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Increased C4 cultivation and consumption as an impetus for population growth at Badia Pozzeveri, Italy (11th–13th centuries CE)
A. Amaro,Benjamin T. Fuller,A. Fornaciari,Valentina Giuffra,Jesper OlsenMarcello A. Mannino
Published 2024-09-01
Beyond Uniformity: Technical and historical dynamics among pottery traditions in the Falémé Valley, eastern Senegal
Adrien Delvoye,Anne Mayor,Ndèye Sokhna Guèye
Journal of anthropology and archaeology Published 2024-09-01
Geochemical analysis of domestic spaces. Studying activity areas in houses at 17th-century Old Dongola, Sudan
Maciej Wyżgoł,Barbara Woronko
Published 2024-09-01
A Late Pleistocene Eastern Mediterranean palaeoclimate record based on stable carbon isotopes (Δ13C) of archaeological charcoal: New data from the Epipalaeolithic sequence of Ein Qashish South, Israel
Chiara Belli,Mina Weinstein-Evron,V. Caracuta,Dani Nadel,Reuven YeshurunL. RegevElisabetta BoarettoAlla Yaroshevich
Published 2024-09-01
Tree-ring dates of excavated wooden containers provide a chronological framework for the ancient capital of Nara in Japan
Hitoki Maeda,Yasuharu Hoshino,M. Ohyama,Yoko Ura,Y. Kohdzuma
Published 2024-09-01
Preliminary insights into the use of pottery and culinary practices at Guijiabao site in southwest China
Li-Ying Wang,Kuei-chen Lin,Zhiqing Zhou
Published 2024-09-01
Vacillant planning for creating green cities: The empirics of urban greenery in Kumasi, Ghana
Emmanuella Abena Bemah Okyere,M. O. Asibey
Cities Published 2024-09-01
Vent-for-surplus in Southeast Asian development since 1870
Gregg Huff
World Development Published 2024-09-01
Bio-anthropological study of Ramose’s skeleton: The father of Senenmut, a prominent state official of the Egyptian Queen Hatshepsut
W. Basha,Walaa Yousef,Mohamed S. El Hussieny,Manal A. Maher
Published 2024-09-01
Burial of two closely related infants under a “dragon stone” from prehistoric Armenia
A. Bobokhyan,Miren Iraeta-Orbegozo,Hugh McColl,R. Mkrtchyan,H. SimonyanJazmín Ramos-MadrigalAída Andrades-ValtueñaPavol HnilaAlessandra GilibertAshot Margaryan
Published 2024-09-01
An experimental-based characterization of breakage patterns of prehistoric bladelets: The combined impact of knapping, exposure to fire and trampling
Jiying Liu,Dani Nadel,Hong Chen,Iris Groman-Yaroslavski
Published 2024-09-01
Investigating the Spatiotemporal Pattern between Street Vitality in Historic Cities and Built Environments Using Multisource Data in Chaozhou, China
Hanyu Wei,Guoguang Wang
Journal of urban planning and development Published 2024-09-01
Historical and future dynamics of cropland soil organic carbon stocks in an intensive human-impacted area of southeastern China
Enze Xie,Jian Chen,Yuxuan Peng,Guojing Yan,Yongcun Zhao
Published 2024-09-01
Historical park planning is associated with modern-day patterns of bird diversity in cities
Daniel J. Herrera,M. Fidino,David A. Luther,Jennifer M. Mullinax,Travis Gallo
Landscape and Urban Planning Published 2024-09-01
The partisanship of American inventors
Daniel Fehder,Florenta Teodoridis,Joseph Raffiee,Jino Lu
Research Policy Published 2024-09-01
Climate change adaptation and mitigation and historic centers preservation. Underway and repeatable technological design solutions
Elvira Nicolini
Cities Published 2024-09-01
Huachen: First record of use of dogs for carrying loads among hunter-gatherers in South America. Human-dog interactions on the late Holocene in Colhué Huapi lake, Argentine Patagonia
L. Zilio,H. Hammond,Santiago Peralta González,María Laura Parolin,Alejandro MontesSilvina Mariela OcampoJulián Eduardo Moreno
Published 2024-09-01
Isotopic evidence of millet consumption in the Liangshan region of southwestern China during the Neolithic
Yi Guo,Guicheng Guo,Juebao Xia,Huashi Liu,Yan ZhangRubi WuYongge SunYuxin He
Archaeological Research in Asia Published 2024-09-01
Feeding patterns of marine euryhaline fish and their impact on hunter-gatherer diets during the Mid-Late Holocene in the eastern Pampa-Patagonia transition (Argentina)
G. Flensborg,Gustavo Martínez,Luciana Stoessel,Augusto Tessone
Published 2024-09-01
Identifying resilient women through bioarchaeology: Perspectives from two contemporaneous Inner Asian studies dating to the Late Bronze-Early Iron Age transition
Michelle Hrivnyak,Jacqueline T. Eng,Jargalan Burentogtokh,Quanchao Zhang
Archaeological Research in Asia Published 2024-09-01
Richard G. Hovhannisian’s Scientific Legacy
Armenuhi V. Ghambaryan
Journal of Armenian studies Published 2024-08-05
Beyond the palimpsest: Traditions and modernity in urban villages of Shenzhen, China
Diwen Tan,Minh Quang Nguyen
Cities Published 2024-08-01
The South African economic elite and ownership changes in foreign multinationals’ assets during and after Apartheid-era sanctions
Helena Barnard,John M. Luiz
Journal of World Business Published 2024-08-01
Ancient DNA reveals the origin and history of early dogs in northeastern China
Xingcheng Wang,Wenqi Wei,Ning Kang,Naifan Zhang,Zhuowei TangQuanjia ChenLixin WangWei ZhangHe TianWei LiuDawei Cai
Journal of Archaeological Science Published 2024-08-01
Micro-photogrammetry and traceology: new on-site documentation approaches using portable digital microscopes
Giulia Previti,Beatrice Luci,C. Lemorini
Journal of Archaeological Science Published 2024-08-01
Really? It depends! How authentic learning material affects involvement with personal stories of the past
Lisa Zachrich,Wolfgang Wagner,C. Bertram,Ulrich Trautwein
Learning and Instruction Published 2024-08-01
Fluctuating nature of prehistoric settlement and land use preserved in sedimentary record of vanished gully
Jan Petřík,K. Adameková,Michaela Prišťáková,L. Petr,T. TencerJan NovákJakub VránaM. KalábekJaroslav PeškaP. Milo
CATENA Published 2024-08-01
Lost-wax casting: A widespread technique to produce copper alloy adornments in Atlantic Europe since the mid-second millennium BC
Marilou Nordez
Journal of Archaeological Science Published 2024-08-01
Dynamic modeling of the moisture and salt's transport in the unearthed terracotta warriors of emperor Qin's mausoleum museum, China
Bin Chang,Jiaxuan Li,Zhuangbo Feng,Hua Li,Fei FuXilian LuoZhaolin Gu
International Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer Published 2024-08-01
Neanderthal hunting grounds: The case of Teixoneres Cave (Spain) and Pié Lombard rockshelter (France)
Antigone Uzunidis,Ruth Blasco,Jean-Philip Brugal,Tiffanie Fourcade,Juan OchandoJ. RosellAudrey RousselA. RufàM. F. Sánchez GoñiP. TexierF. Rivals
Journal of Archaeological Science Published 2024-08-01
Scientific nationalism and museums of the future in Germany and the UAE
Natalie Koch
Political Geography Published 2024-08-01
Perceptions of professional stakeholders in the process of historic building regeneration in the UK: A relational perspective
Carolyn Gibbeson
Cities Published 2024-08-01
How Computers Shaped Steel During the Digital Revolution, With Special Reference to North America
Nirbhar Neogi
Published 2024-07-20
Image and Identity: Mexican Fashion in the Modern Period, Curated by Akemi Luisa Herráez Vossbrink, Meadows Museum SMU, Dallas, TX, 9 September 2021–9 January 2022
Evan Blackwell
Published 2024-07-01
Dark pottery from the early Iron Age in southern Veneto, Italy: The provenance issue under the adoption of specific technological procedures
E. Pérez-Monserrat,Vanessa Baratella,Lara Maritan,Massimo Vidale
Applied Clay Science Published 2024-07-01
Digitalization in Conservation and Sustainability of Antiquities Applying to the two witnesses, Zepa's Kadeen and Duran Hanim's In the mother's grave of Prince Muhammad ʽAlī in the Cemetery of Al-Imām Al-Šāfiʽī in Cairo
