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Sonic Hedgehog activates prostaglandin signaling to stabilize primary cilium length.
Shariq S Ansari,M. Dillard,Yan Zhang,Mary Ashley Austria,N. BoatwrightElaine L SheltonDaniel P StewartAmanda JohnsonChristina E. WangBrandon M YoungZ. RankovicBaranda S HansenShondra M. Pruett-MillerAlexandre F. CariseyJ. SchuetzCam RobinsonS. Ogden
Journal of Cell Biology Published 2024-09-02
Gradient heating activated ammonium persulfate oxidation for efficient preparation of high-quality chitin nanofibers.
Shasha Huang,Tianjiao Liu,Yunxiao Liu,Yongxin Duan,Jianming Zhang
Carbohydrate Polymers Published 2024-09-01
Significant decrease in the incidence of osteoporotic hip fracture in patients with higher leisure-time physical activity: A case-control study
Haldor Andrés Rojas Hitschfeld,Isidora Catalina Fernández Contreras,Marco Antonio Grandón Solís,Constanza Tatiana Von Plessing Pierry,Carolina Andrea Frías LeivaLizandro Ismael Jaque GonzálezSamuel Antonio Parra AguileraCarlos Enrique Chandia AguileraErik Iván Quevedo Langenegger
Published 2024-09-01
Porous cationic cellulose beads prepared by homogeneous in-situ quaternization and acid induced regeneration for water/moisture absorption.
Feng Xu,Byoung-Uk Cho
Carbohydrate Polymers Published 2024-09-01
Magnetic resonance imaging features and classification of intraspinal echinococcosis.
Yushan Chang,Xiong He,Wenya Liu,Hui Guo
Journal of Orthopaedics Published 2024-09-01
An overview of magnesium-based implants in orthopaedics and a prospect of its application in spine fusion
Xuan He,Ye Li,Da Zou,Haiyue Zu,Weishi LiYufeng Zheng
Bioactive Materials Published 2024-09-01
Estimated glomerular filtration rate in clinical practice: Consensus positioning of the Brazilian Society of Nephrology (SBN) and Brazilian Society of Clinical Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (SBPC/ML).
Gianna Mastroianni Kirsztajn,G. S. Silva Júnior,Artur Quintiliano Bezerra da Silva,Hugo Abensur,João Egídio Romão JuniorM. G. BastosViviane Cálice-SilvaLilian Pires de Freitas do CarmoTainá Veras de Sandes-FreitasPatrícia Ferreira AbreuBruna Dolci AndreguettoLuiz Gustavo Ferreira CortesMaria Gabriela de Lucca OliveiraLuisane Maria Falci VieiraJosé A. Moura-NetoAdagmar Andriolo
Jornal Brasileiro De Nefrologia Published 2024-09-01
Development of gum Arabic/chitosan-infiltrated photoluminescent wooden smart window with multifunctional properties.
S. Al‐Qahtani,Ghadah M. Al‐Senani
Carbohydrate Polymers Published 2024-09-01
Piceatannol enhances hyaluronic acid synthesis through SIRT1-Mediated HAS2 upregulation in human dermal fibroblasts
Mizuki Yoshihara,Shinpei Kawakami,Yuko Matsui,Toshihiro Kawama
Biochemistry and Biophysics Reports Published 2024-09-01
Hematological, biochemical, and periodontal alterations at three different stages of chronic kidney disease patients with diabetes: a cross-sectional study
Supraja Salwaji,A. Ananthaneni,V. Guduru,M. Pasupuleti,P. KuberappaB. Bagalad
Frontiers of Oral and Maxillofacial Medicine Published 2024-09-01
Examining the usability and accessibility challenges in mobile health applications for older adults
A. Khamaj,Abdulelah M. Ali
Alexandria Engineering Journal Published 2024-09-01
Several secondary metabolite gene clusters in the genomes of ten Penicillium spp. raise the risk of multiple mycotoxin occurrence in chestnuts.
M. Garello,E. Piombo,Fabio Buonsenso,S. Prencipe,S. ValenteG. MeloniM. Marcet-HoubenToni GabaldónDavide Spadaro
Food microbiology Published 2024-09-01
Atypical case of Erdheim-Chester Disease involving bilateral orbits
Heejeong You,Tae Hoen Kim,Helen Lew
American Journal of Ophthalmology Case Reports Published 2024-09-01
Clinical outcomes of upfront combination therapy for portopulmonary hypertension
T. Kiko,R. Asano,Hiroyuki Endo,Naruhiro Nishi,Hiroya HayashiJ. UedaT. AokiAkihiro TsujiT. Ogo
International Journal of Cardiology Cardiovascular Risk and Prevention Published 2024-09-01
Tele-education in evidence-based medicine applied to pharmaceutical care for community pharmacists
Gladys M. Delgado-Perez,Cristopher E. Dávila-Espinoza,Anthony G. Bermejo-Cabanillas,Guido Sardón-Beltrán,Xavier Munayco-OrtizLady Villanera-MunguiaJosé Salvador-Carrillo
Educación Médica Published 2024-09-01
A comprehensive risk assessment framework for occupational health and safety in pharmaceutical warehouses using Pythagorean fuzzy Bayesian networks
Ertugrul Ayyıldız,Melike Erdogan,Muhammet Gul
Engineering applications of artificial intelligence Published 2024-09-01
Meeting medical emergency response criteria for hypertension is not associated with an increased likelihood of in-hospital mortality in a tertiary referral center
Jin Nuo Joan Tsang,Stephen Bacchi,C. Ovenden,Rudy Goh,J. KovoorAashray K. GuptaYong Min LeAntoinette LamBrandon StrettonMinh-Son ToRichard WoodmanA. MangoniJames Malycha
Resuscitation Plus Published 2024-09-01
Modelling of HIV Pathogens’ Impact on the AIDS Disease Transmission with Optimal Control Analysis
Abdisa Shiferaw Melese,L. L. Obsu,E. D. Gurmu
Journal of Applied Nonlinear Dynamics Published 2024-09-01
A feasibility study on femtosecond laser texturing of sprayed nanocellulose coatings.
Pieter Samyn,Joris Everaerts,Akshay Mundayadan Chandroth,P. Cosemans,Olivier Malek
Carbohydrate Polymers Published 2024-09-01
Electrochemical sensor based on reduced graphene oxide paste electrode for detection of gemcitabine as a chemotherapy drug in breast cancer
Zhenzong Shi,Lili Han,Yuan Dong
Alexandria Engineering Journal Published 2024-09-01
Trichosporon asahii: Taxonomy, health hazards, and biotechnological applications
Aude Commenges,F. Coucheney,Marie-Hélène Lessard,D. Drider,S. Labrie
Fungal Biology Reviews Published 2024-09-01
Health management review for fuel cells: Focus on action phase
Jian Zuo,N. Steiner,Zhongliang Li,Daniel Hissel
Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews Published 2024-09-01
Demographic shifts and health dynamics: Exploring the impact of aging rates on health outcomes in Brazilian capitals
S. C. Dumith,N. Feter
Published 2024-09-01
Portfolios in medical education: A scientometric mapping of the research field
Javier A. Flores-Cohaila,Marina A. Bustamante-Ordoñez
Educación Médica Published 2024-09-01
Diabetic Patient Real-Time Monitoring System Using Machine Learning
Tariq Emad Ali,Faten Imad Ali,Ameer Hussein Morad,Mohammed A. Abdala,Alwahab Dhulfiqar Zolt´an
International Journal of Computing and Digital Systems Published 2024-09-01
Synthesizing Lithuanian voice replacement for laryngeal cancer patients with Pareto-optimized flow-based generative synthesis network
R. Maskeliūnas,R. Damaševičius,A. Kulikajevas,K. Pribuišis,N. Ulozaite-StanieneV. Uloza
Applied Acoustics Published 2024-09-01
Classification of diabetic retinopathy based on Functional Linked Neural network utilizing segmented fundus image features
D. Sasikala,T. Kowsalya,P. Padmaloshani,S. Ravindrakumar
Biomedical Signal Processing and Control Published 2024-09-01
Nanomaterial-assisted electrochemical detection platforms for lung cancer diagnosis
Ke Wan,Sicong Jiang,Shiyao Chen,Yuxuan Xing,Jiahao WuYoudan Guo
Alexandria Engineering Journal Published 2024-09-01
Citrin-deficient patient-derived induced pluripotent stem cells as a pathological liver model for congenital urea cycle disorders
Mai Okano,Masahiro Yasuda,Yui Shimomura,Yoshikazu Matsuoka,Y. ShirouzuTatsuya FujiokaMasatoshi KyoS. TsujiKazunari KanekoHirofumi Hitomi
Molecular Genetics and Metabolism Reports Published 2024-09-01
Radiological image analysis based on the combined application value of multislice spiral CT and abdominal lavage in patients with acute purulent appendicitis
Yin Wang,Liu Cao,Chenchu Bao,Chunpeng Dou
Journal of Radiation Research and Applied Sciences Published 2024-09-01
The weighted inverse Weibull distribution: Heavy-tailed characteristics, Monte Carlo simulation with medical application
Mohammed AbaOud,Muqrin A. Almuqrin
Alexandria Engineering Journal Published 2024-09-01
A pathogenic missense variant, c.2149G>A (p.Gly717Arg), in CDK13 in a female patient with CDK13-related disorder: A case report and literature review of 112 cases
Naoki Morooka,Jun Kido,Hiroe Ueno,Y. Misumi,K. SugawaraShinichi KameyamaHiromi FukudaT. MizuguchiNaomichi MatsumotoMitsuharu UedaKimitoshi Nakamura
Published 2024-09-01
Acute liver failure worsened after respiratory syncytial virus infection in an infant with spinal muscular atrophy type I after receiving onasemnogene abeparvovec
Shohei Sakemi,Takako Fujita,N. Kaku,Shuichi Yatsuga,Kazutoshi ItoDaiki SasaokaHiromi YamaguchiHitomi HayashiTakahito InoueKanako HigashiYasunari SakaiShouichi OhgaS. Nagamitsu
Published 2024-09-01
Transcatheter closure of congenital extrahepatic portosystemic shunt to right atrium causing severe pulmonary hypertension in a child: A case report
Samir Shakya,Dinesh Chataut,Sharma Paudel,R. Gajurel
Progress in pediatric cardiology Published 2024-09-01
Borate bonds-containing pH-responsive chitosan hydrogel for postoperative tumor recurrence and wound infection prevention.
Yang Yu,Liang Zhang,Bin Hu,Zhengyue Wang,Qiuping GuWenyi WangChunping ZhuShige Wang
Carbohydrate Polymers Published 2024-09-01
Advances in medical data modeling: A new logarithmic beta generated family of distributions with theory and inference
Hassan M. Aljohani
Alexandria Engineering Journal Published 2024-09-01
Biomaterials for cardiovascular diseases
Yongqi Huang,Ziqi Ding
Biomedical Technology Published 2024-09-01
Replacing the term “Asystole” with “Absent Electrical Activity”
Mahmoud M. Ramadan
Resuscitation Plus Published 2024-09-01
Fabry disease caused by the GLA p.Gly183Asp (p.G183D) variant: Clinical profile of a serious phenotype
Zhiquan Liu,Qi Wang,Dong-Mei Yang,Kui Mao,Guohong WuXueping WeiHao SuKangyu Chen
Molecular Genetics and Metabolism Reports Published 2024-09-01
Prominent nephrocalcinosis leading to end-stage kidney disease in a young female with eating disorder: A case report
Takahiko Hoshino,Takahiro Uchida,Takashi Sakai,Minami Koizumi,Mitsuya MukaeT. KojimaMuneharu YamadaTakaya MatsushitaTakashi Oda
Human Pathology Reports Published 2024-09-01
Structure alterations in left-sided trigeminal neuralgia: A voxel-based morphometry and diffusion tensor imaging study
Qingyang Yu,Yuanyuan Cui,Xiang Wang,An Sun,Qianyun MaXinyi WanDongqing ZhuLi FanYi XiaoShiyuan Liu
Journal of Radiation Research and Applied Sciences Published 2024-09-01
Circular economy for medical devices: Barriers, opportunities and best practices from a design perspective
Tamara Hoveling,Anne Svindland Nijdam,Marlou Monincx,Jeremy Faludi,Conny Bakker
Resources, Conservation and Recycling Published 2024-09-01
Deep learning-based prediction of thyroid cartilage invasion: Analysis on CT images in laryngeal and hypopharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma
Yanyu Hao,Junyan Wen,Liyang Yang,Zhujia Li,Ying GuoJingWen LuoMingxuan GaoZhimin ChenGe Wen
Journal of Radiation Research and Applied Sciences Published 2024-09-01
Enhancing survival outcomes in developing emergency medical service system: Continuous quality improvement for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest
Sattha Riyapan,Pimpanit Sanyanuban,Jirayu Chantanakomes,Pakorn Roongsaenthong,Bongkot SomboonkulWichayada RangabpaiNetiporn ThirawattanasootWasin PansiritanachotNattida PhinyoPannaphat KonwitthayasinKanpaphop BuangamPanisara Saengsung
Resuscitation Plus Published 2024-09-01
Integrating GIS, agent-based, and discrete event simulation to evaluate patient distribution policies for enhancing urban healthcare access network resilience
SeyedeZahra Golazad,G. Heravi,Amir AminShokravi,Abbas Mohammadi
Sustainable cities and society Published 2024-09-01
A temporal statistical assessment of the effectiveness of bicyclist safety helmets in mitigating injury severities in vehicle/bicyclist crashes
Nawaf Alnawmasi,Asim Alogaili,Rakesh Rangaswamy,Oscar Oviedo-Trespalacios
Analytic Methods in Accident Research Published 2024-09-01
A New Dynamical System to Study the Spread of SARS -COV 2 based on Data from Greece
Vasileios Vachtsevanos,Efthymia Meletlidou
The interdisciplinary journal of Discontinuity, Nonlinearity, and Complexity Published 2024-09-01
A bioanalytical tool for monitoring athlete health and detecting performance-enhancing drugs: An electrochemical biosensor based on graphene oxide
Zhihua Zhang,Songmei Li
Alexandria Engineering Journal Published 2024-09-01
Generation of monoclonal antibody against 6-Keto PGF1α and development of ELISA for its quantification in culture medium
M. Chowdhury,Nafisa Kabir,Rezwana Ahmed,Kazushige Yokota,Randy MullinsHasan Mahmud Reza
Biochemistry and Biophysics Reports Published 2024-09-01
Influence of clinical internship on emotional intelligence as perceived by nursing students: A longitudinal study
Leyre Rodríguez-Leal,Raquel González-Hervías,Luis Iván Mayor Silva,Isabel Rodríguez-Gallego,Manuel Romero SaldañaJuan Vicente Beneit Montesinos
Educación Médica Published 2024-09-01
The settlement mechanism of diagnosis-intervention packet payment scheme in China:A policy review and lessons learned
Qiang Yao,Xiaodan Zhang,Lan Yao
Published 2024-09-01
Electrodeposition of cellulose nanofibers as an efficient dehydration method.
