul ChandoraJ. BotellaXin LiShaobin Gu
Postharvest Biology and Technology Published 2024-07-01
Antimicrobial susceptibility of Staphylococcus sp. and Escherichia coli isolated from captive Amazonian manatee (Trichechus inunguis)
Thayanne Gabryelle Viana de Souza,R. Xavier,J. A. Santana,Daniela Magalhães Drummond de Mello,Vera Maria Ferreira da SilvaJúlio César Câmara RosaH. C. P. FigueiredoG. C. TavaresR. O. S. Silva
Ciência Rural Published 2024-07-01
Binocular structured light-based 3D reconstruction for morphological measurements of apples
Shengqi Yu,Xiaojie Yan,Tianze Jia,Dekai Qiu,Dong Hu
Postharvest Biology and Technology Published 2024-07-01
Postharvest application of methyl jasmonate inhibited ethylene biosynthesis and signaling in peach through activating the negative feedback of JA-signaling pathway
Lijuan Zhu,Haitao Yu,Xiaoyu Xu,Zhifang Yu
Postharvest Biology and Technology Published 2024-07-01
Discrimination of three commercial tuna species through species-specific peptides: From high-resolution mass spectrometry discovery to MRM validation.
Lingping Hu,Yin Zhu,Chao Zhong,Qiang Cai,Hongwei ZhangXiaomei ZhangQian YaoYuyu HangYingliang GeYaqin Hu
Food Research International Published 2024-07-01
Hainan frilled treefrogs' calls partially conform to Menzerath–Altmann's law, but oppose Zipf's law of abbreviation
Ke Deng,Yu-Xiao He,Xiao-Ping Wang,Tong-Liang Wang,Ji-chao WangYou-Hua ChenJian-Guo Cui
Animal Behaviour Published 2024-07-01
Site conditions shaped the effect of silvicultural management on the biodiversity of ectomycorrhizal fungi in mixed Nothofagus forests
Franco Daniel Floriani,Verónica El Mujtar,Camila Mateo,Georgina Sola,Marcelo González PeñalbaRenato SbranciaPaula MarchelliNatalia Verónica Fernández
Forest Ecology and Management Published 2024-07-01
Editorial Board
Published 2024-07-01
Antitumor efficacy of atorvastatin in lung cancer mice model
Karim El-Said,Merna Attia,Elsayed Salim
Published 2024-07-01
Effects of landscape composition and configuration on Andean birds are influenced by spatial scale
Omar S. Landázuri,Boris A. Tinoco,Carlos Iván Espinosa,M. V. Jiménez-Franco,Francisco Robledano
Forest Ecology and Management Published 2024-07-01
Differentially biased sampling strategies reveal the non-stationarity of species distribution models for Indian small felids
Divyashree Rana,C. C. Sartor,L. Chiaverini,S. A. Cushman,Ż. KasztaUma RamakrishnanDavid W. Macdonald
Ecological Modelling Published 2024-07-01
Micropropagation, genetic fidelity and chromatographic analysis in Evolvulus alsinoides (L.): A potent multipurpose medicinal plant
Collince Omondi Awere,Kasinathan Rakkammal,P.S. Jeevan Ram,K. P. Kumar,Kaliraj RagavanR. Anitha KumariSuresh GovindanMafatlal M. KherE. DroriManikandan Ramesh
Published 2024-07-01
Positively charged GFP-chromophore-based fluorescent sensor for DNA
Ming-Ju Li,Jun-Jia Xu,Robert Sung,Kuangsen Sung
Optical materials (Amsterdam) Published 2024-07-01
A survey of NDT ultrasound transducers for sensing pre-moult tropical rock lobsters, Panulirus ornatus
Charles Sutherland,Alan Henderson,Damien Holloway,Andrew J. Trotter,Dean R. GiosioGreg Smith
Applied Acoustics Published 2024-07-01
Effect of exclosure on woody plant species diversity, structural attributes, and functional trait responses in dry evergreen Afromontane forests, North-eastern highlands of Ethiopia
Meseret Muche,G. Yemata,Eyayu Molla,Wubetie Adnew,A. M. Muasya
Forest Ecology and Management Published 2024-07-01
Serotonin improves plant growth, foliar functions and antioxidant defence system in Ethiopian mustard (Brassica carinata A. Br.)
