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Ecological Economics Published 2024-09-01
Critical Success Factors of Public–Private Partnership Infrastructure Projects from a Middle-Income Country: A Comparison with Countries in Asia
Jinkook Yang,L. Thuc,Soo Yong Kim
Journal of urban planning and development Published 2024-09-01
Impact of investor trust on public firms’ stock price efficiency and cost of capital: Insights from a firm-level measure for investor trust
Lin Lin,Ngou Teng Pun,Ping-Wen Sun
Economic Modelling Published 2024-09-01
An integrated techno-economic approach for design and energy management of heavy goods electric vehicle charging station with energy storage systems
O. Shariatio,P.J. Coker,S.T. Smith,B. Potter,W. Holderbaum
Applied Energy Published 2024-09-01
Electric vehicle charging stations' installing strategies: Considering government subsidies
Jian Feng,Yifan Yao,Zhenfeng Liu,Zhenling Liu
Applied Energy Published 2024-09-01
The impact of immigration status on crime reporting: Evidence from DACA
Thomas Pearson
Journal of Urban Economics Published 2024-09-01
The impact on climate and emissions of clean household cooking energy policies in Tanzania
B. Aamaas,L. Grimsby
Energy Policy Published 2024-09-01
The economics of empty trips
Dario Farren,Ricardo Giesen,Luis Ignacio Rizzi
Economics of Transportation Published 2024-09-01
Unravelling the nexus of illicit gold trade, protection rackets, and political settlement dynamics: Evidence from Burkina Faso
Fritz Brugger,Tongnoma Zongo,Joschka J. Proksik,Anna Bugmann
World Development Published 2024-09-01
The power of market: Venture capital and enterprise digital transformation
Huan Peng,Sulidan Bumailikaimu,Ting Feng
The North American journal of economics and finance Published 2024-09-01
Mixed-frequency data Sampling Grey system Model: Forecasting annual CO2 emissions in China with quarterly and monthly economic-energy indicators
Yimeng An,Yaoguo Dang,Junjie Wang,Huimin Zhou,Son T. Mai
Applied Energy Published 2024-09-01
A gravity model analysis of trade regulations on wood products exports: Evidence from Cameroon, Ghana, and the republic of Congo
Ghanashyam Khanal,Daowei Zhang,J. Prestemon,Niras Paija
Forest Policy and Economics Published 2024-09-01
Bringing out the Hidden Value of Marine Ecosystem Services in X`abia (Spain): An Economic Valuation via Multicriteria Analysis
A. M. Gómez-Aguayo,Vicente Estruch-Guitart,Francisco Torner-Orellana,M. J. Ferrando
Journal of Environmental Accounting and Management Published 2024-09-01
An international perspective on carbon peaking status between a sample of 154 countries
Meiyue Sang,Liyin Shen
Applied Energy Published 2024-09-01
The settlement mechanism of diagnosis-intervention packet payment scheme in China:A policy review and lessons learned
Qiang Yao,Xiaodan Zhang,Lan Yao
Published 2024-09-01
Biodiversity loss and financial stability as a new frontier for central banks: An exploration for France
Paul Hadji-Lazaro,Mathilde Salin,Romain Svartzman,Etienne Espagne,Julien GautheyJoshua BergerJulien CalasAntoine GodinAntoine Vallier
Ecological Economics Published 2024-09-01
Urban Competitiveness Assessment Using the Integration of the Global Power City Index and Multicriteria Decision-Making Methods
Karim I. Abdrabo,Mahmoud Mabrouk,Ahmed Marzouk
Journal of urban planning and development Published 2024-09-01
Vent-for-surplus in Southeast Asian development since 1870
Gregg Huff
World Development Published 2024-09-01
A synthetic bids simulation for power market deregulation
A. Ciarreta,Anas Damoun,María Paz Espinosa
Energy Policy Published 2024-09-01
What does the digital economy bring to household carbon emissions? – From the perspective of energy intensity
Zhili Du,Jie Xu,Boqiang Lin
Applied Energy Published 2024-09-01
The mixed impacts of peer punishments on common-pool resources: Multi-country experimental evidence
A. Angelsen,Julia Naime
World Development Published 2024-09-01
A natural experiment: Assessing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic upon forest recreation use and preferences in Ireland
Martin Murphy,Paula Cullen,Cathal O’Donoghue,Mary Ryan,Á. Ní Dhubháin
Forest Policy and Economics Published 2024-09-01
Assessing the energy and socio-macroeconomic impacts of the EV transition: A UK case study 2020–2050
Jaime Nieto,P. Brockway,Marco Sakai,John Barrett
Applied Energy Published 2024-09-01
Venture capital and the international relocation of startups
Stefan Weik,A. Achleitner,R. Braun
Research Policy Published 2024-09-01
Comparative techno-economic assessment of superhot rock and conventional geothermal energy feasibility for decarbonizing India
Raj Kiran,Vinay Kumar Rajak,Rajeev Upadhyay,Ashutosh Kumar
Geothermics Published 2024-09-01
P2P trading of heat and power via a continuous double auction
Timothy D. Hutty,Solomon Brown
Applied Energy Published 2024-09-01
The co-benefits and risks of smart local energy systems: A systematic review
Rachel Bray,Rebecca Ford,Madeleine Morris,Jeff Hardy,Luke Gooding
Published 2024-09-01
Valuation of Memory Effect of Fuzzy EOQ Model with Constant Demand Rate
Rituparna Pakhira,Bapin Mondal,Uttam Ghosh,Vishnu Narayan Mishra
The interdisciplinary journal of Discontinuity, Nonlinearity, and Complexity Published 2024-09-01
A hierarchical Bayesian logit model for spatial multivariate choice data
Yuki Oyama,Daisuke Murakami,Rico Krueger
Journal of Choice Modeling Published 2024-09-01
Tourism in net-zero cities
Judit Zoltan
Cities Published 2024-09-01
Stock return predictability using economic narrative: Evidence from energy sectors
Tian Ma,Ganghui Li,Huajing Zhang
Journal of Commodity Markets Published 2024-09-01
Does high-speed railway promote horizontal equity within and between cities? Evidence from China
Kaiqin Li,Xiaoling Zhang
Land Use Policy Published 2024-09-01
Does credit carbon exposure affect banks' profits and risks? Evidence from China
Chao Wang,Mengyu Li,Xiaoxing Liu
Applied Energy Published 2024-09-01
Trust, tenure security and investment in high-value forests
Amanuel Hadera,Tewodros Tadesse,W. Zeweld,G. Tesfay,Bereket Gebremedhin
Forest Policy and Economics Published 2024-09-01
Cash-based interventions improve multidimensional integration outcomes of Venezuelan immigrants
Achim Ahrens,Marine Casalis,Dominik Hangartner,Rodrigo Sánchez
World Development Published 2024-09-01
Does corruption pollute the wheel? An analysis for OECD countries
J. A. Román-Aso,Héctor Bellido,Lorena Olmos
Ecological Economics Published 2024-09-01
Temporal integration of the spatial autoregressive model for analyzing European multimodal freight transport demand
P. Nikolaou,L. Dimitriou
Multimodal Transportation Published 2024-09-01
Low-carbon technology adoption and diffusion with heterogeneity in the emissions trading scheme
Rongqi Zhu,Yigang Wei,Longyan Tan
Applied Energy Published 2024-09-01
Financial subsidy, government audit and new transportation technology: Evidence from the new energy vehicle pilot city program in China
Xi Li,Ziteng Wang,Siming Jiang,Chongyi Li,Huanxiu Guo
Research on Transport Economics Published 2024-09-01
Aggregate productivity, economic fluctuations, and export orientation: Evidence from India
D. Goswami
Structural Change and Economic Dynamics Published 2024-09-01
The country of perpetual potential: Why is it so difficult to procure renewable energy in Indonesia?