T. Kasuga,Chenyang Li,A. Mizui,Shun Ishioka,Hirotaka KogaM. Nogi
Carbohydrate Polymers Published 2024-09-01
Combined role of stearic acid and maleic anhydride in the development of thermoplastic starch-based materials with ultrahigh ductility and durability.
Sixian Peng,Guanghui Cui,Jianfeng Li,Fangyi Li,Maocheng JiChuanwei ZhangTianshuo MengJianyong LiJia Man
Carbohydrate Polymers Published 2024-09-01
Endodontic management of an aberrant root canal anatomy: a case report and literature review
Sanket D. Aras,Anamika C. Borkar,Sanchit V. Mujumdar,Sayali Maral,Sourabh S. BarbhaiApeksha S. Gambhir
Frontiers of Oral and Maxillofacial Medicine Published 2024-09-01
CT quantitative score based on DesneNet combined with serum IL-6 and PCT to predict the prognosis of childhood pneumonia
Cuifang Wang,Yidong Ba,Tixin Gu,Jingna Sun,Lvping SangXuemei Yang
Journal of Radiation Research and Applied Sciences Published 2024-09-01
Effect of aggressive surgical protocol based on ERAS model on perioperative period of multiple rib fractures
Hui Zhang,Yan Hu,Xingyu He,Bicheng Liu
Journal of Radiation Research and Applied Sciences Published 2024-09-01
Update on the role of vitamin D in the pathogenesis of Female pattern hair loss
Doaa Gaber Abdelbaset,Rasha Ismail Alkady,Essam Nada,Soha Aboeldahab
Sohag Medical Journal Published 2024-09-01
Health systems developments and predictors of bystander CPR in Ireland
Tomás Barry,Alice Kasemiire,Martin Quinn,C. Deasy,Gerard BuryS. MastersonRicardo SeguradoAndrew W Murphy
Resuscitation Plus Published 2024-09-01
Out-of-hospital cardiac arrest research progress and challenges in Lithuania
Deimante Baksevice,Linas Darginavicius,Gaile Damuleviciute,Monika Kunigonyte,A. KrikščionaitienėEgle Vaitkaitiene
Resuscitation Plus Published 2024-09-01
Health-related quality of life one year after refractory cardiac arrest treated with conventional or extracorporeal CPR; a secondary analysis of the INCEPTION-trial
Anina F van de Koolwijk,T. Delnoij,Martje M. Suverein,Brigitte A B Essers,Renicus C. HermanidesL. OtterspoorCarlos V Elzo KraemerA. VlaarJ. J. van der HeijdenE. ScholtenC. D. den UilD. Dos Reis MirandaSakir AkinJesse de MetzI. V. D. van der HorstB. WinkensJ. G. MaessenR. LorussoMarcel C G van de Poll
Resuscitation Plus Published 2024-09-01
Targeting nanoplatform synergistic glutathione depletion-enhanced chemodynamic, microwave dynamic, and selective-microwave thermal to treat lung cancer bone metastasis
Man Shu,Jingguang Wang,Ziyang Xu,Teliang Lu,Yue HeRenshan LiGuoqing ZhongYunbo YanYu ZhangXiao ChuJin Ke
Bioactive Materials Published 2024-09-01
Smart responsive staple for dynamic promotion of anastomotic stoma healing
Qi Sun,Zifeng Yang,Ruijun Xu,Renjie Li,Yang LiFeng WangYong Li
Bioactive Materials Published 2024-09-01
Functional biomaterials for modulating the dysfunctional pathological microenvironment of spinal cord injury
Dezun Ma,Changlong Fu,Fenglu Li,Renjie Ruan,Yanming LinXihai LiMin LiJin Zhang
Bioactive Materials Published 2024-09-01
Role of FFAR3 in ketone body regulated glucagon-like peptide 1 secretion
S. M. Persson,A. Casselbrant,Aiham Alarai,Erik Elebring,Lars FändriksVille Wallenius
Biochemistry and Biophysics Reports Published 2024-09-01
Differential evolutionary optimization fuzzy entropy for gland segmentation based on breast mammography imaging
Taisheng Zeng,Kavimbi Chipusu,Yiming Zhu,Mingzhu Li,Umar Muhammad IbrahimJianlong Huang
Journal of Radiation Research and Applied Sciences Published 2024-09-01
Evaluation of the Concept of Value-Based Healthcare Applied to an Integrated Palliative Care Program in Colombia
Gabriela Sarmiento,Johana Benavides,Carlos A. Trujillo,Nidya P. Velosa,Analhí PalominoLuisa F. RodríguezMarcela A. ErazoAdriana J. Ávila
Value in Health Regional Issues Published 2024-09-01
Cognitive aids used in simulated resuscitation: A systematic review
Sabine Nabecker,K. Nation,Elaine Gilfoyle,Cristian Abelairas-Gomez,Elina KootaYiqun LinR. GreifNatalie AndersonF. BhanjiJan BreckwoldtAdam ChengAndrea CortegianiAaron DonoghueKathryn EastwoodBarbara FarquharsonMing-Ju HiseihYing- Chih KoKasper G LauridsenYiquin LinAndrew LockeyTasuku MastsuyamaAlexander OlaussenTaylor SawyerSebastian SchnaubeltChih-Wei YangJoyce Yeung
Resuscitation Plus Published 2024-09-01
Design, synthesis and anti-tumor evaluation of novel thiohydantoin congeners as androgen receptor antagonists with in vivo study
Nada M. Mohamed,Shaimaa I. El Rabeeb,Moshira A. El Deeb,Amal M. Mahfoz,Fatma G. Abdulrahman
Journal of Molecular Structure Published 2024-09-01
The growth and development of a novel distance accelerated bachelor of science in nursing program
Angela Haynes-Ferere,Lisa Muirhead,Rose Hayes,Linda McCauley
Journal of Professional Nursing Published 2024-09-01
Gasification of medical plastic waste into hydrogen: Energy potential, environmental benefits and economic feasibility
Dan Cudjoe,Bangzhu Zhu
Fuel Published 2024-09-01
Characterisation of a SapYZU11@ZnFe2O4 biosensor reveals its mechanism for the rapid and sensitive colourimetric detection of viable Staphylococcus aureus in food matrices.
Wenyuan Zhou,Aiping Deng,Xiaoxing Fan,Yeling Han,Yajun GaoLei YuanXiangfeng ZhengDan XiongXuechao XuGuo-qiang ZhuZhenquan Yang
Food microbiology Published 2024-09-01
The ABC (Age, Bystander, and Cardiogram) score for predicting neurological outcomes of cardiac arrests without pre-hospital return of spontaneous circulation: A nationwide population-based study
K. Uehara,Takashi Tagami,Hideya Hyodo,Gen Takagi,Toshihiko OharaMasahiro Yasutake
Resuscitation Plus Published 2024-09-01
Measuring the differential expression of the major hypermethylated tumor suppressor genes in tissues of primary hepatocellular carcinoma
Khalda Sayed Amr,Wafaa Mohamed Ezzat,Ahmed Ibrahim Saleh,Ahmed Heiba,Hend AminRefaat Refaat KamelNoha EltaweelHoda HeneryAmr OmaiaReham Ibrahim SiddikYasser Abdelghany Abdelazeem Elhosary
Journal of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Published 2024-09-01
Estimating prevalence of classical homocystinuria in the United States using Optum's de-identified market clarity data
Mahim Jain,Mehul Shah,Kamlesh M Thakker,Andrew Rava,Agness Pelts BlockC. Ndiba-MarkeyLionel Pinto
Molecular Genetics and Metabolism Reports Published 2024-09-01
WITHDRAWN: AMPK-induced β-catenin degradation through Parkin phosphorylation reverses chemotherapy resistance of colon cancer cells
Yanan Yu,Zibin Tian,Lin Yang,D. Zhu,Xueli DingXue JingHua LiuPin Guo
Published 2024-09-01
A Mathematical Model of Brain Tumor with Glia-Neurons Interaction and Chemo-Virotherapy Treatment
S. Sujitha,T. Jayakumar,D. Maheskumar,D. Bharathi,E. V. Kaviyan
The interdisciplinary journal of Discontinuity, Nonlinearity, and Complexity Published 2024-09-01
Retinal Image Quality Assessment Using Morphological Operations
Elizabeth Ndunge Mutua,Bernard Shibwabo Kasamani,Christoph Reich
International Journal of Computing and Digital Systems Published 2024-09-01
The utilisation of emergency point-of-care ultrasound in a tertiary hospital emergency department in East London, South Africa
Oscar Biggs,L. Taljaard,D. V. van Hoving,Meeren Rugunanan
African Journal of Emergency Medicine Published 2024-09-01
Deep eutectic solvent (TMAH·5H2O/Urea) with low viscosity for cellulose dissolution at room temperature.
Li Li,Maozhi Zhang,Yun Feng,Xun Zhang,Feng Xu
Carbohydrate Polymers Published 2024-09-01
Modeling to COVID-19 and cancer data: Using the generalized Burr-Hatke model
Ibrahim E. Ragab,Sadaf Khan,Najwan Alsadat,Farrukh Jamal,Gholamhossein G. HamedaniMohammed Elgarhy
Journal of Radiation Research and Applied Sciences Published 2024-09-01
Craniofacial management of anterior openbite: a clinical review
Jue Wang,Abhishake K. Banda,C. Kau,Greg J. Huang
Frontiers of Oral and Maxillofacial Medicine Published 2024-09-01
Examining the association between ethnicity and out-of-hospital cardiac arrest interventions in Salt Lake City, Utah
Emad Awad,Dilan Al Kurdi,M. Austin Johnson,Jeffrey Druck,Christy HopkinsScott T. Youngquist
Resuscitation Plus Published 2024-09-01
Molecular docking and dynamics studies of 8,9-dimethoxy ellagic acid contained in Peperomia pellucida (L.) Kunth against various diabetes mellitus receptors
Yasmiwar Susilawati,Raden Bayu Indradi,A. Asnawi,E. Febrina
Published 2024-09-01
Deformable medical image registration based on wavelet transform and linear attention
Weisheng Li,Kun Gan,Lijian Yang,Yin Zhang
Biomedical Signal Processing and Control Published 2024-09-01
Sterility and oxygenator function in pre-primed extracorporeal membrane oxygenation: A prospective clinical study
Daniel Bengtsson,Bodil Jönsson,Bengt Redfors
Resuscitation Plus Published 2024-09-01
Successful prehospital ECMO in drowning resuscitation after prolonged submersion
J. Seesink,Wietske van der Wielen,D. Dos Reis Miranda,Xavier Moors
Resuscitation Plus Published 2024-09-01
Marker position uncertainty in joint angle analysis for normal human gait — A new error-modelling approach
Eduard S. Scheiterer,Simon Heinrich,A. Liphardt,Sigrid Leyendecker
Biomedical Signal Processing and Control Published 2024-09-01
Airway-centric orthodontics: a review on oral appliance therapy as a simplified solution to obstructive sleep apnea
A. Kalha,Shashidara Raju
Frontiers of Oral and Maxillofacial Medicine Published 2024-09-01
Conditional generative adversarial network driven variable-duration single-lead to 12-lead electrocardiogram reconstruction
Zehui Zhan,Jiarong Chen,Kangming Li,Linfei Huang,Lin XuGui-Bin BianRichard MillhamV. H. C. de AlbuquerqueWanqing Wu
Biomedical Signal Processing and Control Published 2024-09-01
The challenge of adults with phenylketonuria who have been lost to care; a single center's attempt to reach those diagnosed with PKU over 60 years of newborn screening
S. Sacharow,E. Zhu,S. Hollander
Molecular Genetics and Metabolism Reports Published 2024-09-01
Comprehensive examination of resting state fMRI connectomics yields new insights into brain function deficits in Gulf War illness after accounting for heterogeneity in brain impairment across the ill veteran population
Gaungming Yang,Robert W. Haley,Ying Guo,K. Gopinath
Published 2024-09-01
Lumbar disc herniation diagnosis using deep learning on MRI
Jun Qian,Guanghui Su,Xiaolin Shu,Kuanghong Shen,Bing ChenXiangdong Wang
Journal of Radiation Research and Applied Sciences Published 2024-09-01
Outcomes after delivery room positive pressure ventilation in late preterm and term infants
Maureen Peers de Nieuwburgh,Charlotte Cecarelli,Danielle Weinberg,Kesi C. Yang,Heidi M. HerrickElizabeth E. Foglia
Resuscitation Plus Published 2024-09-01
Verification of the termination of resuscitation rules in pediatric out-of-hospital cardiac arrest cases
Sakura Minami,Chiaki Toida,Mafumi Shinohara,T. Abe,Ichiro Takeuchi
Resuscitation Plus Published 2024-09-01
Turning foes to friends: Advanced “in situ nanovaccine” with dual immunoregulation for enhanced immunotherapy of metastatic triple-negative breast cancer
Ze Wang,Tong Sha,Jinwei Li,Huanyu Luo,Annan LiuHao LiangJinbiao QiangLei LiAndrew K. WhittakerBai YangHongchen SunCe ShiQuan Lin
Bioactive Materials Published 2024-09-01
The study of galactomannans with different molecular weights and their ability to form microparticles suitable for pulmonary delivery.
