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Critical Success Factors of Public–Private Partnership Infrastructure Projects from a Middle-Income Country: A Comparison with Countries in Asia
Jinkook Yang,L. Thuc,Soo Yong Kim
Journal of urban planning and development Published 2024-09-01
Social network dynamics in rural public spaces of multi-ethnic settlements: A case study from Tongren, China
Gaorui Lin,Xiaohui Yu,Yan Li
Alexandria Engineering Journal Published 2024-09-01
Trends of extreme waves around Hainan Island during typhoon processes
Zhiheng Yang,Xiaojing Niu
Ocean Engineering Published 2024-09-01
Priority areas for marine protection in the Amundsen and Bellingshausen Seas, Antarctica
Anne Boothroyd,Vanessa Adams,Karen Alexander,Nicole Hill
Marine Policy Published 2024-09-01
Peri-urbanisation and land conflicts in Domboshava, Zimbabwe
Caroline Paidamoyo Mudapakati,Elmond Bandauko,J. Chaeruka,Godwin Arku
Land Use Policy Published 2024-09-01
Limitations of existing park quality instruments and suggestions for future research
KangJae Jerry Lee,Myla F. J. Aronson,Jeffrey A. G. Clark,Fushcia-Ann Hoover,Hogyeum Evan JooP. KremerDaniele La RosaKelli L. LarsonChristopher A. LepczykS. LermanD. LockeC. NilonHamil PearsallT. Vargo
Landscape and Urban Planning Published 2024-09-01
How can urban green space be planned for a ‘happy city’? Evidence from overhead- to eye-level green exposure metrics
Yingyi Cheng,M. Browning,Bing Zhao,Bing Qiu,Hengyuan WangJinguang Zhang
Landscape and Urban Planning Published 2024-09-01
Lockdown/locked out – Impact of the pandemic on the unequal geography in German cities
Mariam Manz,Jörg Plöger
Cities Published 2024-09-01
Changes in Water Quality and Quantity of the Northern Iran’s Wetlands under Land Use Change
Azita Mehrani,Khosro Shahidi Hamedani,Dara Shahidi Hamedani
Journal of Environmental Accounting and Management Published 2024-09-01
Rethinking Resilience and Environmental Justice: Social Infrastructure Distribution in Non-White Communities of Washington, DC
Minkyu Park,Myounggu Kang
Journal of urban planning and development Published 2024-09-01
Not for all: Barriers to universal accessibility in nature-based tourism and recreation spaces across British Columbia, Canada
M. Groulx,Jennifer Wigglesworth,Rebecca DeLorey,Nancy Harris,Pat HarrisHeather LambChris McBride
Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism Published 2024-09-01
Urban Competitiveness Assessment Using the Integration of the Global Power City Index and Multicriteria Decision-Making Methods
Karim I. Abdrabo,Mahmoud Mabrouk,Ahmed Marzouk
Journal of urban planning and development Published 2024-09-01
Spatiotemporal patterns and influences of demographic characteristics and land use patterns on micromobility ridership in Birmingham, Alabama
Mostafa Jafarzadehfadaki,V. Sisiopiku,Wencui Yang,Dimitra Michalaka,Kweku BrownWilliam J. DavisJ. KhalilDawu Yan
Multimodal Transportation Published 2024-09-01
Temporal-spatial change of China's coastal ecosystem resilience and driving factors analysis
De Li,Weiqing Meng,Baiqiao Liu,Wenbin Xu,Beibei HuZhimei HuangYalan Lu
Published 2024-09-01
Investigating the Spatiotemporal Pattern between Street Vitality in Historic Cities and Built Environments Using Multisource Data in Chaozhou, China
Hanyu Wei,Guoguang Wang
Journal of urban planning and development Published 2024-09-01
Disentangling public urban green space satisfaction: Exploring individual and contextual factors across European cities
T. Coisnon,A. Musson,Serigne Daouda Pene,Damien Rousselière
Cities Published 2024-09-01
Understanding smart territories: A conceptual framework
Irina Gorelova,Francesco Bellini,Fabrizio D'Ascenzo
Cities Published 2024-09-01
Historical and future dynamics of cropland soil organic carbon stocks in an intensive human-impacted area of southeastern China
Enze Xie,Jian Chen,Yuxuan Peng,Guojing Yan,Yongcun Zhao
Published 2024-09-01
A hierarchical Bayesian logit model for spatial multivariate choice data
Yuki Oyama,Daisuke Murakami,Rico Krueger
Journal of Choice Modeling Published 2024-09-01
Analysis of Urban Thermal Environment Evolution and Mechanisms Based on Multisource Data: A Case Study of Hangzhou, China
Kaike Li,Hongzhe Yang,Qianhu Chen,Tiantian Chen,Rusang Shen
Journal of urban planning and development Published 2024-09-01
Tourism in net-zero cities
Judit Zoltan
Cities Published 2024-09-01
Revealing Commute Choice Factors: SEM Analysis of Public Transport and Active Modes in Hyderabad, India
S. P. Tejaswi,C. Balijepalli,C. S. R. K. Prasad
Journal of urban planning and development Published 2024-09-01
Exploring heterogeneous relationships between multiscale built environment and overweight in urbanizing China
Chaoying Yin,Chen Gui,Ruining Wen,Chunfu Shao,Xiaoquan Wang
Cities Published 2024-09-01
Does high-speed railway promote horizontal equity within and between cities? Evidence from China
Kaiqin Li,Xiaoling Zhang
Land Use Policy Published 2024-09-01
“This is perplexing because…”: Examining the impact of gender and geo-academic location on expressions of confusion in research articles
Qian Wang,Guangwei Hu
Language sciences Published 2024-09-01
Study on the Spatial Pattern of Supergentrification in the Core Area of Shanghai
Quanwei Xu,Jiajia Li,J. Shi
Journal of urban planning and development Published 2024-09-01
Temporal integration of the spatial autoregressive model for analyzing European multimodal freight transport demand
P. Nikolaou,L. Dimitriou
Multimodal Transportation Published 2024-09-01
Wind erosion changes from ecological restoration and climatic drivers on the Tibetan plateau
Xiaodan Lin,Tong Wu,Lingqiao Kong,Zhiyun Ouyang
Environmental and Sustainability Indicators Published 2024-09-01
Tipping the scales of the blue transition: Framing the geography of a Norwegian seafood mission
Matthijs Mouthaan,Koen Frenken,L. Piscicelli,Taneli Vaskelainen
Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions Published 2024-09-01
Mapping out the regional low-carbon and economic biomass supply chain by aligning geographic information systems and life cycle assessment models
Guanhan Zhao,Pengxing Jiang,Hao Zhang,Lin Li,Tuo JiLiwen MuXiaohua LuJiahua Zhu
Applied Energy Published 2024-09-01
Study on Spatiotemporal Evolution and Driving Factors of Urban Expansion Based on Nighttime Light Data: Case of Anhui Province, China
Xinwei Xie,Xuemin Qin,Xiaoxuan Hu
Journal of urban planning and development Published 2024-09-01
Land cover fraction mapping across global biomes with Landsat data, spatially generalized regression models and spectral-temporal metrics
Franz Schug,K. Pfoch,Vu-Dong Pham,Sebastian van der Linden,A. OkujeniDavid FrantzVolker C. Radeloff
Remote Sensing of Environment Published 2024-09-01
Economic and socio-ecological effects of sand mining on livelihoods in the Gomoa East District and Ga South Municipality, Ghana
K. Asare,John Victor Mensah,Joseph Agyenim Boateng,E. Y. Tenkorang,K. Hemmler
The Extractive Industries and Society Published 2024-09-01
Is the Dutch disease well and alive? A cross-country assessment of mining spillovers on employment in the 2002–2014 period
Beatriz Calzada Olvera
Resources policy Published 2024-08-01
Evaluating the relationship between walking and street characteristics based on big data and machine learning analysis
A. Angel,Achituv Cohen,Trisalyn Nelson,P. Plaut
Cities Published 2024-08-01
A data-driven clustering approach for assessing spatiotemporal vulnerability to urban emergencies
J. C. Bittencourt,Daniel G. Costa,P. Portugal,F. Vasques
Sustainable cities and society Published 2024-08-01
The influence of cultural ties on China's population flow networks
Ziyu Zhao,Shiyao Zhao,Kunbo Shi,Yuxuan Li,Shijun Wang
Cities Published 2024-08-01
Ecological spatial network optimization of carbon sink patches for enhanced carbon sink in Wuhan Metropolitan Area, China
Junyi Zhao,Ziyi Li,Jing Wu,Zaicheng Xu,Bingyao Ja
Ecological Indicators Published 2024-08-01
Nighttime light derived assessment of regional inequality of socioeconomic development across Taiwan Strait since the 21st century
Guoliang Yun,Yuqing Ye,Tianqi Yang,Zhifeng Wu,Yuanrong HeFeili Wei
Cities Published 2024-08-01
Construction of coastal zone ecological network based on the perspective of land-sea integration: A case study of Jinzhou City, China
Lina Ke,Yu Zhao,Quanming Wang,Shusheng Yin,Wei Liu
Published 2024-08-01
Climate change and its ecological risks are spatially heterogeneous in high-altitude region: The case of Qinghai-Tibet plateau
Yi Wang,Yihe Lü,D. Lü,Lichang Yin,Xiaofeng Wang
CATENA Published 2024-08-01
Evolution of land use functions and their trade-offs/synergies relationship in resource-based cities
Yifang Wang,Linlin Cheng,Yang Zheng,Junqi Wang,Huizhen Cui
Ecological Indicators Published 2024-08-01
Spatial and temporal divergence and driving mechanisms of carbon sinks in terrestrial ecosystems in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River urban agglomerations during 2008–2020
Bowen Pang,Yaolin Liu,Rui An,Yifan Xie,Zhao TongYanfang Liu
Ecological Indicators Published 2024-08-01
United States Senate malapportionment: A geographical investigation
J. C. Archer,Stanley D. Brunn,Kenneth C. Martis,Gerald R. Webster
Political Geography Published 2024-08-01
Population trends in an endemic dwarf succulent over two decades: rainfall, elevation, microsite and landuse effects
S. Milton,C. Clark,C.R. Hundermark,C. Hurt,H. van der Merwe
Journal of Arid Environments Published 2024-08-01
Effects of urban sprawl on regional disparity and quality of life: A case of South Korea
Jihun Mun,Jae Seung Lee,Saehoon Kim
Cities Published 2024-08-01
Application of remote sensing methods for monitoring extent, condition and blue carbon storage in salt marshes
Angelina Freitas,João M. Dias,C. Lopes
Remote Sensing Applications Society and Environment Published 2024-08-01
Differences in intercity economic convergence in the Pearl River Delta based on nighttime light data and its interpretation
Jiawei Zhong,Xiayan Mai,Xun Li
Cities Published 2024-08-01
Coupling coordination analysis between railway transport accessibility and tourism economic connection during 2010–2019: A case study of the Yangtze River Delta
Sudan Zhuang,Nan Xia,Xing Gao,Xin Zhao,Jiale LiangZiyu WangManchun Li
Published 2024-08-01
Exploring scaling differences and spatial heterogeneity in drivers of carbon storage Changes: A comprehensive geographic analysis framework
Qin Nie,Guanghao Wu,Lanhui Li,Wang Man,Junjie MaZeqing BaoLvyin LuoHui Li
Ecological Indicators Published 2024-08-01
The social-ecological benefits of grain for green program based on coupled coordination network: Taking the China’s Loess Plateau as an example
Wang Yibin,Li Fei,Wang Jian,Hongyu Cao,Mengfei Li
Land Use Policy Published 2024-08-01
Urban-rural gap induced by high-speed rail: 35 years of evidence from Japan
Sunbin Yoo,Junya Kumagai,Shunsuke Managi
Published 2024-08-01
Has the Maritime Silk Road Initiative promoted the development and expansion of port city clusters along its route?