heba mohsen Abo Egila,Asmaa Abouzied Salama Abouzied Abouzied
The International Journal of Tourism and Hospitality Studies Published 2024-07-01
Framing the Holocaust in Polish Aftermath Cinema: Posthumous Materiality and Unwanted Knowledge
Elżbieta Ostrowska
The Polish Review Published 2024-07-01
Wedding rituals, political power and the third space in Soviet Azerbaijan
Jeyran Jafarova,Umut Ozkaleli
Published 2024-07-01
Poland in a Colonial World Order: Adjustments and Aspirations, 1918–1939
Zachary Mazur
The Polish Review Published 2024-07-01
Communist Poland: A Jewish Woman's Experience
Anna Müller
The Polish Review Published 2024-07-01
The Complexity of Irony with its Types and Layers to Displaying the Vices of the Society in Jane Austen's Emma
ماجد محمد عبد الفتاح حسن
مجلة کلیة الآداب جامعة الفیوم Published 2024-07-01
Combining in situ elemental and molecular analysis: The Viceroys portraits in Old Goa, India
A. Machado,S. Valadas,P. Vandenabeele,A. T. Caldeira,L. PiorroT. ReisA. Candeias
Journal of Cultural Heritage Published 2024-07-01
José Blanco F.,Raúl J. Vázquez-López
Published 2024-07-01
Reinventing Sacred Ground Amidst Natural Disaster: The Holy Islamic Tomb in Seventeenth-Century Quanzhou
Sylvia Wu
International Journal of Islamic Architecture Published 2024-07-01
Revealing the Role of the Deity sA @wt @r
Sherin Hafez,Radwa Aly Shelaih
The International Journal of Tourism and Hospitality Studies Published 2024-07-01
The History of the Polish Collection and Programming at the Chicago Public Library
Maria Zakrzewska
The Polish Review Published 2024-07-01
Theorizing Climate Change and the Built Environment in the Islamic World
Michelle Apotsos
International Journal of Islamic Architecture Published 2024-07-01
On Liangzhu Culture Tremolite-Tempered Pottery: Social complexity, logistical networks and cross-craft interaction in Neolithic China
Xiaohan Zhao,Ye Zhao,Xiaoli Qin,Rong Wang
Journal of Archaeological Science Published 2024-07-01
Revisiting the bleeding effect in historical cobalt porcelain pigments: Mechanism, influence and technical responses
Xiaochenyang Jiang,Nian Liu,Xuekun Xu,Yan Ge,Zhimin LiJianfeng CuiYang Zhai
Journal of Archaeological Science Published 2024-07-01
Realities or mythologies: England's village pubs and counterurbanisation
Claire Markham
Habitat International Published 2024-07-01
A multi-analytical approach reveals flexible compound adhesive technology at Steenbokfontein Cave, Western Cape
Alessandro Aleo,A. Jerardino,Rivka Chasan,Myrto Despotopoulou,Dominique J.M. Ngan-TillardRuud W.A. HendrikxG. Langejans
Journal of Archaeological Science Published 2024-07-01
Deconstructing Borders: Arab American Immigrants and Body Politics in Mohja Kahf’s The Girl in the Tangerine Scarf
Pervine Elrefaei
Cairo Studies in English Published 2024-07-01
Exploring the Transformative Journey of Academic Libraries in Africa before and after COVID-19 and in the Generative AI Era
Michael Agyemang Adarkwah,Ekene Francis Okagbue,O. Oladipo,Yohana Kifle Mekonen,Abazie Genevive AnulikaIlokanulo Samuel NchekwubemchukwuM. OkaforOkoye Maureen ChinetaSayibu MuhideenA. Islam
The journal of academic librarianship Published 2024-07-01
Keynote: A Tale of Two Industroyers: It was the Season of Darkness
Alvaro A. Cárdenas
Published 2024-07-01
Survivors: Warsaw under Nazi Occupation
Stephan Lehnstaedt
The Polish Review Published 2024-07-01
Eccentric, unintelligible, gregarious and undomesticated: Southern Italian female characters in three films by Leonardo Pieraccioni
Marcello Messina
Published 2024-07-01
‘Architectural Design for Procuring Thermal Comfort’: Hassan Fathy, Nubia, and Desert Building
Nancy Y. Reynolds
International Journal of Islamic Architecture Published 2024-07-01
Colorimetric characterization of multispectral imaging systems for visualization of historical artifacts
Morteza Maali Amiri,David W. Messinger,Todd R. Hanneken
Journal of Cultural Heritage Published 2024-07-01
(Late)nt? Exploring the latent potential for participatory heritage conservation in makhanda, South Africa
P.M. Irvine,Zandile Nombulelo Dlongolo
Habitat International Published 2024-07-01
Counterurban sensibilities in the global countryside: The relational making of rurality and heritage in Xizhou Town, Southwest China
Junxi Qian,Yanheng Lu,Xueping Li,Xueqiong Tang
Habitat International Published 2024-07-01
Significance of land use as a flood control measure: Unveiling the historical and contemporary strategies in the unique case of Kofu basin alluvial fan, Japan
Rei Itsukushima,K. Ohtsuki,Tatsuro Sato
International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction Published 2024-07-01
Literature and Film from East Europe's Forgotten “Second World”: Essays of Invitation
Sheila Skaff
The Polish Review Published 2024-07-01
Portrayal of Men and Women in English and Palestinian Arabic Proverbs
Published 2024-07-01
Re-imagining the Past to Make a Future: Afrofuturism in Rita Dove's Sonata Mulattica
Hala Darwish
Cairo Studies in English Published 2024-07-01
Abolish Human Bans: Intertwined Histories of Architecture, Esra Akcan (2020)
G. Baydar
International Journal of Islamic Architecture Published 2024-07-01
The effect of Kahramanmaraş earthquakes on historical Malatya Yeni Mosque
İ. Kocaman,Ömer Mercimek,Muhammed Gürbüz,Y. Erbaş,Özgür Anıl
Engineering Failure Analysis Published 2024-07-01
Reconstructing the World from beyond the Valley of the Dead
Amal Mazhar
Cairo Studies in English Published 2024-07-01
Digital methods and techniques for reconstructing and visualizing ancient 3D polychromy – An overview
Eliana Siotto,Paolo Cignoni
Journal of Cultural Heritage Published 2024-07-01
Past human decision-making based on stone tool performance: Experiments to test the influence of raw material variability and edge angle design on tool function
L. Schunk,Ivan Calandra,Anja Cramer,Walter Gneisinger,João Marreiros
Journal of Archaeological Science Published 2024-07-01
The Many Meanings of Mina: Popular Music Stardom in Post-war Italy, Rachel Haworth (2022)
Elena Mosconi
Published 2024-07-01
Improving access: Multi-analytical survey of the Norwegian Sea trade archive to establish storage conditions, digitisation priorities and conservation treatments
Ekaterina Pasnak,Jasna Malešič,Sílvia O. Sequeira
Journal of Cultural Heritage Published 2024-07-01
The underground: Alternative scenes and clothing styles in Costa Rica during the 1990s
Mariela Agüero Barrantes
Published 2024-07-01
A forgotten structure in the rural setting of Kastamonu/Turkey: Documentation, restitution and restoration proposal for Mehran Mosque
Ercan Aksoy
Case Studies in Construction Materials Published 2024-07-01
Unraveling the mummy's shroud: A multi-analytical study of a rare painted textile from Roman Egypt
Anna Piccirillo,Paola Buscaglia,C. Caliri,Francesco Paolo Romano,Danilo Paolo PavoneEva Luna RavanMichela BotticelliClaudia ContiMaria CatramboneC. MilianiIlaria DeganoAlessia AndreottiFederica NardellaM. SamadelliAlice PaladinRoberta GentaM. CardinaliFederica PozziDaniela Picchi
Journal of Cultural Heritage Published 2024-07-01
The Last Grand Külliye of Istanbul: The Yeni Valide Mosque Complex and the Little Ice Age
Onur Öztürk
International Journal of Islamic Architecture Published 2024-07-01
The Long and Winding Road through Inner and Outer Trenches of Post-Soviet Europe
Christopher Garbowski
The Polish Review Published 2024-07-01
Deep learning-based automated tile defect detection system for Portuguese cultural heritage buildings
Narges Karimi,M. Mishra,P. Lourenço
Journal of Cultural Heritage Published 2024-07-01