Miguel F Galrinho,Lisete M. Silva,Guido R. Lopes,Bernardo A.C. Ferreira,S. ValenteIsabel FerreiraB. PinheiroAngelina S. PalmaDmitry V. EvtuguinJ. A. Lopes da SilvaMargarida AlmeidaPaula FerreiraMaria T. CruzManuel A. CoimbraCláudia P. Passos
Carbohydrate Polymers Published 2024-09-01
Orthogonally woven 3D nanofiber scaffolds promote rapid soft tissue regeneration by enhancing bidirectional cell migration
Jiayi Yuan,Bingbing Sun,Weixing Ma,Chao Cai,Zhenzhen HuangPeiyi ZhouLei YiLubin LiuShixuan Chen
Bioactive Materials Published 2024-09-01
Molecular docking and molecular dynamics study of 3-hydroxybutyrate with polymers for diabetic ketoacidosis-targeted molecularly imprinted polymers
A. Asnawi,E. Febrina,W. Aligita,L. O. Aman,Fachrul Razi
Published 2024-09-01
Flow problems during implantation of a peritoneal dialysis catheter: building a capnoperitoneum using the peritoneal dialysis catheter.
Elke Kathrin Franke,U. Hinkel,Christian Albert
Jornal Brasileiro De Nefrologia Published 2024-09-01
Fabrication of biocompatible 3D printed optical fiber and characterizations in wound mimicked oxidative stress for long term monitoring
Nur Syakirah Mohamad Safri,Rania Hussien Al-Ashwal,Raja Kamarulzaman Raja Ibrahim,Maheza Irna binti Mohamad Salim,Yuan Wen HauSadeq M. Al-Hazmy
Published 2024-09-01
Self-evaluation of ILCORs ten steps to improve around in-hospital cardiac arrests among Swedish hospitals
Therese Djärv,Ulrika Karlgren,A. Rawshani
Resuscitation Plus Published 2024-09-01
Germline variant analysis from a cohort of patients with severe hypertriglyceridemia in Brazil
Camila Mendes,Thereza Loureiro,Darine Villela,Marcelo Imbroinise Bittencourt,Joselito SobreiraDiana BermeoMireille GomesDayse AlencarLuciana Santos Serrao de CastroRodrigo Ambrosio FockMaria Luisa TinocoHenrique GalvãoCristovam Scapulatempo-NetoKatia SchiavettiA. A. SenerchiaMaria Helane Costa Gurgel
Molecular Genetics and Metabolism Reports Published 2024-09-01
Progress and breakthroughs in human kidney organoid research
Qi Liu,Liang Yue,Jiu Deng,Yingxia Tan,Chengjun Wu
Biochemistry and Biophysics Reports Published 2024-09-01
A novel cable configuration method for fully-actuated parallel cable-driven systems: Application in a shoulder rehabilitation exoskeleton
Fuhai Zhang,Yanbo Fu,Lei Yang,Yili Fu
Mechanism and Machine Theory Published 2024-09-01
Biodegradable PMMA coated Zn–Mg alloy with bimodal grain structure for orthopedic applications - A promising alternative
A. Diaa,N. El-Mahallawy,Madiha Shoeib,Flavien Mouillard,Tom FertéPatrick MassonA. Carradó
Bioactive Materials Published 2024-09-01
A cuttlefish ink nanoparticle-reinforced biopolymer hydrogel with robust adhesive and immunomodulatory features for treating oral ulcers in diabetes
Yajing Xiang,Zhuge Pan,Xiaoliang Qi,Xinxin Ge,Junbo XiangHangbin XuErya CaiYulong LanXiaojing ChenYing LiYizuo ShiJianliang ShenJinsong Liu
Bioactive Materials Published 2024-09-01
Diverse rearranged phragmalin-type limonoids from the leaves of Swietenia macrophylla and their hypoglycemic activity
Yun-peng Sun,Ze-Rong Xu,Ying-Wei Liu,Wen-fang Jin,Zhe XieYang YuJin-Song LiuLi-Juan SunGuo-Kai Wang
Published 2024-09-01
Performance evaluation of attention-deep hashing based medical image retrieval in brain MRI datasets
Yuping Chen,Zhian He,Muhammad Awais Ashraf,Xinwen Chen,Yu LiuXiangting DingBinbin TongYijie Chen
Journal of Radiation Research and Applied Sciences Published 2024-09-01
Assessment of awareness, knowledge and attitude towards oral health among Sri Vishnu Educational Society students, Bhimavaram, India during COVID-19 health crisis
M. Pasupuleti,Gautami Penmetsa,Koteswari Ponnapati,Sita Yalla,Supraja SalwajiPradeep Kandikatla
Frontiers of Oral and Maxillofacial Medicine Published 2024-09-01
Using zinc oxide-based temporary materials as contrast methods: a practical and simple approach for planning prosthetically driven sinus elevation
Francisco X. Azpiazu-Flores,Damian J. Lee
Frontiers of Oral and Maxillofacial Medicine Published 2024-09-01
Predictive power of PTV volume for choosing manual or automatic planning in lung stereotactic body radiotherapy
Y. Duan,A. Feng,Ning Liu,Y. Shao,Q. KongTao ZhouZhiyong Xu
Journal of Radiation Research and Applied Sciences Published 2024-09-01
Erratum to “Analysis of Seven Drug Related Impurities in Six Samples of Metronidazole API by High Performance Liquid Chromatography”. [Journal of Trace Elements and Minerals 3C (2023) 100048]
Derouicha Matmour,Nadjib Hamoum,Khalil Fateh Eddine Hassam,Y. Merad,Nassima Hamdi Ziani
Journal of Trace Elements and Minerals Published 2024-09-01
Evaluation of the antiviral activity of new dermaseptin analogs against Zika virus
Houda Haddad,Frédéric Tangy,Ines Ouahchi,Wissal Sahtout,B. OuniAmira Zaïri
Biochemistry and Biophysics Reports Published 2024-09-01
The effect of 3D printing speed and temperature on transferability of Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli during 3D food printing.
Sotirios I Ekonomou,Sue Kageler,Alexandros Ch Stratakos
Food microbiology Published 2024-09-01
Takotsubo syndrome as an acute cardiac complication following combined chemotherapy
H. A. Nati-Castillo,David Aristizabal-Colorado,Carolina López Ordoñez,Diego Egas Proaño,Esteban Ortiz-PradoJuan S. Izquierdo-Condoy
International Journal of Cardiology Cardiovascular Risk and Prevention Published 2024-09-01
Dosimetric impact of respiratory motion on proximal bronchial tree during lung cancer stereotactic body radiation therapy: A patient-specific phantom study
Dae Hyun Kim,Young Eun Ko,Hyoung Uk Je
Journal of Radiation Research and Applied Sciences Published 2024-09-01
Self-assembled carbon monoxide nanogenerators managing sepsis through scavenging multiple inflammatory mediators
Yang Wu,Xia Chen,Zhaolin Zeng,Bei Chen,Zhenxing WangZhiyong SongHui Xie
Bioactive Materials Published 2024-09-01
AIRS: Autonomous Intraoperative Robotic Suturing Based on Surgeon-Like Operation and Path Quantification in Keratoplasty
Xiaojing Feng,Xiaodong Zhang,Xiaojun Shi,Li Li
Published 2024-09-01
Treatment option for chronic gag reflex with palate push-back osteotomy: case report
Jason Burkes,L. Wolford
Frontiers of Oral and Maxillofacial Medicine Published 2024-09-01
Fast and accurate newborn heart rate monitoring at birth: A systematic review
Vishal S. Kapadia,M. Kawakami,Marya L. Strand,Cameron Paul Hurst,Angela SpencerG. SchmölzerY. RabiJonathan P. WyllieGary WeinerH. LileyMyra H. Wyckoff
Resuscitation Plus Published 2024-09-01
Advances and applications of biomimetic biomaterials for endogenous skin regeneration
Mengyang Wang,Yiyue Hong,Xiaobing Fu,Xiaoyan Sun
Bioactive Materials Published 2024-09-01
CEEMDAN fuzzy entropy based fatigue driving detection using single-channel EEG
Yunhe Liu,Zirui Xiang,Zhixin Yan,Jianxiu Jin,Lin ShuLulu ZhangXiangmin Xu
Biomedical Signal Processing and Control Published 2024-09-01
Prognostic prediction of ovarian cancer based on hierarchical sampling & fine-grained recognition convolution neural network
Xin Liao,Kang Li,Zongyuan Gan,Yuxin Pu,Guangwu QianXin Zheng
Alexandria Engineering Journal Published 2024-09-01
Acute kidney injury in nonagenarians: clinical characteristics and mortality.
Rafael Peixoto Lima Dias,Daniella Bezerra Duarte,Danilo de Castro Bulhões Mascarenhas Barbosa,Rodrigo Peixoto Campos
Jornal Brasileiro De Nefrologia Published 2024-09-01
Self-powered high-sensitivity piezoelectric sensors for end-fixture force sensing in surgical robots based on T-ZnO
Kai Wang,Jianwei Ma,Chun-Yan Zhang,Zhen Pei,Weitao TangQiang Zhang
Published 2024-09-01
A transparent p-coumaric acid-grafted-chitosan coating with antimicrobial, antioxidant and antifogging properties for fruit packaging applications.
Xinru Liu,Xiaoli Sun,Haiyu Du,Yiyi Li,Yongqiang WenZhu-Wu Zhu
Carbohydrate Polymers Published 2024-09-01
Spatio-temporal patterns of heat index and heat-related Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
Kijin Seong,Junfeng Jiao,Akhil Mandalapu,Dev K. Niyogi
Sustainable cities and society Published 2024-09-01
Analysis on fetal phonocardiography segmentation problem by hybridized classifier
Lingping Kong,Katerina Barnova,René Jaros,Seyedali Mirjalili,Václav SnášelJeng-Shyang PanR. Martínek
Engineering applications of artificial intelligence Published 2024-09-01
Mechanically skin-like and water-resistant self-healing bioelastomer for high-tension wound healing
Jinyi Huang,Hongying Chen,Zenghui Jia,Xingqi Song,Sinan WangBaoshuai BaiJian WangJunfeng ZhangGuangdong ZhouDong Lei
Bioactive Materials Published 2024-09-01
Fractional view analysis of the impact of vaccination on the dynamics of a viral infection
Rashid Jan,E. Hıncal,Kamyar Hosseini,Normy N. Razak,T. AbdeljawadM. S. Osman
Alexandria Engineering Journal Published 2024-09-01
Bone aluminum accumulation in the current era.
Rodrigo Bueno de Oliveira,Aluízio Barbosa Carvalho,Vanda Jorgetti
Jornal Brasileiro De Nefrologia Published 2024-09-01
The correlation between the CT texture features of gastric cancer in arterial phase and the expression of HER-2 and Ki-67
Liangjie Li,Yanling Cheng,Zhifei Liu
Journal of Radiation Research and Applied Sciences Published 2024-09-01
Orthopedic treatment of Class II malocclusion with mandibular deficiency: a clinical practice review
Peter Ngan,Sandra Khong Tai
Frontiers of Oral and Maxillofacial Medicine Published 2024-09-01
Striving for cogenerative coplanning: An investigation into coteachers’ practice during the clinical experience
Sarah Hegg,Megan Guise,Sierra Taylor,Sarina Fernandez
Teaching and Teacher Education : An International Journal of Research and Studies Published 2024-09-01
Multi-omics analysis of Streptomyces djakartensis strain MEPS155 reveal a molecular response strategy combating Ceratocystis fimbriata causing sweet potato black rot.
