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Social network dynamics in rural public spaces of multi-ethnic settlements: A case study from Tongren, China
Gaorui Lin,Xiaohui Yu,Yan Li
Alexandria Engineering Journal Published 2024-09-01
Longitudinal associations between neighborhood characteristics and adults' mental health in China: Do age and urbanicity moderate the associations?
Yanxiao Liu,Jingjing Li
Cities Published 2024-09-01
The impact of immigration status on crime reporting: Evidence from DACA
Thomas Pearson
Journal of Urban Economics Published 2024-09-01
Teacher resilience development in rural Chinese schools: Patterns and cultural influences
Xiaohong Sun,Jingtian Zhou,Laura B. Liu,Qiong Li
Teaching and Teacher Education : An International Journal of Research and Studies Published 2024-09-01
Demographic shifts and health dynamics: Exploring the impact of aging rates on health outcomes in Brazilian capitals
S. C. Dumith,N. Feter
Published 2024-09-01
Evaluation of Community Regeneration Planning and Resilience Based on Fuzzy Group Decision-Making Method
Wenli Dong,Xiaowei Chen
Journal of urban planning and development Published 2024-09-01
The politics of urban tourism (im)mobilities: Critical perspectives on inequalities and social justice
Claudio Milano,Ko Koens,Antonio Paolo Russo
Cities Published 2024-09-01
Beyond environmental harm: Industry claims, lived experiences, and the impacts of gas extraction
M. Caretta,Melissa Haeffner,Ryan Emanuel,Racheal Hood,Julia Seydel
Published 2024-09-01
Rethinking Resilience and Environmental Justice: Social Infrastructure Distribution in Non-White Communities of Washington, DC
Minkyu Park,Myounggu Kang
Journal of urban planning and development Published 2024-09-01
Not for all: Barriers to universal accessibility in nature-based tourism and recreation spaces across British Columbia, Canada
M. Groulx,Jennifer Wigglesworth,Rebecca DeLorey,Nancy Harris,Pat HarrisHeather LambChris McBride
Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism Published 2024-09-01
Spatiotemporal patterns and influences of demographic characteristics and land use patterns on micromobility ridership in Birmingham, Alabama
Mostafa Jafarzadehfadaki,V. Sisiopiku,Wencui Yang,Dimitra Michalaka,Kweku BrownWilliam J. DavisJ. KhalilDawu Yan
Multimodal Transportation Published 2024-09-01
Unveiling the dynamics of co-created camping experiences: Influence of co-production on family cohesion and resilience via place identity
You-De Dai,Shih-Shuo Yeh,Minh Cong Nguyen,Chien-Wen Hung,T. Huan
Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism Published 2024-09-01
Menyelami Filosofi Lonto Leok: Persatuan dan Konsensus dalam Budaya Manggarai
Adrianus Musu Sili,Ferdinandus Iswandi,Oktavianus Nefrindo,C. B. Mulyatno
Published 2024-09-01
Disentangling public urban green space satisfaction: Exploring individual and contextual factors across European cities
T. Coisnon,A. Musson,Serigne Daouda Pene,Damien Rousselière
Cities Published 2024-09-01
Examining the association between ethnicity and out-of-hospital cardiac arrest interventions in Salt Lake City, Utah
Emad Awad,Dilan Al Kurdi,M. Austin Johnson,Jeffrey Druck,Christy HopkinsScott T. Youngquist
Resuscitation Plus Published 2024-09-01
Tourism in net-zero cities
Judit Zoltan
Cities Published 2024-09-01
Challenging and reinforcing the status quo: Services, civil society and conflict in the MENA region
Oliver Walton,Wali Aslam
World Development Published 2024-09-01
Exploring heterogeneous relationships between multiscale built environment and overweight in urbanizing China
Chaoying Yin,Chen Gui,Ruining Wen,Chunfu Shao,Xiaoquan Wang
Cities Published 2024-09-01
“This is perplexing because…”: Examining the impact of gender and geo-academic location on expressions of confusion in research articles
Qian Wang,Guangwei Hu
Language sciences Published 2024-09-01
Association between social vulnerability factors and homicide and suicide rates - United States, 2016 - 2020
A. Wulz,Gabrielle F. Miller,Lindsay Hicks,A. Wolkin
Journal of Safety Research Published 2024-09-01
Cash-based interventions improve multidimensional integration outcomes of Venezuelan immigrants
Achim Ahrens,Marine Casalis,Dominik Hangartner,Rodrigo Sánchez
World Development Published 2024-09-01
Othering and agency erosion of older adults living in extreme poverty in Bangladesh
Owasim Akram
Journal of Aging Studies Published 2024-09-01
Just destabilisation? Considering justice in the phase-out of peat
Annika Lonkila,Jani P. Lukkarinen,Laura van Oers,Giuseppe Feola,M. Kaljonen
Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions Published 2024-09-01
Beyond boundaries: The mechanisms by which host organizations’ safety climates impact on-site contractors’ safety and retention
Sunhee Lee,Jin Lee,Seohyun Ji,Moana Sargent
Journal of Safety Research Published 2024-09-01
Economic and socio-ecological effects of sand mining on livelihoods in the Gomoa East District and Ga South Municipality, Ghana
K. Asare,John Victor Mensah,Joseph Agyenim Boateng,E. Y. Tenkorang,K. Hemmler
The Extractive Industries and Society Published 2024-09-01
Participatory development and management of eco-cultural trails in sustainable tourism destinations
Goda Lukoseviciute,Claudia Nunes Henriques,Luís Nobre Pereira,Thomas Panagopoulos
Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism Published 2024-09-01
“The reality in the DRC is just not the reality in Rwanda” – How context factors affect transdisciplinary research projects
R. Pärli,Moustapha Byamungu,Manuel Fischer,S. Kantengwa,K. KintchéMatieyedou KonlambigueE. LieberherrJohan SixB. WildeLeonhard Späth
Research Policy Published 2024-09-01
S. Abodunrin,Mercy O. Enweremadu,Assam Andy Edim
Multidisciplinarni Pristupi u Edukaciji i Rehabilitaciji Published 2024-08-15
Factors Affecting Citizen Engagement in the Kingdom of Bahrain Through Gamification
Reem AL-Kaabi
International Journal of Computing and Digital Systems Published 2024-08-10
Differences in caregiver and child factors within families of autistic youth across birth order groups
Sarah C. Boland,Tammy D. Barry,Rebecca A. Lindsey
Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders Published 2024-08-01
Pedagogizing identity through perezhivanie: A longitudinal study of identity-oriented practicum in Türkiye
Özgehan Uştuk,Bedrettin Yazan
Teaching and Teacher Education : An International Journal of Research and Studies Published 2024-08-01
The influence of cultural ties on China's population flow networks
Ziyu Zhao,Shiyao Zhao,Kunbo Shi,Yuxuan Li,Shijun Wang
Cities Published 2024-08-01
Nighttime light derived assessment of regional inequality of socioeconomic development across Taiwan Strait since the 21st century
Guoliang Yun,Yuqing Ye,Tianqi Yang,Zhifeng Wu,Yuanrong HeFeili Wei
Cities Published 2024-08-01
Beyond the palimpsest: Traditions and modernity in urban villages of Shenzhen, China
Diwen Tan,Minh Quang Nguyen
Cities Published 2024-08-01
Simulating dynamical evolution of citizen participation leveraging agent-based modeling: Experiences from nature-based solutions in China
Li Dai,Qi Han,B. de Vries
Cities Published 2024-08-01
The thousand faces of beauty: How credible storytelling unlocks disability representation in inclusive luxury fashion branding
Zoe Lee,Sharifah Faridah Syed Alwi,Rossella Gambetti
Journal of business research Published 2024-08-01
The importance of citizen participation in improving comfort and health in obsolete neighbourhoods affected by energy poverty
Susana Clavijo-Núñez,Gina M. Núñez-Camarena,R. Herrera-Limones,Miguel Hernández-Valencia,Antonio Millán-Jiménez
Energy Policy Published 2024-08-01
Effects of urban sprawl on regional disparity and quality of life: A case of South Korea
Jihun Mun,Jae Seung Lee,Saehoon Kim
Cities Published 2024-08-01
Political trust on the move: Chinese rural-to-urban migrants' trust in local government
Chen Zhang,Kathryn S. Quick
Cities Published 2024-08-01
LiFE in the city: Behavioural changes can drive urban sustainability goals
Zaheer Allam,Ashish Sharma,Ali Cheshmehzangi
Cities Published 2024-08-01
The impact of sense of community on residents’ satisfaction, behavioral intentions, and life satisfaction in senior living communities
Suja Chaulagain,Jianwen Li,Abraham Pizam
International Journal of Hospitality Management Published 2024-08-01
“If something breaks, who comes here to fix it?”: Island narratives on the energy transition in light of the concept of practice architectures
Chiara Tellarini,Kirsten Gram-Hanssen
Published 2024-08-01
Re-configuring practices in times of energy crisis – A case study of Swedish households
Hanna Björner Brauer,Hanna Hasselqvist,Maria Håkansson,Sara Willermark,Carolina Hiller
Published 2024-08-01
Green hydrogen futures: Tensions of energy and justice within sociotechnical imaginaries
Abbi Virens
Published 2024-08-01
Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and Experiences During, Awareness of, and Attitudes Toward Research for People With Parkinson Disease.