A. Halimatussadiah,Wikus Kruger,Fabian Wagner,Fachry Abdul Razak Afifi,Roes Ebara Gikami LuftiLena Kitzing
Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews Published 2024-09-01
Economic and socio-ecological effects of sand mining on livelihoods in the Gomoa East District and Ga South Municipality, Ghana
K. Asare,John Victor Mensah,Joseph Agyenim Boateng,E. Y. Tenkorang,K. Hemmler
The Extractive Industries and Society Published 2024-09-01
Predictability of electric vehicle charging: Explaining extensive user behavior-specific heterogeneity
Markus Kreft,Tobias Brudermueller,E. Fleisch,T. Staake
Applied Energy Published 2024-09-01
Problematising degrowth strategising: On the role of compromise, material interests, and coercion
Richard Bärnthaler
Ecological Economics Published 2024-09-01
Preferences for dynamic electricity tariffs: A comparison of households in Germany and Japan
Miwa Nakai,Victor von Loessl,Heike Wetzel
Ecological Economics Published 2024-09-01
Climate adaptation policies and rural income: Evidence from social technologies in Brazil
Dieison Lenon Casagrande,Lucas Emanuel,Carlos Freitas,Felipe Oliveira
World Development Published 2024-09-01
Discrimination in the payments chain
Anna M. Costello,Michael Minnis,Irina Rabinovich
Journal of Financial Economics Published 2024-08-01
Is the Dutch disease well and alive? A cross-country assessment of mining spillovers on employment in the 2002–2014 period
Beatriz Calzada Olvera
Resources policy Published 2024-08-01
Nighttime light derived assessment of regional inequality of socioeconomic development across Taiwan Strait since the 21st century
Guoliang Yun,Yuqing Ye,Tianqi Yang,Zhifeng Wu,Yuanrong HeFeili Wei
Cities Published 2024-08-01
Determinants of access to climate finance: Nuanced insights for SIDS and other vulnerable economies
David Tennant,Stuart Davies,Sandria Tennant
World Development Published 2024-08-01
Omitted downstream attributes and the benefits of nutrient reductions: Implications for choice experiments
Y. Shr,Wendong Zhang
Ecological Economics Published 2024-08-01
‘Relabelling’ of individual early retirement pension in Finland: Application and behavioural responses using Finnish register data
Ricky Kanabar,S. Nivalainen,Noora Järnefelt
Published 2024-08-01
Marginal curtailment of wind and solar PV: Transmission constraints, pricing and access regimes for efficient investment
David M. Newbery,D. Biggar
Energy Policy Published 2024-08-01
Optimal decarbonisation pathways for the Italian energy system: Modelling a long-term energy transition to achieve zero emission by 2050
L. Pastore,D. Groppi,Felipe Feijoo,G. Lo Basso,Davide Astiaso GarciaL. de Santoli
Applied Energy Published 2024-08-01
Financing climate adaptation in Flemish cities: Unpacking financial strategies and policy dynamics for nature-based solutions
Tara Op de Beeck,Chris den Heijer,Tom Coppens
Landscape and Urban Planning Published 2024-08-01
Planning off-grid hybrid energy system using techno-economic optimization and wins in league theory-based multi-criteria decision-making method in the wetland areas of developing countries
Tausif Ali,Mahmood Reaz Sunny,Kamaleddin Aghaloo,Ke Wang
Energy Conversion and Management Published 2024-08-01
Tracking social-economic system nitrogen flow in China for emissions reduction and efficiency improvement
Hang Fu,Xin Xie,Kai Zhao,D. Chen,Shanying HuYuanhang LiShoujuan TangLei Shi
Resources, Conservation and Recycling Published 2024-08-01
How much a dollar cost: Currency hierarchy as a driver of ecologically unequal exchange
Christopher Olk
World Development Published 2024-08-01
Comparative assessment and policy analysis of forecasting quarterly renewable energy demand: Fresh evidence from an innovative seasonal approach with superior matching algorithms
Song Ding,Zhijian Cai,Xinghuan Qin,Xingao Shen
Applied Energy Published 2024-08-01
Reevaluating energy progress: An in-depth policy framework of energy, urbanization, and economic development
Jiarui Tian,K. Abbasi,Magdalena Radulescu,Mohammad Jaradat,M. Bărbulescu
Energy Policy Published 2024-08-01
UK net-zero policy design – from optimisation to robustness
Quirina Rodriguez Mendez,Mark Workman,Geoff Darch
Published 2024-08-01
Differences in intercity economic convergence in the Pearl River Delta based on nighttime light data and its interpretation
Jiawei Zhong,Xiayan Mai,Xun Li
Cities Published 2024-08-01
Coupling coordination analysis between railway transport accessibility and tourism economic connection during 2010–2019: A case study of the Yangtze River Delta
Sudan Zhuang,Nan Xia,Xing Gao,Xin Zhao,Jiale LiangZiyu WangManchun Li
Published 2024-08-01
Assessment of the effects of extreme temperature on economic activity
Fanglin Chen,Jie Zhang,Zhong-Lan Chen
Ecological Economics Published 2024-08-01
The social-ecological benefits of grain for green program based on coupled coordination network: Taking the China’s Loess Plateau as an example
Wang Yibin,Li Fei,Wang Jian,Hongyu Cao,Mengfei Li
Land Use Policy Published 2024-08-01
Multi-scale modelling of an electrodialysis with bipolar membranes pilot plant and economic evaluation of its potential
G. Virruso,C. Cassaro,A. Culcasi,A. Cipollina,A. TamburiniI. D. L. BogleG. Micale
Desalination Published 2024-08-01
Urban-rural gap induced by high-speed rail: 35 years of evidence from Japan
Sunbin Yoo,Junya Kumagai,Shunsuke Managi
Published 2024-08-01
Does retirement make people more risk averse?