Yong-Jing Zhang,Xiaoying Cao,Qiao Liu,Yu-Jie Chen,Yiming WangHao CongChanggen LiYanting LiYixuan WangJihong JiangLudan Li
Food microbiology Published 2024-09-01
GPC3-targeted CAR-M cells exhibit potent antitumor activity against hepatocellular carcinoma
Lili Guan,Shanshan Wu,Qinyao Zhu,Xiaofang He,Xuelong LiGuangqi SongLuo ZhangXiushan Yin
Biochemistry and Biophysics Reports Published 2024-09-01
Digitalized dental learning and teaching methods during COVID lockdown—a student perspective
M. Pasupuleti,Rama Krishna Alla,Vineeth Guduri,Tirumalasetty Sreenivasa Bharath,Rajesh NallakuntaReddy Sudhakara Reddy
Frontiers of Oral and Maxillofacial Medicine Published 2024-09-01
Genetics and the role it plays in craniofacial anomalies
Taylor N. McClinchey,Katherine E. Laudun,Nathaniel H. Robin
Frontiers of Oral and Maxillofacial Medicine Published 2024-09-01
Increasing ventilation in drowning resuscitation − A cross-over randomized simulation study of ventilation during automated external defibrillator analysis pauses
María Fernández-Méndez,R. Barcala-Furelos,Martín Otero-Agra,Joost Bierens
Resuscitation Plus Published 2024-09-01
Early macular edema recognition after cataract surgery based on U-Net assisted optical coherence tomography
Min Liu,Shuoming Wang
Journal of Radiation Research and Applied Sciences Published 2024-09-01
Assessing breast cancer volume alterations post-neoadjuvant chemotherapy through DenseNet-201 deep learning analysis on DCE-MRI
Zhenqi Gu,Jing Huang,Changyu Zhou,Qi Wang,Jianchun KongXiongbin YouZiwei ZhangHong Zhao
Journal of Radiation Research and Applied Sciences Published 2024-09-01
On the Solvability of Reaction-Diffusion COVID-19 Model with Variable Exponents
Y. Sudha,V.N. DeivaMani,S. M. Anthoni,K. Murugesan
The interdisciplinary journal of Discontinuity, Nonlinearity, and Complexity Published 2024-09-01
Combination effects of low-intensity pulsed ultrasound and nano-hydroxyapatite in rabbit osteoarthritis cartilage
Yongcai Song,Junqiang Ning,Amin Banaei
Journal of Radiation Research and Applied Sciences Published 2024-09-01
Analyzing pancreatic characteristics in diabetic patients: A texture-based CT investigation with volume assessment
M. Elhaj,A. Alghamdi,Hamid Osman,Majd Alnefaie,Taef AlthomaliMaha AljuaidMrooj AlharthiRenad AlamriAhlam Ali Y. AsiriMohamed Alkhader Mohamed HamadH. ElnourAmel F H AlzainHajar Al AsmariMayeen Uddin KhandakerMustafa Z. Mahmoud
Journal of Radiation Research and Applied Sciences Published 2024-09-01
Invasive squamous cell carcinoma arising from an intraductal oncocytic papillary neoplasm demonstrating shared ATPB1::PRKCA gene fusion
Wai Szeto,Safa Alshaikh,Javier A Arias-Stella,Yuman Fong,Rifat Mannan
Human Pathology Reports Published 2024-09-01
International Workshop on Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research 2024.
Wiener Klinische Wochenschrift Published 2024-09-01
Overview of Medical Image Segmentation Techniques through Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision
Hanan Sabbar,Hassan Silkan,Khalid Abbad,El Mehdi Bellfkih,Imrane Chems EddineIdrissi
International Journal of Computing and Digital Systems Published 2024-09-01
Resuscitation of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest victims in Austria’s largest helicopter emergency medical service: A retrospective cohort study
J. M. Baumkirchner,Maximilian Havlicek,Wolfgang G Voelckel,Helmut Trimmel
Resuscitation Plus Published 2024-09-01
Temperature-Mediated Alterations in the Growth, Physiology, Morphology, and Pharmacology of Astragalus membranaceus Bunge: Implications for Medicinal Herb Cultivation and Therapeutic Efficacy
M. J. Kwak,Yong-il Kim,Jongkyu Lee,Jooyoung Kim,Eunji KimDawon KangWontae ChoiSu Young Woo
Published 2024-08-31
Retinopathy of Prematurity Disease Diagnosis using Deep Learning
Elizabeth Ndunge Mutua,Bernard Shibwabo Kasamani,Christoph Reich
International Journal of Computing and Digital Systems Published 2024-08-18
Enhancing and Denoising Mammographic Images for Tumor Detection using Bivariate Shrinkage and Modified Morphological Transforms
Yen Thi Hoang Hua,Giang Hong Nguyen,Luong Bao Binh,Dang Van Liet
International Journal of Computing and Digital Systems Published 2024-08-16
Glycogen β-particles surface characterized by a combination of size exclusion chromatography and pyrene excimer fluorescence before and after β-amylolysis.
Damin Kim,Sanjay Patel,Jean Duhamel
Carbohydrate Polymers Published 2024-08-15
Application of Optimized Deep Learning Mechanism for Recognition and Categorization of Retinal Diseases
Dhafer Alhajim,Ahmed Al-Shammari,Ahmed Kareem Oleiwi
International Journal of Computing and Digital Systems Published 2024-08-10
An Ensemble Neural Architecture for Lung Diseases Prediction Using Chest X-rays
Abeer Abdelhamid,Oluwatunmise Akinniyi,Gehad A. Saleh,Wael Deabes,Fahmi Khalifa
International Journal of Computing and Digital Systems Published 2024-08-10
Classification of Tuberculosis Based on Chest X-Ray Images for Imbalance Data using SMOTE
Muhammad Fadhlullah Kh.TQ,W. Wahyono
International Journal of Computing and Digital Systems Published 2024-08-10
Epidemiological and molecular characteristics of Infectious bursal disease virus naturally infected in the broiler flocks in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam during 2015 and 2018
Cuong Ngo Phu,Khanh Nguyen Phuc,Dao Tran Thi Anh,Tien Van My,T. Q. LeBich Tran Ngoc
Veterinary Integrative Sciences Published 2024-08-08
Clinical and pathologic characterization of African swine fever virus infection in pigs in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam
L. Hoang,To My Quyen,L. Nguyen,N. N. Bich,N. P. KhánhNguyen Duc Hien
Veterinary Integrative Sciences Published 2024-08-08
Chromosome size-dependent polar ejection force impairs mammalian mitotic error correction.
Megan K Chong,Miquel Rosas-Salvans,Vanna Tran,Sophie Dumont
Journal of Cell Biology Published 2024-08-05
Intravesical Migration of An Intrauterine Device Complicated by Vesical Lithiasis: Triple Case Report
Seffar A
International Journal of Clinical Studies and Medical Case Reports Published 2024-08-05
Fusion pore flux controls the rise-times of quantal synaptic responses.
Meyer B Jackson,Chung-Wei Chiang,Jinbo Cheng
The Journal of General Physiology Published 2024-08-05
Proteasome gene expression is controlled by coordinated functions of multiple transcription factors.
Jennifer E Gilda,Asrafun Nahar,Dharanibalan Kasiviswanathan,Nadav Tropp,Tamar GilinskiTamar LahavDina AlexandrovichYael Mandel-GutfreundSoyeon ParkShenhav Shemer
Journal of Cell Biology Published 2024-08-05
A human STAT3 gain-of-function variant drives local Th17 dysregulation and skin inflammation in mice.
Kelsey A Toth,Erica G. Schmitt,Ana Kolicheski,Zev J. Greenberg,Elizabeth LevendoskyNermina SaucierKelsey TrammelV. OikonomouMichail S. LionakisE. KlechevskyBrian S. KimLaura G. SchuettpelzN. SaligramaMegan A Cooper
Journal of Experimental Medicine Published 2024-08-05
Personalized cancer T-cell therapy takes the stage, mirroring vaccine success.
Johanna Chiffelle,Alexandre Harari
Journal of Experimental Medicine Published 2024-08-05
Deep learning approaches for recognizing facial emotions on autistic patients
Fatima Ezzahrae El Rhatassi,B. E. Ghali,N. Daoudi
International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering (IJECE) Published 2024-08-01
Differences in caregiver and child factors within families of autistic youth across birth order groups
Sarah C. Boland,Tammy D. Barry,Rebecca A. Lindsey
Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders Published 2024-08-01
Transcranial magnetic stimulation
Y. Shirota,Yoshikazu Ugawa
Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences Published 2024-08-01
Optimal pricing and patient satisfaction optimization for healthcare providers
Faezeh Haghgou,A. Taleizadeh,M. S. Amalnik,M. Hajiaghaei-Keshteli
Expert systems with applications Published 2024-08-01
Three-Dimensional Printing in Surgical Education: An Updated Systematic Review of the Literature
Iulianna C. Taritsa,Daniela Lee,J. Foppiani,Maria Jose Escobar,Angelica Hernandez AlvarezKirsten A. SchusterSamuel J. LinBernard T. Lee
Journal of Surgical Research Published 2024-08-01
Deciphering the therapeutic efficacy of FGF19 and FGF21 in NAFLD: A comparative genomic and metabolic analysis
Lengyun Wei,Pengpeng Long,Xianlong Ye,Shenglong Zhu,Siyuan Cui
Food Bioscience Published 2024-08-01
Chitosan films synthesized via thiol-ene click chemistry: Toward safe and versatile platforms for packaging, cosmetics and biomedical applications
Waad El Mejri,Ayoub El Mahdi,Fátima Mendes,Rita Castro,Leila NjimSonia ZaiedHelena TomásT. BaatiR. MedimaghK. Khwaldia
Sustainable Chemistry and Pharmacy Published 2024-08-01
Incorporation of efavirenz inclusion complex In Dissolvable Microneedle for enhanced effectiveness of intravaginal drug delivery: A proof of concept study
Abigael Alik Samma,Muh. Taufik Hidayat,Nurul Fitrayani,A. Anggriani,A. Permana
Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology Published 2024-08-01
Participatory inventory of plant-based ethnoveterinary medicine used to control internal parasites of goats in the Ngamiland region of Botswana.
Perfect Lechani,P. Monau,Kebonyemodisa Ntesang,D. Pfukenyi,O. Madibela
South African Journal of Botany Published 2024-08-01
Hybrid cell membranes camouflaged copper-loaded nano-prodrug for tumor angiogenesis inhibition and cell cuproptosis
Xian Qin,Li Zhu,Xuan An,Cheng Zhang,Jiawei LiFei YanWenjin ZhangKai QuKun ZhangWei WuGuicheng Wu
Chemical Engineering Journal Published 2024-08-01
Postoperative early weight-bearing using double plating for periprosthetic, interprosthetic, and interimplant distal femur fractures following total knee arthroplasty: A report of three cases
Nobuyoshi Watanabe,Yoshiteru Kajikawa,Tadahiko Yotsumoto,Takuro Kanda,Ryosuke IkedaGenji TakeharaYasushi OshimaKenji TakahashiYoshinobu Watanabe
Trauma Case Reports Published 2024-08-01
Corrigendum to “The communicating rudimentary horn of the unicornuate uterus as a rare localization of a partial hydatidiform mole and the diagnostic challenge” [Eur. J. Obstet. Gynecol. Reprod. Biol. 293(P1) (2024)]
Agata Natkańska-Małek,Adrianna Skrajna,Małgorzata Reinholz-Jaskólska
Published 2024-08-01
Silencing PDCD4 Mediates Transcription Factor EB Overexpression Promoting Proliferation, Migration, and Invasion of Cervical Cancer Hela Cells
Xingjun Gao,Ziying Liang,Yanan Yuan,Wenbo Liu
Science of Advanced Materials Published 2024-08-01
Evaluation of GeneXpert MTB/RIF assay as a potential diagnostic tool of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB) in Chittagong metropolitan city
N. Jahan,Salma Tumpa,Dil Umme,Salma Chowdhury,Md. Shakeel AhmedNazneen Naher Islam
Malaysian Journal of Microbiology Published 2024-08-01
Immunometabolic checkpoint-mediated macrophage metabolic reprogramming accelerates infected wound healing
Mingzhang Li,Zhengjiang Feng,Boyong Wang,Jinlong Yu,Feng JiangYujie HuJiani ChenChangming WangPei HanBotao SongGeyong GuoHao Shen
Nano Today Published 2024-08-01
Design and analysis of a metamaterial based biosensor to determine blood glucose concentration
Mir Md. Aminuzzaman,Md Hossam-E-Haider
International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering (IJECE) Published 2024-08-01
Evaluation of nootropic and neuroprotective properties of Siddha drug Poorana Chandrothaya Chenthuram (PCC) in scopolamine-induced amnesia in mice
C. Balasubramanian,R. S. Ramaswamy
Phytomedicine Plus Published 2024-08-01
Multifragment fracture of the patellar apex with extensive loss of skin: A case report
Mohammed Barrached,Aboubacar Lawan Abdou,Achraf Tebbaa el Hassali,A. Lachkar,N. AbdeljaouadHicham Yacoubi
Trauma Case Reports Published 2024-08-01
An improved deep regression model with state space reconstruction for continuous blood pressure estimation
Liangyi Lyu,Lei Lu,Hanjie Chen,David A. Clifton,Yuan-ting ZhangTapabrata (Rohan) Chakraborty
Computers & electrical engineering Published 2024-08-01
Editorial Board
Biomedical Signal Processing and Control Published 2024-08-01
The 2017 and 2022 ILAE epilepsy classification systems identify needs and opportunities in care: A paediatric hospital-based study
Eoin P. Donnellan,Caroline Kehoe,Ailbhe Moran,Máire Ní Chollatáin,Yvonne HynesMichael HennessyElaine ReadeNicholas M. Allen
Epilepsy & Behavior Published 2024-08-01
Plasma metabolomics changes comparing daytime to overnight infusions of home parenteral nutrition in adult patients with short bowel syndrome: Secondary analysis of a clinical trial
H.S. Dashti,Magdalena Sevilla-Gonzalez,K. Mogensen,M. Winkler,C. Compher
Clinical Nutrition ESPEN Published 2024-08-01
Two-domain GH30 xylanase from human gut microbiota as a tool for enzymatic production of xylooligosaccharides: Crystallographic structure and a synergy with GH11 xylosidase.
Milena Moreira Vacilotto,Lucas de Araujo Montalvão,V. Pellegrini,M. V. Liberato,E. A. de AraújoIgor Polikarpov
Carbohydrate Polymers Published 2024-08-01
Content based COVID-19 image retrieval system using local histogram equalization and deep convolutional neural network
Rani Shetty,Vandana S. Bhat,J. Pujari,Rashmi Shetty
International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering (IJECE) Published 2024-08-01
Candida Dublinensis Meningitis in an Immunocompetent Host: A Case Report and Review of the Literature.