E. Bayram,Nicole Rigler,Kevin T. Wang,Andrew Tsai,Jason D. Flatt
Neurology Clinical Practice Published 2024-08-01
Whiteness as the standard: Shifting ideologies, race, and social context
Kelsey Swift
Linguistics and Education Published 2024-08-01
Who's afraid of pedestrianisation? Residents' perceptions and preferences on street transformation
Samuel Nello-Deakin,Candela Sancho Vallvé,Zeynep Sila Akinci
Habitat International Published 2024-08-01
Efficient energy use, unpaid work, and changes in everyday practices to accelerate green energy transitions – Equitable transformations in play?
Elina E.K. Suonio,Peter D. Lund
Published 2024-08-01
Energy access and sustainable development for displaced populations: Achieving energy justice in the Rohingya refugee camps of Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh
Nazifa Rafa,Rihab Khalid,S. Uddin
Published 2024-08-01
Indigenous peoples and the power(lessness) of public participation: Assessing effects of Indigenous community input in the Alaskan Coastal Plain oil and gas leasing program environmental impact statement
Katie M. Grote
Published 2024-08-01
Beyond built environment: Unveiling the interplay of streetscape perceptions and cycling behavior
Jin Rui,Yuhan Xu
Sustainable cities and society Published 2024-08-01
Understanding counter-urbanization and re-urbanization in pandemic: Insights from People's migration behavior in China
Dapeng Zhang,Zhang Yiwen,Guangshuai Fu
Habitat International Published 2024-08-01
Expert perception of sustainable energy transition: A case study of Busan Metropolitan City, South Korea
Hoseok Nam,Yejin Joo,Hyungseok Nam
Energy for Sustainable Development Published 2024-08-01
Young teens at play: Girls are egalitarian, boys are generous
Pablo Brañas-Garza
Personality and Individual Differences Published 2024-08-01
Challenges in increasing Women's participation in the energy transition in ASEAN and G7 countries: A qualitative approach based on the three tenets of justice
Theresia B. Sumarno,Inka B. Yusgiantoro,Vivi Fitriyanti,Vivid A. Khusna
Energy Policy Published 2024-08-01
Examining the inaction in energy renovation decisions: The role of transaction costs in single-family households in Sweden
Robert Lundmark
Published 2024-08-01
The socio-spatial response to environmentally mitigated channelization in Southeast Asia. A longitudinal landscape pattern analysis
Xuewen Lu,G. Talamini
Landscape and Urban Planning Published 2024-08-01
Understanding land take by low-density residential areas: An institutionalist perspective on local planning authorities, developers and households
Sebastian Eichhorn,Denise Ehrhardt,Angelika Münter,Martin Behnisch,Mathias Jehling
Land Use Policy Published 2024-08-01
Heritability of class and status: Implications for sociological theory and research
Arno Van Hootegem,A. Rogne,T. Lyngstad
Research in Social Stratification and Mobility Published 2024-08-01
Comparing the impacts of COVID-19 on residential rental market across rental sectors: Evidence from city of Austin
Junfeng Jiao,Xiaohan Wu,Yefu Chen,Arya Farahi
Cities Published 2024-08-01
Solar masculinities from the south: Patriarchal and ethnoreligious authoritarianism through solar infrastructures in Turkey and India
Alevgul H. Sorman,Ryan Stock
Published 2024-08-01
Gender attitudes and the new cultural divide in europe
Ines Schäfer,Yassine Khoudja,Daniela Grunow
Social Science Research Published 2024-08-01
Assessment of Resilient Governance Capacity toward COVID-19 in Chinese Cities
Yi Peng,Yiye Zhang,Xinbing Gu
Natural Hazards Review Published 2024-08-01
Assessing risk of AR and organizational changes factors in socio-technical robotic manufacturing
Soheila Sheikh Bahaei,Barbara Gallina
Published 2024-08-01
Exploring the impact of taboo and stigma on rail suicide prevention in Australasia: A grounded theory and systems analysis approach
A. Naweed,Sarah Collyer
Safety Science Published 2024-08-01
Beyond Diversity: The Role of State Capacity in Fostering Social Cohesion in Brazil
A. Kustov,Giuliana Pardelli
World Development Published 2024-08-01
Fiji’s policy response to COVID-19 and the integration of Indigenous voices
Kerrie Pickering,E. Galappaththi,James Ford,Tristan Pearce,Lui ManuelEpi DauniwaqalevuBianca van BavelI. Arotoma-RojasCarol ZavaletaChrishma D PereraIndunil DharmasiriKeith HyamsGuangqing ChiJonathan NkaluboJoana BezerraC. TogarepiMartha HangulaFrancis AwaafoHans Amukugo
Published 2024-08-01
Socio-technical imaginaries of climate-neutral aviation
Clara-Marie Muehlberger,Lennart Gruen,Ingo Liefner,Sebastian Losacker
Published 2024-08-01
Spatial heterogeneity and driving mechanisms of carbon storage in the urban agglomeration within complex terrain: Multi-scale analyses under localized SSP-RCP narratives
Hongyi Zhang,Xin Li,Yanping Luo,Lu Chen,Minxi Wang
Sustainable cities and society Published 2024-08-01
Sharing a car with your next-door neighbor: Motivations and barriers to adoption of low-carbon mobility in Israel
Aviva Shemesh,Yael Parag
Published 2024-08-01
Sex differences in houselessness, injection drug use, and mental health conditions among people newly diagnosed with HIV in Manitoba, Canada from 2018 to 2021: a retrospective cohort study
Alexander Sharp,Megan Sorokopud-Jones,M. Haworth-Brockman,Ken Kasper,Lauren MacKenzieLaurie IrelandKathy GawlikLucelly LopezJ. M. VanegasJared BullardCarl BoodmanJulianne SanguinsMike PayneKimberly TempletonY. KeynanZ. Rueda
Published 2024-08-01
From conflict to coexistence: Reaffirming belonging and property rights through the ‘sons of village’ discourse in post-conflict Kenya
Fredrick Ajwang
Political Geography Published 2024-08-01
Investigating pressures upon urban planners in the Amhara Region of Ethiopia
Nigatu Amsalu Workineh,Tadesse Melkam Assefa
Cities Published 2024-08-01
Media, path advocacy, and institutional entrepreneurship: An evolutionary perspective of plant closures
Jess L Sutton,Godwin Arku
Cities Published 2024-08-01
An empirical study of the effects of social-emotional competence on Chinese college students' interpersonal relationship circles from a relational theory perspective
Xiaoqiong Li,Erlin He,Xun Zhao
Learning, Culture and Social Interaction Published 2024-08-01
Identifying counter-urbanisation using Facebook's user count data
Qianwen Duan,J. Steele,Zhifeng Cheng,Eimear Cleary,N. RuktanonchaiH. VoepelTim O'RiordanAndrew J. TatemA. SorichettaShengjie LaiFelix Eigenbrod
Habitat International Published 2024-08-01
The new urban neighbor: Residential large urban developments and urban social relations
Ori Gershon-Coneal,E. Eizenberg,Yosef Jabareen
Cities Published 2024-08-01
Caregivers' and Health Care Providers' Cultural Perceptions of and Experiences With Latino Patients With Dementia.