Lingguo Cheng,Yunfeng Lu
Published 2024-08-01
A fuzzy analytic hierarchy process model to enhance energy security: the case of Morocco
Z. Tajani,C. Tajani,Mohamed Sabbane
Bulletin of Electrical Engineering and Informatics Published 2024-08-01
Economically Optimal Leak Management: Balancing Pressure Reduction, Energy Recovery, and Leak Detection and Repair
Charles Hammond,Robert Good,Frank Loge
Journal of water resources planning and management Published 2024-08-01
War, international spillovers, and adolescents: Evidence from Russia's invasion of Ukraine in 2022
Silke Anger,Bernhard Christoph,Agata Galkiewicz,Shushanik Margaryan,Frauke PeterMalte SandnerThomas Siedler
Published 2024-08-01
Kantian imperatives in public goods networks
Sambit Mohanty,K.S. Mallikarjuna Rao,Jaideep Roy
Published 2024-08-01
The South African economic elite and ownership changes in foreign multinationals’ assets during and after Apartheid-era sanctions
Helena Barnard,John M. Luiz
Journal of World Business Published 2024-08-01
Techno-Economic-Environmental Assessment of Stand-alone Hybrid Renewable Energy System for Different Batteries using HOMER-Pro
Abhishek Solanki,Poonam Singh,Manjaree Pandit,Yashwant Sawle,Majed A. AlotaibiHasmat MalikFausto Pedro García MárquezAsyraf Afthanorhan
International journal of mathematical, engineering and management sciences Published 2024-08-01
Spatial distribution of economic multipliers for Southwest Alaska fisheries
Chang K. Seung,E. Waters
Fisheries Research Published 2024-08-01
A stochastic game-theoretic optimization approach for managing local electricity markets with electric vehicles and renewable sources
Sayed Hamid Hosseini Dolatabadi,T. Bhuiyan,Yang Chen,Jose Luis Morales
Applied Energy Published 2024-08-01
Virtual water trade: Does bilateral tariff matter?
Rui Chen,Derick T. Adu,Wenying Li,Norbert L.W. Wilson
Ecological Economics Published 2024-08-01
European Union co-funded investments in low-emission and green energy in urban public transport in Poland
A. Kozera,Ł. Satoła,Aldona Standar
Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews Published 2024-08-01
Impact of development interventions on individual risk preferences: Evidence from a field-lab experiment and survey data
Noemi Pace,Silvio Daidone
Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics Published 2024-08-01
On the right track? Energy use, carbon emissions, and intensities of world rail transportation, 1840–2020
Bernardo Tostes,S. Henriques,P. Brockway,M. Heun,Tiago DomingosTânia Sousa
Applied Energy Published 2024-08-01
Modeling Europe’s role in the global LNG market 2040: Balancing decarbonization goals, energy security, and geopolitical tensions
Sebastian Zwickl-Bernhard,Anne Neumann
Energy Published 2024-08-01
Charging change: Analysing the UK's electric vehicle infrastructure policies and market dynamics
Jie Sun,Siying Sun,Boli Chen,Yukun Hu
Energy Policy Published 2024-08-01
The impact of hydroelectric storage in Northern Italy’s power market
Filippo Beltrami
Energy Policy Published 2024-08-01
Lessons from European Union just transition toolkits: A regional investment framework for Greece and Germany
Apostolos Tranoulidis,R. Sotiropoulou,Kostas Bithas,E. Tagaris
Published 2024-08-01
Forecasting revenue from primary and secondary sources of rare earth elements
Ajay Gupta,Eric Williams,Gabrielle Gaustad
Resources, Conservation and Recycling Published 2024-08-01
Measuring energy transition away from fossil fuels: A new index
Ye Qi,Jiaqi Lu,Tianle Liu
Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews Published 2024-08-01
Did COVID-19 really change our lifestyles? Evidence from transport energy consumption in Europe
Helena Patino-Artaza,L. King,Ivan Savin
Energy Policy Published 2024-08-01
Fostering innovation speed and quality in ICT firms: The role of knowledge governance mechanisms, absorptive capacity and environmental dynamism
Muhammad Shakeel Aslam,Ahmad Qammar,Imran Ali,M. Yaqub,Farhan AhmedAmiya Kumar Mohapatra
Technological forecasting & social change Published 2024-08-01
Strategic information avoidance, belief manipulation and the effectiveness of green nudges
Giovanna d’Adda,Yu Gao,Russell Golman,Massimo Tavoni
Ecological Economics Published 2024-08-01
Low carbon optimization dispatching of energy intensive industrial park based on adaptive stepped demand response incentive mechanism
Liang Qian,Shunfu Lin,Fangxing Li,Wei Wang,Dongdong Li
Electric power systems research Published 2024-08-01
On the inference about a willingness-to-pay distribution using contingent valuation data
Mikołaj Czajkowski,Ewa Zawojska,Norman Meade,Ronaldo Seroa da Motta,Michael J. WelshRamon Arigoni Ortiz
Ecological Economics Published 2024-08-01
Mitigating wind curtailment risk in China: The impact of subsidy reduction policy
Qiao Qiao,Xianhai Zeng,Boqiang Lin
Applied Energy Published 2024-08-01
An assessment of the distributional impacts of autonomous adaptation to climate change from European agriculture
Maxime Ollier,P. Jayet,Pierre Humblot
Ecological Economics Published 2024-08-01
An integrated model for evaluating the risk factors of crypto-currencies under fuzzy environment
Merve Bulut,Mehmet Erkin Uyar,E. Özcan
Engineering applications of artificial intelligence Published 2024-08-01
Examining the inaction in energy renovation decisions: The role of transaction costs in single-family households in Sweden
Robert Lundmark
Published 2024-08-01
Voluntary participation in a negotiation on providing public goods and renegotiation opportunities
Toshiyuki Hirai,Ryusuke Shinohara
Published 2024-08-01
A complex mixed-methods data-driven energy-centric evaluation of net-positive households
Apostolos K. Vavouris,Fernanda Guasselli,L. Stanković,V. Stanković,Kirsten Gram-HanssenSébastien Didierjean
Applied Energy Published 2024-08-01
Impact of consumer preferences on pricing and strategic decisions in a triopoly with heterogeneous smart sustainable supply chains
Subhamoy Bera,B.C. Giri
Expert systems with applications Published 2024-08-01
Urban poverty patterns in Pyongyang (North Korea): A deep-learning-based spatial analysis
Si-Hyo Lee,Moon-Gi Suh,Sung-Bae Kim,Myeongsook Baek
Cities Published 2024-08-01