Asra Askari,Jemma Benson,Lucas Felipe Bastos Horta,Ali Daneshmand,H. DasenbrockA. Cervantes-Arslanian
Neurology Clinical Practice Published 2024-08-01
Stable angina revealing a post-traumatic coronary cameral fistula: A case report
Nabil Zergoune,Malak Benabdellah,Loubna Hara,Amine Ech-Chenbouli,Z. Raissouni
Radiology Case Reports Published 2024-08-01
Editorial Board
Journal of Ethnopharmacology Published 2024-08-01
Advances in phototherapy for infectious diseases
Mingzhu Lu,Shanshan Li,Yunhang Liu,Bolong Xu,Shuang LiuJin ZhangDongsheng ZhouHuiyu Liu
Nano Today Published 2024-08-01
Comparing Cognitive Profiles in Older Adults With Multiple Sclerosis and Alzheimer Disease: More Similarities Than Differences.
Laura M. Hancock,Rachel Galioto,T. Rhoads,D. Ontaneda,Kunio NakamuraBrandon LyKamini KrishnanJustin B. MillerLe H. Hua
Neurology Clinical Practice Published 2024-08-01
A fully automatic curve localization method for extracted spine
Aishu Xie,E. Moung,Xu Zhou,Zhibang Yang
International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering (IJECE) Published 2024-08-01
Immunogenicity and reactogenicity profile of inactivated vaccine among pregnant women in Pekanbaru, Indonesia
Donel, S.,Kemal, R. A.,Rustam, R.,Khairani, N.,Simanjuntak, A. M.Savira, M.
Malaysian Journal of Microbiology Published 2024-08-01
Incorporating ergonomic and psychosocial stressors: A comprehensive model for assessing miners’ work-related musculoskeletal disorders
Boling Zhang,Xuechen Yin,Jiaqi Li,Ruipeng Tong
Safety Science Published 2024-08-01
Impact of Xpert MTB/RIF implementation in tuberculosis case detection and control in Brazil: a nationwide intervention time-series analysis (2011–2022)
Klauss Villalva-Serra,Beatriz Barreto-Duarte,João P. Miguez-Pinto,Artur T L Queiroz,Moreno M. RodriguesPeter F. RebeiroGustavo AmorimM. Cordeiro-SantosTimothy R SterlingM. Araújo-PereiraB. B. Andrade
Published 2024-08-01
Bioactive compounds as therapeutic proposals against Plasmodium falciparum: A systematic review
Diemer Muñoz-Verbel,Jorge Mendoza-Galiz,Eutimio Cueto-Almeida,Elías Romero-Cueto,Escarleth Contreras-PuentesNeyder Contreras-Puentes
Biochemical Systematics and Ecology Published 2024-08-01
Fabrication and evaluation of gelatin cryogels for curcumin controlled release via transdermal iontophoresis
Kimhuoy Huot,Rawita Morarad,Phimchanok Sakunpongpitiporn,Sumonman Niamlang,N. ParadeeNapa ParinyanitikulA. Sirivat
Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology Published 2024-08-01
A case report of hepatic fetus-in-fetu: Approach to diagnosis
Sara F. Alnajjar,Rayan A. Ahyad,Ghufran H. Alhashmi,M. Alturkustani,Mohammed AlharthiNasir M. Bustangi
Radiology Case Reports Published 2024-08-01
Incorporating autism traits into an anxiety and depression model results in improved fit and distinct factor structure for autistic youth
Tamara E Rosen,Craig Rodriguez-Seijas,K. Gadow,Matthew D. Lerner
Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders Published 2024-08-01
Assessing athletes beyond routine screening: Incorporating essential factors to optimize cardiovascular health and performance
D. Garba,A. Jacobsen,R. Blumenthal,Matthew W. Martinez,C. NdumeleAlexis M. CoslickLili A. Barouch
Published 2024-08-01
Ultra-low-power super class-AB adaptive biasing operational transconductance amplifier with enhanced gain for biomedical applications
Rakesh Kumar Pandey,Vijaya Bhadauria,Vinod Kumar Singh
Bulletin of Electrical Engineering and Informatics Published 2024-08-01
Cross-scale targeted remodeling of neurovascular and neurometabolic coupling in Alzheimer’s disease by natural self-assembled SIRT1 activator
Dongju Zhao,Fan Yang,Yining Liu,Meng Cheng,Ziyao ChenCaihua YeJin ChangYan Dou
Nano Today Published 2024-08-01
Network pharmacology combined with molecular docking and molecular dynamic simulation to reveal the potential mechanism of lentinan ameliorating hyperlipidemia
Zhongxing Chu,Linna Zeng,Feiyan Yang,Zuomin Hu,Yi LuoYaping ZhouYiping TangFeijun Luo
Food Bioscience Published 2024-08-01
Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and Experiences During, Awareness of, and Attitudes Toward Research for People With Parkinson Disease.
E. Bayram,Nicole Rigler,Kevin T. Wang,Andrew Tsai,Jason D. Flatt
Neurology Clinical Practice Published 2024-08-01
The use of genetic algorithm and particle swarm optimization on tiered feature selection method in machine learning-based coronary heart disease diagnosis system
W. Wiharto,Yasmin Mufidah,Umi Salamah,E. Suryani,S. Setyawan
International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering (IJECE) Published 2024-08-01
Editorial Board
Journal of critical care Published 2024-08-01
Long non-coding RNA NEAT1 exacerbates NLRP3-mediated pyroptosis in allergic rhinitis through regulating the PTBP1/FOXP1 cascade
Yunliang Liu,Jing Gao,Qingqing Xu,Xiaoyan Wang,Wenhui ZhongFengfang WuXianghang LinQiuyun ZhangQing Ye
International Immunopharmacology Published 2024-08-01
Imiquimod powder for inhalation to stimulate innate immunity
Daisy Sorgi,Saveria Germani,Rosita Nicolella Gentile,A. Bianchera,Ruggero Bettini
Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology Published 2024-08-01
Inositol and taurine ameliorate abnormal liver lipid metabolism induced by high sucrose intake
Qi Song,Shiori Nishitani,Shiori Saito,Naomichi Nishimura,Satoshi MochizukiHiroaki Oda
Food Bioscience Published 2024-08-01
ITGB1 serves as a therapeutic target for reducing lung cancer bone metastasis
Shasha Jiang,Shilin Li,Song Liao,Jipeng Jiang,Ke XuXia TianQian ZhengJian ZhangJie MeiXinlian WangJing YuanYang LiuYongfu Ma
Nano Today Published 2024-08-01
A comparative study between nanostructured lipid carriers and invasomes for the topical delivery of luteolin: Design, optimization and pre-clinical investigations for psoriasis treatment
Maha El-Kayal,S. Hatem
Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology Published 2024-08-01
Modeling of pulse and relaxation of high-rate Li/CFx-SVO batteries in implantable medical devices
Qiaohao Liang,G. Galuppini,Partha M. Gomadam,P. Tamirisa,Jeffrey A. LemmermanMichael J. M. MazackMelani G. SullivanR. D. BraatzM. Bazant
Journal of Power Sources Published 2024-08-01
A new application of fractional derivatives for predicting human glioblastoma multiforme tumor growth
M. Hosseininia,O. Bavi,M. Heydari,D. Baleanu
Engineering analysis with boundary elements Published 2024-08-01
Recent advances of electrospun nanofiber-enhanced hydrogel composite scaffolds in tissue engineering
Qi Meng,Yiran Li,Qiuyu Wang,Yafei Wang,Kun LiShaojuan ChenPeixue LingShaohua Wu
Journal of Manufacturing Processes Published 2024-08-01
Effect of Matricaria chamomile on morphine reward memory, the role of the serotonin receptor and CSF levels following conditional place preference in rats
Nooshin Doroodi,Abbas Ali Vafaei,Ali Ghanbari,Ali Khaleghian,Hossein Miladi-Gorji
Learning and Motivation Published 2024-08-01
Enhancing the Experience and Accessibility of Users with Disability by Integrating Voice Navigation into a Telemedicine Website
S. Kolekar,Shreevasta Agnihotri,Divya Rao
International journal of mathematical, engineering and management sciences Published 2024-08-01
Application of the outlier detection method for web-based blood glucose level monitoring system
Rachma Aurya Nurhaliza,Muhammad Qois Huzyan Octava,Farhan Mufti Hilmy,Umar Farooq,Ganjar Alfian
Bulletin of Electrical Engineering and Informatics Published 2024-08-01
G. Togo,Luigi Califano,F. Ionna,G. Salzano
Published 2024-08-01
A Critical Sojourn of Hyaluronic Acid-based Hydrogels in the Wound Healing Process: Current Advances and Future Prospects
T. Markandeywar,Dilpreet Singh,R. Narang
Current Drug Therapy Published 2024-08-01
Mitochondrial targeted nanomaterials for alleviating inflammation
Shi Cheng,Wen-Da Wang,Kong-Huai Wang,Zhi-Jun Sun,Lu Zhang
Nano Today Published 2024-08-01
Contactless logging and disinfection solution with automated face mask detection
Dominic Bolima,Christian Albert Huerto
International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering (IJECE) Published 2024-08-01
A light-weight and generalizable deep learning model for the prediction of COVID-19 from chest X-ray images
Md Jakaria Zobair,Refat Tasfia Orpa,Mahir Ashef,Shah Md. Tanvir Siddiquee,Narayan Ranjan ChakrabortyAhsan Habib
International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering (IJECE) Published 2024-08-01
Conventional and spectral- CT for renal cell carcinoma thermal ablation: A case report
J. Musa,Ahmad Parvinian,Nathan Huber,Andrea Ferrero,Christopher P FavazzaAnil KurupThomas Atwell
Radiology Case Reports Published 2024-08-01
Improving diagnostics and prognostics of implantable cardioverter defibrillator batteries with interpretable machine learning models
G. Galuppini,Qiaohao Liang,P. Tamirisa,Jeffrey A. Lemmerman,Melani G. SullivanMichael J. M. MazackPartha M. GomadamM. BazantR. D. Braatz
Journal of Power Sources Published 2024-08-01
Melatonin decreases human adipose tissue insulin sensitivity.
Carolina Zambrano,Mireia Tena Garitaonaindia,Diego Salmerón,Fernando Pérez-Sanz,Cynthia TchioM. PicinatoFermín Sánchez de MedinaJ. LujánF. A. ScheerRicha SaxenaO. Martínez-AugustinMarta Garaulet
Journal of Pineal Research Published 2024-08-01
Targeting GLUT1 degradation with assembling glycopeptide for cancer inhibition
Xia Wu,Jun Shen,Xingyue Jiang,Hong Han,Zenghui LiYatong XiangDan YuanJunfeng Shi
Chemical Engineering Journal Published 2024-08-01
One-year longitudinal changes of peripheral CD4+ T-lymphocyte counts, gut microbiome, and plaque vulnerability after an acute coronary syndrome
Ana I Fernández-Avila,Enrique Gutierrez-Ibanes,Irene Martín de Miguel,R. Sanz-Ruiz,Álvaro GabaldónFrancisco Fernández-AvilésJosep Gómez-LaraMarta Fernández-CastilloS. Vázquez-CuestaP. Martínez‐LegazpiNuria Lozano-GarciaElena Blázquez-LópezR. YottiIgor López-CadeE. ReigadasPatricia MuñozJ. ElízagaRafael CorreaJavier Bermejo
Published 2024-08-01
An augmented reality surgical navigation system based on co-axial projection of surgical paths for open liver tumor surgery
Long Chen,Tong Qiu,Li Ma,W. Zhan,Yu ZhangLining Sun
Published 2024-08-01
Stimuli-triggered pollen-inspired micro/nanorobots for advanced therapeutics
Youjin Seol,Keya Ganguly,Hojin Kim,Aayushi Randhawa,Tejal V. PatilS. DuttaRumi AcharyaKi‐Taek Lim
Nano Today Published 2024-08-01
Efficacy of Fluoxetine Combined with Cognitive Behavior Therapy in Treating Non-Suicidal Self-Injury in Adolescents: A Systematic Review
Shengjiao Zhao,Danxuan Zhang,Yunrong Lu
International Journal of Pharmacology Published 2024-08-01
Paget's disease with tumefactive soft tissue extension mimicking a chronic subdural hematoma
Khadija Soufi,Omar Ortuno,Gabriel Urreola,Jose Castillo
Radiology Case Reports Published 2024-08-01
Automated Alzheimer’s disease detection and classification based on optimized deep learning models using MRI
Rashmi Saini,Suraj Singh,Prabhakar Semwal
Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Published 2024-08-01
Editorial Board
Journal of Clinical Virology Published 2024-08-01
Preoperative middle meningeal artery embolization in the treatment of organized chronic subdural hematoma
Hai Dao Xuan,Thong Pham Minh,He Dong Van,D. L. Thanh,Dung Pham TuanLoc Tran Quang
Radiology Case Reports Published 2024-08-01
A case of tubercular meningoencephalitis with transverse myelitis
Abhikanta Khatiwada,Sharada K C,Anamika Jha,Sashi Sekhar Singh
Radiology Case Reports Published 2024-08-01
A high-throughput measurement system using auto-localization for characterization of microparticles by nuclear microscopy and its application to human tissue samples
G. Nagy,C. Dionigi,Tord Berglundh,Daniel Primetzhofer
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Reseach B Published 2024-08-01
Engineering injectable hyaluronic acid-based adhesive hydrogels with anchored PRP to pattern the micro-environment to accelerate diabetic wound healing.