P. Ch’en,Payal B. Patel,Magaly Ramirez
Neurology Clinical Practice Published 2024-08-01
Trends in simultaneous alcohol and marijuana use among US adult recent drinkers: Differences by sexual identity, 2015–2020
R. Yockey,Rachel A. Hoopsick,Jennifer L. Brown,Phillip W. Schnarrs
Published 2024-08-01
Perceptions to connections: A multidimensional investigation of hydrogen acceptance
Ning Huan,Toshiyuki Yamamoto,Hitomi Sato,Roser Sala,Lila Gonçalves
Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews Published 2024-08-01
Boating with whales: Exploring values, knowledge and behaviors of recreational boaters in the St. Lawrence Estuary and Saguenay Fjord using Q-methodology
Camille Kowalski,Antoinette-Bertha Levesque,Jean-François Sénécal,Jérôme Dupras,Clément Chion
Published 2024-08-01
Which labour for the CE? An exploration of narratives on labour and circularity in Flanders
Matthias Multani,Kris Bachus
Resources, Conservation and Recycling Published 2024-08-01
What is she wearing and how does he lead?: An examination of gendered stereotypes in the public discourse around women political candidates
A. Bennett,Rachel A. Connor,Morgan M. Bryant,Sue McFarland Metzger
Technological forecasting & social change Published 2024-08-01
Anchoring a just transition: The ambivalent roles of Norwegian trade unions
David C. Jordhus‐Lier,Judith Marguerite Henriksson,Camilla Houeland,Genver Quirino,Ingrid Andrea Holland
Published 2024-08-01
The greenest of green: Preferences for homegrown renewables in Ireland
Kate Laffan,T. Meles,Lisa Ryan
Published 2024-08-01
Predicting the effects of microcredit on women’s empowerment in rural Bangladesh: using machine learning algorithms
Johora Akter Polin,Md. Fouad Hossain Sarker,Mst Dilruba Khanom Dolon,Nahid Hasan,Md. Mahafuzur RahmanZannatun Nayem Vasha
Bulletin of Electrical Engineering and Informatics Published 2024-08-01
The Rank of Socioeconomic Status within a Class and the Incidence of School Bullying and School Absence
Atsushi Inoue,Ryuichi Tanaka
Social Science Research Network Published 2024-08-01
A systematic review of the lived experiences of the energy vulnerable: Where are the research gaps?
Claudia Hihetah,Brian Ó Gallachóir,Niall P. Dunphy,Clodagh Harris
Published 2024-08-01
Multi-dimensional urban segregation in João Pessoa, a coastal Brazilian northeastern city
Lucy Donegan,Felipe Tavares
Cities Published 2024-08-01
Breaking boundaries: Exploring gendered challenges and advancing equality for Iranian women careers in tourism
María Jesús Carrasco-Santos,Siamak Seyfi,Seyeadasaad Hosseini,C. M. Hall,Boshra MohajerFernando Almeida-GarcíaRafael Cortes Macias
Tourism Management Published 2024-08-01
Marine protected areas and fishing community well-being: An example from statewide socioeconomic monitoring of the California MPA network
Samantha Cook,Laurie Richmond,Joice Chang,Kelly Sayce,Jon BonkoskiCheryl ChenJocelyn EnevoldsenRachelle FisherDenise ChinMikayla Kia
Published 2024-08-01
Travel flow patterns of diverse population groups and influencing built environment factors: A case study of Beijing
Xiaohan Liu,Tao Pei,Xi Wang,Tianyu Liu,Zidong FangLinfeng JiangJingyu JiangXiaorui YanMingbo WuYong PengDasheng GeXing GaoCi SongJie Chen
Cities Published 2024-08-01
Impact of gang violence in Haiti on healthcare delivery and medical education
Arens Jean Ricardo Medeus,Claudy Junior Pierre,Ludjie Love Smeischelle Merilan,Sterline Vertilus
Published 2024-08-01
Technological social responsibility: A stakeholder theory-based measurement scale
Qaisar Iqbal,Katarzyna Piwowar‐Sulej
Technological forecasting & social change Published 2024-08-01
Pandemic fatigue? Insights from geotagged tweets on the spatiotemporal evolution of mental health in Canadian cities during COVID-19
Charlotte Zhuoran Pan,Yiqing Wu,Siqin Wang,Jue Wang,Michael A. ChapmanLiqiang ZhangSabrina L. Li
Cities Published 2024-08-01
(En)countering an urban riverscape: Ethno-graphic explorations on the Adi Ganga
Shreyashi Bhattacharya,Jenia Mukherjee,Debika Banerji,Subhradeep Chatterjee
Cities Published 2024-08-01
Exploring the role of social life cycle assessment in transition to circular economy: A systematic review
Anubhuti Bhatnagar,Anna Härri,J. Levänen,Kirsi Niinimäki
Resources, Conservation and Recycling Published 2024-08-01
Navigating urban futures: Exploring NbS upscaling discourses, practices, and relations in reimagining human-nature relationships
Alessandro Arlati
Published 2024-08-01
Acculturation patterns as reflected in narratives of Ethiopian Israeli teachers
Sara Habshush
Teaching and Teacher Education : An International Journal of Research and Studies Published 2024-08-01
Empowering indigenous groups: Unveiling a new approach to adaptive-participative sustainable energy in solar pumping projects via a Mayan community in Central America
Amina El-Mekaoui,A. J. Cetina-Quiñones,A. Casillas-Reyes,L. San-Pedro,J. TapiaJorge Canto-EsquivelA. Bassam
Published 2024-08-01
Community governance during the Shanghai COVID lockdown II: Bridging neighborhood cohesion and the perception of community governance
Xuanyi Nie,Zili Huang,Longfeng Wu
Cities Published 2024-08-01
When Facebook Is the Internet: The Role of Social Media in Ethnic Conflict
Tuuli Tähtinen
World Development Published 2024-08-01
Centering students' voices in the exploration of in-classroom culturally responsive practices
David Aguayo,K. Herman,Katrina J. Debnam,Nikita McCree,Lora Henderson SmithW. Reinke
Journal of School Psychology Published 2024-08-01
Out-of-home activities during the COVID-19 pandemic in Sweden: Associations with subjective well-being and the moderating roles of age and personality
Filip Fors Connolly,Mikael Hjerm,Joakim Kulin,Ingemar Johansson Sevä
Personality and Individual Differences Published 2024-08-01
Understanding preferences for descriptive political representation among citizens with immigrant background
Mattias Agerberg
Electoral Studies Published 2024-08-01
How Gender-Sexuality Alliances cultivate a sense of school belonging from week to week for LGBTQ+ youth
V. Poteat,Jerel P. Calzo,Abigail Richburg,Robert A. Marx,Hirokazu Yoshikawa
Journal of School Psychology Published 2024-08-01
Clustering of zones according to the level of gentrification by using an unsupervised learning algorithm
Alma Yunuen Raya-Tapia,César Ramírez-Márquez,J. M. Ponce-Ortega
Cities Published 2024-08-01
Application of criminology in urban ecology and evolution: Routine Activity Theory and field equipment disappearance dynamics
Ignacy Stadnicki,Michela Corsini,Marta Szulkin
Ecological Indicators Published 2024-08-01
Racists spreader is narcissistic; sexists is Machiavellian Influence of Psycho-Sociological Facets in hate-speech diffusion prediction
Srinivas P.Y.K.L.,Amitava Das,Viswanath Pulabaigari
Expert systems with applications Published 2024-08-01
More than wires and screens: Assumptions about agency of devices in smart energy projects
Mosen Farhangi,Harald Rohracher,Dick Magnusson
Published 2024-08-01
Different names for the same thing? A systematic review of green, environmental, eco-, ecological, climate, carbon, and resilience gentrification
Jessica Quinton,Lorien Nesbitt
Cities Published 2024-08-01
Value co-creation in shared mobility: The case of carpooling in China
Chao Tian,Kai Tu,Haiqing Sui,Qi Sun
Technological forecasting & social change Published 2024-08-01
Local immigration policies for un(der)documented residents of Athens during the covid-19 pandemic
Sofia Ntaliou
Cities Published 2024-08-01
“A question of human dignity”. Identifying solutions to improve WASH for people experiencing homelessness. A case study from Germany
C. Anthonj,S.N. Stanglow,A. Leinen,J. Flacke,M. MangaDennis SchmiegeN. Grunwald
Water Security Published 2024-08-01
A just energy transition for Indigenous peoples: From ideal deliberation to fairness in Canada and Australia
Fabienne Rioux-Gobeil,Annick Thomassin
Published 2024-08-01
Social perspectives of carbon capture, transportation, utilization, and storage in Switzerland
Irina Dallo,Michèle Marti,L. D. Kuratle,Công Ly,Stefanie ZellerSimone Zaugg
Published 2024-08-01
Rethinking small vacant lands in urban resilience: Decoding cognitive and emotional responses to cityscapes
Maryam Naghibi
Cities Published 2024-08-01
Alleyways and crime in Denver, Colorado census blocks
James C. Wo,Young-An Kim,Mark T. Berg
Cities Published 2024-08-01
Evictions in Italy: Recognising the housing problem dispelling myths
Alessandra Esposito
Cities Published 2024-08-01
To move or not to move: A review of residential relocation trends after COVID-19
Mostafa Ayman Ilham,A. Fonzone,Grigorios Fountas,Luca Mora
Cities Published 2024-08-01
Management of textile waste in Europe: An environmental and a socio-economic assessment of current and future scenarios
Martyna Solis,D. Huygens,D. Tonini,Thomas Fruergaard Astrup
Resources, Conservation and Recycling Published 2024-08-01
A comparative assessment of household power failure coping strategies in three American cities
Adam X Andresen,Liza C. Kurtz,Paul M. Chakalian,D. Hondula,Sara MeerowMelanie Gall
Published 2024-08-01
Evaluating rural homestay accommodations in China using the hospitality index: An online review–based approach
Wei-Wei Qiu,Hai-Tao Yu,Pearl M.C. Lin,W. Wilson Au
International Journal of Hospitality Management Published 2024-08-01
Searching for the DNA of urbanisation. A material perspective
Luis Inostroza,H. Taubenböck
Cities Published 2024-08-01
Carl Kelly C. Anabiso,Allan Felcevir Enriq R. Ratunil,J. M. D. Sarno
International Journal of Legal Studies ( IJOLS ) Published 2024-07-19
A look at persuasive discourse strategies and their relationship to societal intellectual security: Inductive study
Dr. Ahmad Mohammad Ahmad Alnadi,Dr. Ihab Awais,Rawheya Naim Salem Awad
ARID International Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities Published 2024-07-15
Implementing the Quality of Life and Potential of Social Farming
C. Giaconi,N. D. Bianco,Ilaria D'Angelo,A. Marfoglia
European Journal of Educational Research Published 2024-07-15
Inheriting housing inequality: Parental homeownership and place of origin as key factors for homeownership in Japanese metropolitan areas
R. Fukuda,Kojiro Sho,Tetsuo Kidokoro,Hwajin Lim
Cities Published 2024-07-01
Exploring walking behaviour and perceived walkability of older adults in London
Guanhua Zhao,Mengqiu Cao,Jonas De Vos
Published 2024-07-01
Growing or declining penalties? A cross-temporal analysis of unemployment scars in the German labor market