Unveiling teachers’ work preferences: A conjoint experiment on the implications of school governance reform across three countries
A. Levatino,Gerard Ferrer-Esteban,Antoni Verger
Teaching and Teacher Education : An International Journal of Research and Studies Published 2024-08-01
Digital extension and farmers' adoption of climate adaptation technology: An empirical analysis of China
Hui Mao,Yujia Chai,Xiaoxuan Shao,Xue Chang
Land Use Policy Published 2024-08-01
Acceptance of demand-side flexibility in the residential heating sector — Evidence from a stated choice experiment in Germany
Jonas Bender,L. Fait,Heike Wetzel
Energy Policy Published 2024-08-01
Automated land valuation models: A comparative study of four machine learning and deep learning methods based on a comprehensive range of influential factors
Peyman Jafary,D. Shojaei,Abbas Rajabifard,Tuan Ngo
Cities Published 2024-08-01
Comparing the impacts of COVID-19 on residential rental market across rental sectors: Evidence from city of Austin
Junfeng Jiao,Xiaohan Wu,Yefu Chen,Arya Farahi
Cities Published 2024-08-01
Impact of urban compactness on carbon emission in Chinese cities: From moderating effects of industrial diversity and job-housing imbalances
Xiaoxu Xing,Qiangmin Xi,Weihao Shi
Land Use Policy Published 2024-08-01
Regulating production rather than consumption? Comparing the challenges of supply-side and demand-side climate agreements
Tatjana Stankovic,Jon Hovi,Tora Skodvin,Indra Overland
Published 2024-08-01
Cost-effectiveness and income effects of alternative forest conservation policy mixes for the Peruvian Amazon
R. Giudice,Jan Börner
Land Use Policy Published 2024-08-01
Crowdfunding renewable energy investments: Investor perceptions and decision-making factors in an emerging market
B. Menyeh,T. Acheampong
Published 2024-08-01
Survey of the Socioeconomic and Environmental Impact of Wetland+
Pavla Svermova,Miroslav Černík,Paul Bardos,Jitka Buresova,Maria Bałazińska
Journal of environmental engineering Published 2024-08-01
Overhauling multinationals for the Anthropocene: How a rogue subsidiary offers a blueprint for sustainable development
Alejandro Agafonow,Marybel Perez
Ecological Economics Published 2024-08-01
AI readiness enablers in developed and developing economies: Findings from the XGBoost regression and explainable AI framework
Paritosh Pramanik,R. K. Jana,Indranil Ghosh
Technological forecasting & social change Published 2024-08-01
Ecological footprint, resource security and semi-autarky
Miroslav Syrovátka
Ecological Economics Published 2024-08-01
From consumer to prosumer: A model-based analysis of costs and benefits of grid-connected residential PV-battery systems
P. Benalcazar,Maciej Kalka,Jacek Kamiński
Energy Policy Published 2024-08-01
Net zero retrofit of older tenement housing – The contribution of cost benefit analysis to wider evaluation of a demonstration project
Anthony Higney,Kenneth Gibb
Energy Policy Published 2024-08-01
Analysis of the spatial–temporal evolution and driving factors of carbon emission efficiency in the Yangtze River economic Belt
Yanzhi Jin,Kerong Zhang,Dongyang Li,Siyuan Wang,Wuyi Liu
Ecological Indicators Published 2024-08-01
The emergence of cooperation in the context of prior agreement with threshold and posterior compensation
Jianwei Wang,Wei Chen,Fengyuan Yu,Siyuan Zhou,Jialu HeWenshu XuWenhui Dai
Applied Mathematics and Computation Published 2024-08-01
Assessing the engineering, environmental and economic aspects of repowering onshore wind energy
Faraedon Ahmed,Aoife M. Foley,Carole Dowds,Barry Johnston,Dlzar Al Kez
Energy Published 2024-08-01
Using co-creation to build knowledge on cultural ecosystem services – A tiered approach for enhanced regional economic development of Réunion Island
Cathleen Cybèle,Jarumi Kato-Huerta,Miriam Montero-Hidalgo,Benjamin Burkhard,Rekha GrimoireFrancesco SicaI. Sieber
Ecosystem Services Published 2024-08-01
Promoting green choices: How price premium displays influence consumer preference for green products
Chun-Hsing Chen,Depeng Zhang,Lu Zhu,Fenghua Zhang
Resources, Conservation and Recycling Published 2024-08-01
Refinancing Cross-Subsidies in the Mortgage Market
John I. Fisher,A. Gavazza,Lu Liu,T. Ramadorai,Jagdish Tripathy
Social Science Research Network Published 2024-08-01
Unveiling the Mediating Effect of Intellectual Capital on the Relationship between Management Control System, Management Accounting, and Business Performance
Ahmed Abdullah Saad Al-Dhubaibi
International journal of mathematical, engineering and management sciences Published 2024-08-01
Financial inclusion and roof quality: Satellite evidence from Chilean slums
Cinthya Silva,Gabriel Pino
World Development Published 2024-08-01
Techno-economic analysis of small modular reactor for oil sands extraction and upgrading in Canada
P. Sanongboon,T. Pettigrew,M. Moore
Nuclear Engineering and Design Published 2024-08-01
Understanding the mental health-based poverty trap: Dynamics in psychological distress and financial precariousness, and the role of self-efficacy
Ingebjørg Kristoffersen,Dan Hoang,Ian W. Li
Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics Published 2024-08-01
Estimating price elasticity of demand for mineral commodities used in Lithium-ion batteries in the face of surging demand
Ensieh Shojaeddini,Elisa Alonso,N. T. Nassar
Resources, Conservation and Recycling Published 2024-08-01
The impact of cultural distance on fund transfers in the internal capital market
John Fan Zhang,Yang Wang,Qingjie Du
Published 2024-08-01
Bilateral planning and operation for integrated energy service provider and prosumers - A Nash bargaining-based method
Q. Jiang,Hongjie Jia,Yunfei Mu,Xiaodan Yu,Zibo Wang
Applied Energy Published 2024-08-01
Uncovering milestone papers: A network diffusion and game theory approach
Wei Zhang,Juyang Cao,M. S. Mariani,Zhen-Zhen Wang,Mingyang ZhouWei ChenHao Liao
Jurnal Informa Published 2024-08-01
War and food insecurity in Ukraine
Ida Rudolfsen,Henrikas Bartusevičius,Florian van Leeuwen,Gudrun Østby
World Development Published 2024-08-01
Asymmetric relationship between competitive industrial performance, renewable energy, industrialization, and carbon footprint: Does artificial intelligence matter for environmental sustainability?