Wanglin Duan,Xianzhen Jin,Yiyang Zhao,S. Martín-Saldaña,Shuaijun LiLina QiaoLiang ShaoBin ZhuShibo HuFurong LiLuyao FengYao MaBaoji DuLining ZhangYazhong Bu
Carbohydrate Polymers Published 2024-08-01
Piecewise fractional derivatives and wavelets in epidemic modeling
Mutaz Mohammad,Mohyeedden Sweidan,Alexander Trounev
Alexandria Engineering Journal Published 2024-08-01
A two-way membrane-integrated microfluidic device for evaluation of anti-inflammatory drug through immunohistochemical analysis and permeability assay of keratinocyte cell layers
Marika Sugimoto,Naoko Takahashi-Ando,Naoki Sasaki
Talanta Open Published 2024-08-01
Time course of hypertension and myocardial dysfunction following anthracycline chemotherapy in pediatric patients
X. Jacquemyn,Junzhen Zhan,J. Van den Eynde,Kyla Cordrey,Rita LongSruti RaoBenjamin T. BarnesW. R. ThompsonDavid DanfordShelby Kutty
Published 2024-08-01
Polarity control of siloxane composite films for triboelectric nanogenerator based self-powered body temperature monitoring
S. Kang,Jung Ho Shin,Jeong Hyeon Kim,Hyun Seok Kang,Chang Kyu JeongHan Eol LeeByeong-Soo Bae
Nano Energy Published 2024-08-01
Explaining transfer learning models for the detection of COVID-19 on X-ray lung images
Abd Al Rahman Odeh,Ahmad M. Mustafa
International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering (IJECE) Published 2024-08-01
Gummatous neurosyphilisin an HIV-negative patient: Case report
José David Ospino-Ayola,María José Lozano-Abdala,José David Sáenz-López,Valeria Sofia Almeida,Iván Tenorio-BarraganDanna Cecilia Sarmiento Dickson
Radiology Case Reports Published 2024-08-01
A hybrid approach using convolutional neural networks and genetic algorithm to improve of sensing brain tumor prediction
Hamza Ettakifi,Said Tkatek
International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering (IJECE) Published 2024-08-01
Editorial Board
International Journal of Cardiology Published 2024-08-01
Artificial intelligence for early-stage detection of chronic kidney disease
Mamatha B,Sujatha P. Terdal
International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering (IJECE) Published 2024-08-01
Mild phototherapy strategies for efficient treatment of bacterial keratitis while avoiding side effects
Peipei Li,Jing Kang,Xiaojie Wu,Duo Wang,Yongjun LiNan LiangRui DuMinjie WangAlideertu DongYuliang Li
Nano Today Published 2024-08-01
Corrigendum to “Biomimetic redox-responsive prodrug micelles with diselenide linkage for platinum nanozymes augmented sonodynamic/chemo combined therapy of colon cancer” [Chem. Eng. J. 472 (2023) 144911]
Yuanru Zhao,Jingwen Xu,Yuanyuan Zhang,Feng Wu,Wei ZhaoRunqing LiYun YangMingzhen ZhangYujie ZhangCheng Guo
Chemical Engineering Journal Published 2024-08-01
Leveraging high-performance HRM practices and knowledge sharing for managing technological and social change in emerging market healthcare providers
Ashish Malik,Mai Nguyen,P. Budhwar,Soumyadeb Chowdhury,Ritika Gugnani
Technological forecasting & social change Published 2024-08-01
Exploring the therapeutic potential of Terminalia ferdinandiana (Kakadu Plum) in targeting obesity-induced Type 2 diabetes and chronic inflammation: An in silico and experimental study
Md. Niaj Morshed,Muhammad Awais,R. Akter,Juha Park,Li LingB. KongDeok-Chun YangDong-Uk YangSera KangSeok-Kyu Jung
South African Journal of Botany Published 2024-08-01
Development of a novel cable-driven parallel robot for full-cycle ankle rehabilitation
Ye Huo,Muhammad Niaz Khan,Zhufeng Shao,Yu Pan
Mechatronics (Oxford) Published 2024-08-01
Hybrid convolutional neural network-long short-term memory combined model for arrhythmia classification
Raghavendra Badiger,Prabhakar Manickam
International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering (IJECE) Published 2024-08-01
A comprehensive review of early detection of COVID-19 based on machine learning and deep learning models
Ali J. Askar Al-Khafaji,N. N. Sjarif
International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering (IJECE) Published 2024-08-01
An integrated investigation combining network pharmacology and computer simulation dissects the potential mechanism of anti-obesity of Monascus pigments (MPs)
Jiaxing Li,Huijing Zhang,Linlin Xu,Huiqian Liu,Chenchen QiChengtao WangWei Chen
Food Bioscience Published 2024-08-01
IV Reshetov,AA Zakirova
Published 2024-08-01
Performance of an artificial intelligence-guided quantitative coronary computed tomography algorithm for predicting myocardial ischemia in real-world practice
Ronald P. Karlsberg,Nick S. Nurmohamed,Carlos G. Quesada,Bruce A. Samuels,S. DohadLauren R. AndersonT. CrabtreeJames K. MinAndrew D. ChoiJames P. Earls
Published 2024-08-01
Double metal nanoparticles loaded and NIR/pH dual responsive drug nanocrystals inhibit cancer stem cells in a multi-modal manner
Guie Liu,Xinran Tian,Ruiyu Shen,Chaoyue Li,Zihan WangXue ShaMiao LiHonglei Zhan
Applied Materials Today Published 2024-08-01
Subspecialty Health Care Utilization in Pediatric Patients With Muscular Dystrophy in the United States.
S. Matesanz,J. Edelson,K. Iacobellis,Erika Mejia,John F. BrandsemaC. Wittlieb-WeberO. OkunowoHeather GriffisKimberly Y. Lin
Neurology Clinical Practice Published 2024-08-01
Brain tumor detection using a MobileNetV2-SSD model with modified feature pyramid network levels
Nada Fitrieyatul Hikmah,Ariq Dreiki Hajjanto,Armand Faris A. Surbakti,Nadhira Anindyafitri Prakosa,Talitha AsmariaT. Sardjono
International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering (IJECE) Published 2024-08-01
Baicalein ameliorates lipid accumulation in HepG2 cells via the pregnane X receptor signaling pathway
Qiuyan Jiang,Tie-Huai Zhang,Yuan Liang,Jie Zhang
Food Bioscience Published 2024-08-01
Imaging appearance of ovarian dysgerminoma: A report of two cases
Ghita Lahnine,Btissam Benabderrazik,A. Akammar,N. Bouardi,Badreddine AlamiM. Y. LamraniMustapha MaaroufiMeryem BoubbouMeriem Haloua
Radiology Case Reports Published 2024-08-01
Comparison of machine learning algorithms and feature extraction techniques for the automatic detection of surface EMG activation timing
Valentina Mejía Gallón,Stirley Madrid Vélez,Juan Ramírez,Freddy Bolaños
Biomedical Signal Processing and Control Published 2024-08-01
Design of an optimized energy-efficient routing protocol for reliable wireless body area networks
Hissah Almutairi,Abdullah Alqahtani,Zinah S. Jabbar,Jamal Fadhil Tawfeq,Ahmed Dheyaa RadhiPoh Soon JosephNg
International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering (IJECE) Published 2024-08-01
Optimizing glaucoma diagnosis using fundus and optical coherence tomography image fusion based on multi-modal convolutional neural network approach
Nanditha Krishna,Nagamani Kenchappa
International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering (IJECE) Published 2024-08-01
Understanding the motivation behind new mothers' choice of postpartum wellness hotels: Scale development and validation
Jing Zhao,Mang He
International Journal of Hospitality Management Published 2024-08-01
Ileal intussusception secondary to lipoma in an adult patient: A rare cause for intestinal obstruction: A case report
Ismail Chaouche,N. Elbouardi,Asmae Sekkat,Meriem Haloua,B. AlamiM. Y. LamraniMeryem BoubbouMustapha Maaroufi
Radiology Case Reports Published 2024-08-01
Highly selective and effective ferroptosis liposomal nanodrugs for synergistic antitumor therapy
Huan Xin,Pengjun Yuan,Yujing Wang,Jianmin Xiao,Geng TianYong FanGuilong ZhangLu Liu
Chemical Engineering Journal Published 2024-08-01
Emerging IL-12-based nanomedicine for cancer therapy
Zeyuan Xin,S. Qu,Yunfeng Qu,Yun Xu,Renfa LiuDesheng SunZ. Dai
Nano Today Published 2024-08-01
Harnessing the potential of hydrogels for treatment of breast cancer: An insight
Yachana Mishra,Alaa A. A. Aljabali,M. Tambuwala,Vijay Mishra
Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology Published 2024-08-01
A general strategy towards early endosome-stressed nanophotosensitizers for pyroptotic cancer therapy
Fangjie Wan,Letong Wang,Ruiyang Zhao,Heming Xia,Jianxiong LiuYue YanFeiyang DengQiang ZhangYiguang WangBinlong Chen
Nano Today Published 2024-08-01
Enhancing Clinical Infrastructure for the Delivery of Intrathecal and Genetic Therapies: A Qalsody (Tofersen) Model for Patients With SOD1-ALS.
Jennifer Morganroth,Tanya M Bardakjian,Laynie Dratch,Colin C. Quinn,Lauren B. Elman
Neurology Clinical Practice Published 2024-08-01
Three-channel fluorescent probe for real-time monitoring mitochondrial viscosity during mitophagy and visualizing ONOO-/SO2 in rheumatoid arthritis mice
Minglu Li,P. Lei,Shaomin Shuang,Chuan Dong,Liyun Zhang
Published 2024-08-01
A rare cause of bronchial obstruction: Endobronchial hamartoma case report
Zineb Bouanani,Asmae Raïs,F. Benbrahim,A. Akammar,N. BouardiMeryem HalouaY. LamraniMeryem BoubbouMounia SerrajBouchra AmaraM. LakranbiYassine OuadnouniMohammed SmahiMustapha MaaroufiBadreddine Alami
Radiology Case Reports Published 2024-08-01
Drug repurposing study of levofloxacin: Structural properties, lipophilicity along with experimental and computational DNA binding
Roghayeh Behroozi,E. Dehghanian
Journal of Molecular Liquids Published 2024-08-01
Three new dammarane-type triterpenoid saponins and their cytotoxicity from steamed Panax notoginseng
Yi-Fei Yao,W. Ni,Yong-Sheng Zhou,Huan Yan,Haiyang Liu
Phytochemistry Letters Published 2024-08-01
Moringa oleifera L. mediated zinc oxide nano-biofertilizer alleviates non-alcoholic steatohepatitis via modulating de novo lipogenesis pathway and miRNA-122 expression
Dina Mostafa Mohammed,M. B. Salem,Mohamed Elzallat,O. Hammam,Ahmad A. Suliman
Food Bioscience Published 2024-08-01
Determination of Gefitinib hydrochloride anti-cancer drug solubility in supercritical CO2: Evaluation of sPC-SAFT EoS and semi-empirical models
G. Sodeifian,H. Bagheri,Mohammadreza Bargestan,Nedasadat Saadati Ardestani
Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers / Elsevier Published 2024-08-01
Corrigendum to “Photothermally-activated piezo-pyroelectric multifunctional hybrid energy harvester for motion sensing and thermal therapy” [Nano Energy 125 (2024) 109597]
Woonhyeong Lee,Dabin Kim,Arbanah Muhammad,Kwangduk Kim,Sang-Woo KimKyung Wha OhMiso KimJuhyun Park
Nano Energy Published 2024-08-01
Cubosomes: An emerging nanodrug delivery platform for anti-diabetic medications
S. Garg,Ashish Vyas,Vishnu Kirthi Arivarasan,Jeena Gupta
Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology Published 2024-08-01
The “pancake-like” enhancement in cervical spondylotic myelopathy
Manal Jidal,Kenza Horache,Ola Messaoud,M. Fikri,Najwa El KettaniMohamed JiddaneF. Touarsa
Radiology Case Reports Published 2024-08-01
Early detection of chronic kidney disease using eurygasters optimization algorithm with ensemble deep learning approach
Sulima M. Awad Yousif,H. Halawani,Ghada Amoudi,Fathea M. Osman Birkea,Arwa M.R. AlmunajamAzhari A. Elhag
Alexandria Engineering Journal Published 2024-08-01
Saturated fatty acids negatively affect musculoskeletal tissues in vitro and in vivo
Ryan T. Lin,Benjamin Osipov,Danielle Steffen,Marin Chamberlin,Suraj J. PathakB. A. ChristiansenKevin J.M. PaulussenKeith Baar
Matrix Biology Plus Published 2024-08-01
A review of Explainable Artificial Intelligence in healthcare
Zahra Sadeghi,R. Alizadehsani,Mehmet Akif Cifci,Samina Kausar,Rizwan RehmanP. MahantaP. BoraAmmar AlmasriRami Suleiman AlkhawaldehSadiq HussainBilal AlatasA. ShoeibiHossein MoosaeiMilan HladíkSaeid NahavandiP. Pardalos
Computers & electrical engineering Published 2024-08-01
Why is it so difficult to implement precision psychiatry into clinical care?
