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Getting a grip on the writing process: (Effective) approaches to write argumentative and narrative texts in L1 and L2
Nina Vandermeulen,Eva Lindgren,Christian Waldmann,Maria Levlin
Journal of Second Language Writing Published 2024-09-01
Development of noise robust real time automatic speech recognition system for Kannada language/dialects
T. G,Nagaraja B.G.,H. S. Jayanna
Engineering applications of artificial intelligence Published 2024-09-01
“This is perplexing because…”: Examining the impact of gender and geo-academic location on expressions of confusion in research articles
Qian Wang,Guangwei Hu
Language sciences Published 2024-09-01
A Classification of Quran Verses Using Deep Learning
Abdelkareem M. Alashqar
International Journal of Computing and Digital Systems Published 2024-08-15
Ecuadorian Quechua and Quechuan classification
Simeon Floyd
Journal of Historical Linguistics Published 2024-08-06
Testing the viability of ChatGPT as a companion in L2 writing accuracy assessment
Atsushi Mizumoto,Natsuko Shintani,Miyuki Sasaki,M. Teng
Research Methods in Applied Linguistics Published 2024-08-01
Validating a new method for assessing young foreign language learners’ metacognitive knowledge
M. Teng,L. Zhang
Research Methods in Applied Linguistics Published 2024-08-01
Evaluating NLP models with written and spoken L2 samples
Kristopher Kyle,Masaki Eguchi
Research Methods in Applied Linguistics Published 2024-08-01
Whiteness as the standard: Shifting ideologies, race, and social context
Kelsey Swift
Linguistics and Education Published 2024-08-01
Neurodynamics of selected language processes involved in word reading: An EEG study with French dyslexic adults
Aikaterini Premeti,Maria Pia Bucci,Karin Heidlmayr,Pierre Vigneron,F. Isel
Journal of Neurolinguistics Published 2024-08-01
Arbitrary choices, arbitrary results: Three cases of multiverse analysis in L2 research
R. Maie,Masaki Eguchi,Takumi Uchihara
Research Methods in Applied Linguistics Published 2024-08-01
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Published 2024-08-01
A proposed semantic keywords search engine for Indonesian Qur’an translation based on word embedding
Liza Trisnawati,Noor Azah Binti Samsudin,Shamsul Kamal Bin Ahmad Khalid,Ezak Fadzrin Bin Ahmad Shaubari,S. SukriZul Indra
Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Published 2024-08-01
Searching for the unspeakable: An iterative approach to designing a corpus of texts about a taboo topic
Sophie Eyssette,Gavin Brookes
Research Methods in Applied Linguistics Published 2024-08-01
Language teacher candidates of color's critical emotional work toward interrogating raciolinguistic shame
Hazel Vega,Christian Fallas-Escobar
Linguistics and Education Published 2024-08-01
TECO: An Eye-tracking Corpus of Japanese L2 English Learners’ Text Reading
S. Nahatame,Tomoko Ogiso,Yukino Kimura,Yuji Ushiro
Research Methods in Applied Linguistics Published 2024-08-01
The role of self-efficacy and learner engagement in the relationship between prior achievement and final achievement in EFL writing
Xia Hao,Huaguo Lu
Learning and Motivation Published 2024-08-01
A relational background knowledge boosting based topic model for Chinese poems
Lei Peng,P. Porntrakoon
Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Published 2024-08-01
Comprehension monitoring across languages – The effect of online feedback
Lilach Temelman-Yogev,Anat Prior,T. Katzir
Learning and Instruction Published 2024-08-01
Improving Kui digit recognition through machine learning and data augmentation techniques
S. Nayak,Ajit Kumar Nayak,Smitaprava Mishra,Prithviraj Mohanty,Nrusingha TripathySashikanta Prusty
Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Published 2024-08-01
Process Tracing for applied linguistics
N. Thomas,A. Hultgren,Beatrice Zuaro,Dogan Yuksel,Peter WingroveMarion NaoDerek Beach
Research Methods in Applied Linguistics Published 2024-08-01
Acknowledging immanence in applied linguistics qualitative research