Heinz Isler’s physical form finding of the HIB tennis shells
Giulia Boller,Philippe Block,Joseph Schwartz
Structures Published 2024-07-01
Utilising ancient DNA to understand crop population dynamics across a millennium: A case study of archaeological barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) from Gran Canaria, Spain
J. Hagenblad,Jacob Morales,M. Leino,Robin Abbey-Lee,A. Rodríguez-RodríguezJonathan Santana
Journal of Archaeological Science Published 2024-07-01
Orienting Italy: China through the Lens of Italian Filmmakers, Mary Ann Mcdonald Carolan (2022)
Michele Monserrati
Published 2024-07-01
Experimental and Independent Italian Cinema: Legacies and Transformations into the Twenty-first Century, Anthony Cristiano and Carlo Coen (eds) (2020)
Rossella Catanese
Published 2024-07-01
Women, Feminism and Italian Cinema: Archives from a Film Culture, Dalila Missero (2022)
Paola Bonifazio
Published 2024-07-01
Times and spaces of crime in the Historic Centre of Porto: Evidence from official data
Rui Leandro Maia,M. Guerreiro,Daniela Paulo,Vanessa Azevedo,A. Sani
Cities Published 2024-07-01
National identity in Italian westerns and post-westerns
Jesús Ángel González
Published 2024-07-01
The Déesse and the Dam: Extractive Audacity, Montage, and the Politics of Ecological Devastation on the Euphrates
Meghan Clare Considine
International Journal of Islamic Architecture Published 2024-07-01
Pasta, Pizza and Propaganda: A Political History of Italian Food TV, Francesco Buscemi (2022)
Ana Tominc
Published 2024-07-01
Manifestations of Racial Hybridity as Shown in Robert JC Young's Criticism
Asmaa Maghrabi
Beni-Suef University International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Published 2024-07-01
Responses of ancient reservoir sediments to water level fluctuations, human activity and climatic changes over the past ∼700 yr in Guizhou Province, southwestern China
Enguo Sheng,Bin Liu,Shenwen Cai,Qinghe Wang,Ying DaiJianghu Lan
CATENA Published 2024-07-01
Picturing Novembrists in Paris
Tom Young
The Polish Review Published 2024-07-01
Architectural technology and labour organisation at the late Neolithic Liangzhu City, Yangtze Delta region, China
Yijie Zhuang,Junping Yuan,Shuaiwei Liang,Minghui Chen,Ningyuan Wang
Journal of Archaeological Science Published 2024-07-01
Conscious History: Polish Jewish Historians before the Holocaust
Sean Martin
The Polish Review Published 2024-07-01
Architecture and Development: Israeli Construction in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Settler Colonial Imagination, 1958–1973, Ayala Levin (2022)
Noam Shoked
International Journal of Islamic Architecture Published 2024-07-01
علياء حمدي أحمد البدري
مجلة کلیة الآداب جامعة الفیوم Published 2024-07-01
The death and the (digital) re-birth of a god – 3D virtual refitting of the Palaikastro Kouros
Sorin Hermon,Rahaf Orabi,Valentina Vassallo,Martina Polig,J. A. MacgillivrayJan Driessen
Journal of Cultural Heritage Published 2024-07-01
Unlikely Allies: Nazi German and Ukrainian Nationalist Collaboration in the General Government during World War II
Amber Nickell
The Polish Review Published 2024-07-01
The Sound of Modern Polish Poetry: Performance and Recording after World War II
Magdalena Kay
The Polish Review Published 2024-07-01
Historians of Islamic Art Association 2023 Biennial Symposium, the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, and Rice University, March 2–4, 2023
Dallin Evans
International Journal of Islamic Architecture Published 2024-07-01
“Moscow Mary” Looks behind the Iron Curtain
Neal Pease
The Polish Review Published 2024-07-01
Vampires in Italian Cinema, 1956–1975, Michael Guarneri (2020)
Alberto Iozzia
Published 2024-07-01
Suspended meanings: Pier Paolo Pasolini’s and Ritwik Ghatak’s ‘epic melodramas’
Alessandro Brunazzo
Published 2024-07-01
Estranging the Novel: Poland, Ireland, and Theories of World Literature
John Merchant
The Polish Review Published 2024-07-01
New roles for science teachers: A cultural-historical activity theory intervention to support education for health, wellbeing, and citizenship
I. Adler,Islam Akad
Teaching and Teacher Education : An International Journal of Research and Studies Published 2024-07-01
Review on integration of ontology and deep learning in cultural heritage image retrieval
Fikri Budiman,E. Sugiarto,Novi Hendriyanto
Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Published 2024-07-01
History of mathematical concepts and students’ cognitive understanding of mathematics: Effect of pedagogical content knowledge
Evelyn Agyei,Korsi K. Agbozo,Arthur D. Yarhands
Journal of Mathematics and Science Teacher Published 2024-07-01
Historic Mosques in Sub-Saharan Africa: From Timbuktu to Zanzibar, Stéphane Pradines (2022)
Robert Hillenbrand
International Journal of Islamic Architecture Published 2024-07-01
Deconstructing the lost hope and memories in Radwa Ashour’s Granada Trilo
Muhammad A. Khallaf
Published 2024-07-01
Toward Solving a Puzzle of Fragmented Archeological Textiles
Davit Gigilashvili,Casper Fabian Gulbrandsen,Ha Thu Nguyen,Margrethe Havgar,Marianne VedelerJon Y. Hardeberg
Journal of Imaging Science and Technology Published 2024-07-01
Published 2024-06-30
The Unique of Architectural Style and Tourist Attractions: The Development of Cultural Tourism in Karangasem
I. D. G. Putra,I. M. Adhika,Anak Agung Ngurah x Anak Agung Ngurah Aritama,I. D. G. Putra
Journal of Social Political Sciences Published 2024-06-30
Manjolai Estate Conflict in Tirunelveli District - A Historical Survey
A. Sevugaperumal,Dr. S. Ganeshram
International Journal for Research in Applied Science and Engineering Technology Published 2024-06-30
Analyzing the Characteristics of the 1968 Spring General Offensive and Uprising in the South Central Mekong Delta, Vietnam
Pham Văn Thinh
Journal of Social Political Sciences Published 2024-06-30
Analyzing the Social Impact of Informal Education in Vietnam in the Early 20th Century
Pham Văn Thinh
Education Quarterly Reviews Published 2024-06-30
Light and calm in the pampa
Kristy Barrantes Brais
Revista Nuevo Humanismo Published 2024-06-30
Tracing Bhavna (Feeling/Emotion) and Vichar (Thought) in Indian and Western Poetics
Anupamratanshanker Nagar
Journal of Social Political Sciences Published 2024-06-30
Issues of Good Governance of Pakistan: A Historical Analysis
Annals of Human and Social Sciences Published 2024-06-30
Intertextuality, magic realism, and postcolonial parody in Casey McQuiston’s one last stop
Suresh Regmi,Sreedhar Gautam
World Journal of Advanced Research and Reviews Published 2024-06-30
Exploring Khawaja Noor Muhammad Maharvi's Role in Spreading Islam and Spiritual Advancement in Bahawalpur Region
Muhammad Javed,Muhammad Shafiq,Moazam Ilyas
Qlantic Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities Published 2024-06-30
A Critical Race Analysis of Resilience and Resistance in Domingo’s Breaking The Maafa Chain
Mahnoor Fatima,Rana Abdul Munim Khan,Qasim Shafiq
Qlantic Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities Published 2024-06-30
Janusz Łach,Aneta Marek
Geo Journal of Tourism and Geosites Published 2024-06-28
Incipient special interest tourism: Sea angling as recreational sport in South Africa
C. Rogerson,J. Rogerson
GeoSport for Society Published 2024-06-28
La polémica sobre la existencia de una poesía antillana y la presencia del tema negro en la literatura puertorriqueña (1932-1933)
Sabina Reyes de las Casas
Philologica Canariensia Published 2024-06-22
Juan Ginés de Sepúlveda Obituary Written in Remembrance of Erasmus of Rotterdam — a Memorial or a Settling of Scores?