Martina Dieckhoff,Johannes Giesecke
Social Science Research Published 2024-07-01
Integrating the Last Planner System and Immersive Virtual Reality: Exploring the Social Mechanisms Produced by Using LPS in Projects
Canlong Liu,Vicente A. González,Gaang Lee,Guillermo Cabrera-Guerrero,Yang ZouRoy Davies
Journal of construction engineering and management Published 2024-07-01
Labor archetypes in industrial transitions: Case studies from yankee whaling and gulf wind energy in the United States
Jessica Staggs,Joshua A. Drew,L. J. Shaffer
Published 2024-07-01
Reanalyzing self-harm notifications trends in Brazil, 2011–2022
Fernando Madalena Volpe,Diego Rodrigues Naves Barbosa Lacerda
Published 2024-07-01
A two-actor model for understanding user engagement with content creators: Applying social capital theory
Khalid Hussain,Khaldoon “Khal” Nusair,Muhammad Junaid,Waqas Aman
Computers in Human Behavior Published 2024-07-01
Serving society at large. Operationalization and evidence of (advanced) frugal innovation in industrialized economies
Julian Barnikol,Ingo Liefner
Technological forecasting & social change Published 2024-07-01
Exploring expectations and lived experiences of Low Traffic Neighbourhoods in Birmingham, UK
Ruth Pritchett,S. Bartington,G. Neil Thomas
Travel Behaviour & Society Published 2024-07-01
Self-responsibilization, the municipality, and the state: Peripheralization shaping local initiatives in shrinking small towns
Katrin Großmann,Ria-Maria Adams,Alla Bolotova,Maria Gunko,Johanna LiliusSven MesserschmidtLeona Sandmann
Cities Published 2024-07-01
Older adults' mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic: The association with social networks
Zaira Torres,Amparo Oliver,Irene Fernández
Published 2024-07-01
‘An iron, pyjamas, an apron, a Pandora bracelet’: The social shadow of sexism in Italian adverts
Emilia Di Martino
Published 2024-07-01
“If my wife earns more than me, she will force me to do what she wants”: Women’s economic empowerment and family caregiving dynamics in Tanzania
Alina Bhojani,Alya Alsager,Juliet K. McCann,Damas Joachim,Mary KabatiJoshua Jeong
World Development Published 2024-07-01
Sustainable tourism, livelihood and coastal governance: Chilika lake, India
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ChatGPT and Humanization of Care: Return to the Beauty of Little Things.
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Imaginary network motifs: Structural patterns of false positives and negatives in social networks
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The impact of doctors' facial attractiveness on users' choices in online health communities: A stereotype content and social role perspective
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Wedding rituals, political power and the third space in Soviet Azerbaijan
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Determining the effects of green space usage on health inequalities among residents of shrinking cities based on a social capital perspective
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The phases of self in transformative experiences
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Saudi millennials’ panic buying behavior during pandemic and post-pandemic: Role of social media addiction and religious values and commitment
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‘Water for all’: The unlikely confluence of divergent interests (in resisting neoliberalism and promoting human rights) in Mumbai’s slums
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Determinants of Middle Eastern immigrants’ entrepreneurial success in Australia
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Disaster-induced disruption of policies for informal urban settlements
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Gender pay gap in Spanish local governments
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Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on daily travel: Findings from New South Wales, Australia
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Rethinking the sustainability of transitions: An illustrative case of burden-shifting and sociotechnical dynamics of aviation fuel in Sweden
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Urban conservation workers on a just transition: Labor, land, and love
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Using Standardized Patient Simulations in the Nursing Curriculum to Promote Culturally Sensitive LGBTQ+ Care: A Pilot Study
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Clinical Simulation in Nursing Published 2024-07-01
José Blanco F.,Raúl J. Vázquez-López
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Community-led water governance: Meanings of drinking water governance within remote First Nations and Métis communities in Saskatchewan
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Effects of climate, socioeconomic development, and greening governance on enhanced greenness under urban densification
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Resources, Conservation and Recycling Published 2024-07-01
Green media marketing initiatives for national projects in the country and their impact on their mental image among young people - a field study on green transportation projects
Mervat ِAbdelhameed
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Understanding user behaviors and safety concerns on shared use paths in Edmonton, Canada
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Advocacy through sociodramatic scriptwriting: Figured worlds of multilingualism in online language teacher education
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Job characteristics in hospitality occupations
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Does social trust shape the perceived intergenerational social mobility?
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ChatGPT as a coping mechanism for social isolation: An analysis of user experiences and perceptions of social support
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Striving to reach the “native speaker standard”: A growth belief may mitigate some deleterious effects of social comparison in migrants
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People of the sun: Local resistance and solar energy (in)justice in southern Portugal
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Reanalyzing self-harm notifications trends in Brazil, 2011–2022- Author’s response to Volpe and Lacerda
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Safety of cyclists interacting with autonomous vehicles: A combined microscopic simulation and SSAM analysis
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Travel Behaviour & Society Published 2024-07-01
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Breaking barriers, cultivating sustainability: Discovering the trifecta influence of digitalization, natural resources, and globalization on eco-innovations across 27 European nations
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Methodological proposal for the inclusion of citizen participation in the management and planning of urban public spaces
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Arts and culture in the city: Peripheral centrality, cultural vitality, and urban change in inner suburbs
Basile Michel
Cities Published 2024-07-01
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Wenfeng Wu,Daling Li,Tong Jiao,Wenwei Wu,Hongxiang WuYongbiao Lu
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“By the time I'm home, I'm not stressed anymore”: A qualitative exploration of enablers of active commuting among office workers
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Towards export success: The role of inter-cultural B2B relationships, immigrant managers and cultural distance
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Industrial Marketing Management Published 2024-07-01
Advancing More Inclusive Tech Careers: How People Develop Their Potential and Thrive
Gloria Dwomoh,Ann Barcomb
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Editorial Board
Travel Behaviour & Society Published 2024-07-01
Comfort or cash? Lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic's impact on energy insecurity and energy limiting behavior in households
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Realities or mythologies: England's village pubs and counterurbanisation
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College Student, Veteran Writers’ Interest in Discussing COVID-19 Pandemic Stressors and Related Political Topics
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Mourning the Italian boys: ‘Gen Z’, masculinity, teen stardom
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Streams of interactions: Social connectedness in daily life
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Exploring gender differences in Gen Z students’ attribution of obstacles influencing their academic and professional success
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Deconstructing Borders: Arab American Immigrants and Body Politics in Mohja Kahf’s The Girl in the Tangerine Scarf
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Time use decisions in vulnerable urban communities when implementing innovative transport alternatives
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Variegated urban entrepreneurialism and its contested results in the boom of neighborhood center complexes in Chengdu, China
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Peri-urban communities and precarious temporality in Cochabamba, Bolivia: Class, indigeneity, and social exclusion
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Towards a general method to classify personal network structures
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Technological innovations and health performance: Effects and transmission channels
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Contingent bridge supervision: New evidence and cautions for network theory
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Covid-19 and managing urban marginality in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
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Which generation should migration promotion measures target to shortly achieve a compact structure for shrinking cities?