Chuoran Li,Lanjie Zhang,Shaoyang Chen,Ting Zhang,Jian ZhouJinshan HeWeiwang XuTingting Wang
Cities Published 2024-08-01
Recent rapid initiation and growth of retrogressive thaw slumps in the Hoh Xil region of the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau
Jing Luo,Fan Yu,Fujun Niu,Miaomiao Yao,Zhan-ju LinMing-hao LiuG. YinZeyong Gao
CATENA Published 2024-08-01
Integrated approach to soil salinity assessment using SEM in Sirdarya province, Uzbekistan
Aziz Omonov,Tasuku Kato,S. Khasanov,Atiqotun Fitriyah,Fadong LiS. MusayevBakhtiyor PulatovZ. Ismoilov
Remote Sensing Applications Society and Environment Published 2024-08-01
Assessing the modulation of outer bank erosion by slump blocks: A case study from Marqu Meadow, China
Lei Liu,Lekui Zhu,Dong Chen,Qihua Ran,Honglei TangJun YanLin Liu
Geomorphology Published 2024-08-01
Assessing urban river landscape visual quality with extreme learning machines: A case study of the yellow river in ningxia hui autonomous region, china
Guangyao Ji,Hefeng Sun
Ecological Indicators Published 2024-08-01
Simulating policy mixes to reduce soil erosion and land abandonment in marginal areas: A case study from the Liguria Region (Italy)
D. Vergamini,Matteo Olivieri,Maria Andreoli,F. Bartolini
Land Use Policy Published 2024-08-01
Unveiling the ports of potential: Measuring competitiveness in emerging south Asian maritime port clusters
Kapil Gupta,Gyan Prakash
Published 2024-08-01
Intersectional praxis for social-ecological transformations: Lessons from North Macedonia's grassroots Green Deal
Simona Getova,Christos Zografos
Political Geography Published 2024-08-01
Monitoring loss and degradation of forests and shrubs in the North of Chile using Landsat time series data sets from 1998 to 2018
Donna Cortez,J. Soto,Celián Román‐Figueroa,M. Paneque
Remote Sensing Applications Society and Environment Published 2024-08-01
Spatial distribution pattern and influence path of soil carbon and nitrogen in the Heihe River source region, northeast Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
Meiliang Zhao,Guangchao Cao,Yonggui Ma,S. Cao,Qinglin ZhaoJie YuanXin YanQixin HeXunxun Qiu
Ecological Indicators Published 2024-08-01
Who's afraid of pedestrianisation? Residents' perceptions and preferences on street transformation
Samuel Nello-Deakin,Candela Sancho Vallvé,Zeynep Sila Akinci
Habitat International Published 2024-08-01
Urban growth assessment using machine learning algorithms, GIS techniques, and its impact on biodiversity: The case of Sululta sub-city, Central Oromia, Ethiopia
Birhanu Tadesa Edosa,Mosissa Geleta Erena,Bayisa Nagasa Wolteji,Guta Tolossa Werati,Milkessa Dangia Nagasa
City and Environment Interactions Published 2024-08-01
Pathways to transformative adaptation in southern African cities: A criteria-based assessment in Harare and Durban
Lorena Pasquini,Anna Taylor,Alice McClure,Patrick Martel,Lulu PretoriusC. MubayaRudo Mamombe
Published 2024-08-01
Cycling distance and detour extent: Comparative analysis of private and public bikes using city-level bicycle trajectory data
Jaehoon Chung,O. Namkung,Joonho Ko,Enjian Yao
Cities Published 2024-08-01
Predicting wheat yield gap and its determinants combining remote sensing, machine learning, and survey approaches in rainfed Mediterranean regions of Morocco
K. Devkota,A. Bouasria,M. Devkota,Vinay Nangia
European Journal of Agronomy Published 2024-08-01
Application of improved risk assessment methods to best management practices research for non-point source pollution: From a hilly mountainous-dominated region of Southern China
Zhijian Wu,Han Liang,Hanqing Wu,Zeyang Xie,Haiyan LiuJihong ZhangJinqi ZhuBofu ZhengWei Wan
Ecological Indicators Published 2024-08-01
Civic administrative centres in the northern and southern cities of Ghana: Assessing their state and locational distribution and the implications for urban growth and land demand
Lukman Kura Abraham Safo,D. Duah,Stephen Biliyitorb Liwur,A. Marful
Land Use Policy Published 2024-08-01
Modelling of urban activity centers in Tokyo from alternative indicators of urban activity
Vadim Boratinskii,Toshihiro Osaragi
Cities Published 2024-08-01
Exploring environmental equity and visitation disparities in peri-urban parks: A mobile phone data-driven analysis in Tokyo
ChengHe Guan,Yichun Zhou
Landscape and Urban Planning Published 2024-08-01
Global differences in urbanization dynamics from 1985 to 2015 and outlook considering IPCC climate scenarios
H. Taubenböck,J. Mast,C. Geiß,M. Wurm,T. EschK.C. Seto
Cities Published 2024-08-01
Understanding counter-urbanization and re-urbanization in pandemic: Insights from People's migration behavior in China
Dapeng Zhang,Zhang Yiwen,Guangshuai Fu
Habitat International Published 2024-08-01
Impacts of New Town developments on carbon sinks: Implications from the Case of Seoul Metropolitan Area, Korea
Albert Tonghoon Han,Heesoo Kim,Jonah Remigio,Chansol Oh
Land Use Policy Published 2024-08-01
Evaluating the 15-minute city paradigm across urban districts: A mobility-based approach in Hamilton, New Zealand
Tianyi Wang,Yan Li,I-Ting Chuang,Weijie Qiao,Jing JiangLee Beattie
Cities Published 2024-08-01
Modeling regulating ecosystem services along the urban–rural gradient: A comprehensive analysis in seven Italian coastal cities
Lorenza Nardella,Alessandro Sebastiani,Massimo Stafoggia,E. Buonocore,Pier Paolo FranzeseFausto Manes
Ecological Indicators Published 2024-08-01
Examining the relationship of major air pollutants with land surface parameters and its monthly variation in Indian cities using satellite data
Ruchi Bala,V. Yadav,D. N. Kumar,Rajendra Prasad
Remote Sensing Applications Society and Environment Published 2024-08-01
Climate Change Vulnerability through Spatial Assessment: A Study of Central India
Rajani Shakya,Smita Khan
Natural Hazards Review Published 2024-08-01
Editorial Board
Geomorphology Published 2024-08-01
The socio-spatial response to environmentally mitigated channelization in Southeast Asia. A longitudinal landscape pattern analysis
Xuewen Lu,G. Talamini
Landscape and Urban Planning Published 2024-08-01
Understanding land take by low-density residential areas: An institutionalist perspective on local planning authorities, developers and households
Sebastian Eichhorn,Denise Ehrhardt,Angelika Münter,Martin Behnisch,Mathias Jehling
Land Use Policy Published 2024-08-01
Urban poverty patterns in Pyongyang (North Korea): A deep-learning-based spatial analysis
Si-Hyo Lee,Moon-Gi Suh,Sung-Bae Kim,Myeongsook Baek
Cities Published 2024-08-01
Early pandemic recreational fishing patterns across the urban-to-rural gradient in the U.S.
A. Kaz,Michael D. Kaller,Abigail J. Lynch,S. R. Midway
Fisheries Research Published 2024-08-01
Assessing ecosystem service dynamics and drivers for sustainable management in the Agro-pastoral ecotone of northern China: A spatiotemporal analysis
Zhaoxin Huang,Shuai Li,Jingjing Peng,Xingrong Ma,Haoxi DingFangyan ChengRutian Bi
Ecological Indicators Published 2024-08-01
Analysis of the coastal flooding exposure of embayed beaches at a regional scale using a video monitoring network: Basque Coast (Spain)
A. Abalia,I. de Santiago,P. Liria,Roland Garnier,I. EpeldeAsier NietoD. Morichon
Published 2024-08-01
Survey of the Socioeconomic and Environmental Impact of Wetland+
Pavla Svermova,Miroslav Černík,Paul Bardos,Jitka Buresova,Maria Bałazińska
Journal of environmental engineering Published 2024-08-01
Editorial Board
Landscape and Urban Planning Published 2024-08-01
Assessing spatiotemporal variation in dry-wet abrupt alternation using an improved process-based approach
Yaling Yu,Jianyu Fu,Bingjun Liu,Zeqin Huang,Xuejin Tan
Published 2024-08-01
Spatiotemporal dynamics of human ecosystems in the context of protected areas as a policy tool: Insights from Sanjiangyuan National Park, China
Ding Yang,Qingfang Liu,Zhenshan Yang,Jinping Song,Dongjun Chen
Ecological Indicators Published 2024-08-01
Prison expansion in the plains grasslands: Coloniality, ecological injustice and carceral sprawl
Emma K. Russell
Political Geography Published 2024-08-01
Territorial spatial suitability assessment and optimization of coastal port reclamation in China
Gaoru Zhu,Panlong Zhao,Liguo Zhang,Xinyang Li,Wentao DingHuiying YuNing ZhangSiqi YangChun ZhangZhenglei Xie
Published 2024-08-01
Spatial heterogeneity and driving mechanisms of carbon emissions in urban expansion areas: A research framework coupled with patterns and functions
Xinhui Feng,Sensen Wang,Yan Li,Jiayu Yang,Kaige LeiWeikang Yuan
Land Use Policy Published 2024-08-01
Financial inclusion and roof quality: Satellite evidence from Chilean slums
Cinthya Silva,Gabriel Pino
World Development Published 2024-08-01
Extracting geo-references from social media text using bi-long short term memory networks
Dharmendra Mangal,Hemant Makwana
Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Published 2024-08-01
A functional connectivity approach for exploring interactions of multiple ecosystem services in the context of agricultural landscapes in the Canadian prairies
Ehsan Pashanejad,Ali Kharrazi,Zuelclady M.F. Araujo-Gutierrez,Brian E. Robinson,Brian D. FathLael Parrott
Ecosystem Services Published 2024-08-01
Risk assessment on dynamic geomorphosites: A case study of selected abandoned pits in South-Moravian Region (Czech Republic)
Lucie Kubalíková
Geomorphology Published 2024-08-01
Exploring recreational ecosystem services and influencing factors in megaparks using mobile phone data—Evidence from the Yangtze River Delta region
Yao Wang,Yuxin Pan,Xiaodong Meng,Meilin Zhu,Liushan LinZhuoqun Ding
Ecological Indicators Published 2024-08-01
Spatial heterogeneity and driving mechanisms of carbon storage in the urban agglomeration within complex terrain: Multi-scale analyses under localized SSP-RCP narratives
Hongyi Zhang,Xin Li,Yanping Luo,Lu Chen,Minxi Wang
Sustainable cities and society Published 2024-08-01
Are riverine lowland lakes a distinct European lake type according to the EU WFD?