Marco Antonio Coronel Ramos
Philologica Canariensia Published 2024-06-22
Un ministro homicida: polémicas en la prensa norteamericana en torno al caso de Jacob S. Harden (1860)
Frederick Luciani
Philologica Canariensia Published 2024-06-22
El arduo despertar de un cambio lingüístico en la distancia comunicativa: paralelismos y divergencias con textos de la inmediatez en las relativas oblicuas del primer español moderno
José Luis Blas Arroyo,Elia Puerta Ribés
Philologica Canariensia Published 2024-06-22
Luchando contra el vicio o "Combatiendo barbarismos" (1937): un acercamiento al repertorio de Benito Fentanes
Carmen Martín Cuadrado
Philologica Canariensia Published 2024-06-22
La "Balada de Mulan": edición, traducción al español e interpretación
Yunjin Tian,Gabriel Laguna Mariscal
Philologica Canariensia Published 2024-06-22
Un capítulo olvidado en la historiografía de la fonética y la fonología españolas: el Ensayo de fonética general de Ramón Robles (1900)
M. Á. García Aranda
Philologica Canariensia Published 2024-06-22
Anita Belciugăţeanu y "Carpe rosam": su recepción en Francia y España
Mónica María Martínez Sariego
Philologica Canariensia Published 2024-06-22
El migrante como sujeto literario en dos novelas enmarcadas en la España vacía: "La forastera" (2020) y "Un hípster en la España vacía" (2020)
Juan García-Cardona
Philologica Canariensia Published 2024-06-22
Figuraciones de autor en Javier Marías y Cervantes: una nueva perspectiva sobre los narradores del Quijote
Irene Sánchez Sempere
Philologica Canariensia Published 2024-06-22
"Ava en la noche", de Manuel Vicent: formación artística y concienciación política bajo la noche franquista
Carlos Vadillo
Philologica Canariensia Published 2024-06-22
Franquismo y guerra civil en dos novelas rosas: Idilio bajo el terror (1938) y María Victoria (1940), de Josefina de la Torre
Alicia Pelegrina
Philologica Canariensia Published 2024-06-22
Mikrogesty i historie potencjalne. Pałac-pegeer w Bęsi
Justyna Szklarczyk
Published 2024-06-17
The Heritage of Catholic Village Regulations in the Red River Delta: Characteristics and Values
Nguyen Thi Que Huong,Nguyen Thi Ngoc Quynh,Nguyen Thi Thu Trang,Nguyen Thi Thuy Hang,Bui Thi Anh VanVu Linh
International Journal of Religion Published 2024-06-16
On territorial border markers of the settlement of Russians of the Middle Tom River region in the beginning of the 18th — mid 20th centuries
S. Tikhonov
On the nature of the early Medieval fortified settlements in the Trans-Urals
N. Matveeva,V.A. Sotnikov
Results of petrographic analysis of stone assemblage from the Kosa Mesolithic sites (Northern Kama region)
E. L. Lychagina,D. A. Demakov,M. A. Kulkova,E. M. Tomilina,N. Batueva
Kurgans of Gazanbulag
Shamil Najafov,D.A. Kirichenko,V.А. Аsadov
Wild goose in the traditional worldview of the Buryats
A. Badmaev
A birchbark anthropomorphic article from the Early Iron Age Novotroitskoye necropolis in the Upper Ob
N. Golovchenko,S. A. Pilipenko
The structure of the community according to the data from the Bronze Age burial ground of Bestamak
S.S. Kalieva,A. Logvin,V. Logvin,I.V. Shevnina
The use of point-impact techniques in stone processing (pecking) in the sites of forest Trans-Urals
Yu. B. Serikov
Epidemic and infection control measures in charitable institutions for children in the 19th — early 20th century (based on the materials from Saint-Petersburg)
I. Sinova
Formulation of tattoo paints from the assemblage of the Upper Paleolithic site of Ushki V (Kamchatka)
Y. Gubar,I. Y. Ponkratova,L. Lbova
Financial position of Islamic spiritual leaders in the Tobolsk Governorate in the second half of the 19th — early 20th century
G. Mavlyutova
Individual from the kurgan burial of the XII century in the Middle Oka — experience of complex archaeological and genetic research
A.S. Syrovatko,T. Andreeva,S. Kunizheva,A. Soshkina,A. B. MalyarchukI.Yu. AdrianovaV.P. GusevaS. SlepchenkoE. Rogaev
Ornamented stirrup from the elite early Medieval burial at Balyk-Sook (Central Altai)
G. V. Kubarev
Construction and Application of Cultural Gene Library of Ancestral Hall in Canton Region
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Paleosurface studies of the remains of a building in the Mikhailovsky Cordon settlement
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Art and architecture as sustainable tools of propaganda: a brief review of the imperial Rome and its influences on the 21st century polity
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Navigating identity, sustaining culture: Passing on Palestinian heritage in a time of crisis
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A History of Transparency Regulations: Interdisciplinary Strategies for Shaping Social Media Regulation and Self-Governance
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Yoorrook: truth telling in the Victorian Treaty process
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Investigating the development of narratives in directors' reports: an analysis of Barilla over six decades
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The Battle for ‘Authentic’ Heritage: The Case of the Dobbins Restoration
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Ethnicity and Representation
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Medieval re-creation and translation in Edwin Morgan and Derek Jarman’s archives: A dialogue
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Continuities and Discontinuities in Romanian Music
Otilia-Maria Badea
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Signal and noise in Skelton
Raphael Lyne
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Tekst favierski literatury rosyjskiej emigracji pierwszej fali: Arkadia wygnańców
Jolanta Brzykcy
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Historical Structural Racism in the Built Environment and Physical Health among Residents of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.
Emily J Jones,Brianna N Natale,Lorraine R. Blatt,E. Votruba-Drzal,Portia MillerAnna L MarslandRichard C. Sadler
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The Daily Work of Merchant Fishermen in the 19th Century (Based on Materials from the Astrakhan and Orenburg Governorate)
Konstantin A. Abdrakhmanov
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Pandangan Masyarakat terhadap Demokrasi Pemilu di Indonesia dengan Berlandaskan Pancasila dan UUD 1945
Ernia Wati,Filosshophya Filosshophya,Arif Mubarok
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Domy przyszłości. Paralele pomiędzy futurystyczną poetyką i architekturą – na wybranych przykładach z twórczości Wielimira Chlebnikowa
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Bucking Nationalism: Masculinity, Patriotism and the Political Rodeo
Ballard Kauffman
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Is “capitalism” a misnomer?: on Marx’s “capitalism” and knight’s “civilization”
David Ellerman
European Journal of the History of Economic Thought Published 2024-06-10
Out of Apartheid’s (Racial) Corner: One Man’s Journey from Bare-Fists to Bible-Puncher
Ashwin Desai
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Historical Perspectives of Parkinson's Disease: Early Clinical Descriptions and Neurological Therapies.
Christopher G. Goetz
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Sıtkı Selim Dolanay
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Exploring local and regional vegetation compositional changes during the Neolithic (5th–3rd millennium BC): A case study on the forager impact on vegetation in north-east Europe
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Walizka, peron, wagon… Uchodźczy los we Wspomnieniach Nadieżdy Teffi
Nel Bielniak
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Reformatting a Traditional Image of the Qing Imperial Realm According to Modern Western Cartography
Vera Dorofeeva-Lichtmann
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The extraordinary universe of Peter Apian: technical investigation of five copies of a 16th-century astronomical book
Flavia Fiorillo,Edward Cheese,Sara Öberg Strådal,Suzanne Reynolds
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An examination of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in the context of the South African local government
Thobile P. Mhlongo,Peta Thomas
Africa's Public Service Delivery & Performance Review Published 2024-06-10
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Jostein Paulgård Østmoen,Terese Wilhelmsen
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Mountain Captivity and Its Impact on the Marital, Family, and Religious Life of the North Caucasus Border Population in the First Half of the 19th Century
Yuri Yu. Klychnikov,Sergey S. Lazarian
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Building European Fraternity Through Gymnastics: The Establishment of the Bureau Des Fédérations Européennes de Gymnastiques, 1863–1913
Philippe Vonnard,Gil Mayencourt
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Charcot and recent French cinema.
Ariane St-Denis,Rami Massie
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Aftermath performance: mourning in the work of Jelili Atiku
Burlington Contemporary Journal Published 2024-06-10
The Bumpy Road to World Athletics: Foundation, People, Policies
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Kullervo – A Symphony for a Tragic Hero
Francisc Ercsey-Ravasz
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High altitude horse use and early horse transport in eastern Eurasia: New evidence from melting ice
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Diego De Riaño and the Transition to the Renaissance at the Collegiate Church of Osuna
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The History of the Myeongjin School (1906–1910): A Critical Examination of Korean Buddhism’s First Modern Educational Institution within the Pre-Colonial Context
Cheonghwan Park,Kyungrae Kim
Religions Published 2024-06-10
Methods of exhibiting the History of Machizukuri (Community Design)
Shin Aiba
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Bałtyckie dzieje Europy: prawdy i zmyślenia
Alina Kuzborska
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Strangers on a Plane
Kathy Peiss
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Capturing the contradictory beauty of Mexico City in The Romanoffs
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Seriating Trincheras Bichrome Pottery and Understanding Nearly a Millennium of Regional Ceramic Production
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Book Review [Consolations of Insignificance: A New Zealand Diplomatic Memoir]
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Lecciones militares estratégicas de la Guerra de Ucrania
Y. Rodríguez
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Multivocality and Its Implications for the Representation of Heritage: A Case Study of the Slavery Heritage in Mikindani, Tanzania
N. Lwoga,Maximillian Chami,Balele Kafumu,Rachel Kisusi,Paul Ndahani
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Propaganda Fide and the Role of Apostolic Nuncios during the Early Modern Period: A Case Study of China
Rui Zhang
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Origin of the H1N1 (Russian influenza) pandemic of 1977-A risk assessment using the modified Grunow-Finke tool (mGFT).