Robert A. Randez
Research Methods in Applied Linguistics Published 2024-08-01
Elicited imitation in second language acquisition research: New insights to advance methodological rigor (Introduction to the special issue)
Megan Solon,Hae In Park
Research Methods in Applied Linguistics Published 2024-08-01
Mindsets, resilience and student engagement as predictors of L2 achievement among Chinese English learners: Insights from fuzzy-set qualitative comparative analysis
Jinfen Xu,Xiaoli Feng
System (Linköping) Published 2024-08-01
Explainable federated learning for privacy-preserving bangla sign language detection
Bidita Sarkar Diba,Jayonto Dutta Plabon,M.D. Mahmudur Rahman,Durjoy Mistry,A. K. SahaM. F. Mridha
Engineering applications of artificial intelligence Published 2024-08-01
A multifaceted architecture to Automate Essay Scoring for assessing english article writing: Integrating semantic, thematic, and linguistic representations
Qiang Wang
Computers & electrical engineering Published 2024-08-01
A tale of two English teachers: Examining narrative in multilingual writing and teaching
Miriam Moore
Research Methods in Applied Linguistics Published 2024-08-01
Conducting L2 listener verbal reports: Common missteps by novice researchers and ways to address them
M. Yeldham,R. Chen
Research Methods in Applied Linguistics Published 2024-08-01
Exploring potential unknown subgroups in your data: An introduction to finite mixture models for applied linguistics
Tove Larsson,Gregory R. Hancock
Research Methods in Applied Linguistics Published 2024-08-01
More than a framework: Sketching out technical enablers for natural language-based source code generation
Chen Yang,Yan Liu,Changqing Yin
Computer Science Review Published 2024-08-01
Linguistic challenges of pre-service teachers in English medium instruction and its relationship to their teaching self-efficacy beliefs
Charles Selorm Dzormeku,Koen Veermans,Jake McMullen
Teaching and Teacher Education : An International Journal of Research and Studies Published 2024-08-01
MSAPersonality: a modern standard Arabic dataset for personality recognition
Khaoula Chraibi,Ilham Chaker,Younes Dhassi,Azeddine Zahi
International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering (IJECE) Published 2024-08-01
Hybrid languaging and literacy practices as cross-cultural competence in a Spanish-English Two-Way Immersion Program
Sofía E. Chaparro
Learning, Culture and Social Interaction Published 2024-08-01
Research of semantic aspects of the Kazakh language when translating into the Kazakh sign language
Dana Nurgazina,Saule Kudubayeva
International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering (IJECE) Published 2024-08-01
An inquiry smart chatbot system for Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan
N. Al-Madi,Khulood Abu Maria,M. Al-Madi,Eman Abu Maria
Bulletin of Electrical Engineering and Informatics Published 2024-08-01
Effects of formative feedback on argumentative writing in English and cross-linguistic transfer to German
Katrin Peltzer,Alina Lira Lorca,Ulrike-Marie Krause,Vera Busse
Learning and Instruction Published 2024-08-01
A multimodal analysis of character-character interaction in LGTB picture books and its educational implications
A. J. Moya-Guijarro
Linguistics and Education Published 2024-08-01
Transdisciplinary fine-grained citation content analysis: A multi-task learning perspective for citation aspect and sentiment classification
Ling Kong,Wei Zhang,Haotian Hu,Zhu Liang,Yonggang HanDongbo WangMin Song
Jurnal Informa Published 2024-08-01
Design a smart platform translating Arabic sign language to English language
Maha Alamri,Sonia Lajmi
International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering (IJECE) Published 2024-08-01
Researching L2 investment in EMI courses: Techno-reflective narrative interviews
Yue Zhang
Research Methods in Applied Linguistics Published 2024-08-01
Detecting ChatGPT-generated essays in a large-scale writing assessment: Is there a bias against non-native English speakers?