Oliver Miler,Magdalena Czarnecka,Mario Brauns
Ecological Indicators Published 2024-08-01
The production of political liminality in Macao
Chuyue Ou,Zhongxuan Lin
Political Geography Published 2024-08-01
Regional coordinated development policy as an instrument for alleviating land finance dependency: Evidence from the urban agglomeration development
Danling Chen,Yuying Li,Chaozheng Zhang,Yunlei Zhang,Jiao HouYaoben LinShiman WuYan LangWenbo Hu
Land Use Policy Published 2024-08-01
Spatial patterns and trends of inter-city population mobility in China—Based on Baidu migration big data
Zhao Yangtianzheng,Gao Ying
Cities Published 2024-08-01
Peatland rewetting as drainage exnovation – A transition governance perspective
Pia Sommer,Leonard Frank
Land Use Policy Published 2024-08-01
Biomass distribution patterns of salt marshes: A detailed spatial analysis in central China's coastal wetlands
Juncheng Hang,Zheng Gong,C. Jin,Huan Li
Published 2024-08-01
Land system science and its contributions to sustainable development goals: A systematic review
Qiang Zhao,Le Yu,Xin Chen
Land Use Policy Published 2024-08-01
Four-decade spring droughts in Taiwan
T. Vo,Yuei-An Liou
Published 2024-08-01
From conflict to coexistence: Reaffirming belonging and property rights through the ‘sons of village’ discourse in post-conflict Kenya
Fredrick Ajwang
Political Geography Published 2024-08-01
Investigating pressures upon urban planners in the Amhara Region of Ethiopia
Nigatu Amsalu Workineh,Tadesse Melkam Assefa
Cities Published 2024-08-01
Scientific nationalism and museums of the future in Germany and the UAE
Natalie Koch
Political Geography Published 2024-08-01
Identification of potential conflicts in the production-living-ecological spaces of the Central Yunnan Urban Agglomeration from a multi-scale perspective
Ziyi Zhu,Shuangyun Peng,Xiaoliang Ma,Zhiqiang Lin,Dongling MaShuangfu ShiLuping GongBangmei Huang
Ecological Indicators Published 2024-08-01
Containing the intertidal island: Negotiating island onto-epistemological visibility and plurality
Elena Burgos Martinez
Political Geography Published 2024-08-01
Trends in the future evolution of rural settlements in oasis-desert areas under water use simulation scenarios: Take the Hexi Corridor region of China as an example
Wenbo Zhang,Libang Ma,Hongbo Li,Xiang Wang
Landscape and Urban Planning Published 2024-08-01
Response of ecological environment quality to land use transition based on dryland oasis ecological index (DOEI) in dryland: A case study of oasis concentration area in Middle Heihe River, China
Wanyuan Chen,Ruifeng Zhao,Haitian Lu
Ecological Indicators Published 2024-08-01
Identifying counter-urbanisation using Facebook's user count data
Qianwen Duan,J. Steele,Zhifeng Cheng,Eimear Cleary,N. RuktanonchaiH. VoepelTim O'RiordanAndrew J. TatemA. SorichettaShengjie LaiFelix Eigenbrod
Habitat International Published 2024-08-01
Data-driven large-scale spatial planning framework for determining size and location of offshore wind energy development: A case study of China
Yanwei Sun,Hongying Ai,Ying Li,Run Wang,Renfeng Ma
Applied Energy Published 2024-08-01
Assessing the hydroclimatic sensitivity of tree species in Northeastern America through spatiotemporal modelling of annual tree growth
Jean-Daniel Sylvain,G. Drolet,Nicholas Kiriazis,É. Thiffault,François Anctil
Agricultural and Forest Meteorology Published 2024-08-01
Response of soil hydrothermal processes within the active layer to variable alpine vegetation in the Yangtze River Source Area, Qinghai-Tibet plateau
Bin Yang,Yanghai Duan,Jingyi Zhao,Changhai Tan,Ji-mi GesangLong ChenYanggang ZhaoXunxun Zhang
Published 2024-08-01
Park lighting after dark – is it a route or a place? How people feel in park nightscapes (experiment)
Aleksandra Lis,Magdalena Zienowicz,Zygmunt Kącki,P. Iwankowski,Dorota KukowskaVlada Shestak
Landscape and Urban Planning Published 2024-08-01
Renewables but unjust? Critical restoration geography as a framework for addressing global renewable energy injustice
Chinedu C. Nsude,Rebecca Loraamm,Joshua J. Wimhurst,God'sgift N. Chukwuonye,Ramit Debnath
Published 2024-08-01
Hydrologic performance quantification of green roofs using an analytical stochastic approach based on kernel distribution estimation: Extensive case studies in Shandong Province, northern China
Jiachang Wang,Jun Wang,Shengle Cao,Chuanqi Li,Shouhong ZhangYiping Guo
Published 2024-08-01
Finding harmony in the sea: Resolving conflicts by regional marine spatial planning
Jen-Han Yang,Yi Chang,Shih-Chun Hsiao
Published 2024-08-01
How does climate seasonality influence weathering processes in badland landscapes?
A. Avcıoğlu,M. Kašanin-Grubin,Nevena Antić,Mariano Moreno de las Heras,Ali MohammediWolfgang SchwanghartOmer YetemenTomislav B. TostiB. DojčinovićTolga Görüm
CATENA Published 2024-08-01
Managing urban trees through storms in three United States cities
Stephanie Cadaval,Mysha Clarke,Lara A. Roman,Tenley M. Conway,Andrew K. KoeserT. Eisenman
Landscape and Urban Planning Published 2024-08-01
Investigating the Spatiotemporal Complexity of Rainfall from a Chaotic Perspective: Case Study in the Jinsha River Basin, China
Siyi Yu,Wensheng Wang,Hanxu Liang,Dan Zhang
Journal of hydrologic engineering Published 2024-08-01
Multi-scenario simulation can contribute to identify priorities for regional ecological corridors conservation
Hui Dang,Yihe Lü,Jianying Guo,Xing Wu
Ecological Indicators Published 2024-08-01
Spatio-temporal variations of habitat quality and its driving factors in the Yangtze River Delta region of China
Shulin Chen,Xiaotong Liu
Global Ecology and Conservation Published 2024-08-01
Geographical inequalities in global forest science: A bibliometric perspective
N. Boshoff,Similo Ngwenya,Susanne Koch,Jonathan Dudek,Olena StrelnykRodrigo CostasAmanı Uisso
Forest Policy and Economics Published 2024-08-01
Urban spatial growth and driving mechanisms under different urban morphologies: An empirical analysis of 287 Chinese cities
Xiong He,Yuquan Zhou
Landscape and Urban Planning Published 2024-08-01
Coastal zone in central Chile, delimitation proposal of Valparaiso region
B. Pizarro,M. de Andrés,J.M. Barragán
Published 2024-08-01
GDP spatial differentiation in the perspective of urban functional zones
Xin Li,Yingbin Deng,Baihua Liu,Ji Yang,Miao LiWenlong JingZhehua Chen
Cities Published 2024-08-01
Intercomparison of very high-resolution surface soil moisture products over Catalonia (Spain)
N. Ouaadi,L. Jarlan,M. Le Page,M. Zribi,Giovani PaoliniB. Ait HssaineM. EscorihuelaP. FaniseOlivier MerlinN. BaghdadiAaron Boone
Remote Sensing of Environment Published 2024-08-01
Mid to late Holocene climate changes and grazing activities in northern Loess Plateau, China
Yaping Zhang,Guilin Zhang,Keliang Zhao,Jian Wang,Marika ViczianyXinying ZhouXiaoqiang Li
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology Published 2024-08-01
Sustainability as a shared objective? Stakeholders’ interpretations on the sustainable development of marinas in the Gulf of Finland
Emilia Luoma,T. Parviainen,P. Haapasaari,A. Lehikoinen
Published 2024-08-01
Multi-dimensional urban segregation in João Pessoa, a coastal Brazilian northeastern city
Lucy Donegan,Felipe Tavares
Cities Published 2024-08-01
Travel flow patterns of diverse population groups and influencing built environment factors: A case study of Beijing
Xiaohan Liu,Tao Pei,Xi Wang,Tianyu Liu,Zidong FangLinfeng JiangJingyu JiangXiaorui YanMingbo WuYong PengDasheng GeXing GaoCi SongJie Chen
Cities Published 2024-08-01
Pandemic fatigue? Insights from geotagged tweets on the spatiotemporal evolution of mental health in Canadian cities during COVID-19
Charlotte Zhuoran Pan,Yiqing Wu,Siqin Wang,Jue Wang,Michael A. ChapmanLiqiang ZhangSabrina L. Li
Cities Published 2024-08-01
General assessment of electricity access in the Republic of Paraguay based on secondary data sources, Geographic Information Systems, and Energy Poverty
Arturo González,Patricia Benítez,Daniel Ríos-Festner,Laine Lezcano,Karen FernándezSonia LópezFélix FernándezFederico BogadoVíctor ParaviciniVerónica R. Prado
Energy Policy Published 2024-08-01
Influence of wildfires on the conflict (2006–2022) in eastern Ukraine using remote sensing techniques (MODIS and Sentinel-2 images)
F. Rodriguez-Jimenez,A. Novo,Joanne V. Hall
Remote Sensing Applications Society and Environment Published 2024-08-01
Temporality, nationalism and the territorialisation of public space - Commemorational presences in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv
Mattias Kärrholm
Political Geography Published 2024-08-01
(En)countering an urban riverscape: Ethno-graphic explorations on the Adi Ganga
Shreyashi Bhattacharya,Jenia Mukherjee,Debika Banerji,Subhradeep Chatterjee
Cities Published 2024-08-01
Exploring the implementation of rewilding in a British local authority: Overcoming challenges and maximising opportunities for landscape-scale management
Kevin Harrington,A. Russo
Landscape and Urban Planning Published 2024-08-01
A novel spatiotemporal framework for accessing green space accessibility change in adequacy and equity: Evidence from a rapidly urbanizing Chinese City in 2012–2021
Huilin Liang,Qi Yan,Yujia Yan
Cities Published 2024-08-01
Diabatic heating structures varying with convective and rainfall intensities in different areas of the pan-South China Sea region
Chunyan Zhang,Donghai Wang,Qinqiang Zhou,Yuhong Yang,Ling HouKunlin Yang
Atmospheric research Published 2024-08-01
Spatiotemporal ozone concentration variations and their influencing factors in Zhejiang, China, 2018–2022: A geographically and temporally weighted regression
Yi Li,Qing Hou,Bingye Xu,Wenlong Zhao,Jinmei DingLingling JinQiaoli ZouXudong TianShengchen XuXin SunNa Chao
Atmospheric pollution research Published 2024-08-01
From frontier-making to world-making: The enduring power of frontiers in South Asia
Nivi Manchanda,Oliver Turner
Political Geography Published 2024-08-01
Navigating urban futures: Exploring NbS upscaling discourses, practices, and relations in reimagining human-nature relationships
Alessandro Arlati
Published 2024-08-01
A paradox of economic benefit and social equity of green space in megacity: Evidence from Tianjin in China
He Yang,Cai Jin,Tan Li
Sustainable cities and society Published 2024-08-01
Projecting hydrological response to climate change and urbanization using WEAP model: A case study for the main watersheds of Bicol River Basin, Philippines
Ernie N. Bañares,Muhammad Shafqat Mehboob,Abdul Rahim Khan,Jennifer C. Cacal
Published 2024-08-01
Spatial-temporal evolution of driving mechanisms of city resilience: A Sichuan-based case study
P. Peng,Mingyang Li,Yibin Ao,Shulin Deng,Igor Martek
Land Use Policy Published 2024-08-01
Characterizing the occurrence of wildland-urban interface fires and their important factors in China
Dapeng Gong,Long Sun,T. Hu
Ecological Indicators Published 2024-08-01
Mapping vegetation canopy height across the contiguous United States using ICESat-2 and ancillary datasets
L. Malambo,Sorin Popescu
Remote Sensing of Environment Published 2024-08-01
Editorial Board
Geomorphology Published 2024-08-01
Urban costs of spatial Chaos
M. Czornik,Marcin Baron,Edyta Szafranek-Stefaniuk
Cities Published 2024-08-01
State-of-the art valuation of wetland ecosystem services in Small Island Developing States: A systematic review with an emphasis on future research needs
Stephan Moonsammy,Mattias Boman,Vidwatee Ramdhanie,D. Renn-Moonsammy
Ecosystem Services Published 2024-08-01
Identifying building function using multisource data: A case study of China's three major urban agglomerations
Yue Zheng,Xucai Zhang,Jinpei Ou,Xiaoping Liu
Sustainable cities and society Published 2024-08-01
Clustering of zones according to the level of gentrification by using an unsupervised learning algorithm