Takashi Aoki
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(Late)nt? Exploring the latent potential for participatory heritage conservation in makhanda, South Africa
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Socioeconomic and travel factors that affect perceptions of visually impaired persons regarding crosswalk tactile paving
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Pasteurella bettyae Infections in Men Who Have Sex with Men, France
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Gender inclusion: The practices of organizational development and human resource management
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Embracing throwntogetherness: Unravelling the relational dynamics of borderlands in divided cities
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Planning in a place of co-becoming: Informal and more-than-human placemaking in Scottish vacant land policy
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Expectation through imitation: towards a unified protocol for roleplay in developmental sociolinguistics
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Assessing the Relationships among Rural Organizations Working Within Decent Life Initiative in Assiut Governorate using the Graph-Theoretic Technique
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The underground: Alternative scenes and clothing styles in Costa Rica during the 1990s
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Exploiting social capital for improving personalized recommendations in online social networks
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Safety and health among undeclared workers: A mixed methods study investigating social partner experiences and strategies
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Leisure Activities of Young People as a Predictor of Life Satisfaction
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Parenthood, earnings, and the relevance of family formation sequences
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Offence versatility among co-offenders: A dynamic network analysis
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In the wake of Miller and Montgomery: A national view of people sentenced to juvenile life without parole
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Overwork and the use of paid leave and flexible work policies in U.S. workplaces
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‘It was horrible to watch, horrible to be a part of’: Midwives’ perspectives of obstetric violence
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Uses, attitudes and perceptions of urban green spaces according to the sociodemographic profile: An exploratory analysis in Spain
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Gender Minority Medicine
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Co-evolution of a socio-cognitive scientific network: A case study of citation dynamics among astronomers
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Re-imagining delightful experiences in “New Normal” conditions: A systematic critical review and future research agenda
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Reshaping marine debris management post-COVID-19: Integrating adaptive attributes for enhanced community engagement
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Sharing public open spaces with local schools: A stakeholder-based analysis of governance issues
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Gender Minority Health
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Awareness of Alexandria University’s Youth about Reproductive Health Issues and Suggestion Extensional Program
Laila Elkhodary,neven hafez,Esraa Abdul hafez,Ahmed Ado donia
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Morphology of brothels: An investigation of spatial censorship and stigmatization - the case of Adana, Turkey
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Neighborhood planning: A path-dependent perspective on the gap between discourse and practice, the Israeli case
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Librarian faculty status: Exploring inequality regimes in a comparative case study
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Semantic Safeguards: Harnessing BERT and Advanced Deep Learning Models Outperforming in the Detection of Hate Speech on Social Networks
Published 2024-07-01
‘Whose father are you?’ Arabic teknonyms in a socio-pragmatic perspective
Amr A.A. Khalil,Tatiana V. Larina
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The Paradox of Women Ownership of Land and Gender Equality in Sub-Saharan Africa: Channels and Obstacles
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How exactly do teachers’ identities develop in the study travel?—A grounded theory study from China
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On the emergence of interdisciplinary scientific fields: (how) does it relate to science convergence?
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Who brings emissions home? Comparing female and male breadwinner households by matching techniques
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Does urban housing demolition increase wealth inequality in China?
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Gender mainstreaming in urban projects: A measurement proposal applied to Spanish Urban regeneration policies
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Rotterdam in the 21st century: From ‘sick man’ to ‘capital of cool’
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“Spouses have a huge role” in preventing firearm suicide among women veterans: Partners' perspectives, experiences, and needs
Lindsey L. Monteith,Evan R. Polzer,C. Rohs,Suzanne Thomas,Ryan HollidayChristin MillerJoseph A. SimonettiLisa A Brenner
Published 2024-07-01
Times and spaces of crime in the Historic Centre of Porto: Evidence from official data
Rui Leandro Maia,M. Guerreiro,Daniela Paulo,Vanessa Azevedo,A. Sani
Cities Published 2024-07-01
More is not always better: Profiles of perceived frequency of parental involvement among Chinese students and associations with resilience and academic achievement
Tianxue Cui,Yuanfang Guo,Ke Shen,Qimeng Liu,Wenfei Jia
Learning and Individual Differences Published 2024-07-01
Serving Families Where They Live: Supporting Multigenerational Health During Infancy and Early Childhood Through Community-centered Approaches.
Emily Aron,Amalia Londoño Tobón,Julianna M. Finelli,Magdalena Romanowicz
Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Clinics of North America Published 2024-07-01
Incorporating social determinants of health into transmission modeling of COVID-19 vaccine in the US: a scoping review
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Published 2024-07-01
Revealing spatiotemporal characteristics of EV car-sharing systems: A case study in Shanghai, China
Banshao Hu,Junqing Tang,De Tong,Hongbo Zhao
Travel Behaviour & Society Published 2024-07-01
Comparative analysis of third-level digital divide among Korean older adults: Capital-based approach
Sehoon Park,D. Chun
Technological forecasting & social change Published 2024-07-01
Media treatment on the websites of Western news agencies directed to Arabs for the Israeli war on Gaza 2023: a comparative analytical study
Saeed Abd El-Monem El-Desoqy
Published 2024-07-01
A spatial analysis of the digital gender gap in South Africa: Are there any fundamental differences?
Y. Shiferaw
Technological forecasting & social change Published 2024-07-01
Everyday lived experience and ‘carescape’ of women street vendors: Spatial Justice in Al-Hisba Marketplace, Ramallah/Al-Bireh, Palestine
Sahera Bleibleh,Shaden Awad
Geoforum Published 2024-07-01
‘Learn Jafaikan in two minutes’ – Multicultural London English, enregisterment and ideology in English newspapers
Johanna Gerwin
Published 2024-07-01
African American style project pitches in business fundraising: Strategies for African American entrepreneurs
Xiaodan Mao-Clark,Yoon Koh,Agnes DeFranco,Rino Nakajima
International Journal of Hospitality Management Published 2024-07-01
Food ethnobotany of forest resource in the high-altitude Himalaya Mountains: Enhancing the food sovereignty of ethnic groups
Shiekh Marifatul Haq,Aadil Abdullah Khoja,Muhammad Waheed,M. H. Siddiqui,S. AlamriA. AlfaghamL. Al-HumaidR. Bussmann
Forest Policy and Economics Published 2024-07-01
Paternalistic state care and the dynamic of COVID-19 pandemic governance in Jakarta's rented social housing
Clara Siagian
Cities Published 2024-07-01
Locally charged: Energy justice outcomes of a low-income community solar project in Michigan
Karl Hoesch,Douglas L. Bessette,Dominic J. Bednar
Published 2024-07-01
Manifestations of Racial Hybridity as Shown in Robert JC Young's Criticism
Asmaa Maghrabi
Beni-Suef University International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Published 2024-07-01
Cultural bridges in Business: Critical review and future directions in cross-cultural B2B relationships
Prathamesh Kittur,Shailja Agarwal