Yang Jiang,Jiangang Hao,Michael Fauss,Chen Li
Published 2024-08-01
Turkish Language Teachers' Perspectives on Listening Skills Education in Turkey and Northern Cyprus
Selma Korkmaz,Ahmet Güneyli
European Journal of Educational Research Published 2024-07-15
Home literacy environments and Chinese preschool children's literacy trajectories: Examining the unique contributions of fathers versus mothers
Hao Li,Si Man Lam,Xiao Zhang,Min Bao
Learning and Individual Differences Published 2024-07-01
Does multilingual packaging influence purchasing in retail segment? Evidence from multiple experiments
Fuqiang Tan,Xi Li,Reeti Agarwal,Yatish Joshi,M. Yaqub
Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services Published 2024-07-01
Exploring Needs, Challenges, and Teaching Norms in English-Medium Instruction Programs: Perspectives from University Students and Teachers
Nipapat Pomat,Arnon Jannok,Adcharawan Buripakdi,Jeffrey Dawala Wilang
International Journal of Instruction Published 2024-07-01
Comparing Chinese L2 writing performance in paper-based and computer-based modes: Perspectives from the writing product and process
Xiaozhu Wang,Jimin Wang
Assessing Writing: An International Journal Published 2024-07-01
‘An iron, pyjamas, an apron, a Pandora bracelet’: The social shadow of sexism in Italian adverts
Emilia Di Martino
Published 2024-07-01
Construct representation and predictive validity of integrated writing tasks: A study on the writing component of the Duolingo English Test
Qin Xie
Assessing Writing: An International Journal Published 2024-07-01
Learning to read patient notes in the workplace: How reading aloud and reading alongside can help students for whom English is an additional language
C. Havery
English for Specific Purposes Published 2024-07-01
The effect of breathy voice on tone identification by listeners of different ages in Suzhou Wu Chinese
Chunyu Ge,Peggy Mok
Journal of Phonetics Published 2024-07-01
Multi-head sequence tagging model for Grammatical Error Correction
Kamal Al-Sabahi,Kang Yang,Wangwang Liu,Guanyu Jiang,Xian LiMing Yang
Engineering applications of artificial intelligence Published 2024-07-01
From interpretation to explanation: An analytical examination of deep neural network with linguistic rule-based model
Abhishek Toofani,Lotika Singh,Sandeep Paul
Computers & electrical engineering Published 2024-07-01
Verbal effect on the processing of complement coercion: Distinguishing between aspectual verbs and psych verbs
Wenting Xue,Meichun Liu,Stephen Politzer-Ahles,Ovid Jyh-Lang Tzeng
Lingua Published 2024-07-01
Nativeness perceptions and speaker voice as predictors of (non-)native English speaker evaluations in four ELF contexts
W. Nejjari,R. van Hout,Marinel Gerritsen,Brigitte Planken
Lingua Published 2024-07-01
Languaging territorial assemblage: regional integration through language policy practices in southern China
Jasper Zhao Zhen Wu
Language sciences Published 2024-07-01
Enhancing Business Email Writing Ability through the Integration of Genre-based Approach and Data-driven Learning
Navinda Sujinpram,Anchalee Wannaruk
International Journal of Instruction Published 2024-07-01
Incorporating syntax and semantics with dual graph neural networks for aspect-level sentiment analysis
Pengcheng Wang,Linping Tao,Mingwei Tang,Liuxuan Wang,Yangsheng XuMingfeng Zhao
Engineering applications of artificial intelligence Published 2024-07-01
Developing conversational Virtual Humans for social emotion elicitation based on large language models
Jose Llanes-Jurado,Lucía Gómez-Zaragozá,M. E. Minissi,Mariano Alcañiz,J. Marín-Morales
Expert systems with applications Published 2024-07-01
Error logs in the second language classroom: Exploring the relationship between learner engagement with written corrective feedback and improvements in writing accuracy
Wing Man Erica Lau,S. Aubrey,Rod Ellis
System (Linköping) Published 2024-07-01
Lexical indicators for Chinese language ecological discourse analysis: Design and testing of a novel framework
Daniele Brombal,Sergio Conti,Pui Yiu Szeto
Language sciences Published 2024-07-01
Tracking identity in minority language policy: a reflexive approach to hybrid concepts in the language sciences
Scarlett Mannish
Language sciences Published 2024-07-01
Flexible margins and multiple samples learning to enhance lexical semantic similarity