Alma Yunuen Raya-Tapia,César Ramírez-Márquez,J. M. Ponce-Ortega
Cities Published 2024-08-01
Investigating the risky dilemma of regional flood planning: The case of the Wolastoq | Saint John River Basin, Canada
B. McGlynn,Ryan Plummer,J. Baird,Angela M. Guerrero
Published 2024-08-01
Different names for the same thing? A systematic review of green, environmental, eco-, ecological, climate, carbon, and resilience gentrification
Jessica Quinton,Lorien Nesbitt
Cities Published 2024-08-01
Record-breaking warm spell in December 2023 and the synergistic influences from the Siberian high and the polar front jet
Xiang Li,Ting Ding,Hui Gao
Atmospheric research Published 2024-08-01
A moral economy of pastoralists? Understanding the ‘jihadist’ insurgency in Mali
Tor A. Benjaminsen,Boubacar Ba
Political Geography Published 2024-08-01
From entrepreneurial to responsive spatial governance: Unveiling innovative strategies of self-organization in Istanbul
Ebru Kurt Özman,T. Taşan-Kok
Cities Published 2024-08-01
Prediction and impact of Location-Weighted landscape Index on water quality in a typical karst region in southwest China: A case study of the Huanghou basin
Hao Wang,Qingqing Xiong,Qingyu Feng,Shizhen Xiao,Dijin MuXiangxuan SunSangju Wang
Ecological Indicators Published 2024-08-01
Impact of land use change on actual evapotranspiration in the Songnen Plain, China
Zhong Lu,Chaoqun Li,Jinliang Zhang,Guoping Lei,Ziyang YuZhiqiang Dong
Published 2024-08-01
Conceptualizing maritime spatial planning – A pilot study on viewpoints across Northern European Seas
M. Ripken,X. Keijser,Thomas Klenke,Igor Mayer
Marine Policy Published 2024-08-01
Urban regeneration and SDGs assessment based on multi-source data: Practical experience from Shenzhen, China
Xin Zhao,Yi Hu,Nan Xia,Manchun Li,Dengshuai ChenYunyun Xu
Ecological Indicators Published 2024-08-01
Are decarbonization strategies municipality-dependent? Generating rural road transport pathways through an iterative process in the Swedish landscape
Maria de Oliveira Laurin,S. Selvakkumaran,Erik O. Ahlgren,Maria Grahn
Published 2024-08-01
Rethinking small vacant lands in urban resilience: Decoding cognitive and emotional responses to cityscapes
Maryam Naghibi
Cities Published 2024-08-01
Does existing mixed land development promote the urban spatial composite function? Evidence from Beijing, China
Qiyu Hu,Wencang Shen,Jinming Yan,Weilong Kong,Wei LiZhengfeng Zhang
Land Use Policy Published 2024-08-01
Shared Use Travel Behavior for Improving Rural Mobility: Insights from Greene County, Pennsylvania
Zulqarnain H. Khattak,Sean Qian
Published 2024-08-01
Alleyways and crime in Denver, Colorado census blocks
James C. Wo,Young-An Kim,Mark T. Berg
Cities Published 2024-08-01
Regulation of climatic variables and drought on vegetation dynamics in China from 2001 to 2020
Yating Wang,Jun Li,Xiaojuan Tong,Yin Wang,Mingxin Yang
Ecological Indicators Published 2024-08-01
Anthropogenic impact of lake surface water temperature of lakes: A case study of eleven lakes on the yunnan-guizhou plateau
Haimei Duan,Kun Yang,Chunxue Shang,Xiaolu Zhou,Yi Luo
Ecological Indicators Published 2024-08-01
Increased summertime wildfire as a major driver of the clear-sky dimming in the Siberian Arctic from 2000 to 2020
Yunfeng Cao,Mengxi Yin,Jiaxin Tian,Shunlin Liang
Atmospheric research Published 2024-08-01
Ecologically and Biologically Significant Areas (EBSAs) as an enabling mechanism for transboundary marine spatial planning
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An approach based on maximal cliques and multi-density clustering for regional co-location pattern mining
Dongsheng Wang,Lizhen Wang,Xiaoxu Wang,Vanha Tran
Expert systems with applications Published 2024-08-01
Totaling river discharge of the third pole from satellite imagery
Jie Xu,Lei Wang,Tandong Yao,Deliang Chen,Gang WangZhaowei JingFan ZhangYuyang WangXiuping LiYinsheng ZhangYuanwei WangTian ZengChenhao ChaiHu LiuRuishun LiuJunshui LongXinfeng FanRanjeet BhlonBaiqing Xu
Remote Sensing of Environment Published 2024-07-01
Inheriting housing inequality: Parental homeownership and place of origin as key factors for homeownership in Japanese metropolitan areas
R. Fukuda,Kojiro Sho,Tetsuo Kidokoro,Hwajin Lim
Cities Published 2024-07-01
Using climate-fire analog mapping to inform climate change adaptation strategies for wildland fire in protected areas of the conterminous US
Adam Terando,Peng Gao,J. Kupfer,Kevin S. Young,J. K. Hiers
Published 2024-07-01
Investigating the effect of industry-specific economic distance on the prediction of intercity population movement
Yuxia Wang,Xin Yao,Jianying Wang,Chaogui Kang,Xing MengGuohua HuYu LiuXia Li
Cities Published 2024-07-01
Teaching close to home: Exploring new teachers’ geographic employment patterns and retention outcomes
Wesley Edwards,J. Kirksey,Kafarra Burden,Alexis Miller
Teaching and Teacher Education : An International Journal of Research and Studies Published 2024-07-01
Exploring expectations and lived experiences of Low Traffic Neighbourhoods in Birmingham, UK
Ruth Pritchett,S. Bartington,G. Neil Thomas
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Self-responsibilization, the municipality, and the state: Peripheralization shaping local initiatives in shrinking small towns
Katrin Großmann,Ria-Maria Adams,Alla Bolotova,Maria Gunko,Johanna LiliusSven MesserschmidtLeona Sandmann
Cities Published 2024-07-01
Natural and Climatic Transformation of the Kakhovka Reservoir after the Destruction of the Dam
V. Pichura,Larysa Potravka,N. Dudiak,Oleksandr Bahinskyi
Journal of Ecological Engineering Published 2024-07-01
On the spectral wave climate of the French Atlantic Ocean
L. Sartini,Alessandro Antonini
Ocean Engineering Published 2024-07-01
Participation beyond a form of urban tactics - Examining contemporary urban spatial development strategies through Taipei PCC's street play activities
Peiwen Lu,Chunhung Wang
Cities Published 2024-07-01
Sustainable tourism, livelihood and coastal governance: Chilika lake, India
Biswanath Dash,Guru Balamurugan
Published 2024-07-01
City-forming role of the Metro in Warsaw
Sławomir Goliszek
Cities Published 2024-07-01
Quantifying the response of runoff to glacier shrinkage and permafrost degradation in a typical cryospheric basin on the Tibetan Plateau
Yaping Chang,Yongjian Ding,Shiqiang Zhang,Qiudong Zhao,Zizhen JinJia QinD. Shangguan
CATENA Published 2024-07-01
The commodification of (bad) weather: Destination branding of the Faroe Islands
Hanna Birkelund Nilsson
Published 2024-07-01
Temporal dynamics and forecasting of aerosol optical depth in megacities Lahore and Karachi: Insights from the Indo-Gangetic Basin and southern Pakistan, and implications for Sustainable development
Umra Waris,S. Tariq
Atmospheric pollution research Published 2024-07-01
County zoning and optimization paths for trade-offs and synergies of ecosystem services in Northeast China
Shihao Wang,Huading Shi,Xinliang Xu,Lin Huang,Qingbao GuHanbing Liu
Ecological Indicators Published 2024-07-01
‘Water for all’: The unlikely confluence of divergent interests (in resisting neoliberalism and promoting human rights) in Mumbai’s slums
Kate Bayliss,Pranjal Deekshit
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Measurement and synergistic evolution analysis of economic resilience and green economic efficiency: Evidence from five major urban agglomeration, China
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Agglomeration Economies and the Built Environment: Evidence from Specialized Buildings and Anchor Tenants
Crocker H. Liu,Stuart S. Rosenthal,W. Strange
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Accelerating decline of habitat quality in Chinese border areas
Zilong Yue,Chi-wei Xiao,Zhiming Feng,Yi Wang,Huimin Yan
Resources, Conservation and Recycling Published 2024-07-01
Hydrogeomorphological approach for flood analyses at high- detailed scale: Narrow rivers with broad complex alluvial plains
Lorena Lombana,Biswa Bhattacharya,Leonardo Alfonso,A. Martínez-Graña
CATENA Published 2024-07-01
Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on daily travel: Findings from New South Wales, Australia
Bo Du,Cheng Zhang,Tianyang Qu,Qi Wang,Quan Spring ZhouTingru CuiPascal PerezThomas Astell-Burt
Travel Behaviour & Society Published 2024-07-01
Urban conservation workers on a just transition: Labor, land, and love
Miriam Solis,Anthony Bissiri,LaJuan Tucker
Geoforum Published 2024-07-01
Community-led water governance: Meanings of drinking water governance within remote First Nations and Métis communities in Saskatchewan
J. Acharibasam,Ranjan Datta,Margot Hurlbert,Elder Sharon Strongarm,Elder Ethel StarblanketElder Denis MckenzieElder Veronica FavelReah StarrVictor Starr
Published 2024-07-01
Evaluating flows of recreational ecosystem services using mobile phone data: A demonstration in the megacity of Beijing
Jiahong Wang,Bing Wang,Xiankai Huang,Qijun Yang,Haitao XiongYongheng FengXun ZhangJinlian ShiHongbo Yang
Applied Geography Published 2024-07-01
Impact of land use and land cover change in river flow and hydro-energy generation: The case of Bagmati basin in central Nepal
Suraj Lamichhane,Nirajan Devkota,T. Subedi,Arun Bikram Thapa
Energy Nexus Published 2024-07-01
Ship trajectory segmentation and semisupervised clustering via geospatial background knowledge
Yuanqiang Zhang,Yong Ma,Jiao Liu
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Does place-based policy increase new firm births? Evidence from special economic zones in China
Longfei Zheng,Fenghua Pan
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Assessing the 3D distribution of soil organic carbon by integrating predictions of water and tillage erosion into a digital soil mapping-approach: a case study for silt loam cropland (Belgium)
P. Baert,M. Vanmaercke,J. Meersmans
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Determinants of residential electricity consumption in South, East and South East Asia: A systematic review
A. Najeeb,S. Sridharan,A.B. Rao,S.B. Agnihotri,V. Mishra
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Equity in non-motorist safety: Exploring two pathways in Houston
Chunwu Zhu,B. Dadashova,Chanam Lee,Xinyue Ye,Charles T. Brown
Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment Published 2024-07-01
Editorial Board
Geomorphology Published 2024-07-01
Urban ethnobotany in local markets: A review of socioeconomic and cultural aspects
Bruna Farias de Santana,Paulo Sérgio Santos-Neves,R. Voeks,L. S. Funch
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NRENet: Neighborhood removal-and-emphasis network for ship detection in SAR Images
Wenping Ma,Xiaoting Yang,Hao Zhu,Xiaoteng Wang,Xiaoyu YiYue WuB. HouLicheng Jiao
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Human-driven global geomorphic change
J. Remondo,Luis M. Forte,A. Cendrero,Piotr Cienciala,A. Beylich
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Resharing spaces, services and mobility: Developing a reshareability index for sustainable planning in Oslo
Mina Di Marino,S. Chavoshi,T. Uteng
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Assessment and spatialization of vulnerability of Benin coast to sea level rise using composite/blended approach
S. D. D. M. Déguénon,O. F. Baguere,Oscar Teka,D. Aheto,Brice Sinsin
Published 2024-07-01
Understanding teachers' perceptions of geomedia: Concerns about students’ critical literacy
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Current hydrological ecosystem services and potential impacts of business-as-usual land abandonment at the national scale for Spain
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Discovering urban block typologies in Seoul: Combining planning knowledge and unsupervised machine learning