Journal of business research Published 2024-07-01
Machine learning to model gentrification: A synthesis of emerging forms
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Computers, Environment and Urban Systems Published 2024-07-01
Drives of in-store revenge consumption in the post-pandemic: A study in China
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Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services Published 2024-07-01
Outcomes for women after leaving a shelter: A scoping review of the quantitative evidence
Karla Jacobsen,Laurence Roy,Carrie Anne Marshall,Michel Perreault,Sally RichmondVanessa SetoBeatriz Hoffman-KuhntIsabelle BoutemeurDanielle Rouleau
Published 2024-07-01
Editorial Board
Social Networks Published 2024-07-01
Ugly produce and food waste management: An analysis based on a social cognitive perspective
Aiden Young,Herbert Sima,Na Luo,Sihong Wu,Yu GongXiaoyan Qian
Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services Published 2024-07-01
Energy democracy, public participation, and support for local energy system change in Canada
Joseph Fiander,Chad Walker,Ian H. Rowlands,P. Devine‐Wright,Charlie WilsonIain SoutarRajat Gupta
Published 2024-07-01
When the turbines stop: Unveiling the factors shaping end-of-life decisions of ageing wind infrastructure in Italy
Carla De Laurentis,Rebecca Windemer
Published 2024-07-01
Editorial Board
Technological forecasting & social change Published 2024-07-01
The effect of childhood socioeconomic status on youth investment risk tolerance: Based on the life history theory perspective
Pan Zhang,Jing Wang,Gongxing Guo
Personality and Individual Differences Published 2024-07-01
The rise of syndicates: Social network analyses of construction waste haulers in Hong Kong using a novel InfoMap-XGBoost method
Ziyu Peng,Weisheng Lu,Liang Yuan,Yi Zhang
Resources, Conservation and Recycling Published 2024-07-01
The entrepreneurship of marginalized groups and compatibility between the market and emancipation
Alexander C. Lewis,R. Crabbe
Journal of Business Venturing Published 2024-07-01
Experiences with wildfire are associated with private landowners’ management decisions, relationships, and perceptions of risk
Clare Aslan,Ryan Tarver,Mark Brunson,Sam Veloz,Ben SikesRebecca Epanchin-Niell
Landscape and Urban Planning Published 2024-07-01
From deserving to denied: Exploring the social construction of energy excluded citizens
Anaïs Varo
Published 2024-07-01
Politicizing, policizing and beyond neoliberalism: Understanding Chinese city branding from the case of Chongqing
Bowen Zhang,M. Kavaratzis,Dimitris Papadopoulos
Cities Published 2024-07-01
Who is more likely to upgrade to e-cars? Comparing the intentions of electric and conventional motorcycle riders in Vietnam
M. H. Nguyen,D. Pojani,D. Q. Nguyen-Phuoc,Thanh Tung Ha,Thanh Chuong Nguyen
Travel Behaviour & Society Published 2024-07-01
What makes female commuters ‘unhappy’? Harassment, fear of crime, and unsought travel behavioral adaptations in public transport against life satisfaction
Elisa Alfaro,Francisco J. Llamazares,Sergio A. Useche
Published 2024-07-01
Is a robot car still a car? Consumer perceptions of fully automated vehicles and automobility in Canada
Viviane H. Gauer,J. Axsen,Zoe Long,Elisabeth Dütschke
Published 2024-07-01
Assessing shared auto-rickshaws adoption by intra-city commuters as part of the public transport system: The influence of negative encounters on passenger satisfaction
Eugene Sogbe,Susilawati Susilawati
Transportation Research Part F: Traffic Psychology and Behaviour Published 2024-07-01
Ethnic closure and immigrant residential segregation in Spanish working-class neighbourhoods
Juan Iglesias,Luis Rodríguez-Calles,Ricardo Iglesias‐Pascual
Cities Published 2024-07-01
(Dis)connecting rent gap and gentrification in verticalizing cities: The cases of Iquique and Antofagasta, Chile
Ernesto López-Morales,Nicolás Herrera
Cities Published 2024-07-01
Warmth trumps competence? Uncovering the influence of multimodal AI anthropomorphic interaction experience on intelligent service evaluation: Insights from the high-evoked automated social presence
Shizhen Bai,Dingyao Yu,Chunjia Han,Mu Yang,Brij B. GuptaVarsha AryaP. PanigrahiRui TangHao HeJiayuan Zhao
Technological forecasting & social change Published 2024-07-01
Are immigrants migrating away from transit? Immigrant transit use trends in California
Andrew Schouten,Evelyn Blumenberg,Brian D. Taylor
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Educational and professional experiences of men in nursing: An interpretive description study to guide change and foster inclusive environments for men in nursing
Christopher M. Smith,Carolyn E Horne
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Neighborhood abandonment and quality of life: A comparison of neighborhood satisfaction and housing value measures
Ryun Jung Lee,Galen Newman,Wayne Day
Cities Published 2024-07-01
Energy access and female labor force participation in developing countries
Xinghao Li,Lufeng An,Dayong Zhang,Chi-Chuan Lee,Chin-Hsien Yu
Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews Published 2024-07-01
Benchmarking real and ideal cities - a multicriteria analysis of city performance based on urban form
João Monteiro,Nuno Sousa,J. Coutinho-Rodrigues,Eduardo Natividade-Jesus
Cities Published 2024-07-01
The ramifications of emerging mobility modes on active travel
Milad Mehdizadeh
Published 2024-07-01
Reconstructing urban spatial blind areas in child trafficking: Insights from the internet video surveillance data
Annan Jin,Gang Li,Qifan Nie,Nuo Chen,Bingcheng LiXiaoting WenYutong Xue
Cities Published 2024-07-01
Exploring the drivers behind women’s intentions towards climate change mitigation through urban forest conservation
Rahim Maleknia,Tayebeh Salehi
Published 2024-07-01
When outsiders are resource users: Fishers’ migration in Southwest Panay, Philippines, and its impact on small-scale fisheries
L. N. Espectato,Ruby P. Napata,J. C. Espia,Alice Prieto-Carolino
Published 2024-07-01
Rebuilding the resilience of mountainous rural communities by enhancing community capital through industrial transformation: A case study from rural Fujian, China
Zhi-Qiang Zheng,R. Chou
Habitat International Published 2024-07-01
How planning intervention changes the “price tags” of property rights? Towards a dynamic understanding of China's small property right housing
Shenjing He,Lu Shan,Jin Zhu
Cities Published 2024-07-01
Assessing the inequality of park's contributions to human wellbeing in Shanghai, China
Peng Zeng,Qianqian Dong,Marco Helbich,Yaoyi Liu,Xinyue WangTian TianYue Che
Cities Published 2024-07-01
Research on the coupling test and organizational collaboration relationship between emergency plans and emergency responses—Based on the social network analysis method
Zhongyou Wang
International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction Published 2024-07-01
Mapping critical minerals projects and their intersection with Indigenous peoples' land rights in Australia
John Burton,Deanna Kemp,R. Barnes,Joni Parmenter
Published 2024-07-01
Analyzing gasoline prices in five Italian cities: Insights from social network analysis
Andrea Fronzetti Colladon,Giulia Verdoliva,Ludovica Segneri,Andrea G. Vitali
Cities Published 2024-07-01
Who will ‘go electric’? American homeowners' perceptions of home energy sources and home electrification
Shawn Hazboun,Greg Stelmach,Paige Martin Cox
Published 2024-07-01
Islamophobic Portrayal of the Muslim Alien in Allan Havis’s Three Nights in Prague
حسام الأشقر
مجلة کلیة الآداب جامعة الفیوم Published 2024-07-01
Avoiding the “Rat race”: Hong Kong students’ sense of belonging to a Chinese university in the Greater Bay Area
Fang Gao
International Journal of Educational Development Published 2024-07-01
Burying problems? Imaginaries of carbon capture and storage in Scandinavia
L. Lefstad,J. Allesson,H. Busch,W. Carton
Published 2024-07-01
The fading light of urban regeneration in a sewing neighbourhood in Seoul: Anthropological perspectives
Jaeyoung Kim
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Telework and the day-to-day variability of travel behaviour: The specificities of Fridays
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Mapping the prestige and social value of occupations in the digital economy
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Cross-sectional social network study of adolescent peer group variation in substance use and mental wellbeing: The importance of the meso level
Srebrenka Letina,Emily Long,Paul McCrorie,Kirstin Mitchell,Claudia ZuccaJulie RiddellS. SimpsonLaurence MooreMark McCann
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Suicide among the young population and the urgency of public health policies
Raphael Mendonça Guimarães,Marcelo Rasga Moreira,Nilson do Rosário Costa
Published 2024-07-01
Assessing the acute effects of exposure to community violence among adolescents: A strategic comparison approach
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Who values urban community gardens and how much?