Muhammad Qamar Rasheed,Yuhuan Zhao,Abdul Haseeb,Zahoor Ahmed,Shah Saud
Applied Energy Published 2024-08-01
Exploring equality and sustainability trade-offs of energy transition outcomes in the United States in 2050
Teagan Goforth,D. Nock,Maxwell Brown,Tapajyoti Ghosh,Patrick Lamers
Applied Energy Published 2024-08-01
Regional coordinated development policy as an instrument for alleviating land finance dependency: Evidence from the urban agglomeration development
Danling Chen,Yuying Li,Chaozheng Zhang,Yunlei Zhang,Jiao HouYaoben LinShiman WuYan LangWenbo Hu
Land Use Policy Published 2024-08-01
Studying inclusive innovation with the right data: An empirical illustration from Ethiopia
Solomon Alemu,Frédéric Kosmowski,James R. Stevenson,Paola Mallia,Lemi TayeKaren Macours
Agricultural Systems Published 2024-08-01
The climate, health, and economic outcomes across different carbon pricing policies to achieve China's climate goals
Huihuang Wu,Yuhan Zhou,Xian Wang,Xiurong Hu,Shihui ZhangYang RenJunfeng LiuYing LiuShu Tao
Applied Energy Published 2024-08-01
Research on floating real-time pricing strategy for microgrid operator in local energy market considering shared energy storage leasing
Dongxue Wang,Ruguo Fan,Peiwen Yang,Kang Du,Xiaoxia XuRongkai Chen
Applied Energy Published 2024-08-01
Economic impacts of meeting China's NDC through carbon taxes with alternative schemes for recycling tax revenues
G. Timilsina,Yuan Chang,Jun Pang
Resources, Conservation and Recycling Published 2024-08-01
A two-tier bidding model considering a multi-stage offer‑carbon joint incentive clearing mechanism for coupled electricity and carbon markets
Benke Wang,Chunhua Li,Yongshuang Ban,Zeming Zhao,Zengxu Wang
Applied Energy Published 2024-08-01
Does replacing grants by income-contingent loans harm enrolment? New evidence from a reform in Dutch higher education
J. Bolhaar,S. Kuijpers,D. Webbink,M. Zumbuehl
Economics of Education Review Published 2024-08-01
The social signal
J. Cookson,Runjing Lu,William Mullins,Marina Niessner
Journal of Financial Economics Published 2024-08-01
Picture this: Making health insurance choices easier for those who need it
A. C. Quiroga Gutiérrez
Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics Published 2024-08-01
Carbon surplus or carbon deficit under land use transformation in China?
Shuoshuo Li,Yaobin Liu,Guoen Wei,Mo Bi,Bao-Jie He
Land Use Policy Published 2024-08-01
Editorial Board
Economic Modelling Published 2024-08-01
Public ownership and ESG policies: implications for firm productivity in local transportation
Benedetta Coluccia,Roberta Barbieri,Pamela Palmi,Francesco Natale
Utilities Policy Published 2024-08-01
Comparative study on electricity transactions between multi-microgrid: A hybrid game theory-based peer-to-peer trading in heterogeneous building communities considering electric vehicles
Wei Liao,Fu Xiao,Yanxue Li,Jinqing Peng
Applied Energy Published 2024-08-01
Economics of Inspection and Condition Assessment of High-Consequence Water Pipeline and Assessing Its Remaining Life
B. Rajani,Y. Kleiner
Journal of Pipeline Systems Engineering and Practice Published 2024-08-01
Innovation, complexity, and economic evolution: From theory to policy. Pier Paolo Saviotti. New York: Routledge, 2023. 282 pp. Hardback £125.00. ISBN 9781032278148.
Muhammad Irsyad,Vikky Renaldi,Tri Wahyuningsih
Papers in Regional Science Published 2024-08-01
Fiscal decentralization and public sector efficiency: Do natural disasters matter?
António Afonso,João Tovar Jalles,Ana Venâncio
Economic Modelling Published 2024-08-01
Are we underestimating inner-megacity energy poverty in developing countries? Evidence from 2054 households in beijing, China
Lu Jiang,Meng Yan,Yong Wang,Pu Yang,Xiaonan Shi
Energy Published 2024-08-01
Editorial Board
Published 2024-08-01
Parental and Student Time Use Around the Academic Year
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Project Investment Decisions: Comparison of Nonmonetary Benefits
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Price switching policies under advertising effect and dynamic environment in supply chain: Product life-cycle approach
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Economic sustainability and social inclusion in rural electrical grid design
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Residents' willingness to be compensated for power rationing during peak hours based on choice experiment
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Techno-economic assessment of renewable dimethyl ether production pathways from hydrogen and carbon dioxide in the context of power-to-X
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Domestic P2P energy market design considering network reconfiguration and usage fees: Bi-level nonlinear programming and exact clearing algorithm
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Possible carbon circular pathway exploration for oil transition under the consideration of energy supply constraint and uncertainty
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Crude credit: The political economy of natural resource booms and sovereign debt management
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Revealing the energy pyramid: Global energy dependence network and national status based on industry chain
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Economic, thermal analysis and optimizing of a novel hybrid fuel cell and two-stage thermoelectric device for waste heat-recovery applications
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Editorial Board
World Development Published 2024-08-01
Climate change policies and income inequality
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Energy Policy Published 2024-08-01
GDP spatial differentiation in the perspective of urban functional zones
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Cities Published 2024-08-01
Incorporating generative AI agents into socio-economic metabolism modelling: The next frontier
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Resources, Conservation and Recycling Published 2024-08-01
A digital economy development index based on an improved hierarchical data envelopment analysis approach
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Predicting the effects of microcredit on women’s empowerment in rural Bangladesh: using machine learning algorithms
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Energy, urbanization, and complexity: Towards a multi-scale ecological economic theory of innovation
Stefano Menegat
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How mandatory are ‘Mandatory’ lane changes? An analytical and experimental study on the costs of missing freeway exits
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Asymmetric spillover and network connectedness of policy uncertainty, fossil fuel energy, and global ESG investment
Ling Lin,Yong Jiang,Zhongbao Zhou
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Editorial Board
China economic review Published 2024-08-01
Export diversification dimensions and performance: Analysis and industrial policy insights from Italian territories over Covid-19 shocks
Elisa Barbieri,Luigi Capoani,Sebastiano Cattaruzzo,Giancarlo Corò
Socio-Economic Planning Sciences Published 2024-08-01
Real-time time-varying economic nonlinear model predictive control for wind turbines
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Does upgrading household consumption affect the eco-efficiency of China's solid waste management as measured by emissions?