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Carbon and nutrient dynamics in landscapes under different levels of anthropogenic intervention in the semi-arid region of Brazil
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Conceptualising the co-evolution of China’s industrial and institutional environment for cross-border e-commerce
Zhi Han,Steve Wood,Neil M. Coe,Andrew Alexander
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Local government behavior in rural construction land marketization in China: An archetype analysis
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Holocene sedimentary distribution and morphological characteristics reworked by East Asian monsoon dynamics in the Mekong River shelf, South Vietnam
Xiao Wang,Wenyan Zhang,Xinong Xie,Hui Chen,Beichen Chen
Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science Published 2024-07-01
Non-linear impact of the built environment on metro commuter flows before and after the COVID-19 outbreak: A case study in Guangzhou
Peng Zang,Hualong Qiu,Yun Yu,Kaihan Chen,Haifan ZhangBingjiang YeHongxu Guo
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Exploring the Opportunities and Challenges of Using Community as Classroom for Learning Geography
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Prediction and early-warning of bank erosion in the Middle Yangtze River, China
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Associations between green space availability and youth’s physical activity in urban and rural areas across Germany
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Bordered and crossborder perspectives on sustainable development: Spatial planning in Hengqin, China
Ping Su,Adam Grydehøj
Cities Published 2024-07-01
Editorial Board
Land Use Policy Published 2024-07-01
The response of vegetation dynamics to drought and its driving factors identification in Inner Mongolia of China
Fei Wang,Ruyi Men,Hexin Lai,Kai Feng,Shaofeng YanShikai GaoZipeng WangQingqing TianWenxian GuoHaibo Yang
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Study of Fluctuation in Surface Water Quality in Can Tho Province (Mekong Delta, Vietnam)
N. Thuan,Lam Tran Vu,Nhu Nguyen Thi Huynh
Published 2024-07-01
How resilience capacity and multiple shocks affect rural households’ subjective well-being: A comparative study of the Yangtze and Yellow River Basins in China
Qi Zhang,Jianbin Gong,Ying Wang
Land Use Policy Published 2024-07-01
Perspectives on urban injustice: Revisiting social geographies of justice
Young-Jin Ahn,Zuhriddin Juraev
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Navigating post-pandemic urban mobility: Unveiling intentions for shared micro-mobility usage across three U.S. cities
Ricardo Chahine,L. Losada-Rojas,Konstantina Gkritza
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Mass tree uprooting during a mega flash flood in the hyper-arid Wadi Zihor, southern Israel
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Disaster Event, Preparedness, and Response in Indonesian Coastal Areas: Data Mining of Official Statistics
Gunawan Gunawan
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Do urban form characteristics perpetuate disparities of pandemic-induced mobility changes? Evidence from Fulton County, Georgia
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The resilience of island economy in the face of adverse shocks and its influencing factors: A case study from county-level islands in China
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Marine Policy Published 2024-07-01
Aeolian saltation over plateau gobi: Field studies in the Zhongzaohuo gobi area, northeastern Tibetan plateau, China
Kai Zhang,Zhenghui Wang,Guowen Han,Jianjin Tian,Hailong ZhangLihai Tan
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Characteristics of bare rocky land evolution in karst mountain areas of Southwest China based on socio-ecological system perspectives: The case study of Huajiang Canyon
Linyu Yang,Yangbing Li,Limin Yu,Mei Chen,Yiyi ZhangXue Ren
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Variegated urban entrepreneurialism and its contested results in the boom of neighborhood center complexes in Chengdu, China
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Cities Published 2024-07-01
Peri-urban communities and precarious temporality in Cochabamba, Bolivia: Class, indigeneity, and social exclusion
Philip Wade,Tommaso Rossi,Malayna Raftopoulos,M. Coletta
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Metropolitan fringes as strategic areas for urban resilience and sustainable transitions: Insights from Barcelona Metropolitan Area
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Enhancing navigation safety through the Nile River to avoid bottlenecks using a quasi-real-time approach and Google Maps
Yousra Salem,Shenouda Bakhiet,Wael Khedr
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Planning local centres in outer suburbs – The need for a proactive approach towards planning in post-socialist Poland
D. Mantey
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Quantifying the influence of landscape ecology on wind erosion in the western United States using the APEX-LWE model
Gunho Cho,Tadesse Alemayehu Abitew,S. Calabrese,Jaehak Jeong
CATENA Published 2024-07-01
Application and future of local climate zone system in urban climate assessment and planning—Bibliometrics and meta-analysis
Hongchi Zhang,Jin Bai,Jun Zhao,Fei Guo,Peisheng ZhuJing DongJun Cai
Cities Published 2024-07-01
Covid-19 and managing urban marginality in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
Precious Ngwenya,Talent Moyo
Cities Published 2024-07-01
Counterurban sensibilities in the global countryside: The relational making of rurality and heritage in Xizhou Town, Southwest China
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Using CloudSat to Advance the Global Precipitation Climatology Project (GPCP) over Antarctica
Mohammad Reza Ehsani,A. Behrangi,Cristian Román-Palacios,G. Huffman,Robert F. Adler
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Evaluating the effects of land-use strategies on future flood risk reduction in urban areas
Chia-An Ku
Cities Published 2024-07-01
Do larger cities enjoy better green space accessibility? Evidence from China
Yang Chen,Daniele La Rosa,Wenze Yue,Zhongguo Xu,Y. Zhuo
Environmental impact assessment review Published 2024-07-01
Evaluation of river water quality using multivariate statistics and water quality indices: A case of Göynük canyon (Turkey)
Junaid Kareem,Yasemin Leventeli
Maǧallaẗ Al-Kuwayt li-l-ʿulūm Published 2024-07-01
LSADEN: Local Spatial-Aware Community Detection in Evolving Geo-Social Networks
Li Ni,Qiuyu Li,Yiwen Zhang,Wenjian Luo,Victor S. Sheng
IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering Published 2024-07-01
Examining property and neighborhood effects on perceived safety in urban environments: Proximity to square and heights of buildings
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Exploring the nexus between dimensions of spatial structure and foreign direct investment: A case study of Vietnam
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Intercity freight connections in China under the view of mass truck trajectories
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Significance of land use as a flood control measure: Unveiling the historical and contemporary strategies in the unique case of Kofu basin alluvial fan, Japan
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Assessing the impact of unplanned settlements on urban renewal projects with GEE
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Ordered weighted averaging for the evaluation of urban inequality in sao Sebastião Do Paraíso
M. Libório,H. Rabiei‐Dastjerdi,Chris Brunsdon,Marcelo de Rezende Pinto,Elisa FuscoF. Vidoli
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Embracing throwntogetherness: Unravelling the relational dynamics of borderlands in divided cities
Teresa García Alcaraz
Cities Published 2024-07-01
Planning in a place of co-becoming: Informal and more-than-human placemaking in Scottish vacant land policy
Imogen Humphris,Ward Rauws,L. Horlings
Cities Published 2024-07-01
Mass tourism generated urban land expansion in the catchment of Lake Balaton, Hungary – analysis of long-term changes in characteristic socio-political periods
Judit Petrovszki,Péter Szilassi,Tibor Erős
Land Use Policy Published 2024-07-01
Livelihood, irrigation, and landslide: Unfolding the human-water-land nexus using an integrative framework
Jue Wang,Zhuhui Wu,Juelin Feng
Land Use Policy Published 2024-07-01
The coordination relationship between urban development and urban life satisfaction in Chinese cities - An empirical analysis based on multi-source data
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A longitudinal exploration of the spatiotemporal coupling relationship and driving factors between regional urban development and ecological quality of green space
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Spatiotemporal characteristics of Net Ecosystem Exchange in the Beijing-Tianjin sand source region and its response to drought
Wenyang Si,Zhitao Wu,Ziqiang Du,Hanxue Liang,Tianjie LeiBin Sun
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Editorial Board
Regional Science and Urban Economics Published 2024-07-01
Evaluating the subjective perceptions of streetscapes using street-view images
Yoshiki Ogawa,Takuya Oki,Chenbo Zhao,Y. Sekimoto,C. Shimizu
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Exploring the gap in people’s travel behavior between urban villages and commercial housing: The role of built environment
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Evaluation of the Impact of Climate Change on the Egyptian Tourist Destination - An Applied Study on Luxor and Aswan Governorates
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The International Journal of Tourism and Hospitality Studies Published 2024-07-01
Spatiotemporal evolution characteristics of soil erosion and its driving mechanisms - a case Study: Loess Plateau, China
Quanlong Wu,Xiaohui Jiang,Xiaowei Shi,Yichi Zhang,Yihan LiuWenjuan Cai
CATENA Published 2024-07-01
Editorial Board
Published 2024-07-01
Separate prediction of soil organic matter in drylands and paddy fields based on optimal image synthesis method in the Sanjiang Plain, Northeast China
Haiyi Ma,Changkun Wang,Jie Liu,Ziran Yuan,Chengshuo YaoXiaopan WangXianzhang Pan
Geoderma Published 2024-07-01
Combined InSAR and optical dataset unravelling the characteristics of hillslope erosion in burned areas in Xichang, China
Xichao Cao,Kun He,Xiewen Hu,Gang Luo,Yonghao ZhouRuichen ZhouYing YangTao Jin
CATENA Published 2024-07-01
Evaluating the impact of rail transit network expansion on travel behavior in Shenzhen, China: A causal analysis across different stages of development
Meng Zhou,Donggen Wang,Sixian Huang,Jun Zhou,Li Guo
Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment Published 2024-07-01
Analysis of the Impact of Land Use Change on Water Management Balance East Sinjai Regency, Indonesia
Samsia Samsia,A. Achmad,S. Baja
Published 2024-07-01
Nation-scale multidecadal shoreline extraction and coastal spatio-temporal change monitoring using cross-mission remote sensing data
Ya-Lun S. Tsai
Published 2024-07-01
InSAR stacking to detect active landslides and investigate their relation to rainfalls in the Northern Apennines of Italy
P. Ciuffi,Benedikt Bayer,Matteo Berti,S. Franceschini,A. Simoni
Geomorphology Published 2024-07-01
Evolution of residential segregation patterns in the Netherlands between 2015 and 2020
Lucas Spierenburg,Sander van Cranenburgh,O. Cats
Cities Published 2024-07-01