Liqing Li,Dede Long
Food Policy Published 2024-07-01
Assessing a greening tool through the lens of green gentrification: Socio-spatial change around the Nation's Gardens of Istanbul
Özge Naz Pala,Sevil Acar
Cities Published 2024-07-01
The Effectiveness of Community Development Associations in Rural Development in Damietta Governorate
Hoda Abdelaal
Published 2024-07-01
Villages-in-the-city in China and Vietnam: Comparative morphological transformation and incorporated process in Kunming and Hanoi
Ngo Kien Thinh,Yun Gao,Adrian Pitts
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Emerging energy sources' social acceptability: Evidence from marine-based energy projects
R. P. Ponce Oliva,M. Estay,M. Barrientos,R.A. Estevez,S. GelcichF. Vásquez-Lavín
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Negotiating between speech and silence as a form of agency: Understanding Dalit women's experiences of sexual violence in India
Sundeep Mangat,Aisha K. Gill
Published 2024-07-01
Down and out? the role of household income in students' friendship formation in school-classes
Isabel J. Raabe,Chaïm la Roi,Stephanie Plenty
Published 2024-07-01
The white silence(r): Noticing the sonics of whiteness on the anti-racist teacher education landscape
Esther O. Ohito
Teaching and Teacher Education : An International Journal of Research and Studies Published 2024-07-01
Advancing equitable ‘resilience imaginaries’ in the Global South through dialogical participatory mapping: Experiences from informal communities in Brazil
Vangelis Pitidis,Jon Coaffee,Fernanda Lima-Silva
Cities Published 2024-07-01
Dissecting shared e-scooters usage patterns and its impact on other transportation modes: A case study of Portland city
Farzana Mehzabin Tuli,Suman Mitra
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What makes co-production work in sustainable neighborhood rehabilitation in China? A stakeholder structure perspective
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The gendered effect of populism on innovation
Jintong Tang,Wenping Ye,Mingzhi Hu,Stephen X. Zhang,Shaji A. Khan
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Non-energy feedback: The unseen impacts of sensory, social, material and systemic feedback on household energy demand
Rex Martin,Y. Strengers
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Participatory development of Shared Socioeconomic Pathways for Austria’s agriculture and food systems
K. Karner,H. Mitter,F. Sinabell,M. Schönhart
Land Use Policy Published 2024-07-01
Development in an environmentally critical coastal area: The risk perception on natural hazards and the New Manila International Airport by fishing communities in Taliptip, Philippines
S. G. Catane,John Romel R. Flora,John Warner M. Carag,Jethro B. Capino,C. M. GoAlfred Louie L. Panganiban
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Competing or complimentary: Modeling transit ridership at route-level considering inter-route interdependencies
Sagar Patni,Sivaramakrishnan (Siva) Srinivasan
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Homophily and the evolution of cooperation in the Volunteer's Dilemma: A computational study on dynamic graphs
Sandra Stark,Daniel Peter,Andreas Tutić
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The clock is ticking: Understanding the ‘mixed feelings’ about fusion energy in Europe
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Migration and Remittances in Senegal: Effect on Households Members Left Behind
A. Ndiaye,A. Araar
Journal of African Development Published 2024-07-01
Rohingya students’ voices on the experience of inclusion/exclusion in the non-formal schooling: How do issues about being displaced, with(out) disability, having behavioral problems, and gender itself matter?
Suban Kumar Chowdhury,A. Keary,Eisuke Saito
Teaching and Teacher Education : An International Journal of Research and Studies Published 2024-07-01
The affordance-actualization process of predictive analytics: Towards a configurational framework of a predictive policing system
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Participatory research in complex marine conservation settings: A review of recent trends and lessons for the future
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The risk of local crises for destination image
Konstantinos Vogklis,Alkmini Gkritzali
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Assembling packs: Outreach nurses, disaffiliated persons, and sorcerers.
Jim A Johansson,Pier-Luc Turcotte,Dave Holmes
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Development of a fuzzy logic-embedded system dynamics model to simulate complex socio-ecological systems
Yongeun Kim,Minyoung Lee,Jinsol Hong,Yun-Sik Lee,J. WeeKijong Cho
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Managing the co-creation of accessible and inclusive family recreation retail encounters: A critical incident analysis
Monica Cerdan-Chiscano,Simon Darcy
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The Problem with Prisons
Erin I. Kelly
Ethics: An International Journal of Social, Political, and Legal Philosophy Published 2024-07-01
Exploring the diversity of users of digital mobility services by developing personas – A case study of the Barcelona metropolitan area
Bartosz Wybraniec,Elisabet Roca,M.I. Ortego,Boris Lazzarini
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Digital platforms address women's empowerment issues and their relationship to the level of Contact presence of its users
Nourhan Mohamed Abdel tawab
Published 2024-07-01
A stakeholder-centred narrative exploration on carbon capture, utilisation and storage: A systems thinking and participatory approach
J. Mota-Nieto,P. García-Meneses
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Network portfolio diversity and social innovation: An egocentric approach to cross-sector partnerships
J. Fu
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Conceptualizing digital placemaking in nature for wellbeing
Maria J. Fernandez-Osso Fuentes,B. Keegan,Marc V. Jones,Tadhg E. MacIntyre
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Using social media for health: How food influencers shape home-cooking intentions through vicarious experience
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Technological forecasting & social change Published 2024-07-01
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Voices from the algorithm: Large language models in social research
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The temporal dimensions of textile circularity loops: A community initiative at shortening loops and prolonging textile lives in Singapore
Qian Hui Tan,Brenda S.A. Yeoh
Resources, Conservation and Recycling Published 2024-07-01
Social media for diffusion of conflict & violence in Ethiopia: Beyond gratifications
Jemal Mohammed Haile
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Exploring the Barriers to Intercultural Communication among the Students at the University of Lahore
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Social Perception and Support of a Public Sanitation Service in Bandung: Community Insights and Engagement Strategies
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Widening the Gap: College Loans Entrap a Generation of Black Americans in Debt
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Life after crime and punishment? Lifestyles changes and quaternary desistance
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Analysis of the Influence of Domestic Violence Severity on the Emotional States of Non-working Women in Sialkot
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Positive and Negative Experiences of Meranao Adolescent Students During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Narrative Method Analysis
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Empowering families: Innovative modules for postpartum support and disaster preparedness in vulnerable communities
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People seeking wellness: The physical, mental, spiritual and family health of people in Aotearoa-New Zealand who desisted from methamphetamine use
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Life Experiences of Individuals with Covid-19: A Qualitative Study
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Tertiary or relational desistance: contested belonging
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Female talents in the labour marker: barriers to achieving success
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Bridging the Void: Unraveling Mental Health Policies for the Older Adults in Pakistan's Tapestry- A Literature Review
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Can the Potential of Restorative Justice Ever Be Fully Realised Within the Criminal Justice System?
Gustavo Henrique Holanda Dias Kershaw
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Waste disposal knowledge, attitude, and practices of Barangay Poblacion, Compostela, Cebu, Philippines
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Traditional beliefs, practices and the factors influencing it among postpartum women
Fnyara Shafik,Hoda Mohamed,Abdel El-sayed Amin,Magda Hasab Allah
Published 2024-06-30
Older Adults Surviving Natural Disasters and Aging in Place: A Harsh Toll and the Possibility of a Path from Trauma to Resiliency
Debonera Fotini,Zarogiannis Sotiris
Journal of Geriatric Medicine and Gerontology Published 2024-06-30
Diving deep into digital footprints: A comparative analysis of social media engagement in Indonesian Universities
Candraswari Jauhar Malika
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The Impact of Social Safety Net (SSN) as Social Protection for the Lives of Poor and Vulnerable in Sylhet, Bangladesh
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Telling Local Stories: Problems and Paths of Promoting Haining's "Chao Culture" in the Context of Culture and Tourism Integration
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Impacts of Community Participation on Sustainability of Rural Water Supply Sytems: A Study from District Lahore, Pakistan
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Unpacking Mutual Expectations in a Scavenger Family: A Case Study Investigating the Parent-Child Relationship
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Factors Influencing Women's Preferences for STEM Professions: A Case Study of the University of Peshawar
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Political Otherness of the Bihari Community in Bangladesh
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Journal of Social Political Sciences Published 2024-06-30
Pursuing Inclusive Vocational Education Amidst Discrimination: The Plight and Hopes of Christian Youth in Pakistan
Khizar Hayat,Asad Ali Manzoor,Naveed Tufail
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The Analysis of Code Switching and Code Mixing in 99 Cahaya di Langit Eropa Movie: A Sociolinguistic Study
I. M. C. A. Putra,Yuni Budi Lestari,Muh. Isnaini,Sudirman Wilian
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Organizational Factors Correlated with Work Alienation: A Systematic Review
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Immigration Supervision Model for Detainees Living Outside Immigration Detention Centers: Case Study of Detainees for More Than Ten Years in Indonesia
Tony Mirwanto,M. A. Syahrin,Koesmoyo Ponco Aji,A. Wiraputra,Devina YukaTantyo Arie Yudhana
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Evaluation of National Character in 53 Countries Based on the Social Capital Concepts
Ichiro Mukai
Journal of Economics and Business Published 2024-06-30
Effects of mining activities on social-cultural development: A case of Kapijipanga chiefdom in Solwezi district of North-Western Province, Zambia
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Development and Validation of the Attitude Towards Surrogacy Scale in a Turkiye Sample
Tugba Oz,Yusuf Karasin
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A Critical Race Analysis of Resilience and Resistance in Domingo’s Breaking The Maafa Chain
Mahnoor Fatima,Rana Abdul Munim Khan,Qasim Shafiq
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Determinants of Community Participation in Sustainable Management of Rural Water Supply System: Evidence from District Lahore, Pakistan
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Pigeon racing in South Africa: Exploring the socio-economic nature and extent of this 'unknown sport'
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Mathematics teachers and learners as collective agents of change
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La polémica sobre la existencia de una poesía antillana y la presencia del tema negro en la literatura puertorriqueña (1932-1933)
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Unpacking locally led research and evaluation through the lens of collaborative autoethnography
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Can we talk about a ‘Made in Latin America and the Caribbean’ evaluation? Some food for thought
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Asia Pacific world views in evaluation: Inspiring regional culturally responsive practice
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An AI-Powered Computer Vision Module for Social Interactive Agents
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Cooking Game: A Serious Game Using a Social Robot
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WikiPhish: A Diverse Wikipedia-Based Dataset for Phishing Website Detection: Data/Toolset Paper
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Emergency Systems Democratization: Disability-Inclusive Mobile App Requirements
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Aktywizm dający przyjemność: działanie na zasadzie wspólnej zgody, lokalne zakorzenienie i oddolne polityki integracyjne
Waldemar Rapior
Published 2024-06-17
Finansjeryzacja lokalności i kulturowe spojrzenie na pieniądz finansowy
M. Górka
Published 2024-06-17
Strategie kulturowe i wspólnotowe wobec ekstraktywistycznego przemysłu krewetkowego na wyspie Puná w Ekwadorze
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Praca w Hucie Katowice. Próba antropologii na rzecz zmiany
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Community’s Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Toward Dementia in Qassim Region, Saudi Arabia
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Collective fishing with representatives of indigenous peoples of the North as a legalization of fishing for non-indigenous rural residents in the Primorsky Krai
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Opinions of Religious Culture and Ethics Teachers on Mobbing
Serkan Gokalp
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Ethnic specifics in birth rates in Kazakhstan in the middle of the 20th century
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Intersectionality and Inclusive Serious Illness Communication in the Intensive Care Unit.