Jeng-Shyang Pan,Xiao Wang,Dongqiang Yang,Ning Li,Kevin HuangS. Chu
Engineering applications of artificial intelligence Published 2024-07-01
Advocacy through sociodramatic scriptwriting: Figured worlds of multilingualism in online language teacher education
Amber N. Warren,Fares J. Karam
Teaching and Teacher Education : An International Journal of Research and Studies Published 2024-07-01
How gendered language emerges in applicant materials and leadership descriptions in the hospitality industry: A text analysis study
Alberto A. Beiza,Dustin Maneethai,Juan M. Madera
International Journal of Hospitality Management Published 2024-07-01
Forms of address, performative prefixes, and the syntax-pragmatics interface
Tue Trinh
Journal of Pragmatics Published 2024-07-01
Flow experience and self-efficacy in undergraduates’ English learning: A weekly diary investigation with cross-lagged panel modeling approach
Fan Jia,Jie Meng,Ying Ma,Y. Mao
System (Linköping) Published 2024-07-01
Enhancing reliability of failure modes and effects analysis dealing with linguistic distribution assessments: A consistency based approach
Xiang Jia,Yingming Wang,Luis Martínez-López
Engineering applications of artificial intelligence Published 2024-07-01
Learning to give feedback to student writers: A systematic review of research on field-based experiences for pre-service writing teachers
Lena Peck,S. Kavanagh
Teaching and Teacher Education : An International Journal of Research and Studies Published 2024-07-01
Sentiment Analysis from Texts Written in Standard Arabic and Moroccan Dialect Based on Deep Learning Approaches
Abdellah Ait elouli,El mehdi Cherrat,Hassan Ouahi,Abdellatif Bekkar
International Journal of Computing and Digital Systems Published 2024-07-01
How teachers support secondary school students to become self-regulated learners in technology-enhanced language learning
Jing Wang,Huixuan Zhou,Shuyu Chen,Hongjie Tong,Yuqin Yang
System (Linköping) Published 2024-07-01
The relationship between L2 grit and vocabulary knowledge in first-year Moroccan university students
Hassan El Hadim,Abdallah Ghaicha
System (Linköping) Published 2024-07-01
A comparative analysis of knowledge injection strategies for large language models in the scholarly domain
Andrea Cadeddu,A. Chessa,Vincenzo De Leo,Gianni Fenu,Enrico MottaFrancesco OsborneDiego Reforgiato RecuperoAngelo SalatinoLuca Secchi
Engineering applications of artificial intelligence Published 2024-07-01
Integrating large language models and generative artificial intelligence tools into information literacy instruction
Alexander J. Carroll,Joshua D. Borycz
The journal of academic librarianship Published 2024-07-01
Meeting the challenge: A benchmark corpus for automated Urdu meeting summarization
Bareera Sadia,F. Adeeba,Sana Shams,Kashif Javed
Published 2024-07-01
Teasing about epistemic transgressions: The use of the Japanese utterance-final jan
Yuki Arita
Journal of Pragmatics Published 2024-07-01
Alternation in the Chinese Event-quantifying Construction: A multivariate approach
Zenan Chen,Bin Shao
Lingua Published 2024-07-01
Growth mindset, self-efficacy, and self-regulation: A symphony of success in L2 speaking
Ali Derakhshan,J. Fathi
System (Linköping) Published 2024-07-01
Business English: Research into professional practice
Catherine Nickerson,Clarice S.C. Chan
English for Specific Purposes Published 2024-07-01
Do languages matter? The impact of local dialect proficiency on multidimensional poverty alleviation among rural-to-urban migrants in China
Zhibin Li,Shunyu Yao
Cities Published 2024-07-01
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Lingua Published 2024-07-01
Seeing to understand better? The interplay between cognitive traits and nonverbal visual cues in L2 video comprehension
Yeu-Ting Liu,Wen-Ta Tseng
System (Linköping) Published 2024-07-01
Measuring productive derivative knowledge of vietnamese EFL learners: The role of headword scoring, vocabulary breadth, and headword familiarity
Bao Trang Thi Nguyen,L. Nguyen
System (Linköping) Published 2024-07-01
Using multiword collocations as a tool to address the demands of conventionalized medical discourse for international publication
Ndeye Bineta Mbodj,Viviana Cortes
English for Specific Purposes Published 2024-07-01
An autoencoder-based self-supervised learning for multimodal sentiment analysis
Wenjun Feng,Xin Wang,Donglin Cao,Dazhen Lin