Fatema Kalyar,Xin Chen,A. Chughtai,C. R. Macintyre
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Colonial Ambitions and Afghan Sovereignty: Analyzing the First Anglo-Afghan War
Sahib Sadiq Hand
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Archaeology as a method and tool for resilience
Sarah E. Miller,Sara Ayers-Rigsby,E. J. Murray,Michelle J. LeFebvre,R. KangasAnnisa Karim
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Visualising the post-2000s Inland Tibet Class generation: female authorship and renegotiation of ethnicity
Jinyan Zeng
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‘The incapacity and perversity of Miss Richmond’: Britain’s ‘civilizing mission,’ colonial narratives, and the Bombay female normal school
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Freedom from tragedy: remarks on the early Lukács
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A Universal Symbol of “Love & Romanticism”:The Taj Mahal
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Presentist, trajectorial and heliocentric approaches to teaching the history of linguistics
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A revision of the semiconductor theory from history to applications
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Roberto Gerhard: Re-appraising a Musical Visionary in Exile. Monty Adkins and Rachel E Mann
Paloma Ortiz-de-Urbina
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Baptists and the Bible in the Nineteenth Century
Christine E. Joynes
The Baptist Quarterly Published 2024-06-08
Safer than in the USA? The Reception of Silent Spring in France and the Difficulties in Achieving European Regulations on Pesticides, 1962–1976
Bleuen Merrer,François Dedieu,Céline Pessis,Christophe Bonneuil
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Elizabeth Eva Leach
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Let’s go east Hull therms! Professional Baseball in 1930s Yorkshire and its amateur legacy
David Pendleton
Sport in History Published 2024-06-08
The Strasbourg Cantiones of 1539: Protestant City, Catholic Music. Daniel Trocmé-Latter
Adrian Horsewood
Published 2024-06-08
Foreword: Special issue on teaching history of linguistics in the 21st century
Stanley Dubinsky
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Patrick Newman
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Tales Behind a Spice: Toxified Terrain and Tortured Bodies in the Making of Indian Small Cardamom
Anu Krishna
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‘Fear, good servants, bad lords’: fear of the other in Ursula K. Le guin’s the left hand of darkness
Suzana Haji Muhammad,Sujuan Li
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Character Education Values in the Story of Prophet Moses and the Israelites in the Qur'an: A Hermeneutic Study
Mahmud Muhsinin,Tobroni Tobroni,Syamsurizal Yazid,Abdul Wahab
International journal of social science and human research Published 2024-06-08
Mass-Observers at the ‘atomic crossroads’
Simon J. Moody
Contemporary British History Published 2024-06-08
Neoclassical economics on the edge: Fisher, Knight, and the theory of interest in the 1930s
Rogério Arthmar,Juan Castaneda
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Margot Lyautey
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Drug discovery and development: A historical overview, current challenges and perspectives
Chai Xin Yu,C. Tham
Life Sciences, Medicine and Biomedicine Published 2024-06-08
Dumping in the Global Dixie: Circle of Poison and the Contamination of the Global South
Amy M. Hay
Global Environment Published 2024-06-08
Tuning and Temperament: Practice vs Science, 1450–2020. Patrizio Barbieri
Bella Brover-Lubovsky
Published 2024-06-08
Prison Abolition for Collective Freedom: Facilitating Co-Resistance to Binary Colonial Prisons
Leon Laidlaw
Feminist Legal Studies Published 2024-06-08
An Outline to the Festivals of the Indigenous “Tripuri Community” of Tripura
Mr. Prasenjit Ghosh
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Fishing further inland? The role of the transition to agriculture on fishing practices in the Soconusco region, Mexico
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The Lifetime Impacts of the New Deal's Youth Employment Program
Anna Aizer,Nancy Early,Shari Eli,Guido Imbens,Keyoung LeeAdriana Lleras-MuneyAlexander Strand
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Soviet Plans, Capitalist Chemistry: Khimizatsiya and the Western Pesticide Companies in the Age of Poisons
Marin Coudreau
Global Environment Published 2024-06-08
A Qualitative Inquiry of Holocaust Survivors in the Face of Financial Exploitation
Moshe Bensimon,Gali H. Weissberger,Amit Shrira
Journal of loss & trauma Published 2024-06-08
Trauma and the holocaust in John Banville’s Shroud
Rongrong Qian
The Explicator Published 2024-06-08
Why a Cracker? Jephthah’s Daughter as the Unleavened Bread of Passover
Amanda Walls
Religions Published 2024-06-08
Old habits die hard: pushing the frontiers of entrepreneurship persistence since 1926
K. Pylak,Sergey Sosnovskikh
Regional studies Published 2024-06-07
In testy hearing, Anthony Fauci confronts critics
Jocelyn Kaiser
Science Published 2024-06-07
Embedded Governance Perspective on the Theoretical Development and Evolution of Minority Village Regulations
Chen Yaolu
Economics Law and Policy Published 2024-06-07
In‐depth study of a speiss/matte sample from Castillo de Huarmey, North Coast of Peru, and its implications for the pre‐Columbian production of arsenic bronze in the Central Andes
R. Warchulski,Maciej Kałaska,B. Rizzuto,Paula Sierpień,Marcin PisarekGrzegorz KaprońBeata Marciniak‐MaliszewskaP. JokubauskasJakub KotowskiDorota ŚrodekPatrycja Prządka‐GierszM. Giersz
Archaeometry Published 2024-06-07
Anything is possible: Word of Life and utopian thinking during the revolutionary processes in Estonia, 1987–1991
Nele Dresen
Religion Published 2024-06-07
Sir William Keith, James Thomson and Scoto-British Views of the British Empire, its History and Imperial Policy, 1728-40
Zachary Bates
Scottish Historical Review Published 2024-06-07
Exploring the variability of musical-emotional expression over historical time
Joshua Frank,Peter M. C. Harrison,Barry Ross,Carina Venter
Empirical Musicology Review Published 2024-06-07
A railway modernity. Izmalkovo train station in Ivan Bunin’s work
A. V. Skiperskikh
Voprosy Literatury Published 2024-06-07
Ritual: Violence and Non-violence
G. Thite
Cracow Indological Studies Published 2024-06-07
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The history, science and preliminary results from the reintroduction of the Chequered Skipper, Carterocephalus palaemon into Rockingham Forest, England
N. Bourn,S. O’Riordan,D. Maes,P. Goffart,T. ShadboltL. HordleyA. W. SainsburyC. BulmanD. HoareR. FieldJ. CursonJ. P. WildmanG. HalfordJ. JaffeH. DonaldD. Van EenaemeS. Ellis
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From Archives to the Classroom: Using Religious Archives to Promote Religious Literacy and Toleration amongst European Young People
John Maiden
Journal of Religious History Published 2024-06-07
Die Namen der Translatio s. Alexandri und Altsächsisches in Fulda
Christoph Hössel
Namenkundliche Informationen Published 2024-06-07
Eva Linder
Nordic Theatre Journal Published 2024-06-07
Book Review: Mediterranean Seafarers in Transition: Maritime Labour, Communities, Shipping and the Challenge of Industrialization 1850s–1920s by Apostolos Delis, Jordi Ibarz, Anna Sydorenko and Matteo Barbano
Roberto Giulianelli
International Journal of Maritime History Published 2024-06-07
Memory and tradition of the Bhojpuri diaspora: the socio-cultural aesthetics of Phagwa celebration
Neha Singh,Gulab Chand
South Asian Diaspora Published 2024-06-07
The Centralized Management of Folk Art Trade in Hungary
Fruzsina Cseh
Acta Ethnographica Hungarica Published 2024-06-07
The Status of Gaza in the Persian Period: Imperial Dynamics, Local Agency, and Long-Distance Trade
Ryan Boehm
Journal of Ancient Near Eastern History Published 2024-06-07
Indigenous Peoples and Higher Education Governance: Decolonizing the Ivory Tower
Merli Tamtik
Higher Education Policy Published 2024-06-07
Performances that Disappeared
Zane Kreicberga
Nordic Theatre Journal Published 2024-06-07
Zur Toponymie der civitas Helvetiorum. Namenarchäologische Untersuchungen
Albrecht Greule,Andrea Francesco Lanzicher
Namenkundliche Informationen Published 2024-06-07
Book Review: The Whole Economy: Work and Gender in Early Modern Europe by Macleod, Catriona, Alexandra Shepard, and Maria Ågren
Janine Lanza
Journal of Family History Published 2024-06-07
Culinary continuity in central Japan across the transition to agriculture
J. Lundy,M. Bondetti,A. Lucquin,Helen M Talbot,Natsuki MurakamiSeiji NakayamaMotoki HaradaMiho SuzukiEiko EndoChris J. StevensEnrico R. CremaO. CraigS. Shoda
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Black Unsettlement: Embodied Blackness and Black Studies in the Irish Context
Philomena Mullen
Irish Journal of Sociology Published 2024-06-07
Tracing ideologies, influences, and politics: the shaping of a state monopoly in Turkey’s sports system (1920s–1990s)
E. E. Erturan-Ogut,Tolga Şinoforoğlu
Turkic Studies Published 2024-06-07
Theatre and Transgression
Hanna Korsberg
Nordic Theatre Journal Published 2024-06-07
Sergey Gorodetsky: Unfailing Devotion to Armenia
Anushavan Zakaryan
Published 2024-06-07
Some reflections on Robert Batterman's a middle way.
James Woodward
Published 2024-06-07
Agricultural Production in Luxembourg in the light of its Micro-Toponymy (Part One)
Sam Mersch
Namenkundliche Informationen Published 2024-06-07
Shades of Violence
Hermina Cielas Leão,T. Pontillo,Lidia Sudyka
Cracow Indological Studies Published 2024-06-07
Architecture, Gender and the Polemic of Taste: 1730s–1750s
Chang He,Wanying Wang
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Sophie Argyle
Published 2024-06-07
A Historical Landscape under Threat: Contestation and Preservation of Malta’s Pastoral Droveways
Gianmarco Alberti,R. Grima,Nicholas C. Vella,Kurt Xerri,David E. Zammit
The Heritage Published 2024-06-07
Smuggling and the Customs Administration in Post-Union Scotland, c. 1707-24
Hannes Ziegler
Scottish Historical Review Published 2024-06-07
Rethinking the Origins and Textual History of Ancient Jewish Literature: A Review of Recent Works by Emanuel Tov, James Nati, and Nathan Mastnjak
Matthieu Richelle
Published 2024-06-07
From Quarry to Monument: Considering Mardin Stone (SE, Türkiye) as the Symbol of Architectural and Cultural Heritage
F. Dursun
Geoheritage Published 2024-06-07
Bearing Witness: Ruth Harrison and British Farm Animal Welfare (1920–2000), by Claas Kirchhelle
Matthew Kelly
English Historical Review Published 2024-06-07
The Cold War and Phage Therapy: How Geopolitics Stalled Development of Viruses as Antibacterials.