Peter Falkai,N. Koutsouleris
Published 2024-08-01
Synthesis and characterization of cellulose nanocrystals/Gd2O3 nanocomposite as a dual-mode contrast agent for MRI via gamma-ray irradiation
Fathyah Whba,Faizal Mohamed,R. Whba,Mohd Idzat Idris,Noramaliza Mohd NoorMohamad Khiari Bin Mahmood
Radiation Physics and Chemistry Published 2024-08-01
Sacred breath: Ohio nurses respond to COVID-19
Jessica Jewell,Kara Kudro
Applied Nursing Research Published 2024-08-01
Editorial Board
Published 2024-08-01
Micro-PIXE imaging of the rib bones of rats
H. Yakumaru,Yugo Kato,Masakazu Oikawa,C. Numako,Daisuke OhsawaI. TanakaAkihiro UeharaHiroshi IshiharaShino Homma-Takeda
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Reseach B Published 2024-08-01
Skin cancer classification using EfficientNet architecture
M. Harahap,A. M. Husein,Shane Christian Kwok,Vincent Wizley,Jocelyn LeonardiDerrick Kenji OngDeskianta GintingBenny Art Silitonga
Bulletin of Electrical Engineering and Informatics Published 2024-08-01
Worldwide Survey on Approach to Thrombolysis in Acute Ischemic Stroke With Large Vessel Occlusion
Nishita Singh,N. Kashani,Alonso G. Zea Vera,Aleksander Tkach,A. Ganesh
Neurology Clinical Practice Published 2024-08-01
Eagle’s syndrome: Modern systematic review and presentation of radiographic cases
Evangelos Liappis,Athanasios Venetis,Zois-Panagiotis Vlachopanos,Christos Impas,Crysi Papadeli
Published 2024-08-01
Melanin-based duplex Cas9 ribonucleoprotein nanomedicine for synergistic phototherapy and immunotherapy
Liansheng Fan,Suchen Qu,Jing Qian,Gaoyu Shi,Qiqing HuangYanni SongYu JiQuli FanXin Han
Chemical Engineering Journal Published 2024-08-01
Epilepsy Identification using Hybrid CoPrO-DCNN Classifier
Ganesh Basawaraj Birajadar,Altaf Osman Mulani,Osamah Ibrahim Khalaf,Nasren Farhah,Pravin G. GawandeKishor KinageAbdulsattar Abdullah Hamad
International Journal of Computing and Digital Systems Published 2024-08-01
Recent advances in additive manufacturing for tooth restorations
Yuxin Liu,Leyi Liang,Sneha Rajan,Yogesh Damade,Xiyue ZhangKeerti MishraLiu QuNileshkumar Dubey
Applied Materials Today Published 2024-08-01
Dynamic vaccination strategies in dual-strain epidemics: A multi-agent-based game-theoretic approach on scale-free hybrid networks
Mushrafi Munim Sushmit,Reyajul Hasan Leon,Muntasir Alam
Published 2024-08-01
Exploring the therapeutic potential of Cynanchum tunicatum (Retz.) Alston- assessment of phytochemicals and biological activities
Deepika Krishnamoorthy,A. Swaminathan,Amal Mohamed AlGarawi,Lavanya Nallasamy,Girija Sangari MurugaveluSwarnalakshmi Selvaraj
Published 2024-08-01
Short and medium-run effects of the Indian Ocean tsunami on health costs in Indonesia
Daim Syukriyah,R. Himaz
World Development Published 2024-08-01
Micro/nano-surface modification of titanium implant enhancing wear resistance and biocompatibility
Chunyu Chen,Pingfa Feng,Feng Feng,Zhongpeng Zheng,Jianjian Wang
International Journal of Mechanical Sciences Published 2024-08-01
Complexity and Change: Antecedents of occupational injuries
Yanbing Chen,F. Wiengarten,Dinghong Fan,Mark Pagell
Safety Science Published 2024-08-01
Tailoring therapies: a frontier approach to pancreatic cancer with AI-driven multiomics profiling
Janiel Jawahar,Paramasivan Selvi Rajendran
Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Published 2024-08-01
Application of Concentrated Growth Factors in Combination with Bio-Oss for Extraction of Mandibular Proximal Impacted Wisdom Teeth
Yongtao Yang,Xiaolan Sun,Shanshan Wang,Wei Yao,Siyu ChenLisha ShuRong YangYaomin Zhu
Journal of Biomedical Nanotechnology Published 2024-08-01
Towards monitoring of critical illness via the detection of histones with extended gate field-effect transistor sensors
Hayley Richardson,Jeffrey A. Barahona,Greg Medwig,Angela Johns,Lina M. Acosta PérezKoji SodeMichael DanieleFrancis J. MillerEdgar J. LobatonS. Pavlidis
Published 2024-08-01
Association of urban green space with metabolic syndrome and the role of air pollution
Yi Sun,Yunli Chen,Yuanyuan Huang,Yan Luo,LiPing YanS. ManCanqing YuJun LvChuangshi WangJun WuHeling BaoBo WangLiming LiHui Liu
Landscape and Urban Planning Published 2024-08-01
NIR-II photothermal therapy mediated by polymer-based nanoparticles to enhance checkpoint inhibitor immunotherapy for inhibiting lymph node metastasis in oral squamous cell carcinoma
Weiwen Zhu,Yan Guo,Jingbo Huang,Yu Zhang,Zihui NiMutong WeiLaikui LiuYuan LiMing ZhangBen Zhong Tang
Nano Today Published 2024-08-01
Radiological and clinical aspect of Caudal regression syndrome associated with dorsal hemivertebra without maternal diabetes
Hassan Kadri,Mazen Dughly,M. S. Agha,Raed Abouharb,Rostom MackiehSameer BaklehThea Kadri
Radiology Case Reports Published 2024-08-01
Sex differences in houselessness, injection drug use, and mental health conditions among people newly diagnosed with HIV in Manitoba, Canada from 2018 to 2021: a retrospective cohort study
Alexander Sharp,Megan Sorokopud-Jones,M. Haworth-Brockman,Ken Kasper,Lauren MacKenzieLaurie IrelandKathy GawlikLucelly LopezJ. M. VanegasJared BullardCarl BoodmanJulianne SanguinsMike PayneKimberly TempletonY. KeynanZ. Rueda
Published 2024-08-01
Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory synergistic effects of double-layer hydrogel promoting bacterial wound healing
Chunyang Li,Jin-Tao Wang,Kuili Liu,Hongwei Ding,Qing-Feng LiGaofeng LiangLin JinDeyan He
Chemical Engineering Journal Published 2024-08-01
Investigating the effect of porosity on the adsorption of doxorubicin by bio-MOF-11 using molecular dynamics simulation
Zhen Chen,Xiaoning Liu,Ali Basem,Dheyaa J. Jasim,S. SalahshourShadi Esmaeili
International Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer Published 2024-08-01
Comparative analysis of surgical outcomes in children with type 3 and type 4 lateral physeal condylar humerus fractures in China: Closed Reduction-PerCutaneous Pinning (CRPP) vs. Open Reduction-Internal Fixation (ORIF).
Md Fahim Muntasir Islam Sojib,Y. Wang
Journal of Orthopaedics Published 2024-08-01
Assessing the performance of Coenzyme Q10 loaded DQAsomes to treat Leigh syndrome caused by NDUFS4 knockout
Burcu Uner,Ahmet Doğan Ergin,Aybuke Celik,Renuka Khatik,Pankaj Dwivedi
Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology Published 2024-08-01
Major depressive disorder: early detection using deep learning and pupil diameter
Islam Ismail Mohamed,M. T. El-Wakad,Khaled Abbas Shafie,M. Aboamer,Nader A. Rahman Mohamed
Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Published 2024-08-01
Secure aware software development life cycle on medical datasets by using firefly optimization and machine learning techniques
Ooruchintala Obulesu,Sajja Suneel,Sudhakar Jangili,Sukanya Ledalla,Ballepu SwethaSubba Reddy Borra
International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering (IJECE) Published 2024-08-01
Hypertrophic olivary degeneration secondary to a Guillain Mollaret triangle cavernoma: Two case report
Salma Marrakchi,Ihssan Hadj Hsain,Yousra Guelzim,Najwa El Kettani Ech-Cherif,M. FikriMohamed JiddaneF. Touarsa
Radiology Case Reports Published 2024-08-01
Adolescent-to-adult gains in cognitive flexibility are adaptively supported by reward sensitivity, exploration, and neural variability
A. Parr,Valerie J Sydnor,Finnegan J. Calabro,Beatriz Luna
Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences Published 2024-08-01
Recent advancements in postpartum depression prediction through machine learning approaches: a systematic review
Winda Ayu Fazraningtyas,B. Rahmatullah,Desilestia Dwi Salmarini,Shamsul Arrieya Ariffin,Azniah Ismail
Bulletin of Electrical Engineering and Informatics Published 2024-08-01
A. Antoniou,D. Tatsis,A. Louizakis,I. Kalaitsidou,Ioannis AetopoulosAthanassios KyrgidisK. ParaskevopoulosK. Vahtsevanos
Published 2024-08-01
Picture this: Making health insurance choices easier for those who need it
A. C. Quiroga Gutiérrez
Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics Published 2024-08-01
Stationary distribution of a double epidemic stochastic model driven by saturated incidence rates
T. T. Selvan,M. Kumar
Applied Mathematics and Computation Published 2024-08-01
Editorial Board
Published 2024-08-01
Orthodontic and orthopedic management of dentofacial deformity from juvenile idiopathic arthritis: a systematic literature review.
Rotolo Rossana Rotolo,Akila Aiyar,Letizia Perillo,Thomas Klit Pedersen,P. Stoustrup
European Journal of Orthodontics Published 2024-08-01
Association of residential exposure to air pollution and ANRIL expression in adults with and without ischemic stroke in Iran: A cross-sectional study
S. G. Felemban,Farag M. A. Altalbawy,Irfan Ahmad,Abhinav Kumar,C. Rodriguez-BenitesAhmed HjaziK.D.V. PrasadAnaheed Hussein KareemA. H. ZwamelShahin Ramazi
Atmospheric Environment Published 2024-08-01
Are routine, daily chest radiographs (CXR) necessary following (VATS and RATS) lobectomies?
Nathan J. Alcasid,Kian C. Banks,Sheng-Fang Jiang,C. Susai,Diana HsuW. CarrowayKenneth WilliamsAshish PatelS. AshikuJ. B. Velotta
Surgery Open Science Published 2024-08-01
A small molecular “albumin hitchhiking” deferoxamine conjugate improved iron clearance efficacy
Linyi Xu,Yingxi Zhang,Yue Wang,Ning Li,Yicheng LiWeijia HuangYang YangYongjun WangHongzhuo Liu
Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology Published 2024-08-01
Exploring the elderly user experience in using digital health interventions: a case study of the MySejahtera application
Nahdatul Akma Ahmad,Rosidah Rosdi,N. Alias,Azaliza Zainal,Nur Farhanum Abdul Aziz
Bulletin of Electrical Engineering and Informatics Published 2024-08-01
Image-guided aspiration of a cystic mediastinal teratoma: A case report and literature review
Craig R. Kym,A. Ayyappan,Babith J. Mankidy,Mohammad Ghasemi-Rad
Radiology Case Reports Published 2024-08-01
Data access control for named data of health things
Asmaa EL-Bakkouchi,Mohammed EL Ghazi,Anas Bouayad,M. Fattah,Moulhime El Bekkali
Bulletin of Electrical Engineering and Informatics Published 2024-08-01
Research on medical insurance anti-gang fraud model based on the knowledge graph
Fangzheng Cheng,Chun Yan,Wei Liu,Xiangyun Lin
Engineering applications of artificial intelligence Published 2024-08-01
A model and multi-core parallel co-evolution algorithm for identifying cancer driver pathways
Xiaorong Chen,Jingli Wu,Zheng Deng,Gaoshi Li
Engineering applications of artificial intelligence Published 2024-08-01
Extrapyramidal System/Symptoms/Signs Should Be Retired.
Abhishek Lenka,Joseph Jankovic
Neurology Clinical Practice Published 2024-08-01
A rare case of ispilateral hemiparesis in a patient with uncrossed pyramidal tract shown by tractography
Manal Jidal,Kenza Horache,M. Fikri,Najwa El Kettani,Mohammed JiddaneF. Touarsa
Radiology Case Reports Published 2024-08-01
Ring artifacts suppression for X-ray CT images by fusion of dual-domain images based on improved UNet
Dalong Tan,Fanyong Meng,Yapeng Wu,Chao Hai,Min Yang
Computers & electrical engineering Published 2024-08-01
Multiple sclerosis relapse presenting as trigeminal neuralgia
M. Rabadi
Radiology Case Reports Published 2024-08-01
Endovascular wall-grafting for mycotic common iliac pseudo-aneurysm: Systemic mycoses
Safaa Mouhanni,Nora Ait Youssef,Kenza Boukili Makhoukhi,Mehdi Lekehal,T. BakkaliA. BounssirBrahim Lekehal
Radiology Case Reports Published 2024-08-01
Construction of janus mesenchymal stem cell-hitchhiked melanin nanoparticles to modulate the Th17/Treg balance for rheumatoid arthritis therapy
Xiaoqing Han,Panpan Song,Rui Cai,Heng Zhu,Jiao YanXingbo WangYanjing WangYaqing KangYuting MaLiming WangHaiyuan Zhang
Nano Today Published 2024-08-01
Nanovaccine of tumor-derived antigenic microparticles for enhancing effect of arsenic trioxide in cancer immunotherapy
Shulei Zhang,Faisal Raza,Liangdi Jiang,Jing Su,Wei-En YuanM. Qiu
Nano Today Published 2024-08-01
Optimizing breast cancer diagnosis: combining hybrid architectures through Apache Spark
Chaymae Taib,O. Abdoun,E. Haimoudi
International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering (IJECE) Published 2024-08-01
Membrane-fused and mannose-targeted vesicles as immunoenhanced biomimetic nanovaccines for prevention and therapeutics of melanoma
Tengfei Liu,T. Wang,Wenyan Yao,Xiangdong Lai,Lin ZouWenyu SunLiu LiuYihan YuanChen LiuXiaohui LiuXuemei WangHui Jiang
Nano Today Published 2024-08-01
Highly sensitive and label-free detection of naproxen using mixed metal oxide-based field effect transistor as a biosensor for in-vitro analysis of urine
Seyed Saman Nemati,Mohammadhossein Salemi-Seresht,Yaser Abdi,Gholamreza Dehghan
Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing Published 2024-08-01
The use of entropy of recurrence microstates and artificial intelligence to detect cardiac arrhythmia in ECG records
B. Boaretto,A.C. Andreani,S. R. Lopes,T.L. Prado,E.E.N. Macau
Applied Mathematics and Computation Published 2024-08-01
Human blood group type detection prototype focusing on agglutinin using microcontroller based photodiode
Arif Ridho Lubis,Hafid Rahman Harefa,A. Al-Khowarizmi,Julham Julham,M. LubisR. F. Rahmat
Bulletin of Electrical Engineering and Informatics Published 2024-08-01
Experimental investigation of photothermal conversion and thermal conductivity of broadband absorbing gold nanoblackbodies and graphene oxide nanoparticles for plasmonic photothermal cancer therapy
Divya Khurana,Amit Kumar Shaw,Gourav Sharma,Manzoor Ahmed,Sanket K. ShuklaSanjeev Soni
International Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer Published 2024-08-01
Malignant thyroid lump multi classification by TIRADS using DBA with transfer learning
M. Gulame,V. V. Dixit
Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Published 2024-08-01
Structural analysis and in vitro fermentation characteristics of an Avicennia marina fruit RG-I pectin as a potential prebiotic.