Information Sciences Published 2024-07-01
Sociopragmatic variation in Britain: A corpus-based study of politeness
Isolde van Dorst,Mathew Gillings,Jonathan Culpeper
Journal of Pragmatics Published 2024-07-01
RS-BERT: Pre-training radical enhanced sense embedding for Chinese word sense disambiguation
Xiaofeng Zhou,Heyan Huang,Zewen Chi,Mucheng Ren,Yang Gao
Published 2024-07-01
Alternative-based commitment: Commitment is modulated by the salience and likelihood of the alternative interpretation
Gabriel Braun,Inbal Kuperwasser,E. Shetreet
Journal of Pragmatics Published 2024-07-01
An empirical study of Multimodal Entity-Based Sentiment Analysis with ChatGPT: Improving in-context learning via entity-aware contrastive learning
Li Yang,Zengzhi Wang,Z. Li,Jin-Cheon Na,Jianfei Yu
Published 2024-07-01
The emergence of gratitude in L2 group discussion: A small-lens study
R. J. Sampson
System (Linköping) Published 2024-07-01
L2 listening in a digital era: Developing and validating the mobile-assisted self-regulated listening strategy questionnaire (MSRLS-Q)
Sihan Zhou,Jian Xu,Nathan Thomas
System (Linköping) Published 2024-07-01
Developmental trajectories of second language learner classroom engagement: Do students’ task value beliefs and teacher emotional support matter?
Hoi Vo,Thi Thu Hien Hoang,Guangwei Hu
System (Linköping) Published 2024-07-01
Gender differences in the relations between EFL students' classroom relationships and English language proficiency: The mediating role of self-regulated learning strategy use
Qingyao Dan,Barry Bai,Qinhui Huang
System (Linköping) Published 2024-07-01
Relationships between teacher feedback and English writing proficiency in Chinese students: The mediating effect of writing self-regulated learning strategies
Jinyu Zhu,Yongle Yang,Zi Yan
System (Linköping) Published 2024-07-01
Desire, pride and profit: Affective economies of English in India
K. Highet
Published 2024-07-01
AraCovTexFinder: Leveraging the transformer-based language model for Arabic COVID-19 text identification
Md. Rajib Hossain,M. M. Hoque,Nazmul Siddique,M. A. A. Dewan
Engineering applications of artificial intelligence Published 2024-07-01
Book review
Kai Zhao,Yansheng Mao
Journal of Pragmatics Published 2024-07-01
Expectation through imitation: towards a unified protocol for roleplay in developmental sociolinguistics
Melissa Schuring,Laura Rosseel,E. Zenner
Language sciences Published 2024-07-01
Portrayal of Men and Women in English and Palestinian Arabic Proverbs
Published 2024-07-01
A corpus-based analysis of the fortition of the word-initial /ʒ/ in French
Delin Deng
Lingua Published 2024-07-01
Conceptualization and measurement of foreign language playfulness via exploratory structural equation modeling
Kaiqi Shao,Elyas Barabadi,Majid Elahi Shirvan,Tahereh Taherian,Mohsen Rahmani Tabar
System (Linköping) Published 2024-07-01
Enhancing Collaborative Information with Contrastive Learning for Session-based Recommendation
Guojia An,Jing Sun,Yuhan Yang,Fuming Sun
Published 2024-07-01
Learning with a purpose: Acquisition of compliments and compliment responses by beginning learners of Spanish in synchronous online exchanges
Ana Cecilia Iraheta
System (Linköping) Published 2024-07-01
Enhancing Chinese abbreviation prediction with LLM generation and contrastive evaluation
Jingping Liu,Xianyang Tian,Hanwen Tong,Chenhao Xie,Tong RuanLin CongBaohua WuHaofen Wang
Published 2024-07-01
Achievement goals and emotions of Chinese EFL students: A control-value theory approach
Banban Li,Chengchen Li
System (Linköping) Published 2024-07-01
DCDSum: An interpretable extractive summarization framework based on contrastive learning method
Jiaqi Zhang,Ling Lu,Liang Zhang,Yinong Chen,Wanping Liu
Engineering applications of artificial intelligence Published 2024-07-01
Prompt-based learning framework for zero-shot cross-lingual text classification
Kai Feng,Lan Huang,Kangping Wang,Wei Wei,Rui Zhang
Engineering applications of artificial intelligence Published 2024-07-01
Query-induced multi-task decomposition and enhanced learning for aspect-based sentiment quadruple prediction
Hua Zhang,Xiawen Song,Xiao Jia,Cheng Yang,Z. ChenBi ChenBo JiangYe WangRui Feng
Engineering applications of artificial intelligence Published 2024-07-01
The Bilingual Education Cycle: From learning to teaching Physical Education in a Foreign Language