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Quantifying the synergy of China's carbon neutrality policies through policy documents
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Identifying the optimal node group of carbon emission efficiency correlation network in China based on pinning control theory
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Governance perspectives on achieving demand side flexibility for net zero
Jacopo Torriti
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Renewable energy and well-being in remote Indigenous communities of Canada: A panel analysis
Oscar Zapata
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Green credit policy and corporate deleveraging: Evidence from China
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Characteristics of residents' carbon emission and driving factors for carbon peaking: A case study in Wuhan, China
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Multiscale coupled development and linkage response evaluation of China's carbon neutrality and sustainable development capability–A quantitative analysis perspective
Wei Guo,Ling Lv,Xuesheng Zhao,Ximin Cui,A. Rienow
Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews Published 2024-08-01
Prisoners of a more intricate dilemma: EU policies implicitly push for downcycling plastics, impeding efforts to attain net-zero emissions
Loïc De Weerdt
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Carbon dioxide emissions and economic growth: New evidence from GDP forecasting
Fei Lu,Feng Ma,Lin Feng
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To plan, or not to plan? Optimal planning and saving for retirement
Erin Cottle Hunt,Seth Neumuller,Yashna Shivdasani
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The impact of urbanization on the alleviation of energy poverty: Evidence from China
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Cities Published 2024-08-01
The mediating impact of citation scope: Evidence from China's ESI publications
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Editorial Board
Ecological Economics Published 2024-08-01
Clean energy business expansion and financing availability: The role of government and market
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General assessment of electricity access in the Republic of Paraguay based on secondary data sources, Geographic Information Systems, and Energy Poverty
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Representing and discovering heterogeneous interactions for financial risk assessment of SMEs
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Reputation-dependent social learning on the evolution of cooperation in spatial public goods games
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Assessing the impact of electric vehicles in Mexico’s electricity sector and supporting policies
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Corporate innovation capacity, national innovation setting, and renewable energy use
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The effect of the economic cycles on material requirements: Analysing the dematerialization in developed countries
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Thermodynamic and economic analysis of a new methanol synthesis system coupled with a biomass integrated gasification combined cycle
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Willingness to incur private costs for climate adaptation? Public support for undergrounding electricity transmission lines in California
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Exploring the role of social life cycle assessment in transition to circular economy: A systematic review
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Resources, Conservation and Recycling Published 2024-08-01
Childcare and parenting in the production of early life skills
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Economics of Education Review Published 2024-08-01
Machine learning for real estate valuation: Astana, Kazakhstan case
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Distributionally Robust Optimization for integrated energy system accounting for refinement utilization of hydrogen and ladder-type carbon trading mechanism
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A paradox of economic benefit and social equity of green space in megacity: Evidence from Tianjin in China
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Sustainable cities and society Published 2024-08-01
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Economic Valuation of PFAS Remediation in New Hampshire Municipal Drinking Water Systems: A Contingent Valuation Approach
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What is the meaning of value in a circular economy? A conceptual framework
Kobe Vulsteke,S. Huysveld,G. Thomassen,Antoine Beylot,Helmut RechbergerJo Dewulf
Resources, Conservation and Recycling Published 2024-08-01
Inequity in public sector energy efficiency? Explaining disparities in program budgets in California, United States
Michelle Le,Sydney Litvin,Atherv Gole,Audrey Meiman,Austin CoveyNathaniel VillaMeasrainsey MengTatum KatzRanjit Deshmukh
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Educational impacts of an unconditional cash transfer program in Mali
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Who bears the cost of renewable power transmission lines? Evidence from housing values
Max Harleman
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Financing just energy transitions in Southeast Asia: Application of the Just Transition Transaction to Indonesia, Vietnam, and Philippines
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SWOT analysis of Brazilian energy policy: A comparative panel data analysis of the twenty largest economies
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Urban costs of spatial Chaos
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Semi-stationary and dynamic simulation models: A critical comparison of the energy and economic savings for the energy refurbishment of buildings
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Fuzzy cognitive map and mean square method in empirical modeling: Application in economics
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Community-developer collaboration and voluntary community benefits in Scotland: Are community benefits a gift or compensation?
Senni Määttä
Energy Policy Published 2024-08-01
The economic and environmental consequences of the electric vehicle transition in India
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Multi-level functional analysis of developing prosumers and energy communities with value creation framework
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Economic evaluations of urban green and blue space interventions: A scoping review
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Why renovation obligations can boost social justice and might reduce energy poverty in a highly decarbonised housing sector
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Mineral resources policy with economic risk: Envisaging the role of mineral resources with inclusive financial development for the US economy
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Inflated positivity: The influence of the two-way review system on consumer ratings in the sharing economy
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Model-based energy planning: A methodology to choose and combine models to support policy decisions
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China's future energy vision: Multi-scenario simulation based on energy consumption structure under dual carbon targets
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Are ambiguity preferences aligned with risk preferences?
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Cooperative game-based solution for power system dynamic economic dispatch considering uncertainties: A case study of large-scale 5G base stations as virtual power plant
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Does agroforestry contribute to household food security? A micro-perspective from southern Rwanda
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Facilitating domestic demand response in Britain’s electricity system
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Techno-economic optimization of a novel industrial hybrid renewable energy system based on the waste-to-X principle
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Metrics in the circular economy: An inclusive research landscape of the thematic trends and future research agenda
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A Hybrid Model of Integrating Sentiment Analysis and Key Market Indicators for IPO Listing Trend Prediction
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Carbon reduction potential of housing retrofits: Evidence from China
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Climate change and its impact on home insurance uptake in Australia
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Price or public participation? Community benefits for onshore wind in Ireland, Denmark, Germany and the United Kingdom
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What Lies behind Idle Connection Time in Fast-Charging Public Stations: Evidence from Changshu, China
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Water markets and water inequality: China's water rights trading pilot
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Who heats and cools? Access to residential heating and cooling in Northern California and implications for energy transitions
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Assessing the dynamics of ecosystem service value in China: A perspective on equality and efficiency
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Can the regulation of the coastal environment facilitate the green and sustainable development of the marine economy?
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Optimizing green hydrogen systems: Balancing economic viability and reliability in the face of supply-demand volatility
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Distributed bus voltage regulation and economic dispatch for multi-bus AC microgrids
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A Stackelberg game-based incentive mechanism and discharge guidance strategy for private electric vehicles for distribution systems load restoration
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Systematic literature review and bibliometric analysis of energy efficiency
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Management of textile waste in Europe: An environmental and a socio-economic assessment of current and future scenarios
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Resources, Conservation and Recycling Published 2024-08-01
Evaluating Operational Efficiency and Capacity of Park-and-Ride Facilities around Urban Rail Transit Stations Using Data Envelopment Analysis
Zhenjun Zhu,Yiqing Xu,Yudong He,Huang Hui,Baorui HanQing Li
Published 2024-08-01
Forest carbon offset protocols in compliance carbon markets
Lili Li,Daowei Zhang
Forest Policy and Economics Published 2024-08-01
Does health affect attitudes towards immigration?