Uses, attitudes and perceptions of urban green spaces according to the sociodemographic profile: An exploratory analysis in Spain
Paloma Egea-Cariñanos,Pedro Calaza-Martínez,Daniel López Roche,P. Cariñanos
Cities Published 2024-07-01
Breathing space in a compact city: Impacts of urban re-densification on Mumbai's low-income housing environment
R. Bardhan,Jiayu Pan,Shushen Chen,Tze Yeung Cho
Habitat International Published 2024-07-01
The rhythm-making of an island destination community
Senyao Sang
Annals of Tourism Research Published 2024-07-01
The Long and Winding Road through Inner and Outer Trenches of Post-Soviet Europe
Christopher Garbowski
The Polish Review Published 2024-07-01
Morphology of brothels: An investigation of spatial censorship and stigmatization - the case of Adana, Turkey
Büşra İnce,O. Çalışkan
Cities Published 2024-07-01
Map retrieval intention recognition based on relevance feedback and geographic semantic guidance: For better understanding user retrieval demands
Zhipeng Gui,Xinjie Liu,Anqi Zhao,Yuhan Jiang,Zhipeng LingXiaohui HuFa LiZelong YangHuayi WuShuangming Zhao
Published 2024-07-01
Neighborhood planning: A path-dependent perspective on the gap between discourse and practice, the Israeli case
Yael Savaya,Nurit Alfasi
Cities Published 2024-07-01
Regional temperature response to different forest development stages in Fennoscandia explored with a regional climate model
Bo Huang,Yan Li,Xia Zhang,Chunping Tan,Xiangping HuFrancesco Cherubini
Agricultural and Forest Meteorology Published 2024-07-01
Characterization of the future northeast monsoon rainfall based on the clustered climate zone under CMIP6 in Peninsular Malaysia
Zulfaqar Sa’adi,Nor Eliza Alias,Zulkifli Yusop,Mohammed Magdy Hamed,Prabhakar ShuklaMohamad Rajab HoumsiN. MohamadM. S. ShiruNurzalikha Sa’adiMohd Khairul Idlan MuhammadZ. IqbalU. J. Banday
Atmospheric research Published 2024-07-01
Editorial Board
Landscape and Urban Planning Published 2024-07-01
The Effects of Spatially Targeted Housing Policy: Evidence From Land Transaction Permit System in South Korea
Geon Kim
Social Science Research Network Published 2024-07-01
Maritime ship detection with concise polarimetric characterization pattern
Sinong Quan,Tao Zhang,Shiqi Xing,Xuesong Wang,Qifeng Yu
International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation Published 2024-07-01
Rotterdam in the 21st century: From ‘sick man’ to ‘capital of cool’
Gijs Custers,Jannes J. Willems
Cities Published 2024-07-01
Multi-level localization trajectory alignment and repairing in complex environment
Zhichao Wen,Xuanxuan Zhang,Sikang Liu,Zhenqi Zheng,Tianxiang ZhangZongbo LiaoXin XiaYou Li
International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation Published 2024-07-01
Tracking states and transitions in semiarid rangelands: A spatiotemporal archetypal analysis of productivity dynamics using wavelets
O.A. Bruzzone,S.I. Hurtado,D.V. Perri,R.A. Maddio,M.E. SelloM.H. Easdale
Remote Sensing of Environment Published 2024-07-01
Igniting lightning, wildfire occurrence, and precipitation in the boreal forest of northeast China
Cong Gao,Chunming Shi,Jinbao Li,Shangbo Yuan,Xinyan HuangQi ZhangQiming MaGuocan Wu
Agricultural and Forest Meteorology Published 2024-07-01
Land Use/Cover Changes During 1992–2022 in the Yayo Coffee Forest Biosphere Reserve, Southwestern Ethiopia
Gemeda Terfassa Fida,B. Baatuuwie,H. Issifu
Published 2024-07-01
Landslide extraction from aerial imagery considering context association characteristics
Yakun Xie,Ni Zhan,Jun Zhu,Bingli Xu,Hongyu ChenWenfei MaoXiaojun LuoYa Hu
International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation Published 2024-07-01
A spatial analysis of the digital gender gap in South Africa: Are there any fundamental differences?
Y. Shiferaw
Technological forecasting & social change Published 2024-07-01
Everyday lived experience and ‘carescape’ of women street vendors: Spatial Justice in Al-Hisba Marketplace, Ramallah/Al-Bireh, Palestine
Sahera Bleibleh,Shaden Awad
Geoforum Published 2024-07-01
Unraveling spatial agglomeration patterns in agri-environmental schemes: Evidence from the improvement of steppe habitats in the Natura 2000 network in Catalonia (Spain)
Cristina Pérez-Sánchez,Ana Beatriz Pierri-Daunt,Sergio Villamayor-Tomas
Land Use Policy Published 2024-07-01
Characterising continental shelf waves and their drivers for the southeast coast of Australia
Cristina N. A. Viola,D. Verdon‐Kidd,Hannah E. Power
Published 2024-07-01
Persistence analysis of the real estate US index and major cities
M. Martin-Valmayor,Luis A. Gil-Alana
Cities Published 2024-07-01
Vulnerability of geoheritage sites in South Africa to climate change: Examples from the Eastern Cape Province
Jasper Knight,Stefan W. Grab
Geomorphology Published 2024-07-01
Understanding passengers' intermodal travel behavior to improve air-rail service: A case study of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei urban agglomeration
Lin Chen,Enjian Yao,Yang Yang,Long Pan,Shasha Liu
Journal of Air Transport Management Published 2024-07-01
Surging seas, rising sea levels, and sinking communities: The urgent need for climate adaptation in small island states
J. Doorga,Nathalie Bernardie-Tahir,Prakash N.K. Deenapanray,Yeshna Dindoyal,Michelle MycooStefano Moncada
Published 2024-07-01
Registration of apartments and office spaces in 3D land administration – A case study in Croatia
Nikola Vučić,Saša Vranić,Michael Sutherland,Peter Van Oosterom
Land Use Policy Published 2024-07-01
Analysis of regional differences and evolution features for waterway transport efficiency in the Yangtze River Economic Belt considering undesired outputs
Jiang-Hong Zhu,Ying Zhao,Qiang Yang,Jun Jiang
Published 2024-07-01
Iterative mapping of probabilities: A data fusion framework for generating accurate land cover maps that match area statistics
M. Witjes,Martin Herold,S. de Bruin
International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation Published 2024-07-01
A new approach for the assessment of coastal flooding risk. Application in Rhodes island, Greece
Dimitra Malliouri,C. Kyriakidou,Vyron Moraitis,D. Vandarakis,N. MartzikosF. GadG. HatirisVassilios Kapsimalis
Applied Ocean Research Published 2024-07-01
Evaluation of Shoreline Alteration Along theJagatsinghpur District Coast, India (1990–2020) using DSAS
Sana Rafi,Nitesh Kumar Mourya,Raghupathi Balasani
Published 2024-07-01
Spatial Variation of Rainfall Between Nineveh and Basra Governorates due to Terrain Elevation Using Digital Elevation Model–Geographic Information System
Alyaa Matai Hamed,A. Abojassim
Published 2024-07-01
The correlation between children's outdoor activities and community space characteristics: A case study utilizing SOPARC and KDE methods in Chengdu, China
Xia Wang,Pai Tang,Yichao He,Helen Woolley,Xiao HuLianlian YangJun Luo
Cities Published 2024-07-01
From cell tower location to user location: Understanding the spatial uncertainty of mobile phone network data in human mobility research
Xiangkai Zhou,Linlin You,Shuqi Zhong,Ming Cai
Computers, Environment and Urban Systems Published 2024-07-01
A combined Remote Sensing and GIS-based method for Local Climate Zone mapping using PRISMA and Sentinel-2 imagery
A. Vavassori,D. Oxoli,G. Venuti,M. Brovelli,M. Siciliani de CumisP. SaccoD. Tapete
International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation Published 2024-07-01
From two-dimensional to three-dimensional marine spatial planning methodology: A case study of Qidong
Jian Fang,Yongxin Cheng,Baiqiao Liu
Published 2024-07-01
Understanding remote sensing imagery like reading a text document: What can remote sensing image captioning offer?
Xiao Huang,Kaixuan Lu,Siqin Wang,Junyu Lu,Xiao LiRuiqian Zhang
International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation Published 2024-07-01
Modeling the Subpixel Land-Use Dynamics and Its Influence on Urban Heat Islands: Impacts of Factors and Scale, and Population Exposure Risk
Xun Liang,Song Guo,Chunyang Huang,Bingyu Wang,Yao XiaoJie HeYang LiMengmeng WangQingfeng Guan
Sustainable cities and society Published 2024-07-01
Drastic water volume changes in mega lakes can pose considerable impacts on regional water storage
Zhenfei Gao,Yan Zhou,Yaoping Cui,Jinwei Dong,Siqi LuMengmeng CaoXiangming Xiao
Ecological Indicators Published 2024-07-01
The spatial variation and drivers of soil δ13C in an alpine-gorge region on the eastern Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau
Jian Chen,Miao Chen,Shun Liu,Gexi Xu,Hongshuang XingFeifan LiZuomin Shi
CATENA Published 2024-07-01
Travel Mode Determining Factors for Residents within the Catchment Areas of Urban Rail Transit Stations: Evidence from Nanjing, China
Zhenjun Zhu,Ji Han,Jingrui Sun,Xinfang Xu,Baorui HanZhanpeng He
Published 2024-07-01
(Dis)connecting rent gap and gentrification in verticalizing cities: The cases of Iquique and Antofagasta, Chile
Ernesto López-Morales,Nicolás Herrera
Cities Published 2024-07-01
Analysis of policies and programmes for tackling coastal climate risks in India
C. Jyotsna,Bhaskar Sinha,Jigyasa Bisaria
Published 2024-07-01
Optimal site selection for wind-photovoltaic-complemented storage power plants based on Geographic Information System and Grey Relational Analysis-Group Criteria Importance Through Inter Criteria Correlation-Interactive and Multicriteria Decision Making: A case study of China
Hui Zhao,Chen Lu,Yuqian Zhang
Journal of Energy Storage Published 2024-07-01
Are immigrants migrating away from transit? Immigrant transit use trends in California
Andrew Schouten,Evelyn Blumenberg,Brian D. Taylor
Travel Behaviour & Society Published 2024-07-01
Identifying shrinking cities from a physical city perspective and influencing factors: A case study of the Chengdu-Chongqing economic circle in China
Naigang Cao,Yanfang Wen,Jinghan Wang,Xiaotong Gao,Pingjun Sun
Applied Geography Published 2024-07-01
Spatial heterogeneity in cropland multifunctionality trade-offs and their drivers: A case study of the Huaihai Economic Zone, China
Jieyi Tao,Jinhe Zhang,Ping Dong,Yuqi Lu,Tian WangZhangrui QianXiaobin MaFeng Sun
Environmental impact assessment review Published 2024-07-01
Benchmarking real and ideal cities - a multicriteria analysis of city performance based on urban form
João Monteiro,Nuno Sousa,J. Coutinho-Rodrigues,Eduardo Natividade-Jesus
Cities Published 2024-07-01
Low emission zones and traffic congestion: Evidence from Madrid Central
Filippo Tassinari
Published 2024-07-01
Editorial Board
Geomorphology Published 2024-07-01
Rebuilding the resilience of mountainous rural communities by enhancing community capital through industrial transformation: A case study from rural Fujian, China
Zhi-Qiang Zheng,R. Chou
Habitat International Published 2024-07-01
Clarity or confusion: A review of computer vision street attributes in urban studies and planning
Liu Liu,Andres Sevtsuk
Cities Published 2024-07-01
Building equity into public park and recreation service investment: A review of public agency approaches
Helen Beck,Rachel Berney,Brian Kirk,Ken P. Yocom
Landscape and Urban Planning Published 2024-07-01
Rural transformation and its links to farmland use transition: Theoretical insights and empirical evidence from Jiangsu, China
Yuzhu Zang,Shougeng Hu,Yansui Liu
Habitat International Published 2024-07-01
How planning intervention changes the “price tags” of property rights? Towards a dynamic understanding of China's small property right housing
Shenjing He,Lu Shan,Jin Zhu
Cities Published 2024-07-01
Seagrass mapping across the coast of Tanzania
B.R. Lugendo,January Wegoro,Y. Shaghude,S. Pamba,Mabula MakemieJ. Hollander
Published 2024-07-01
Socially vulnerable people and stormwater infrastructure: A geospatial exploration of the equitable distribution of gray and green infrastructure in Washington D.C.