William C. Summers
Annual Review of Virology Published 2024-06-07
Late Ottoman Origins of Modern Islamic Thought: Turkish and Egyptian Thinkers on the Disruption of Islamic Knowledge By Andrew Hammond
Ethan L. Menchinger
Journal of Islamicjerusalem Studies Published 2024-06-07
Historical development of job profiles in adult education in Germany through the interaction of intermediaries from a conventional-theoretical perspective
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The Practice Characteristics of Authorized Heritage Discourse in Tourism: Thematic and Spatial
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The strategic failure of shaping ‘childish’ colonised men into manly colonial soldiers in Vietnam and the Philippines, 1882–1915
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Published 2024-06-07
Decolonising anthropology from the margin: A postcolonial and feminist anthropologist from South Asia in Europe
Nasrin Khandoker
Irish Journal of Sociology Published 2024-06-07
Bad Weather and State-Building: Effective Urban Water Management during a Drought in Colonial Hong Kong, 1963–1964
David Clayton,Florence Mok
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Aidelaisi Silk Designing Based Luopu Tourism Souvenir Marking
Manus Kaewbucha,Han Mao
Published 2024-06-07
Talking about violence: bloody stories and colonialism in Sápmi, ca. 1600-1900
Sami Lakomäki
Scandinavian Journal of History Published 2024-06-07
My Friend the Cross: Cross-Directed Prayer in Seventh-Century Monastic Communities and New Media Studies
Daniel An
Religions Published 2024-06-07
Cursing the daēvas as an Example of Verbal Aggression in the Zoroastrian “Declaration of Faith”?
Kinga Paraskiewicz
Cracow Indological Studies Published 2024-06-07
A Bioarchaeological Perspective: What's in a Name?
J. Buikstra
Annual Review of Anthropology Published 2024-06-07
Klim Samgin and an encyclopaedic genius of the era. On Gorky’s God-building pursuit
L. M. Borisova
Voprosy Literatury Published 2024-06-07
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A gothic Taoism and its dual facets: possible worlds in The Haunted Monastery
Pan Xie
Humanities and Social Sciences Communications Published 2024-06-07
When Contextual Events Become Central to Fiction
Pirkko Koski
Nordic Theatre Journal Published 2024-06-07
Theory and Practice. Ethnographic Approaches to Cultural Heritage and an Empirical Example from Western Ukraine
Sándor Borbély
Acta Ethnographica Hungarica Published 2024-06-07
Polishing Reykjavík
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Redefining a discovery: Charles Bell, the respiratory nervous system and the birth of the emotions.
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Published 2024-06-07
The impact of the colonial architecture on the urban sustainability of Laghouat city in Algeria: ksar of Laghouat as a case
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Traditional Shipbuilding on the Island of Samos, Greece: Recording the Tangible and Intangible Data
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acts of God and restorative justice in the Joseph story
Sonia Kwok Wong
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M. Alqudah,Mohyi Aldin AbuAlhoul
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The Rise and Fall of Israel’s Anti-Apartheid Policy: The Case of Israel’s Relations with the Pan-Africanist Congress (PAC) During the 1960s
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A record of late Holocene sea level and human impacts from the southeastern coast of Sri Lanka
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The concept of businessman in history
Luiz Gonzaga de Sousa
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Study on the renovation and reuse strategy of the first batch of high-quality residential communities in china at the end of the 20th century: A Case study of Chongqing Jinguoyuan community
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Josiah Wedgwood, business history, and our modes of enquiry
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Exploring Deviation and Conformity in Thomas Hardy’s The Return of the Native
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Competitiveness in Sacred Learning
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Unemployment, divorce, and longevity: the major factors of the fertility upward evolution in Tunisia, during 1998-2018: a dynamic panel data analysis
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Evaluating the impact of an educational intervention on the history of racism in America for teaching structural competency to medical academicians
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Schüss und Susch – zwei keltische Segusia-Namen?
Luzius Thöny
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Remembering the dead, reconciling the living:
K. Belcher
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Brian Rouleau
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The Delightful and Vibrant Natural Beauty of Kashmir: The Mystical Paradise on Earth
Mr. Prasenjit Ghosh
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Corruption and Early Chief Constables in the County of Roxburgh: Sexual Misconduct, Thefts, Desertion and a ‘Disreputable Drunkard’
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Polychrome Marbles in Christian Churches: Examples from the Antependium of Baroque Altars in Apulia (Southern Italy)
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Agonistic Scenes of the mahāvrata Rite
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Bolsonaro's Equation for Social Assistance Policy during his Degovernment: Less Resources, More Expressions of the Social Issue in Brazil
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Some Observations about Warrior-gods and Distinctive Weapons in the Imagery of vrātyas
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A Brilliant, but Problematic Study: What do the Results of Frank (et al.) signify?
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Overlaying in colonial Tasmania: Revisiting the Templeman hypothesis.
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Vrātya or Ancient Indo-Aryan Violence?
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Advances and Challenges: An Analytical Exploration of Women's Struggle for Rights
Dr. Ali Raza Tahir,Muhammad Iqbal Shah
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Political realism, poetical imagination, prophecy: discussing Maurizio Viroli’s prophetic times
Raphael Ebgi
History of European Ideas Published 2024-06-07
The Paradox of Chivalric Madness: Ariosto’s and Cervantes’s Madness Representations’ Impact on Disability Representation
Nicholas L. Johnson
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Commentary on Frank et al.'s "Exploring the variability of musical-emotional expression over historical time"
Daniel Fiedler
Empirical Musicology Review Published 2024-06-07
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Heritage work in extractive zones
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The Secret Path to Reconciliation
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Cross-Culture Comparison Between A Dream in the Red Chamber and The Tales of Genji
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Journal of Contemporary History Published 2024-06-06
Sergej Macura
PHILOLOGIA MEDIANA Published 2024-06-06
The Fictional and the Factual in Alexander J. Motyl’s Who Killed Andrei Warhol: The American Diary of a Soviet Journalist
Iryna Yakovenko
Published 2024-06-06
On the Enlightenment of Costume Culture Communication to the Revival of Hanfu
Xin Li,Jiyuan Ning
Published 2024-06-06
A prince for the Renaissance: Antonio Beccadelli (1394–1471) and the representation of Alfonso the Magnanimous (1396–1458) in early modern Europe
Gema Belia Capilla Aledón
History of European Ideas Published 2024-06-06
A socioeconomic framework for cultural heritage loss and rebuilding in post-war Ukraine: a case study learning from the Balkan experiences
S. Iaromenko,B. Czyżewski,Katarzyna Woźniak-Jasińska
International Journal of Heritage Studies (IJHS) Published 2024-06-06
Research about Sensibility of Local Literature between Chinese Mainland and Taiwan in the 1980s
Xiangjin Lin
Published 2024-06-06
Viet Nam Overtook the Philippines in 2021: A Microcosm of Asian Development
Josef T. Yap
Modern Economy and Management Published 2024-06-06
Fact, Fiction, and Knowledge of Finnish History in the novel Niemi by Juha Hurme
Elina Arminen
Scandinavica - International Journal of Scandinavian Studies Published 2024-06-06
A Conceptual Outline of “Unity in Diversity in India”
Mr. Prasenjit Ghosh
International Journal of Advanced Research in Science, Communication and Technology Published 2024-06-06
Neo-Confucianism and its influence in Song Dynasty
Xizhan Huang
Published 2024-06-06
Saltwater Insurgency: Drowning and Gender during the Middle Passage
Britt Van Duijvenvoorde
Published 2024-06-06
Broken Buddhas, burials, and sanctuary-adjacent sanctuaries: the ancestral animist archaeologies of Angkor’s ancient places and things
Andrew Harris,Tina Tin,Rachna Chhay,Phirom Vitou
World archaeology Published 2024-06-06
Safeguarding and inheriting intangible cultural heritage music in the Chongqing Three Gorges Reservoir area: A case study on Lore
Su Yang
Curator: The Museum Journal Published 2024-06-06
Exploring the Multidimensional Role and Deep Impact of Granny Liu in Dream of the Red Chamber
Huijin Lu
Published 2024-06-06
The “Minor Characters” in Lu Xun’s Vernacular Literature—Set “Call to Arms” as an example
Churui Liu,Li Yang
Published 2024-06-06
Industrial, Regional, and Gender Divides in British Unemployment Between the Wars
Meredith M. Paker
Social Science Research Network Published 2024-06-06
“We Are All Haunted Houses”
Matthew A. Fike
Journal of Jungian Scholarly Studies Published 2024-06-06
Decolonizing blockades: Settler-citizen solidarities with indigenous blockades
Peter Nyers
Environment and Planning C Politics and Space Published 2024-06-06
Monks’ Militia and the Spread of the Buddhist Yŏnghŏm (Wonder) during the Japanese Invasion in the Sixteenth Century
Yong Tae Kim
Religions Published 2024-06-06
Commemorating 50 Years of Latin American Perspectives
Kemy Oyarzun Vaccaro
Latin American perspectives Published 2024-06-06
Loss and Found: Barthes, Hidden Biography and Ethical Deficit in Alexander Gardner’s ‘Portrait of Lewis Payne’
Damian Sutton
Photography and Culture Published 2024-06-06
Tamara Stošić
PHILOLOGIA MEDIANA Published 2024-06-06
The Theory of Ghosts and Gods: A Comparative Study of White Deer Plain and One Hundred Years of Solitude
Jiayan Pan
Published 2024-06-06
Historic dog furs unravel the origin and artificial selection of modern Nordic Lapphund and Elkhound dog breeds.