Miriam N. García-Núñez,M. Bobadilla-Pérez,Raúl Fraguela-Vale
International Journal of Instruction Published 2024-07-01
Gender stereotypes, patriarchal beliefs, and normative generics: A survey-based measure of what Polish parents communicate in norm-breaching scenarios involving children
Daniel Karczewski,Alicja Zawistowska-Sadowska,Marcin Trojszczak
Lingua Published 2024-07-01
The role of positive learning emotions in sustaining cognitive motivation for multilingual development
Hao Xu
System (Linköping) Published 2024-07-01
DG Embeddings: The unsupervised definition embeddings learned from dictionary and glossary to gloss context words of Cloze task
Xiaodong Liu,Rafal Rzepka,Kenji Araki
Knowledge-Based Systems Published 2024-07-01
What makes EFL learning enjoyable for Chinese tertiary-level students? Insights from Q methodology
Zhijie Wang,Bin Shen,Yuanle Zhang
System (Linköping) Published 2024-07-01
Syntactic complexity in second language (L2) writing: Comparing students’ narrative and argumentative essays
Yan Zheng,J. Barrot
System (Linköping) Published 2024-07-01
Connecting collaborative practicums to beliefs: The development of nonnative student teachers’ self-efficacy in native-nonnative trainee collaboration
Hang Zheng,Hong Chen,Jian Tao
System (Linköping) Published 2024-07-01
Book review
Jesse Gleason
English for Specific Purposes Published 2024-07-01
Attitudes, Motivation, and Beliefs of Online Foreign Language Learners Amidst the Pandemic
Kasumi Arciaga,Rochelle Irene Lucas
International Journal of Instruction Published 2024-07-01
Enhancing bibliographic reference parsing with contrastive learning and prompt learning
Zhen Yin,Shenghua Wang
Engineering applications of artificial intelligence Published 2024-07-01
Terms of address in Turkish pet-directed speech: Questionnaire vs. spontaneous production results
F. Nihan Ketrez
Published 2024-07-01
Does language prevent policy take-up? Evidence from the Italian Start-up Act
Michele Cantarella,Nicolò Fraccaroli,Roberto Volpe
Research Policy Published 2024-07-01
Cross-lingual few-shot sign language recognition
Yunus Can Bilge,Nazli Ikizler-Cinbis,R. G. Cinbis
Pattern Recognition Published 2024-07-01
The Situation of English Pronunciation in Primary Education Classrooms in Spain
Antonio Daniel Juan Rubio
International Journal of Instruction Published 2024-07-01
‘Whose father are you?’ Arabic teknonyms in a socio-pragmatic perspective
Amr A.A. Khalil,Tatiana V. Larina
Published 2024-07-01
L2 learners’ aural and orthographic phrasal verb knowledge in relation to their listening comprehension
Dae-Min Kang
System (Linköping) Published 2024-07-01
The strength of self and L2 willingness to communicate: The role of L2 grit, ideal L2 self and language mindset
Faramarz Ebn-Abbasi,Nazila Fattahi,Mostafa Azari Noughabi,E. Botes
System (Linköping) Published 2024-07-01
Book review
Cedric Deschrijver
Journal of Pragmatics Published 2024-07-01
Making room for research promotion in RA discussion/closing sections: A Spanish-English comparative approach
Ana I. Moreno
English for Specific Purposes Published 2024-07-01
Hybrid Tongues: Language, Identity and Cultural Resilience in Marlene Nourbese Philip's Diasporic Poetics
Hanaa Mohamed
Beni-Suef University International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Published 2024-07-01
Implementing dynamic assessment in writing in Chinese as a second language: Towards an adjusted cumulative group dynamic assessment
Sichang Gao,Mingwei Pan
System (Linköping) Published 2024-07-01
‘Learn Jafaikan in two minutes’ – Multicultural London English, enregisterment and ideology in English newspapers
Johanna Gerwin
Published 2024-07-01
How does basic psychological needs satisfaction contribute to EFL learners’ achievement and positive emotions? The mediating role of L2 self-concept
Na Wang
System (Linköping) Published 2024-07-01
ERP evidence for the effect of rhythmic patterns on the semantic processing of Chinese trisyllabic NN compounds
Zuxuan Qin,Shengqin Cao,Kaiwen Cheng
Lingua Published 2024-07-01
Demonstratives and speaker stance in Thai
Kultida Khammee,Aphiwit Liang-Itsara,Seongha Rhee
Journal of Pragmatics Published 2024-07-01
Review of research on digital translanguaging among teachers and students: A visual analysis through CiteSpace
Chaoqun Lu,Michelle Mingyue Gu
System (Linköping) Published 2024-07-01