Jinwen Huang,Huiqi Wang,Huaqun Chen,Zidong Liu,Xuedong ZhangHao TangShiying WeiWangting ZhouXinzhou YangYonghong LiuLongyan ZhaoQingxia Yuan
Carbohydrate Polymers Published 2024-08-01
Harnessing endocytic pH gradients for cascaded formation of intracellular condensates to inhibit autophagy: A pathway to cancer therapy
Jing Wang,Laicheng Zhou,Huaimin Wang
Nano Today Published 2024-08-01
Metal nanoparticles based electrochemical biosensing of neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin biomarker for monitoring acute kidney injury
Bharathi Natarajan,P. Kannan,Palaniappan Subramanian,Govindhan Maduraiveeran
Published 2024-08-01
Development and modification Sobel edge detection in tuberculosis X-ray images
Retno Devita,Iskandar Fitri,Y. Yuhandri,F. F. Yani
Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Published 2024-08-01
Antenatal imaging diagnosis of thoraco-omphalopagus conjoined twins
Yousra Guelzim,Ismail Halfi Mohamed,Salma Marrakchi,Soumia Krioule,Salma TahriMounia El YousfiFatima El HassouniRachid MaakoulN. AllaliL. ChatS. El haddad
Radiology Case Reports Published 2024-08-01
Sleep patterns of children with Cri du Chat syndrome before and during the COVID-19 pandemic: An observational study
Sandra Xavier,Vinícius Dokkedal-Silva,G. Fernandes,Gabriel Pires,S. TufikM. Andersen
Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders Published 2024-08-01
Mitochondria-targeted nanoparticles based on glycated oat protein for enhanced curcumin bioavailability and antioxidant activity
Lei Zhong,Jiangrong Tian,Qiuhui Hu,Liyan Zhao,Qiping ZhanMingwen Zhao
Food Bioscience Published 2024-08-01
Relation between cardiac magnetic resonance-assessed interstitial fibrosis and diastolic dysfunction in heart failure due to dilated cardiomyopathy
E. Dziewięcka,M. Winiarczyk,R. Banys,M. Urbańczyk‑Zawadzka,M. KrupińskiM. MielnikS. Wiśniowska-ŚmiałekA. Karabinowska-MałochaA. Leśniak‑SobelgaK. HolcmanM. KostkiewiczM. HlawatyPiotr PodolecJ. RobakM. KaciczakF. BaranowskiP. Rubis
Published 2024-08-01
Editorial Board
Published 2024-08-01
What every intensivist should know about…Systolic arterial pressure targets in shock.
E. Yuriditsky,Jan Bakker
Journal of critical care Published 2024-08-01
An infrequent case of retroperitoneal synovial sarcoma
Ho Xuan Tuan,Trinh Anh Tuan,N. Tam,Ho Duc Cong,Ngo Quang DuyNguyenCuong HungLuc CeugnartN. Duc
Radiology Case Reports Published 2024-08-01
Solid brain metastasis mimicking intracerebral hematoma on imaging
Satoshi Hori,Shoichi Nagai,Y. Maeda,Kohtaro Tsumura,Satoshi Kuroda
Radiology Case Reports Published 2024-08-01
Efficient peroxymonosulfate activation by iron-cobalt bimetallic biochar for rapid removal of antibiotic resistant bacteria, antibiotic resistance genes, and ampicillin: The coexisting of free-radical and non-radical pathways
Lu An,Jia Wang,Jun Wang,Hengrui Liu,Fei WuT. HuXun QianLi ZhangYifan SunXiaojuan WangJie Gu
Separation and Purification Technology Published 2024-08-01
Diagnostic dilemma in female genital tract tuberculosis: A case report
Aalok kumar Yadav,Anamika Jha,Benu Lohani,Santoshi Yadav,Abhikanta Khatiwada
Radiology Case Reports Published 2024-08-01
Diagnostic approach and treatment of ventricular septal defect associated with PDA, coarctation of aorta, hypoplastic aortic arch and multiple valvular heart disease in a tertiary center: An infrequent association
Varna Ramos-Rosillo,A. Cabello-Ganem,E. C. Guerra,Alejandro Salas-Martinez,Yadira Alany Vazquez PanchosS. Luna-AlcalaPavel Martinez-DominguezA. D. Aparicio-OrtizN. Antonio-VillaNilda Espinola-Zavaleta
Radiology Case Reports Published 2024-08-01
Wearable microneedle sensor with replaceable sensor base for multi-purpose detecting in skin interstitial fluid
Tian-Qi Ma,Qi-Yao He,Xiang-Yu Li,Bing Zhang,Yu-Lian LiLi-Juan ChenXue-qiu YouJing Liu
Published 2024-08-01
Towards COVID-19 detection and classification using optimal efficient Densenet model on chest X-ray images
Inès Hilali-Jaghdam,Azhari A. Elhag,Anis Ben Ishak,Bushra M Elamin Elnaim,Omer Eltag M. ElhagFeda Muhammed AbuhaimedS. Abdel-Khalek
Alexandria Engineering Journal Published 2024-08-01
Caregivers' and Health Care Providers' Cultural Perceptions of and Experiences With Latino Patients With Dementia.
P. Ch’en,Payal B. Patel,Magaly Ramirez
Neurology Clinical Practice Published 2024-08-01
Ultra-small carbon dots boost bioelectricity generation by accelerating extracellular electron transfer
Xinqi Guo,Chenhui Yang,Jiaqi Wu,Wei Ning,Tianyi WangRuiwen WangShouxin LiuJian LiZhijun ChenShujun Li
Journal of Power Sources Published 2024-08-01
Liver transplantation for polycystic liver disease: How feasible is this option?
M. Moein,Michael Guenoun,Fatemeh Moosaie,Gursimran Mavi,A. BahreiniReza F Saidi
Journal of Liver Transplantation Published 2024-08-01
Cardiac perfusion coupled with a structured coronary network tree
S. Heath Richardson,Jay Mackenzie,Namshad Thekkethil,Liuyang Feng,Jack LeeC. BerryNicholas A. HillXiaoyu LuoHao Gao
Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering Published 2024-08-01
Artificial bee colony-based nonrigid demons registration
Abhisek Roy,Pranab Kanti Roy,Anirban Mitra,Swarnali Daw,Sraddha Roy ChoudhurySayan ChakrabortyBitan Misra
International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering (IJECE) Published 2024-08-01
Trends in simultaneous alcohol and marijuana use among US adult recent drinkers: Differences by sexual identity, 2015–2020
R. Yockey,Rachel A. Hoopsick,Jennifer L. Brown,Phillip W. Schnarrs
Published 2024-08-01
Impact of high-resolution 3D-mapping with micro-electrodes on catheter ablation of Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome
Johannes Steinfurt,Alexander Greßler,Judith Stuplich,Eike Jordan,Markus JäckelDiona GjermeniM. EichenlaubM. BohnenArmin LuikAmir S. JadidiThomas S. FaberBrigitte StillerDirk WestermannT. ArentzH. LehrmannDenis Fedorov
Published 2024-08-01
COVID-19: The association between knowledge, practice, and attitude of tuberculosis infection in the university population
Ilse Faustina Fernández-Honorio,Eladio Angulo-Altamirano,Susana Marleni Atuncar-Deza,Rosmery Sabina Pozo-Enciso
Journal of Clinical Tuberculosis and Other Mycobacterial Diseases Published 2024-08-01
Joining forces for healthier futures: a call to action for South American child health policies
Nilson N. Mendes Neto,Jessika M. Mendes,Rodrigo Pegado,Marcia C. Castro
Published 2024-08-01
Editorial Board
Urologic oncology: Seminars and original investigations Published 2024-08-01
Albumin-mediated molecular competition of supramolecular photosensitizers for NIR-II imaging-guided phototherapy
Xueluer Mu,Yajie Li,Manyu Zhai,Min Gao,Wenbi FengXiaoyun HanYukun WangYingxi LuXianfeng Zhou
Dyes and pigments Published 2024-08-01
Application of glycyrrhizic acid and glycyrrhetinic acid in the drug delivery system
Zijing Zhao,Ming-hui Cai,Ping Wang,Ding-ding Wang,Yang LiuYu-zhou Chen
Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology Published 2024-08-01
Exceptional case of a hemangioma-like rabdomyosarcoma in the hand's palm
Hassnae Tkak,A. Ghanam,Mohamed Belahcen,I. Kamaoui,Amal BennaniNadir MyriA. EloualiM. RkainA. BabakhouyaNoufissa Benajiba
Radiology Case Reports Published 2024-08-01
Enhanced efficiency of photodynamic therapy-mediated the plant pigment hypericin through Folate-PEG functionalized chitosan nanoparticles
Forouh sadat Hassani,Mahnaz Hadizadeh,D. Zare,Saeedeh Mazinani
Dyes and pigments Published 2024-08-01
Uncertainties in determining the upper bound of dynamic error for the LVDT sensor
Krzysztof Tomczyk
Published 2024-08-01
Optimizing Neuroscience Mortality: A Collaborative Approach to Documentation Improvement.
Yasmin Aghajan,Cheryl A. Codner,Patricia Martin,Sandhya Prakash,Ronald MendozaDeborah L. JonesBradley J. Molyneaux
Neurology Clinical Practice Published 2024-08-01
Autonomous Clear Corneal Incision Guided by Force–Vision Fusion
Hongli Liang,Ting Wang,Jun Xia,M. A. Nasseri,Haotian LinKai Huang
Published 2024-08-01
Amelioration of radiation cystitis by tetrahedral framework nucleic acid nanostructures functionalized with quercetin
Wei Wang,Ran Yan,Lede Lin,Liao Peng,Yang XiongHuiling ChenXiaoshuai GaoKun LiuLiang ZhouYunfeng Lin
Chemical Engineering Journal Published 2024-08-01
Examining dietary supplements containing Euterpe oleracea Mart. (açaí) for potential botanical-drug interactions involving CYP3A4 inhibition
Kabre L. Heck,Lauren M. Fogel,Destini Thornton,Madeline L. Kunze,Meredith AlmyAngela I. Calderón
Phytomedicine Plus Published 2024-08-01
The effect of using two coils in a floating mass transducer for implantable middle ear hearing devices
Andrzej Mitura,R. Rusinek
Applied Energy Published 2024-08-01
Detection of Lung and Colon Cancer from Histopathological Images: Using Convolutional Networks and Transfer Learning
Abdelwahid Oubaalla,Hicham ElMoubtahij,Nabil EL AKKAD
International Journal of Computing and Digital Systems Published 2024-08-01
A comparison of Vie Scope and standard Macintosh laryngoscopes in a simulated condition of an entrapped trauma patient with simultaneous cervical spine immobilisation - A randomised, controlled manikin trial
D. Aleksandrowicz,Paweł Mickowski,Paweł Ratajczyk,T. Gaszyński
Trends in Anaesthesia and Critical Care Published 2024-08-01
A unique posterior nutcracker syndrome combined with Wilkie syndrome: A singular case
Dario Milazzo,Francesco Tiralongo,R. Farina,P. Foti,C. Ini’M. PalermoMariapaola TiralongoDavide Giuseppe CastiglioneEmanuele DavidS. PalmucciAntonio Basile
Radiology Case Reports Published 2024-08-01
Synthesis of ZIF-8/PVA microspheres with the assistance of a microfluidic device and their controlled drug release properties
Changfeng Zeng,Jie Li,Jie Gong,Lixiong Zhang,Liang Yu
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials Published 2024-08-01
Comparing Mask R-CNN backbone architectures for human detection using thermal imaging
T. Trinh,Pham Cung Le Thien Vu,Pham The Bao
International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering (IJECE) Published 2024-08-01
Modeling and analysis of a parallel robotic system for lower limb rehabilitation with predefined operational workspace
I. Birlescu,N. Tohǎnean,C. Vaida,B. Gherman,D. NeguranAlin HorsiaP. Tucan