Shi-Zhi Wang,Yu Yan,Malin Widlund,Chen-Chang Qian,Liang-liang ZhangShao-Jie ZhangZi-Mai LiPeng CaoQing-Yan DaiXiao-Tian FengFeng LiuLu WangChao GaoQiaomei FuM. HytönenHannes LohiP. SavolainenGuo-Dong Wang
Molecular biology and evolution Published 2024-06-06
From Primal Matter to Surrogate Veneer: Wood and Faux Bois in Picasso’s Cubism
Christine Poggi
Arts Published 2024-06-06
The Prototype and Political Mythical Connotations of “Drowning Death” in Kenzaburo Oe’s Death by Water
Wanting Jiang
Rupkatha Journal on Interdisciplinary Studies in Humanities Published 2024-06-06
How Caregiver Separation Harms Children: A Biological Lens to One Child’s Trauma
Jared E. Boyce
Published 2024-06-06
Historical sensing: the spatial pattern of soundscape occurrences recorded in poems between the Tang and the Qing Dynasties amid urbanization
Hanzheng Lin,Jia-Bing Wang,Xuewei Zhang,Fangbing Hu,Jiang LiuXinchen Hong
Humanities and Social Sciences Communications Published 2024-06-06
Mapping the Territory of the Devil: Roman Catholicism, the Satanism Scare, and the Origins of Contemporary Demonology
Bernard Doherty
Religions Published 2024-06-06
Royal Fabrics: The Politics of Apparel in Tudor England as Reflected in Hilary Mantel’s Wolf Hall Trilogy
M. Janid,Anjali Daimari
Rupkatha Journal on Interdisciplinary Studies in Humanities Published 2024-06-06
Western Anti-Judaism Goes East: Syriac Reception of the Miracles of the Virgin
Sergey Minov
Scrinium Published 2024-06-06
Conceptualizing utopias: Tibetan perceptions
Karénina Kollmar-Paulenz
Religion Published 2024-06-06
Shifting sands of the past and the present in drama of the New South Africa: Neil Coppen’s Tin Bucket Drum and Nadia Davids’ What Remains
Owen Seda,Connie Rapoo
South African Theatre Journal Published 2024-06-06
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Joaquim Pinheiro
Published 2024-06-06
Public Health Reports in 2023: Continued Impact Factor Increase, New Article Collections on Mental Health and About PHR, Historical Content on Editors in Chief, and Contribution to COVID-19 Publication Science.
Hazel D Dean,Noelle M. Harada
Public health reports (1974) Published 2024-06-06
Hong Kong’s Local Consciousness in Xi Xi’s “My City”
Shuyan Liu,Tianqi Liu
Published 2024-06-06
The Tragic Origins of Hong Kong and Taiwan Literature in the 1950s and 1960s
Yingtong Sun
Published 2024-06-06
‘As Long as it’s not a Military March’: Negotiating Wartime Culture in Parade
Julian Duncan
First World War Studies Published 2024-06-06
The South African Communist Party’s revolutionary horizons
Rachel Sandwell
Safundi: The Journal of South African and American Comparative Studies Published 2024-06-06
Research on the Application Strategy and Sustainable Development of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway from the Perspective of World Heritage Sites
Yufei Wang
Published 2024-06-06
Hermogenes’ Progymnasmata
Pedro Rosário
Published 2024-06-06
Protecting the classics in Swedish copyright law: intellectual property as a cultural policy tool
Martin Fredriksson
The International Journal of Cultural Policy Published 2024-06-06
Dream of the Red Chamber and the Emergence and Evolution of Narrative Modernity in Chinese Literature
Chengle Qian
Published 2024-06-06
On the Self-Styled ‘Refutation’ of the ‘Seditious Jesus Hypothesis’ (Or Jesse Nickel’s – and Others’ – Wishful Thinking)
Fernando Bermejo-Rubio
Journal for the Study of the Historical Jesus Published 2024-06-06
Lélia Gonzalez (1935-1994): Amefricana activist Intellectual
Mônica Dias Martins
Latin American perspectives Published 2024-06-06
Comparison of Narrative Styles and Historical background’s effect on characters between the “The Dream of the Red Chambers” and “La Nouvelle Heloise”
Sarah Zhu
Published 2024-06-06
W8banaki Subsistence Patterns During the 18th and 19th Centuries at the Fort Odanak Site, Québec, Canada
Sarah Robert,Allison Bain,N. Bhiry,Geneviève Treyvaud,Roxane Lévesque
Environmental Archaeology Published 2024-06-06
The ‘full-flowing stomach’: unwholesome food, climate, and colonialism in King Lear and Kristian Levring’s The King is Alive
Seth Swanner
Adaptation Published 2024-06-06
Downplaying U.S. Imperialism Despite its Ongoing Tenacity: The Latin American Dimension
Steve Ellner
Latin American perspectives Published 2024-06-06
Covert politics of competing leadership: Antonio Orendain, Cesar Chavez, and union politics in the Rio Grande Valley, 1965-1982
Mario Venegas
Labor History Published 2024-06-06
Marxism and Feminism in LAP’s First Decade: Finding Theory Through Lived Experience
Norma Stoltz Chinchilla
Latin American perspectives Published 2024-06-06
Three degrees of separation: networks in the city of Babylon during the Reign of Darius I (522–486 BCE)
Jinyan Wang
Published 2024-06-06
Aleksandra Stojanović
PHILOLOGIA MEDIANA Published 2024-06-06
The time of the landscape: On the origins of the aesthetic revolution The time of the landscape: On the origins of the aesthetic revolution By Jacques RancièreTranslated by Emiliano BattistaCambridge: Polity Press, 2023, 120 pagesISBN: 9781509548156£12.99
Will Kitchen
Visual Studies Published 2024-06-06
Adversity breeds ingenuity: exploring the enduring effect of historical Yellow River flooding on family firm innovation
Jingjing Hu,Weihua Yu,Chenchen Deng
Applied Economics Published 2024-06-06
Jews, Lordship, and the Experience of Power in Early Eleventh Century France
Tzafrir Barzilay
Journal of Medieval History Published 2024-06-06
Nastasija Kocić,Sonja Krasić,Jovana Tomić,Isidora Mitrović
Published 2024-06-06
Baltic Sea during the Cold War: Polish-Soviet Maritime Cooperation
Jerzy Będźmirowski,Miłosz Gac,Jakub Kufel
Historia i Polityka Published 2024-06-06
Nationalism and Identity Crisis: Analyzing “Farewell to My Concubine” Through Historical Contexts
Jingyuan Yu
Published 2024-06-06
Using Oral History to Redress Moral Degeneration Amongst the Youth in Higher Education Institutions of South Africa
Sebea Busi Promsie,Kunene Welile Bongiwe,Maditsi Mothusiotsile Edwin
E-Journal of Religious and Theological Studies Published 2024-06-06
Research on the construction of genealogical archives management system
Simin Yin
Published 2024-06-06
Indignity of Nazi data: reflections on the utilization of illicit research.
Iman Farahani,Joel Janhonen
Medicine, Health care and Philosophy Published 2024-06-06
The Images of Peasants in Modern and Contemporary Societies Depicted in Zhao Shuli’s Works
Xinyu Wei
Published 2024-06-06
The ‘other’ in images from the Portuguese Colonial War
Clara Caldeira
Journal of Romance Studies Published 2024-06-06
Unthinking Mastery with Suzanne Césaire
Sara Kok
Published 2024-06-06
The bridge and the photograph in Mozambique
Rui Assubuji,Patricia Hayes
Journal of Romance Studies Published 2024-06-06
“To Indulge the Tears of Women and Children”: Masculinity, Violence, and Mercy in the Conquest of the Caucasus
Ian W. Campbell
Russian Review Published 2024-06-06
Teresa Pirola. Catholic-Jewish Relations: Twelve Key Themes for Teaching and Preaching
Emily D. Soloff
Studies in Christian-Jewish Relations Published 2024-06-06
Interpreting the Modernity of Yu Dafu’s “Sinking” Combined with Decadence Theory
Pinfu Zeng
Published 2024-06-06
Troche Julia: Death, Power, and Apotheosis in Ancient Egypt: The Old and Middle Kingdoms
Elena Tiribilli
African Archaeological Review Published 2024-06-06
A Study on the Space Images of “The Chinese Gold Murders”
Zhengyang Liu
Published 2024-06-06
Reinventing the Chinese City by Richard Hu, New York, NY, Columbia University Press, 2023, viii + 306 pp.