Metacognitive strategy use in foreign language learning fluctuates from both ends towards the middle: Longitudinal evidence for the Island Ridge Curve
Yuyang Cai
System (Linköping) Published 2024-07-01
Prompting large language model with context and pre-answer for knowledge-based VQA
Zhongjian Hu,Peng Yang,Yuanshuang Jiang,Zijian Bai
Pattern Recognition Published 2024-07-01
Introduction to Evolving (Proto)Language/s
Nathalie Gontier,Monika Boruta Żywiczyńska,Sverker Johansson,Lorraine McCune
Lingua Published 2024-07-01
Use of explainable AI to interpret the results of NLP models for sentimental analysis
V. Bidve,Pathan Mohd. Shafi,Pakiriswamy Sarasu,A. Pavate,Ashfaq ShaikhSantosh BordeVeer Bhadra Pratap SinghRahul Raut
Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Published 2024-07-01
علياء حمدي أحمد البدري
مجلة کلیة الآداب جامعة الفیوم Published 2024-07-01
Enhancing NLP with Quantitative Transformations: A Vision for the Digital Language Resources Industry
المعتز بالله السعيد
مجلة جامعة مصر للدراسات الإنسانية Published 2024-07-01
Unpacking the rhetoric of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statements for academic job application purposes: A step-driven rhetorical move study
Yuanheng (Arthur) Wang
English for Specific Purposes Published 2024-07-01
Backchannels are not always very short utterances. The case of Italian Multi-Unit Backchannels
Daniela Mereu,F. Cangemi,Martine Grice
Journal of Pragmatics Published 2024-07-01
Editorial Board
Journal of Pragmatics Published 2024-07-01
Satisfied and fair two-sided matching method considering dual-reference with linguistic preference
Di Zhang,Zaiwu Gong,Shuli Yan,Zhuo Chen
Engineering applications of artificial intelligence Published 2024-07-01
The genre of PechaKucha presentations: Analysis and implications for enhancing multimodal literacy at university
V. Beltrán-Palanques,M. Querol-Julián
English for Specific Purposes Published 2024-07-01
Sequential order of antonym pairs in Modern Standard Arabic: A corpus-based analysis
Hamada S.A. Hassanein,Basant S. M. Moustafa
Lingua Published 2024-07-01
Comparative linguistic analysis with Firthian collocations: Cases of synonym differentiation and proficiency assessment
Daohuan Liu,Xuri Tang
Lingua Published 2024-07-01
Exploring the Efficiency of Associative Vocabulary Teaching Strategies to Foreign Language Learners
Mohammad Abed Aljburi,Mohammad Saber Khaghaninejad
International Journal of Instruction Published 2024-07-01
Examining Chinese EFL learners’ online self-regulated learning: A mixed-methods approach
Weiwei Zhang,Bing Liu,Aaron J. Wilson
System (Linköping) Published 2024-07-01
Interplay of multilingual packaging products on tourists’ affective and cognitive responses in the context of ocean and coastal tourism: The evidence from Greater Bay Area (GBA)
Yingqi Wu,Qianru Lin,Tingxuan Zhang,Wirawan Dony Dahana,Xi Li
Published 2024-07-01
Voice disorder detection using machine learning algorithms: An application in speech and language pathology
Mujeeb ur Rehman,Arslan Shafique,Qurat-ul-Ain Aini,Sajjad Shaukat Jamal,Y. GheraibiaA. Usman
Engineering applications of artificial intelligence Published 2024-07-01
A prompt construction method for the reverse dictionary task of large-scale language models
Sicheng Tian,Shaobin Huang,Rongsheng Li,Chi Wei
Engineering applications of artificial intelligence Published 2024-07-01
Filtering offensive language from multilingual social media contents: A deep learning approach
Sunil Saumya,Abhinav Kumar,Jyoti Prakash Singh
Engineering applications of artificial intelligence Published 2024-07-01
L2 acquisition of classifier reduplication in Chinese
Jiajia Su
Lingua Published 2024-07-01
Problems of translating metaphors from Arabic into English
محمد أحمد
مجلة مرکز حضارات البحر المتوسط Published 2024-07-01
The contracts word list: Integral vocabulary for reading and writing English contracts
Elizabeth Hanks,Brett Hashimoto,Jesse Egbert
English for Specific Purposes Published 2024-07-01
Editorial Board
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Time and Opportunity for In-house Professional Development of Teachers
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Learners’ motivation caught between the interplay of policy and practice: a case study of an EMI medical program in China
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Harmony of Tradition and Innovation: A Distinctive Approach for Arabic Language Learning in Madrasah with Adab and Tahfidz Integration