N. Zahra,Abida Kausar,H. T. M. Abdelghani,Sachidanand Singh,Deepti Singh VashishthArchana BachhetiR. K. BachhetiA. Husen
South African Journal of Botany Published 2024-07-01
Genome-wide association studies in a F1 tilapia population reveal novel genetic loci associated with salinity tolerance
Dan Dan Huang,Hui Qin,Z. Zhu,X. Liang,Jun-Hong Xia
Aquaculture Published 2024-07-01
Editorial Board
Published 2024-07-01
Therapeutic, chemo-sensitizing, protective effects of natural products against cancerous cells: Preclinical and clinical studies
Karim El-Said,Seham El-Feki
Published 2024-07-01
Editorial Board
Aquatic Botany Published 2024-07-01
3D-bioprinted anti-senescence organoid scaffolds repair cartilage defect and prevent joint degeneration via miR-23b/ELOVL5-mediated metabolic rewiring
Yi Wang,Yongqing You,Hongyu Chen,Jiayun Liu,Qiang WuKerong DaiYe Sun
Chemical Engineering Journal Published 2024-07-01
SlMsrB5-SlGRAS4 involved in methyl jasmonate-mediated ripening and quality of postharvest tomato fruit
X. Fu,Fujun Li,Maratab Ali,Yanan Song,Jun DingXiangrong KongJing ShangXiu-xiang ZhaoXiaoan LiXinhua Zhang
Postharvest Biology and Technology Published 2024-07-01
XAF1 promotes osteoclast apoptosis by antagonizing the XIAP-caspase axis
Mingchao Zhang,Yingkang Huang,Jinyu Bai,Wushuang Xu,Hua-jian ShanLei ShengXiang GaoYu HanShiyou WangChaowen BaiBo TianYichao NiQirong DongFeng MaXiaozhong Zhou
Journal of Orthopaedic Translation Published 2024-07-01
Effect of age and mating on body condition, fecundity and metabolic rate in female sand crickets, Gryllus firmus
Clint D. Kelly,William Peruzzini,Roxanne Chasse-Bilodeau,Dominique G. Roche,Pierre Olivier-Montiglio
Animal Behaviour Published 2024-07-01
Comparative analysis of physiological, enzymatic, and genetic responses revealed the differences in salt tolerance between two rice varieties at the seedling stage
A. M. M. Mekawy,Dekoum V.M. Assaha,Jiacheng Li,Akihiro Ueda
South African Journal of Botany Published 2024-07-01
Chemical composition and antifertility effect of a South African herbal mixture in female Sprague-Dawley rats
Opeyemi J. Fadeyi,Makhotso Lekhooa,M. A. Moroole,Cor Bester,A. AremuRose Hayeshi
South African Journal of Botany Published 2024-07-01
Effects of ethanol or ethylene glycol exposure on PPARγ and aromatase expression in adipose tissue
Jacob Ardenkjær-Skinnerup,Daniel Saar,Sofie Christiansen,T. Svingen,Niels HadrupKristy A. BrownBrice EmanuelliB. KragelundG. Ravn-HarenUlla Vogel
Biochemistry and Biophysics Reports Published 2024-07-01
15NH4+ uptake and assimilation into amino acids is markedly reduced by elevated CO2 in Scirpus olneyi, a C3 land plant species
F. Dakora,Lee-Ann C. Hayek,Bert G. Drake
South African Journal of Botany Published 2024-07-01
Editorial Board
Comparative Immunology, Microbiology & Infectious Diseases Published 2024-07-01
The effect of turbidity on female mate choice in the guppy, Poecilia reticulata
Shreya Venkatesan,Meng-Han Joseph Chung,Diego Moura-Campos,Megan L. Head
Animal Behaviour Published 2024-07-01
Contrasting viral diversity and potential biogeochemical impacts in paddy and upland soils
Xiaolei Zhao,Shuang Wang,Li Wang,Zhenke Zhu,Yalong LiuJingkuang WangJianping ChenTida Ge
Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment. Applied Soil Ecology Published 2024-07-01
Lophochoerus nagrii (Suidae) from the Siwaliks (Neogene) of Pakistan