Minkyu Park,Priscila B. R. Alves,R. Whiteheart,Marccus D. Hendricks
Cities Published 2024-07-01
Assessing the inequality of park's contributions to human wellbeing in Shanghai, China
Peng Zeng,Qianqian Dong,Marco Helbich,Yaoyi Liu,Xinyue WangTian TianYue Che
Cities Published 2024-07-01
Aggregate urban truck tour synthesis from public data
Haggai Davis,Hector Landes,Farnoosh Namdarpour,Hai Yang,Joseph Y. J. ChowK. Ozbay
Published 2024-07-01
Comparison of the distributions of centrality indices: Using spatial big data to understand urban spatial structure
Changhyo Yi,Jin Nam,JinHa Kim,Jae-Su Lee
Cities Published 2024-07-01
Mapping critical minerals projects and their intersection with Indigenous peoples' land rights in Australia
John Burton,Deanna Kemp,R. Barnes,Joni Parmenter
Published 2024-07-01
Analyzing gasoline prices in five Italian cities: Insights from social network analysis
Andrea Fronzetti Colladon,Giulia Verdoliva,Ludovica Segneri,Andrea G. Vitali
Cities Published 2024-07-01
Planning data center locations in Swedish municipalities. A comparative case study of Luleå and Stockholm
C. Cáceres,Marcus Sandberg,Adolfo Sotoca
Cities Published 2024-07-01
Quantifying the altitudinal response of water yield capacity to climate change in an alpine basin on the Tibetan Plateau through integrating the WRF-Hydro and Budyko framework
Lei Tian,Shuchen Guo,Jiewen Feng,Chansheng He
CATENA Published 2024-07-01
Peaked too soon? Analyzing the shifting patterns of PM peak period travel in Southern California
Samuel Speroni,Fariba Siddiq,Julene Paul,Brian D. Taylor
Travel Behaviour & Society Published 2024-07-01
Catchment characteristics dominate the hydrological behavior of closed lakes across the Tibetan Plateau
Minglei Hou,Jiahua Wei,Yang Shi,O. Ayantobo,Shengling Hou
CATENA Published 2024-07-01
The characteristics of turbulence intermittency and its impact on surface energy imbalance over Loess Plateau
Heying Chang,Yan Ren,Hongsheng Zhang,Jiening Liang,Xianjie CaoPengfei TianJiayun LiJianrong BiLei Zhang
Agricultural and Forest Meteorology Published 2024-07-01
Telework and the day-to-day variability of travel behaviour: The specificities of Fridays
Benjamin Motte-Baumvol,Tim Schwanen,Olivier Bonin
Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment Published 2024-07-01
Impact of distance and/or travel time on healthcare service access in rural and remote areas: A scoping review
E. Mseke,B. Jessup,T. Barnett
Published 2024-07-01
UrbanClassifier: A deep learning-based model for automated typology and temporal analysis of urban fabric across multiple spatial scales and viewpoints
Zhou Fang,Ying Jin,Shuwen Zheng,Liang Zhao,Tianren Yang
Computers, Environment and Urban Systems Published 2024-07-01
Agricultural land use policies and landscape dynamics: Evidence from rainforest agroecological zone
Wonder Kofi Adzigbli,Eric Duku,G. Atampugre,Christine Fürst,Benjamin kofi Nyarko
Land Use Policy Published 2024-07-01
Assessing a greening tool through the lens of green gentrification: Socio-spatial change around the Nation's Gardens of Istanbul
Özge Naz Pala,Sevil Acar
Cities Published 2024-07-01
Villages-in-the-city in China and Vietnam: Comparative morphological transformation and incorporated process in Kunming and Hanoi
Ngo Kien Thinh,Yun Gao,Adrian Pitts
Cities Published 2024-07-01
DLRGeoTweet: A comprehensive social media geocoding corpus featuring fine-grained places
Xuke Hu,Tobias Elßner,Shiyu Zheng,H. N. Serere,Jens KerstenFriederike KlanQinjun Qiu
Published 2024-07-01
Synergistic effects of large-scale three-dimensional circulations in East Asian cold events: A case study of 2021/22
Wenxin Zhang,Shujuan Hu,Kai Wang,Bingqian Zhou,J. PengChenbin Gao
Atmospheric research Published 2024-07-01
Advancing equitable ‘resilience imaginaries’ in the Global South through dialogical participatory mapping: Experiences from informal communities in Brazil
Vangelis Pitidis,Jon Coaffee,Fernanda Lima-Silva
Cities Published 2024-07-01
Dissecting shared e-scooters usage patterns and its impact on other transportation modes: A case study of Portland city
Farzana Mehzabin Tuli,Suman Mitra
Travel Behaviour & Society Published 2024-07-01
The imprint of coevolving semi-arid landscapes, soil, and vegetation on soil moisture and vegetation variability
Ankur Srivastava,O. Yetemen,Jose F. Rodriguez,N. Kumari,P. Saco
CATENA Published 2024-07-01
A comparative approach to GIS modelling of terrestrial mobility in archaeological sites. The iron age hillfort of Villasviejas del Tamuja as a study case
E. Quirós,Pedro Trapero Fernández,Alicia Antolín,Victorino Mayoral
Journal of Archaeological Science Published 2024-07-01
Rainstorm erosion difference and topographical changes induced by heavy rainfall between afforestation and grassland restoration catchments on the Chinese Loess Plateau
Mingkui Hao,Zhao Jin,Da Luo,Guofan Cao,Chengcheng JiangHao HanSiqi YangJing Zhang
Geomorphology Published 2024-07-01
Revisiting the climate change adaptation strategy of Jakarta's coastal communities
Agus Heri Purnomo,Tikkyrino Kurniawan,Alan Ray Farandy,Tenny Apriliani,NurlailiMasyhuri ImronAsa Jose Sajise
Published 2024-07-01
Subalpine peatland development since the Last Glacial Maximum in subtropical China: Predominantly controlled by monsoonal climate and local topography
Cong Chen,Kangyou Huang,Dehao Xie,Meiling Man,Yongjie TangYuanfu YueXiao ZhangZhuo ZhengRachid Cheddadi
CATENA Published 2024-07-01
Landscape permeability for ecological connectivity at the macro-regional level: The Continuum Suitability Index and its practical implications
P. Laner,Christian Rossi,Rachel Luethi,Filippo Favilli,Irena BertonceljGuido PlassmannRudolf M. Haller
Ecological Indicators Published 2024-07-01
Evaluating the spatial–temporal transferability of models for agricultural land cover mapping using Landsat archive
J. Wijesingha,Ilze Dzene,Michael Wachendorf
Isprs Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Published 2024-07-01
Competing or complimentary: Modeling transit ridership at route-level considering inter-route interdependencies
Sagar Patni,Sivaramakrishnan (Siva) Srinivasan
Travel Behaviour & Society Published 2024-07-01
Landscape modelling of the Yalong River catchment during the uplift of Southeast Tibet
Xiong Ou,A. Replumaz
Earth and Planetary Science Letters Published 2024-07-01
Estimating resource rents for Mozambique
José Jeremias Ganhane,J. Stage
Resources policy Published 2024-07-01
The types of city size distributions and their evolution
Yanyan Wang,Bindong Sun
Cities Published 2024-07-01
Unraveling The Effects of Micro-Level Street Environment on Dockless Bikeshare in Ithaca
Qiwei Song,Yulu Huang,Wenjing Li,Faan Chen,Waishan Qiu
Social Science Research Network Published 2024-07-01
Calibration and development of safety performance functions for two-way stop-control intersections on rural two-lane highways in Louisiana
Ming Sun,Xiaoduan Sun,Ruiche Liu,Siyuan Hao,Jiahui Li
IATSS Research Published 2024-07-01
The Oasis Loop: Vernacular Agricultural Landscapes in Arid Conditions
Pablo Pérez-Ramos
International Journal of Islamic Architecture Published 2024-07-01
Dynamic evolution and simulation of habitat quality in arid regions: A case study of the Hexi region, China
Xuehong Li,Xuebin Zhang,Haoyuan Feng,Yixia Li,Jiale YuYanni LiuHucheng Du
Ecological Modelling Published 2024-07-01
A low-cost approach to map natural groundwater recharge potential zones of a tropical watershed with complex land occupation
Danielli Nunes,Carlos Marques,R. Hirata,Rafael Terada,A. Suhogusoff
Journal of South American Earth Sciences Published 2024-07-01
Investigating the intensity of urban heat island and the impacts of local climate using verified WRF data: A case study of Rasht, Northern Iran
A. A. Orkomi,Mastooreh Ameri
Sustainable cities and society Published 2024-07-01
The risk of local crises for destination image
Konstantinos Vogklis,Alkmini Gkritzali
Annals of Tourism Research Published 2024-07-01
Improve food, water, and economic benefits in China’s oases through crop switching
Peng Chen,Shuai Wang,Yanxu Liu,Qiang Tang,Yijia WangJiaxi SongXutong WuHaoyu Zhang
International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation Published 2024-07-01
Unlocking the potential of soil potassium: Geostatistical approaches for understanding spatial variations in Northwestern Himalayas
Owais Bashir,S. A. Bangroo,S. Shafai,Nicola Senesi,Nasir Bashir NaikooShuraik KaderLizny Jaufer
Ecological Informatics Published 2024-07-01
The changing distribution of land in rural Vietnam, 2004–2014
Bob Baulch,Minh Song Ngoc Huynh,Trinh Duc Tran
Land Use Policy Published 2024-07-01
Combining terrestrial lidar with single line transects to investigate geomorphic change: A case study on the Upper Verde River, Arizona
Lauren L. Tango,T. Sankey,Jackson Leonard,J. Sankey,A. Kasprak
Geomorphology Published 2024-07-01
The influence of vegetation restoration on soil quality in abandoned farmlands in the Yuanjiang dry-hot valley
Guanghai Wang,Yifan Dong,Li Rong,Wantao Yang,Xingwu Duan
CATENA Published 2024-07-01
Is a 15-Minute City Within Reach? Measuring Multimodal Accessibility and Carbon Footprint in 12 Major American Cities
Tanhua Jin,Kailai Wang,Yanan Xin,Jian Shi,Ye HongFrank Witlox
Land Use Policy Published 2024-07-01
Soil erosion in the United States: Present and future (2020–2050)
Shahab Aldin Shojaeezadeh,M. Al-Wardy,M. Nikoo,Mehrdad Ghorbani Mooselu,Mohammad Reza AlizadehJan AdamowskiHamid MoradkhaniN. AlamdariAmir H. Gandomi
CATENA Published 2024-07-01
A participatory foresight approach to envisioning post-pandemic urban development pathways in Tokyo
Ayyoob Sharifi,Prince Dacosta Aboagye,Mingyuan Zhang,Akito Murayama
Habitat International Published 2024-07-01
Local insights into industrial nature-based solutions: A comparative study between Northwest China and New Zealand
Yuliang Wang,Yongchun Yang,Dan Liu,Zilong Zhang,Weizhen RenYingqi SunFeifei Li
Cities Published 2024-07-01
Disentangling the drivers of marginalisation in Mediterranean inlands: A case study in the Sardinian mountains
Pietro Todde,Marta Debolini,P. Roggero,V. Giannini
CATENA Published 2024-07-01
Spatiotemporal evolution of rocky desertification and soil erosion in karst area of Chongqing and its driving factors
Shidie Chen,Xingping Wei,Yunli Cai,Hui Li,Liangxin LiJunbing Pu
CATENA Published 2024-07-01
Intelligent optimization of highway alignments: A novel approach integrating geographic information system and genetic algorithms
B. Al-Hadad,Wrya H. Nadir,Glpa Ali M. Jukil
Engineering applications of artificial intelligence Published 2024-07-01
GIS-based analysis of filling stations in Onitsha north and south local government areas in Anambra State, Nigeria
Franklin Valentine Obiora Enwezor,Johnbosco Chibueze Ojiako
World Journal of Advanced Research and Reviews Published 2024-06-30
Geospatial assessment of the impact of climate variability on millet and yam yield in FCT, Abuja
Monica Ndidi Onumaegbu,Eyong Eteng Eyong,Vivian Chisom Nwabughiogu,Tochukwu Ikediashi,Ogochukwu Ukamaka EzelobeChinenye Ann NwekeEpsar Philip KopteerNazifa Musa BaukaJuliana Yetunde BelloJibatswen Agbutsokwa Hosea
World Journal of Advanced Research and Reviews Published 2024-06-30
Application of satellite data and GIS services for studying air pollutants in Basra province, south of Iraq
Hussein T Khreebsh,Nayyef M Azeez
GSC Advanced Research and Reviews Published 2024-06-30
Preparation of Tourism Development Plan for Koraput District
Shiv Prasad Behera
International Journal for Research in Applied Science and Engineering Technology Published 2024-06-30