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Reference Indicators in Surat Al-Kahf and Their Effect on Textual Coherence
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Support Vector Machine and Hidden Markov Model in Name Entity Recognition of Natural Language Processing
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Application of Multimodal Teaching in TESOL and its Impact on Learners’ Language Acquisition
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Advantages of Introducing the Project Method in Foreign Language Lessons
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Embodied semantic parameters for the lexical representation of spatial relational categories
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A Study on Domestication and Foreignization in Translation of Contemporary American Literature– Take Hillbilly Elegy as an Example
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The Effect of Second Language Anxiety on English Learning Achievement of International Second Language Learners: A Quantitative Study Based on International Chinese Students in University Sains Malaysia
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Communicative and functional intentionality of femininity and masculinity: Grammar and semantics
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Rebellion Against Gender Disciplines: Analysing the Female Protagonist Beth’s Speech in The Queen’s Gambit Based on Politeness Principle
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Constructing Identities in a Diverse School Setting: From Finnish Learners to Multilingual Experts
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Adaptation and validation of the word complexity measure for Persian-speaking toddlers
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A Review of Studies on the Impact of Code-Switching on Second Language Acquisition
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Metaphorical and non-metaphorical meaning from spatial relations
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Conceptualizing the Covid-19 pandemic through similes
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Two voices calling out as one: A split voice analysis of Javanese passives
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Negative Language Transfer in Chinese Learner’s English Learning
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The Effect of Corpus Translation Assistance on Translation Learning Outcomes
Xinyu Shi
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Review of Horváth & Simon (2022): Negative Emotions in the Reception of Fictional Narratives: A Cognitive Approach
Xuan Zhao
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Language varieties and labor mobilities
A. Borlongan,Ron Bridget Vilog
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Metafora Korupsi dalam Bahasa Indonesia di Portal Berita Daring
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Edukasia Published 2024-06-06
Creativity of Precedents: from Word to Text. The Boundaries of Actualization (on the Material of English and Russian Languages)
Natalia Anatolievna Sidorova,Elena Vladimirovna Kurochkina,Olga Vasiljevna Khromochkina
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Ethical implications of Thai ChatGPT public discourses
Soraj Hongladarom,Suppanat Sakprasert
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Cultural motifs (Framing)
Charlotte Knorr,C. Pentzold
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Exploring the Effect of ChatGPT on the Translation of Poetry in Literary Works: A Case Study of the David Hawkes Translation of A Dream of Red Mansions
Shuhan Teng
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Mastering English Compounds by Saudi learners
Salma Musleh Alqahtani
مجلة العلوم التربوية و الدراسات الإنسانية Published 2024-06-06
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C. van Boven
Linguistics Published 2024-06-06
The Importance of Cultural Understanding: How to Incorporate Culture into the Teaching of French as a Second Foreign Language with the Example of Chinese University Beginners
Ziyou Yang
Published 2024-06-06
Discontinuous past interpretation in Abaza
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