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Differences between victims of domestic violence and victims of violence in public spaces—a retrospective study of data obtained under the German Crime Victims Compensation Act
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Exploring the experiences of school-going children with HIV in Eswatini: A qualitative inquiry
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On traumatised mothers and children? Re-reading Lamentations through the lens of trauma
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Health in everyday teaching practice in Sweden: a social pedagogical analysis of high school teachers’ descriptions
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Street-Level Bureaucrats in China: Exploring the Impact of Socioeconomic and Gender Equality Awareness Factors on Institutional Political Participation
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Tumors, Treatments, and Trust: Cancer Characteristics, Outcomes, and Screening Uptake in Transgender and Gender-Diverse Patients.
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Empowering Local Communities through Digital Governance: A Capacity Building Approach for Inclusive Participation and Sustainable Development
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Cognitive Impairment and Social Determinants of Health among Indigenous Women.
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Navigating identity, sustaining culture: Passing on Palestinian heritage in a time of crisis
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Predictors of the quality of the relationship between informal caregiver and care recipient in informal caregiving of older people: presentation and evaluation of a new item
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Urban Governance and refugees: a systematic literature review
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Disrupting White Mindfulness by Cathy-Mae Karelse
Laura Brito
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Sociotechnical Transformation in the Decade of Healthy Ageing to empower the Silver Economy: Bridging the Silver Divide through Social and Digital Inclusion
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Associations among intimate partner violence, suicidal ideation, suicide behaviors, non-suicidal self-injury, and psychological well-being in Black American emerging adults.
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Assessing the accountability mechanisms in the 2015 Nepal earthquakes housing reconstruction: a case study of Bungamati, Lalitpur Metropolitan city, Nepal
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Dating Violence Experiences Among Sex-Trafficking Youths in Juvenile Detention.
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Post-tropical cyclone Fiona and Atlantic Canada: Media framing of hazard risk in the Anthropocene.
Adam M. Straub
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Supporting whānau during COVID-19 pandemic in Aotearoa New Zealand: a systems thinking case study.
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Carrying the motherload: A walking artist looks back on a decade of pram-pushing
Clare Qualmann
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Quantifying social capital creation in post-disaster recovery aid in Indonesia: methodological innovation by an AI-based language model.
D. M. Marutschke,Muhammad Riza Nurdin,Miwa Hirono
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Navigating pregnancy in detention: lived experiences in a Philippine women's prison.
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Understanding the Ukrainian Migrants Challenges in the EU: A Topic Modeling Approach
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Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) Accessibility: An Area Deprivation Index (ADI) Analysis of National Basketball Association (NBA) Players' Profiles.
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Social attitudes in sustainable fashion: the role of environmental knowledge on sustainable development goals (SDGs)
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Compassionate Release: A Call to Social Workers.
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Centre stage or lurking in the wings? Blurred boundaries of social media identities.
Helen Reid
Medical Education Published 2024-06-11
Every move you make: Are apps and gadgets safeguarding children or fuelling parental anxieties?
Giovanna Mascheroni,Andra Siibak
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Bridging the digital divide: Promoting equal access to online learning for health professions in an unequal world.
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Editorial: Stop saying “vulnerable consumers/customers”!
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Introduction to June’s theme: Parenting
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Demographic characteristics and trends of cell phone use while driving citations in selected states in the United States, 2010-2020.
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Risk perception in long-term evacuees of Futaba town, Fukushima: a cross-sectional study reveals greater concerns outside the prefecture, 12 years after the accident.
Xu Xiao,M. Orita,Y. Kashiwazaki,H. Matsunaga,Thu Zar WinJ. LochardN. Takamura
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Addressing inequities in the otolaryngology academic publishing: A call to action
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Navigating the Nexus: The Integration of Social Media in Citizen-Based Monitoring for Public Service Delivery within the Smart City Landscape in South Africa
Lesedi S. Matlala
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Experiences of intimate partner violence and valued living among women veterans: The role of self-efficacy.
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Laboratories of Learning by Mario Novelli et al
Samantha Louden-Cooke
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Exploring volunteers’ role in healthcare service ecosystems: value co-creation, self-adjustment and re-humanisation
Laura Di Pietro,Veronica Ungaro,M. Renzi,Bo Edvardsson
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Exploring the variation in associations between socioeconomic indicators and non-communicable diseases in the Tromsø Study: an algorithmic approach.
Sigbjørn Svalestuen,Emre Sari,Petja Lyn Langholz,C. Q. Vo
Scandinavian Journal of Public Health Published 2024-06-11
Defying definition: A Parent’s Dictionary exposes the absurdities and failures of child-rearing
Jenny Lee
Published 2024-06-11
Exposure to Violence and Mental Health Outcomes Among Pre-schoolers in a South African Birth Cohort.
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Are We Talking About the Same Thing? Black/African Americans' Response to the BRFSS Cognitive Decline and Caregiver Modules.
A. Pruitt,Raina L Croff,Linda Boise,Jeffrey Kaye
Journal of Cross-Cultural Gerontology Published 2024-06-11
The dream team: Who cares for a child with round-the-clock health needs?
Lisa Ballesteros
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Medicaid Enrollment and Intergenerational Transfers of Wealth among Older Adults.
Amanda Spishak-Thomas
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Prison officers’ experiences of key-working with women living in a psychologically informed planned environment (PIPE)
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Canadian Gender-Based Violence Prevention Programs: Gaps and Opportunities.
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Household Environments and Cognitive Decline Among Middle-Aged and Older Adults in China: Exploring Gender, Age, and Residential Variations.
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Double-edged sword at work: impacts of guanxi human resource management on employee innovative behavior
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Effect of Social Vulnerability on Cocaine-Related Mortality Rates in U.S. Counties.
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Legal Status and Fertility Patterns: Regulation-Induced Disruption Among Previously Undocumented Immigrant Women in Italy
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Determinants for the uptake of takaful insurance in Uganda: an exploratory mixed approach
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The parent trap: Do society’s conflicting expectations leave mothers exhausted and confused?
Cecilia Serrano
Published 2024-06-11
Gender Vulnerability and Resistance in Selected Malayalam Movies The Great Indian Kitchen and Jaya Jaya Jaya Jaya Hey
Sumathra Subramani,Rashmi Rekha Borah
Published 2024-06-11
Global association of secondhand smoke exposure locations and smoking behaviour among adolescents in 99 countries.
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It’s not me – it’s you: A working mum ends her politely abusive relationship with benevolent sexism
Yvonne Su
Published 2024-06-11
'Forgotten crises' as forgotten sites of knowledge production for building lasting peace.
Maria Tanyag
Disasters. The Journal of Disaster Studies, Policy and Management Published 2024-06-11
Inaccurate conceptions: How can we overcome the stigma of age and fertility?
Tracey Jensen
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"The Effects of Culture and Gender on Occupational Therapy Practice for Adults: From Palestinian Therapists' Perspective".
Yousef R Babish,Lama Nammoura,Kareemah Abu-Asabeh
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Expertise and Deceptive Movements in Sport.
Ryan Raffan,David Mann,G. Savelsbergh
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The medicalisation of female genital cutting in Kenya: a threefold exposition.
Jolien Inghels,S. M. Van de Velde,Naomi Biegel,Samuel Kimani,