Effects of Commercialization on Microclimate of Lahore: Contextual Investigation of Karim Block, Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore
Hira Binte Iftikhar,Aleena Sohail,Faiqa Khan
Pakistan Social Sciences Review Published 2024-06-30
Analysing Environmental Sustainability Issues and Conflict in Nigeria's Niger Delta Region
R. T. James,T. Olaniyi,P. Olatubosun
International Journal of Sustainable Energy Development Published 2024-06-30
Application of Remote Sensing and GIS for Soil Erosion Analysis on Baitarani River Basin by RUSLE Model
Keshab Chandra Pradhan,Bhabani Sankar Sa,Dr. Piyush Ranjan Rout
International Journal for Research in Applied Science and Engineering Technology Published 2024-06-30
Janusz Łach,Aneta Marek
Geo Journal of Tourism and Geosites Published 2024-06-28
Djouheina Kouidre Bouhkelifi,Fateh Mezerdi
Analele Universităţii din Oradea: Seria Geografie Published 2024-06-28
Manel Naili,Djamel Telaidjia
Geo Journal of Tourism and Geosites Published 2024-06-28
Pigeon racing in South Africa: Exploring the socio-economic nature and extent of this 'unknown sport'
Cecilia Mostert,Ronnie Donaldson
GeoSport for Society Published 2024-06-28
Anninda Sabina,Yulius Yulius,S. Agus,H. L. Salim,Ira DilleniaTaslim ArifinJ. PrihantonoD. PurbaniA. HeriatiM. RamdhanSiti Hajar SuryawatiAry WahyonoU. J. WishaZulfiandi Zulfiandi
Geo Journal of Tourism and Geosites Published 2024-06-28
S. Genchev,K. Gartsiyanova
Geo Journal of Tourism and Geosites Published 2024-06-28
Ebson Ngondo,Uwe P. Hermann,Dewald H. Venter
Geo Journal of Tourism and Geosites Published 2024-06-28
Cassidy Agbor Etta,E. Eja,Emeka Josephet Owan,Francis Abul Uyang,Iyam M ArikpoC. A. UshieDan, Felicia AGBOR-OBUNTangban Egbe EbaguQueen Olubukola Ayeni
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Jhon Jairo Romero,D. A. Escobar,C. Moncada
Geo Journal of Tourism and Geosites Published 2024-06-28
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Ly Nguyen Thao,Huong Tran Thi,Ishiwat Yuki Ishikawa,Duong Nguyen Thuy,Hien Nguyen ThuUmesh YeshusHa Nguyen Thi Hoang
Published 2024-06-25
Longshore sediment transport rate at a pocket beach in Phu Quoc City, Kien Giang Province, Vietnam
Huy Nguyen Anh,Ty Tran Van,Duy Dinh Van,Dat Pham Tan,Man Truong KhaiDat Nguyen Tran TanChoi Quach Van
Published 2024-06-25
Application of MNDWI index for flood damage area calculation in Lam river basin using google earth engine platform
Ngoc Minh Trinh
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Assessing the Efficacy of Air Pollution Mitigation in Beijing: Insights from GIS and Machine Learning Analyses
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Estimation of the virtual water trade of agricultural products between Vietnam and China
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Application GIS and remote sensing methods to assess the change in land surface temperature in Ba Ria - Vung Tau province, Vietnam
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Published 2024-06-25
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Study on the maximum longitudinal slope and slope length of construction access roads in mountainous areas
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Spatiotemporal patterns, sustainability, and primary drivers of NDVI-derived vegetation dynamics (2003-2022) in Nepal.
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Geographical disparities in access to surgical treatment and mortality rates from abdominal aortic aneurysms in Brazil: A retrospective longitudinal study.
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Confronting mobile phone signal coverage and helicopter emergency medical service travel time: A geospatial analysis in the northwest macro-region of Paraná State, Brazil.
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Identifying spatially differentiated pathways for rural transformation in Pakistan
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Nexus between the deficit in moisture transport and drought occurrence in regions with projected drought trends
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Achievements and challenges in Citizen-lead landscape development based on “70 Colors of Sapporo’s Landscape”
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Modeling current and future pomegranate distribution under climate change scenarios in the Fes-Meknes region, Morocco
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UAS Photogrammetry for Precise Digital Elevation Models of Complex Topography: A Strategy Guide
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Study on location optimization of Floodlight Trucks
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Assessing complementarity and substitution effects of cultural events in rural communities: insights from a Mediterranean island
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The Importance of Interpretation in Promoting Geotourism to the Daigu Landform
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Convection-permitting regional climate simulations over coastal regions in China
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The Transformation and Strategic Research of China's Rural Areas under the Conditions of Urban-rural Imbalance
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„Der Park als Problemraum“. Regieren städtischer Drogenkulturen am Beispiel des Görlitzer Parks
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A Trial of Urban Area Change Detection by Open Satellite Data Platform
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The Impact of Tourism Industry Agglomeration on the High-Quality Development of China's Tourism Economy: Testing Based on the Spatial Durbin and Threshold Models
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Research on the early warning indicator system for public safety risks in county areas of the Yangtze River Delta region during urbanization process
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A Review of Village Tourism in Nepal: Concept and Practice
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The Study of Distribution for the Plants of Alien Species on Specific Islands Monitored by Ministry of Environment, South Korea
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An Agent-based Approach to Study Spatial Structure Effects on Estimated Distance Deterrence in Commuting
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Vehicle Geolocalization from Drone Imagery
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Influence of Tourists' Perception of Rural Tourism Quality and Place Attachment on Tourists' Environmentally Responsible Behavior: A Case Study of the Longji Terrace Scenic Area in Guangxi
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Identifying the losers in the transport transition: evidence from Germany
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A study on changes in the green environment and policy effects of urbanization in the Onda River basin
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The Dunn Map: An American and a Long-Forgotten Curio from Nineteenth-Century China
Ronald C. Po
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Under and Through Water Datasets for Geospatial Studies: the 2023 ISPRS Scientific Initiative “NAUTILUS”
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Reformatting a Traditional Image of the Qing Imperial Realm According to Modern Western Cartography
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Post-COVID-19 Spatial Resilience in Community-based Tourism: A Case Study on Ayutthaya
Patiphol Yodsurang,Unyaporn Suthutvoravut,Wandee Pinijvarasin
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Based on the Success of Hogeweyk, Dutch "Amnesia town", Which Can Be Used for Reference in China's Retirement Town Industry -- A Case Study of Wuzhen Yayuan
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Regional resilience and the network structure of inter-industry labour flows
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Research on the relocation of castle towns to higher ground in Koromo
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Urban Traffic Dominance: A Dynamic Assessment Using Multi-Source Data in Shanghai
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Making Landscapes Negotiable: Q-methodology as a Boundary-Spanning and Empowering Diagnostic.
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Graphic Novels: A Pedagogical Device for Understanding Key Concepts in Global Migration and Encouraging Empathy for the Experiences of Displaced Persons
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A survey on geocoding: algorithms and datasets for toponym resolution
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Policy measures mitigate the adoption of crop diversification strategies by farmers: insights from the Tibetan Plateau
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Capturing the contradictory beauty of Mexico City in The Romanoffs
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Energy abundance, the geographical distribution of manufacturing, and international trade
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Application of geographic information systems with artificial neural networks technique in prediction of wind energy potential; the case of Isparta Province, Türkiye
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UAV, GNSS, and GIS for the Rapid Assessment of Multi-Occurrence Landslides
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Pockets of survival and alleys of livelihood: tracking local practices to sustain urban vitality in cities during and post-conflict in the city of Homs/Syria
Abeer Abdelal,Tarek Teba,Barrak Gharbi
Published 2024-06-09
A study on commuters’ public transportation mode choice behavior in river valley-type cities considering terrain spatial perception: evidence from Lanzhou, China
Mengxing Fan,Jinping Qi,Xiangdong Zheng,Hongtai Shang,Jiayun Kan
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Städer, begrepp och perspektiv – ett ordnat kaos
Jes Wienberg
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Have you also been a member of the DGfK for 60 years?
Jochen Schiewe
KN - Journal of Cartography and Geographic Information Published 2024-06-09
Impact of Geopolitical Risk on the Maritime Supply Chain: A Regional Analysis of the Effects on Global Trade
Ashraf Dawar,Yang Bai
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Analysis of Geospatial Data Loading
Aske Wachs,Eleni Tzirita Zacharatou
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Investigating the Direct and Indirect Drivers of Land Use and Land Cover Change from Agriculture to Acacia Plantations in Banja District, Awi Zone, Ethiopia
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Trends and shifts of climate extremes in Eastern Paraná State, Brazil
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Integrating remote sensing classification techniques for land use mapping in semi-arid regions: a case study of the Tamlouka basin, Algeria.
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Efficient self-organization of informal public transport networks
Kush Mohan Mittal,M. Timme,Malte Schröder
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Spatiotemporal forest health assessment for ecosystem management of Sariska National Park (India) under regional climatic inconstancies
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Environment, Development and Sustainability Published 2024-06-08
Peak Flow Event Durations in the Mississippi River Basin and Implications for Temporal Sampling of Rivers
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