A. Ivlevs
Published 2024-08-01
Energy Mix for Energy Transition: Role of Renewable Energy in Nigeria
Hilili Margaret Johnson,Pennap Nanfa Hamisu,Babangida Hassana Umar,Wilfred Mwakapwa
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Teachers’ Topic-Specific Pedagogical Content Knowledge: A Driver in Understanding Graphs in Dynamics of Market
Ijeoma C. Ogbonnaya
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Financial Literacy of University Students in Ukraine – Challenges and Opportunities of the Adaptation of the U.S. Test of Financial Literacy
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Real effects of supplying safe private money
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Static and dynamic interdependencies among natural gas, stocks of global major economies and uncertainty
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Statistical power and productivity effects of transport investments: A critical review
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Investigating the effect of industry-specific economic distance on the prediction of intercity population movement
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Optimal scheduling and trading in joint electricity and carbon markets
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Coping with longevity via hedging: Fair dynamic valuation of variable annuities
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Growing or declining penalties? A cross-temporal analysis of unemployment scars in the German labor market
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Airline and high-speed rail collaboration and competition under travel time variability
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The role of incentive policies and personal innovativeness in consumers' carbon footprint tracking apps adoption in China
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Missing the target? Government commitment to education sector funding in Sub-Saharan Africa 2000–2023
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Serving society at large. Operationalization and evidence of (advanced) frugal innovation in industrialized economies
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Threshold effects of Government digital development and land resource disparity on Urban carbon efficiency in China
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Decoding the information quantity-quality paradox: How eWOM volume influences consumption value uncertainties
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Convergence of aquatic products consumption: A disaggregated analysis in European countries
S. Solarin
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Do climate concerns and worries predict energy preferences? A meta-analysis
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Beyond the veil: Mapping cryptocurrencies' ecosystem
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Adjustable light robust optimization with second order stochastic dominance constraints
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Green energy transition in OECD region through the lens of economic complexity and environmental technology: A method of moments quantile regression perspective
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E-commerce empowers urban entrepreneurial activity—Empirical evidence from the construction of national e-commerce demonstration cities
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Voluntary sustainability standards to cope with the new European Union regulation on deforestation-free products: A gap analysis
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Mineral wealth to green growth: Navigating FinTech and green finance to reduce ecological footprints in mineral rich developing economies
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Resources policy Published 2024-07-01
The impact of green finance on transformation to green energy: Evidence from industrial enterprises in China
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Impact of natural resource depletion on energy intensity: Moderating role of globalization, financial inclusion and trade
Syed Anees Haider Zaidi,Rana Umair Ashraf,Irfan Khan,Mingxing Li
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Ecological-behavioral economics: Impact of information on energy-renovation decision through third-party investing
Fateh Belaïd,V. Flambard
Ecological Economics Published 2024-07-01
“If my wife earns more than me, she will force me to do what she wants”: Women’s economic empowerment and family caregiving dynamics in Tanzania
Alina Bhojani,Alya Alsager,Juliet K. McCann,Damas Joachim,Mary KabatiJoshua Jeong
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Projecting the future fine-resolution carbon dioxide emissions under the shared socioeconomic pathways for carbon peak evaluation
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Driving new product development performance: Intellectual capital antecedents and the moderating role of innovation culture
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The impact of country-specific investment risks on the levelized costs of green hydrogen production
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Evaluating the economic landscape of hybrid-electric regional aircraft: A cost analysis across three time horizons
V. Marciello,V. Cusati,Fabrizio Nicolosi,Karen Saavedra-Rubio,Eleonore PierratNils ThonemannAlexis Laurent
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Future-proof rates for controlled electric vehicle charging: Comparing multi-year impacts of different emission factor signals
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Evaluation of decarbonization cost transfer: From transport to power sector in South Korea
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Does energy poverty trap exist in Chinese cities? Evidence from evaluating the co-evolution of energy consumption and income
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Grey prediction of carbon emission and carbon peak in several developing countries
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Paying for protection: bilateral trade with an alliance leader and defense spending of minor partners
Daniel Albalate,G. Bel,Ferran A. Mazaira-Font,Xavier Ros-Oton
Published 2024-07-01
Left behind: Partisan identity, stock market participation, and wealth inequality
Da Ke
Published 2024-07-01
Minimum wage and the survival of hotel industry: Evidence from China
Chen Hao,Xuegang Feng,Xiaodong Guo
International Journal of Hospitality Management Published 2024-07-01
Are West Africa's policy, planning, and regulatory frameworks missing the harmonization piece of the power pooling-renewable energy puzzle?
Mounirah Bissiri,P. Pereira da Silva,Pedro Moura,Nuno Carvalho Figueiredo
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Revisiting the trends in global inequality
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Modelling and Forecasting the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on South Africa’s New Car Sales
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Managing day-to-day traffic mobility and emission of bi-modal road network with period-to-period pricing and subsidy scheme
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Neurofinance : A Conceptual Framework
نسرين أحمد عباس أبوزيد نسرين أحمد عباس أبوزيد
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Testing isomorphic invariance across social dilemma games
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Impacts of climate change on environmental and economic sustainability of flexible pavements across China
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Resources, Conservation and Recycling Published 2024-07-01
Renewable energy transition and green growth nexus in Latin America
Young Kyu Hwang,Ángeles Sánchez Díez
Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews Published 2024-07-01
Clustering and forecasting of day-ahead electricity supply curves using a market-based distance
Zehang Li,A. M. Alonso,Antonio Elías,Juan M. Morales
Published 2024-07-01
Socioeconomic metabolism: Drivers of resource productivity
Sónia Cunha,E. Hertwich,Paulo Ferrão
Resources, Conservation and Recycling Published 2024-07-01
Editorial Board
Journal of Financial Economics Published 2024-07-01
Cross-cultural differences in retaliation: Evidence from the soccer field
Alain Schläpfer
Published 2024-07-01
The coordination relationship between urban development and urban life satisfaction in Chinese cities - An empirical analysis based on multi-source data
Xiong He,Yuquan Zhou,Xiaodie Yuan,Mingjun Zhu
Cities Published 2024-07-01
Revisit the one-time subsidies and long-run adoption of health products: Quasi-experimental evidence from providing free eyeglasses in rural China
H. Guan,Yunyun Zhang,K. Du,Zhijie Wang,Yaojiang Shi
World Development Published 2024-07-01
Car-fuel poverty: Determinants and policy implications for France
Ariane Bousquet,M. Sanin
Published 2024-07-01
FDI technology spillovers in Chinese supplier-customer networks
Xing Li,Xi Chen,Keqiang Hou
International Review of Financial Analysis Published 2024-07-01
Climate policy uncertainty and comparative reactions across sustainable sectors: Resilience or vulnerability?