Tianchen Dai
Developing economies Published 2024-06-06
Islands and Neurology: An Exploration into a Unique Association.
Debjyoti Dhar,Samim Mm,Naznin Parvin,T. Dey,Anantini PalP. Pal
The Neuroscientist Published 2024-06-06
Framing absence
Paulo de Medeiros
Journal of Romance Studies Published 2024-06-06
Education Reform in Post-War Japan: An Interdisciplinary Analysis of Policies, Impact, and Historical Context (1945–1952)
Habib Badawi
Published 2024-06-06
When Big Ben strikes:The chimes in Virginia Woolf’s Mrs Dalloway
Yifei Zhao
Published 2024-06-06
Great Barrier Reef Indigenous archaeology and occupation of associated reef and continental islands
Michael J. Rowland,Ariana B. J. Lambrides,Ian J. McNiven,Sean Ulm
Australasian Journal of Environmental Management Published 2024-06-06
Research on the Development and Construction of Confucius Institutes in Portugal under the Belt and Road Initiative
Hong Huang
Lecture Notes in Education Psychology and Public Media Published 2024-06-06
Hauntings of Absence and Erasure: Black Archival Practices of Property Data
Joyce Percel
Antipode Published 2024-06-06
Indigenous Memory in the Decaying World: Cherie Dimaline’s The Marrow Thieves and Hunting by Stars
Sylwia Borowska-Szerszun
Published 2024-06-06
Training on Terra Nullius? A decolonial approach to militarisation in Sápmi and Northern Finland
Laura Junka-Aikio
Critical Studies on Security Published 2024-06-06
The testing of Abraham in Genesis 22 and the testing of Job
Acta Theologica Published 2024-06-06
Vivir el post-cautiverio: propuestas de las quebradoras de cocos de babasú negro sobre territorios y alianzas de liberación
Igor Thiago Silva de Sousa
Estudos Sociedade e Agricultura Published 2024-06-06
Secularity and Human Relations— Study on the Utopian Imagery in The Love Story of a Young Monk
Hao Wang
Published 2024-06-06
Miroslav Malinović
Published 2024-06-06
The Rhetoric of Credibility in the Life of Paul the Hermit
Fabrizio Petorella
Published 2024-06-06
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Naomi Wood
Nineteenth-Century Contexts Published 2024-06-06
A Comparison of Paradigms for Writing Literary History--Thirty Years of Modern Chinese Literature and Harvard’s New History of Modern Chinese Literature as Examples
Lingwen Xu
Published 2024-06-06
Japanese Migration Patterns to Mexico: Settler Colonialism and Corporate Mobility
Alejandro Mendez Rodriguez
Genealogy Published 2024-06-06
“A Great Responsibility”: Biodiversity Crisis in the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
Isobel Akerman
Environmental History Published 2024-06-06
On the Origins of the Formation of Traditional outfits of Ukrainians in the Context of Local History Training of Future Fine Arts Specialists
Olga Volodymyrivna Hulei,O. Kapran,Nazar Mykhailovych Nykyforov
Published 2024-06-06
Three-Dimensional Documentation and Reconversion of Architectural Heritage by UAV and HBIM: A Study of Santo Stefano Church in Italy
Guiye Lin,Guokai Li,Andrea Giordano,Kun Sang,L. StendardoXiaochun Yang
Drones Published 2024-06-06
Blood into the Peaceful Road: The Second Issue of Latin American Perspectives and the Struggle against the Chilean Dictatorship
Joana Salém Vasconcelos
Latin American perspectives Published 2024-06-06
Provision Grounds, Fruit, and Labour Conflicts in Jamaica, 1830s–1850s
Leah Slocum
Published 2024-06-06
Chagas Disease across the Ages: A Historical View and Commentary on Navigating Future Challenges
D. Sereno,Bruno Oury,M. Grijalva
Microorganisms Published 2024-06-06
The “veins and arteries of the country”
Malte Fuhrmann
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Mia Florin-Sefton
Feminist Modernist Studies Published 2024-06-05
‘To Explore the World of Sound’: Music, silence and nation-building in Bing Bang Boom (1969)
Gayle Magee
Organised Sound Published 2024-06-05
Niemiecko-sowieckie konsultacje w sprawie polsko-sowieckiego paktu o nieagresji na przełomie 1931 i 1932 roku
Krzysztof Rak
Język, Religia, Tożsamość Published 2024-06-05
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Hamish Maxwell‐Stewart
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Janet McCalman
Labour History Published 2024-06-05
Cauldrons of Bronze Age nomads reveals 2700 year old yak milk and the deep antiquity of food preparation techniques
S. Wilkin,J. Bayarsaikhan,Ankhsanaa Ganbold,Ankhbayar Batsuuri,Lochin IshtserenDaisuke NakamuraG. EregzenAlicia Ventresca-MillerBryan K. Miller
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John H. Morrow
First World War Studies Published 2024-06-05
Commonwealth of Australia: July to December 2023
J. Wanna
Published 2024-06-05
Precision dating pinpoints time between use of ancient fireplaces.
Ségolène Vandevelde
Nature Published 2024-06-05
Tune collecting and musical taxonomies in eighteenth‐century English tunebooks
Alice Little
Literature Compass Published 2024-06-05
On the Borders of European Pluriversalism. Thinking Europe With/Beyond the Limits of Balibar
Łukasz Moll
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The Archaeology of Rituals
L. Valdez
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Ibérica Published 2024-06-05
Your lords, not mine: Buddhist–Christian encounter and the language of directive in the ‘Kitchanukit’
Bhasrvarin Iamsa-ard,Thanapas Dejpawuttikul,Kosit Tiptiempong
Published 2024-06-05
Tourism Done by Indigenous Peoples and Traditional Communities in Brazil’s First World Heritage Mixed Site
Renato Oliveira dos Santos,Teresa Cristina Miranda Mendonça,Edilaine Albertino Moraes,S. Raimundo
Tourism Cases Published 2024-06-05
Akcenty polskie w biografii i twórczości Anny Achmatowej
Halina Uchto
Język, Religia, Tożsamość Published 2024-06-05
Walory finansowe w Dykcjonarzu Michała Amszejewicza
Elżbieta Skorupska-Raczyńska
Język, Religia, Tożsamość Published 2024-06-05
The Black Food Market in the General Government, Poland, 1939–1945
J. Kochanowski
Global Food History Published 2024-06-05
Decolonial Archeology of Migration Spaces
Cathryn Magno,Anna Becker,Samira Lötscher
Published 2024-06-05
Ethnoarchaeology of Mortuary Practices
Renzo Duin
Revista de Arqueología Americana Published 2024-06-05
The Chernobyl Effect: Antinuclear Protests and the Molding of Polish Democracy, 1986–1990
Anita Pluwak
Nordisk Østforum Published 2024-06-05
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Labour History Published 2024-06-05
Provenance Studies of Natural Stones Used in Historical Buildings of the Peninsula de Barbanza, Galicia, Spain (North-Western Iberia)
Ana C. Hernández,J. Sanjurjo-Sánchez,Carlos Alves,C. Figueiredo
Minerals Published 2024-06-05
From Janissaries to Leaders: The Continuing History of the Kuloghlis in Libya
Yakup Kaya,Merve Gönlühoş Elmas
Osmanlı Medeniyeti Araştırmaları Dergisi Published 2024-06-05
Stone carvings from the Lucayan archipelago: anthropomorphic celts, monolithic axes and zoomorphic figures/pestles
Joanna Ostapkowicz
Revista de Arqueología Americana Published 2024-06-05
China and ancient cuisine: consumption of wild animals, western stereotypes and zoonoses
Gessica de Brito Bueno,Eduardo Mangolim Brandani da Silva,Christian Fausto Moraes dos Santos
Contribuciones a las ciencias sociales Published 2024-06-05
The Influence of the Truth of the Characters on Chinese Films in the 1990s: A Case Study of Farewell My Concubine
Yidan Gao
Communications in Humanities Research Published 2024-06-05
Formation of public spaces in the historical environment of the city
Valentin Pastushenko,Anna Bezruk
Innovative Project Published 2024-06-05
The Importance of Wetland Science for the Success of the D-Day Landings
Christian Dunn,Dan Aberg
Wetlands (Wilmington, N.C.) Published 2024-06-05
Genocidal Mirroring in Israel/Palestine
Yoav Di-Capua
Journal of Genocide Research Published 2024-06-05
Unveiling Climate Trends and Future Projections in Southeastern Brazil: A Case Study of Brazil’s Historic Agricultural Heritage
L. C. Santos,Lucas Santos do Patrocínio Figueiró,F. Bender,Jefferson Vieira José,Adma Viana SantosJulia Eduarda AraujoEvandro Luiz Mendonça MachadoR. S. da SilvaJéfferson de Oliveira Costa
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Nochmals zum Runenwort urnordisch rūnō-
M. Schulte
Beiträge zur Geschichte der Deutschen Sprache und Literatur Published 2024-06-05
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Andrew Flack
Conservation & Society Published 2024-06-05
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L. M. Hussein
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