M. A. Babar,S. Abbas,Muhammad A. Khan,M. Akhtar
Annales de Paléontologie Published 2024-07-01
Anti-oxidative stress and gastroprotective effect of Tri-Tharn-Thip tea against ethanol-induced gastric ulcer in rats
Palika Wetchakul,Soiphet Net-anong,J. Goon,Sineenart Sanpinit
South African Journal of Botany Published 2024-07-01
Editorial Board
Life Science Published 2024-07-01
Improvement of 1,3-propanediol production from glycerol using formate as an intermediary metabolite for NADH regeneration in Klebsiella oxytoca
Eun Joo Park,Minsoo Kim,Dapeng Kong,Eunseo Kim,Won Gyeong ParkJungho JaeMin JangByong-Hun JeonJung Rae Kim
Biomass & Bioenergy Published 2024-07-01
Role of Rhodomyrtus tomentosa (Aiton) Hassk. in regulating the expression of fibroblast growth factor family in the liver of rat in a breast cancer model
Putri Cahaya Situmorang,Syafruddin Ilyas,Rony Abdi Syahpura,Reka Mustika Sari,Alexander Patera NugrahaA. IbrahimCheryl Grace Pratiwi Rumahorbo
Published 2024-07-01
Targeting compensatory proliferation signals in oral cancer
Loganathan Kavitha,V. Priyadharsini J,Anitha P,Paramasivam A
Journal of Oral Biology and Craniofacial Research Published 2024-07-01
The role of squid for food web structure and community-level metabolism
Rémy Denéchère,P. D. van Denderen,Ken H. Andersen
Ecological Modelling Published 2024-07-01
Flos Sophorae Immaturus extracts: Effects of different extraction solvents on antioxidant, antimicrobial activities and active ingredients
Zhilong Zhang,Yaru Zhang,Anna Zhang,Jie Liu,Tong LiuJuan ZhaoSheng Zhang
South African Journal of Botany Published 2024-07-01
Agricultural soil microbiomes differentiate in soil profiles with fertility source, tillage, and cover crops
Raven L. Bier,Melinda Daniels,Diana Oviedo‐Vargas,M. Peipoch,Jacob R. PriceEmmanuel OmondiAndrew SmithJinjun Kan
Published 2024-07-01
Predictable oceanographic processes drive the formation of a distribution hotspot for Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins at a manmade harbor
Quan Xie,Duan Gui,Wenbo Wang,Yi Zhang,Heng ZhangLirong YuanWenping Gong
Published 2024-07-01
γ-Aminobutyric acid delays fruit softening in postharvest kiwifruit by inhibiting starch and cell wall degradation
Weiwei Yan,Mengze Cao,Liyu Shi,Wei Wu,Feng XuWei ChenZhenfeng Yang
Postharvest Biology and Technology Published 2024-07-01
Artificial intelligence and Scientific Research
Mohamed Waly
Published 2024-07-01
Boron modulates cell wall structure that alleviate aluminum toxicity-induced root growth defects in citrus
Lei Yan,Jin Cheng,M. Riaz,Siyun Xiao,Cuncang Jiang
Scientia Horticulturae Published 2024-07-01
Predation on the Endangered Hungarian Meadow Viper in Pastures and Hayfields: Insights From Plasticine Models
A. Móré,B. Üveges,János Simics,D. Radovics,Gergő KovácsB. BancsikBálint WennerM. BudaiÁdám TiszaC. VadászSzabolcs MizserB. TóthmérészE. Mizsei
Published 2024-07-01
Contour prairie strips alter microbial communities and functioning both below and in adjacent cropland soils
Cole Dutter,Corinn E. Rutkoski,Sarah E. Evans,Marshall D. McDaniel
Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment. Applied Soil Ecology Published 2024-07-01
Evaluation of antioxidant activities and inhibition effects of Tribulus terrestris L. extracts on some metabolic enzymes
Elife Kaya,Tuba Aydın,Ruya Saglamtas
South African Journal of Botany Published 2024-07-01