Nader Naifar
Finance Research Letters Published 2024-07-01
Fintech: A Conduit for sustainability and renewable energy? Evidence from R2 connectedness analysis
Onur Polat,Burcu Ozcan,H. Ertuğrul,Emre Atılgan,Alper Özün
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Measurement and decomposition of multidimensional poverty among migrant children: Evidence from China
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Cities Published 2024-07-01
The role of storage and flexibility in the energy transition: Substitution effect of resources with application to the Portuguese electricity system
Jorge Sousa,J. Lagarto,Miguel Fonseca
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Analysis of the sustainability index for ecologically low-input integrated farming: A comprehensive assessment of environmental, economic, and social impact
Wei Wang,Arwa A. Al-Huqail,Elimam Ali,Mohamed Abbas,Hamid Assilzadeh
Ecological Modelling Published 2024-07-01
Digital supply chain announcements and firm’s stock market value: An empirical study from China
Weihua Liu,Chaolun Yuan,Jingkun Wang,Ming K. Lim,Jiahe Hou
Published 2024-07-01
Editorial Board
Regional Science and Urban Economics Published 2024-07-01
When colleges graduate: Micro-level effects on publications and scientific organization
Olof Ejermo,Yotam Sofer
Research Policy Published 2024-07-01
Analytically pricing foreign exchange options under a three-factor stochastic volatility and interest rate model: A full correlation structure
Xin‐Jiang He,Sha Lin
Expert systems with applications Published 2024-07-01
Digital divide and environmental pressure: A countermeasure on the embodied carbon emissions in FDI
Lei Wang,Thomas Stephen Ramsey
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MXene nanofluid enhanced parabolic trough collectors: An integrated energy, exergy, environmental, and economic study for enhanced energy generation
Santosh Kumar Singh,A. Tiwari,Zafar Said
Solar Energy Published 2024-07-01
Performance evaluation of the global airline industry under the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic: A dynamic network data envelopment analysis approach
Sijin Wu,M. Kremantzis,Umair Tanveer,Shamaila Ishaq,Xianghan O'DeaHua Jin
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The local economic impacts of mega nuclear accident: A synthetic control analysis of Fukushima
Shanshan Zheng,Derek D. Wang
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Inequality as an Externality: Consequences for Tax Design
M. Stostad,F. Cowell
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Bank competition and household informal credit
Jie Lei,Yiyi Bai,Dongmin Kong
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Associative memory, beliefs and market interactions
Benjamin Enke,Frederik Schwerter,Florian Zimmermann
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A hierarchical deep model integrating economic facts for stock movement prediction
Jiahao Yang,Ming Zhang,Shuo Feng,Xuejun Zhang,Xing Bai
Engineering applications of artificial intelligence Published 2024-07-01
Who is able or unable to return to school? Exploring the short-term impact of the COVID-19 school closures on students' returning to school in Nigeria
Seil Kim,Keiichi Ogawa
International Journal of Educational Development Published 2024-07-01
Editorial Board
Published 2024-07-01
Residential Recycling in Florida: A Case Study on Costs, Environmental Impacts, and Improvement Strategies
Malak Anshassi,Timothy G. Townsend
Resources, Conservation and Recycling Published 2024-07-01
Decarbonization strategies and achieving net-zero by 2050 in Taiwan: A study of independent power grid region
Emmanuel Binyet,Hsin-Wei Hsu
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Experience intensification to purchase intentions of derivative works in service-intensive industries: An empirical study
Shuqi Guan,Chih-Wei (Fred) Chao,Feng Tian
Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services Published 2024-07-01
Evaluating the impact of rail transit network expansion on travel behavior in Shenzhen, China: A causal analysis across different stages of development
Meng Zhou,Donggen Wang,Sixian Huang,Jun Zhou,Li Guo
Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment Published 2024-07-01
Near-term forward rate spread and commodity index relationship with real economic activity in Brazil
Johnny Barrelli Schlömer,R. Palazzi,M. Klotzle
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Market instrument for the first fuel and its role in decarbonizing Indian industrial production
Prashant Giri,Tarun Sharma
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Pricing cryptocurrency options with machine learning regression for handling market volatility
Alessio Brini,Jim Lenz
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Does “Made in China 2025” work for China? Evidence from Chinese listed firms
Guangwei Li,Lee G. Branstetter
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R&D innovation, industrial evolution and the labor skill structure in China manufacturing
Leiming Hang,Wei Lu,Xiaowei Ge,Bin Ye,Zhiqi ZhaoFangfang Cheng
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The moderating role of national economic development on the relationship between ESG and firm performance in the global hospitality industry
Da Hyun S. Hwang,H. Song,Seoki Lee,Kyung Ho Kang
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Stock market pattern recognition using symbol entropy analysis
Jaime F. Lavín,Mauricio A. Valle,Nicolás S. Magner
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The inverted U-shaped relationship between information entropy of keyword combinations and sales of digital products: Evidence from China Tmall
Baoku Li,Yafeng Nan,Ruoxi Yao
Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services Published 2024-07-01
Editorial Board
Economic Modelling Published 2024-07-01
Public preferences for coastal adaptation: Economic evidence from a discrete choice experiment for hard structures and nature-based solutions in Miami, Florida
Carlie Dario,Renato Molina,David L. Kelly
Marine Policy Published 2024-07-01
Agricultural commodities’ price transmission from international to local markets in developing countries
L. Emediegwu,Marco Rogna
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Political leaders and macroeconomic expectations: Evidence from a global survey experiment
Dorine Boumans,Klaus Gründler,N. Potrafke,Fabian Ruthardt
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Navigating institutional complexity: How firms respond to conflicting patenting demands from competing institutional logics
Qin Ye,Yue Cai,Jingbei Wang
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Design of distributed trading mechanism for prosumers considering the psychological gap effect in community electricity markets
Yue Guan,Qiang Hou
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The role of agents in fraudulent activities: Evidence from the housing market in Beijing
Sumit Agarwal,Weida Kuang,Long Wang,Yang Yang
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Economic analysis of ridesourcing markets considering driver order cancellation and platform subsidy
Kai Xu,M. Saberi,Tian-Liang Liu,Wei Liu
Travel Behaviour & Society Published 2024-07-01
Economic development and optimal allocation of land use in ecological emigration area in China
Jintao Li,Haoran Dong,Shaoxing Li
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Navigating the tides of change: The local dynamics of China’s marine economic policy
Caizhi Sun,Zhennan Yang,Yudi Yang
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Heterogeneous Experience and Constant-Gain Learning
John Duffy,Michael Shin
Social Science Research Network Published 2024-07-01
Does digital technology advancement promote natural resource utilization efficiency?
Guanqing Shi,Qiyuan Li,Yu Wei,Madad Ali,Xinyu Lv
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How does the digital transformation drive digital technology innovation of enterprises? Evidence from enterprise's digital patents
Xu Fang,Maotao Liu
Technological forecasting & social change Published 2024-07-01
Sub mixed fractional Brownian motion and its application to finance
Pengcheng Ma,Alireza Najafi,J.F. Gomez-Aguilar
Published 2024-07-01
Alliance formation in a multipolar world
Peter Devine,Sumit Joshi,A. Mahmud
Published 2024-07-01
Techno-economic assessment of renewable hydrogen production for mobility: A case study
A. Pettinau,D. Marotto,Federica Dessì,Francesca Ferrara
Energy Conversion and Management Published 2024-07-01
How does digital government affect carbon intensity at the global level? New perspective of resource allocation optimization
Yanchao Feng,Gaoxiang Liu,Xiangxu Meng,Kai Jiang,Rongbing HuangCi ZhangJiaxin ShiYuxi Pan
Resources policy Published 2024-07-01
Editorial Board
Published 2024-07-01
A review of macroeconomic modelling tools for analysing industrial transformation
Ahmed M. Elberry,Rafael Garaffa,André Faaij,Bob van der Zwaan
Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews Published 2024-07-01
Energy saving and economic analysis of a novel PV/T coupled multi-source heat pump heating system with phase change storage: A case study in cold zone in China
Xing Wang,Tao Li,Yingying Yu,Xiangyu Liu,Yajiao LiuShidong WangGuannan LiQianjun Mao
Energy Conversion and Management Published 2024-07-01
Flexibility definition and improvement of pumped hydro storage: A techno-economic analysis
Zhi Wu,Yizhou Feng,Xinyu Li,Bo Yuan
Journal of Energy Storage Published 2024-07-01
Buying lottery tickets for foreign workers: Lost quota rents induced by H-1B policy
Rishi R. Sharma